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Time doesn’t work quite the same way here in Atlantis.

  • Cassini finds new Saturn moons.
  • Stars reveal the Milky Way’s age.
  • Seoul ticks off Beijing for distorting history.
  • Tibetan medicine packed with unusual pharmaceutical properties.
  • Cosmic ray link to global warming boosted.
  • Ice yields ancient plant matter.
  • Hurricane Charley’s sharp turn baffles scientists.
  • Churchill and Hitler: Titans of World War 2.
  • The forgotten black confederate soldier.
  • Greenstock: If Iraq in 2006 looks very little better than under Saddam, then the whole thing was a waste of lives, money and effort.
  • 100,000 Radiations – A Review.
  • The devil in their diet.
  • Prions act as stepping stones in evolution.
  • Ganymede has a lumpy interior.
  • A flash flood in the pan or a rainstorm caused by global warming?
  • Taking the pulse of planet Earth.
  • Nanotubes may have no temperature.
  • Scientists to investigate genetic history of Britons.
  • Maligned and ridiculed, cold fusion gains respect as a cheap way to produce nuclear weapons.
  • Is Mercury an incredible shrinking planet?
  • Low-carb diets get thermodynamic defence.
  • On the electromagnetic basis for gravity.
  • Walden’s ripple effect.
  • Could Australia’s deadly snakes put the bite on cancer. Perhaps they could even provide for a test of another viewpoint?
  • Cornish sun pillar.
  • Earth in 2050: Expect 9 billion humans.
  • Explorers find ancient city in Peru jungle.
  • Venus: an inhabited world?
  • Sankapala Viharaya’s archaeological importance.
  • Marijuana extract fights brain cancer.

Quote of the Day:

Better late than never.