News Briefs 11-08-2004

If the aliens or Iranians don’t get us, water will. Post your thoughts.

  • Why shouldn’t aliens look like us? But if they did how would anyone know they were aliens?
  • India braces for glacial Tibet lake to spill over.
  • Hand over nuclear weapons and know-how, says Iran.
  • Iran uranium source revealed.
  • 250 million-year-old cliff pictures discovered in SW China. I didn’t think Cliff Richard was that old. He doesn’t look it.
  • Tidal wave disaster is just waiting to happen. If it isn’t waiting to happen, it has already happened.
  • Scientist warns of tsunami in the making.
  • Does Britain have its own Lascaux?
  • Gulf war vaccine still a problem, leading scientist tells inquiry. I suppose it would be if it gave you just about every disease you could think of, and several you couldn’t.
  • Explorers find UFO fragments in Tunguska meteorite area.
  • The Henoch Prophecies from the Billy Meier Contacts.
  • The hidden dangers of Soy allergens.
  • Risk is high, cost is enormous, science is insignificant. Does anyone have a good rationale for sending humans into space? If they don’t come back…
  • Name game increases sex appeal.
  • Origami technique boosts pioneering propulsion technology.
  • Examining Newton’s darker side.
  • Have scientists detected ammonia on Mars?
  • The ancient Olympics: A pagan toast to the gods.
  • Shanghai two millenniums older than previously thought. So, does that increase or decrease house prices?
  • Decoding the Megaliths.
  • Easter Island’s walking stones.

Quote of the Day:

There is a strength in the union even of very sorry men.


  1. TDG News
    Nice update today. Good stuff.

    The Tunguska story has been picked up by Russian wire services. An article from another source can be found at MOSNEWS. It appears that this discovery may be real. Let’s hope that the Russian sources don’t become silent as they do in similar cases worldwide.

    On Easter Island, I think it amazing that those people transported the 65-ton statues overland for miles using felled trees. But I think a more interesting question is how they transported the smaller, more delicate statues without breaking them. Some of them appear fragile. Of course, the natives say that they didn’t use log-transportation. But what do they know? ;o)


    1. Natives know nothing

      Yes, what do the natives know! It bemuses me when academics get angry about theories such as Graham Hancock’s (that Viracocha and Quetzelcoatl were pale-skinned foreigners), spitting that it’s insulting to the indigenous people, as if they’re too stupid to develop civilisation on their own and need white people to teach them, yet they completely ignore statements such as those by the Inca which clearly express that ancient monuments like Sacsayhuaman were already there before them and the Inca didn’t make them. The same academics then belittle the natives for making things up and not knowing anything! Hypocrisy and arrogance in academics. I detest it.


      “Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.” – Philip Pullman

      1. well
        Ancient accounts of Quetzelcoatl, the Serpent God that arrived on a firery dragon. Brought agriculture, and architecture to the ancients. Was a tall while guy with red hair. Lived with them as a God for over 900 years. then just up and left one day riding his dragon. hmmm. weird stuff from ancient times, eh?

        dd Living on Earth may be expensive, but it includes an annual free trip around the Sun.

  2. henoch prophecies

    Thanks jameske, how reasuring. Anyway its clear to me that on a psychological level these prophecies shoot way past their intended target. The ’87 predicted doom that awaits us is just to great to be believable, not withstanding the fact that some has come to pass since.
    Will we learn, who’s we anyway. The current us adminstration is run by clinicly insane, supported by militairy that claim they can ‘control’ or intimidate into submission the rest of the world. Zionist supremacists deliver intellectuel and massmedia support. Hurrah, clone wars and skynet goes on the rampage- the sick militairy humor to name their supercomputer after a fictional one that destroys the world is mindboggling, yes sir is all they hear!
    I guess these prophecies aren’t well known in brussels , otherwise we would make some haste integrating russia into the union. Finally something remarkable, the absence of israel in the picture. Hmm, guess jehovah has some cloud with these aliens. Oh well i hear property prices in argentina are very reasonable these days.

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