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Gantenbrink has been shafted again. No longer is he credited with the first robotic exploration of the Khufu Pyramid’s shafts. That honour goes to the 2002 American & National Geographic effort, according to zany Zahi Hawass. My last words: credit where credit is due, please.

  • Will Zahi Hawass shaft us again? I’m beginning to think that if they do discover something behind the shaft doors, it’s going to be a gold-framed portrait of Zahi Hawass.
  • The remains of Iron Age woman with rings on her toes. Iron Age man with piercings yet to be found.
  • Discovery of a 6000-year-old Pharaoh’s tomb. Warning: Hawass again.
  • A great article on Cahokia, the Mississippi mound mystery.
  • A plethora of problems plagues Parthenon. Twist your tongue around that.
  • Carved wooden figure linked to Seahenge, whose wooden posts may have been decorated with carvings similar to native American totem poles.
  • Ramses II keeps getting bigger and bigger. He must have had a small obelisk. Oh bloody hell, Hawass is quoted again.
  • A 17th-century prison used during the Inquisition will be opened as a museum. Damn, I was hoping they’d use it for its original purpose and keep politicians and terrorists there.
  • The Divine Winds that saved Japan twice in the 13th century. No flatulence jokes for this link, TDG is a mature civilised site. For flatulence, see the other links with Zahi Hawass quotes.
  • Indian students use Ancient Vedic maths for problem solving. Good thing they don’t use Ancient Chinese mathematics (a prize for anyone who gets this joke!).
  • A Crop Circle in Wiltshire displays Mayan 2012 doomsday calendar.
  • Geoff Stray reckons he has cracked the code of Crop Circles.
  • Experts found a piece of the Tunguska UFO. I hope it’s the black box!
  • Atlantis in the North Sea? I don’t remember this one, but Jameske might.
  • Russian monkeys play computer games. We also compile news reports for TDG. More bananas, Greg!
  • Despite being electrocuted, rats addicted to cocaine continue taking it.
  • Dolphin leaders keep pod together. Good to know one species of the animal kingdom isn’t smoking crack and playing computer games!
  • Ohmigods, giant mutant space ants are taking over Melbourne. Oh, they’re from Argentina. And they’re peaceful. I feel better now.
  • Bottled water for your cat? The ridiculous things people do for their pets.
  • Cannabis extract may shrink cancer tumours.
  • Global water supplies will continue to diminish if we don’t stop eating meat. Supersize me.
  • Heatwaves in Europe and North America to get worse.
  • Tokyo experiences record heatwave.
  • Space shuttles to get special safety upgrades.
  • Hubble captures giant space bubble.
  • Dust disk around star may contain planets.

Quote of the Day:

I believe that we’ve only found about 30 percent of Egyptian monuments, that 70 percent of them still lie buried underneath the ground. You never know what the sand will hide in the way of secrets.

Dr Zahi Hawass