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Monday night for me in the Southern Hemisphere, Monday morning for you in the Northern Hemisphere. So whether the news is late or on time depends on where you live really …

  • Dr Zahi Hawass plans to investigate the second and third doors in the Great Pyramid shafts next year. My only question: what the hell is taking him so long?
  • American scientists begin a new cold war with Russian and French scientists over whether or not Lake Vostok in Antarctica is sterile.
  • Nick Redfern discusses unexplained events at Avebury’s Stonehenge.
  • Two nine-year-old girls see UFOs in Tennessee. No, it’s not the Sunsphere!
  • The Hubble telescope is in trouble again, as a vital instrument breaks down.
  • Saturn’s moon Titan is a planet wannabe.
  • Suspended animation for long-distance space travel moves closer to reality.
  • Twenty-four women are wanted to spend sixty days in bed for space-age tests.
  • China searches for its first female astronaut.
  • British women will never be chosen as according to a survey, technology makes life even more hectic.
  • Orbital space tourism still viable, according to Canadian Arrow team.
  • Egyptology experts claimed this vase to be a fake, but recent tests say it’s at least 5000 years old, and older than the Giza Pyramids. I doubt we’ll hear them admit their mistake.
  • A bronze-age temple at least 3500 years old discovered in Jordan.
  • Ancient pottery with plowing design could prove agriculture in China is 4800 years old.
  • A mountain range shaped like a Sleeping Buddha found in northern Mongolia Autonomous Region. Good to hear there are still mountain ranges to be discovered in the world!
  • Is modernity limited to homo sapiens, or did we share it with our distant relatives?
  • El Nino could strike again this year. Where’s Zorro when you need him?
  • The population of Africa’s white rhino has halved in the past 14 months due to poaching. As few as 17 survive in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Mississippi indian mounds to be investigated by archaeologists using a power parachute.
  • Prozac is contaminating British water supplies due to its over-use and careless disposal.
  • The HIV virus has jumped from primates to people seven times, not twice as previously thought, due to consumption of wild meats.

Quote of the Day:

All things considered, there are only two kinds of men in the world: those who stay at home and those who do not. The second are the more interesting.

Rudyard Kipling