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If the aliens or Iranians don’t get us, water will. Post your thoughts.

  • Why shouldn’t aliens look like us? But if they did how would anyone know they were aliens?
  • India braces for glacial Tibet lake to spill over.
  • Hand over nuclear weapons and know-how, says Iran.
  • Iran uranium source revealed.
  • 250 million-year-old cliff pictures discovered in SW China. I didn’t think Cliff Richard was that old. He doesn’t look it.
  • Tidal wave disaster is just waiting to happen. If it isn’t waiting to happen, it has already happened.
  • Scientist warns of tsunami in the making.
  • Does Britain have its own Lascaux?
  • Gulf war vaccine still a problem, leading scientist tells inquiry. I suppose it would be if it gave you just about every disease you could think of, and several you couldn’t.
  • Explorers find UFO fragments in Tunguska meteorite area.
  • The Henoch Prophecies from the Billy Meier Contacts.
  • The hidden dangers of Soy allergens.
  • Risk is high, cost is enormous, science is insignificant. Does anyone have a good rationale for sending humans into space? If they don’t come back…
  • Name game increases sex appeal.
  • Origami technique boosts pioneering propulsion technology.
  • Examining Newton’s darker side.
  • Have scientists detected ammonia on Mars?
  • The ancient Olympics: A pagan toast to the gods.
  • Shanghai two millenniums older than previously thought. So, does that increase or decrease house prices?
  • Decoding the Megaliths.
  • Easter Island’s walking stones.

Quote of the Day:

There is a strength in the union even of very sorry men.