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News Briefs 28-07-2004

I think I’m going to have to reset my clock, like the radiocarbon daters should. Post your thoughts.

  • Eugene Mallove: evidence may link together three crimes.
  • Heating up a cold theory.
  • What lies beneath Pompeii.
  • Vintage altar of heaven, and here also.
  • Radiocarbon dating and questions.
  • Physical symptoms appear to predict cancer prognosis.
  • Earth-directed sunspot now 20 Earths in size.
  • Mysteries of the deep at Lake Tahoe.
  • Satellites confirm the existence of monster waves.
  • Alarm over West Nile virus cases.
  • New figures reveal hidden epidemic of self-harm.
  • Pigeons may have followed roads since Roman times. I’d have thought they could have followed paths before that.
  • First a crooked draft, then a cunning economic draft, and now an obscene mercenary force. Why can’t America devise a fair, equitable system to recruit its soldiers?
  • Something weird is going on below us: Satellites in low-Earth orbit over Southern Africa are already showing signs of radiation damage.
  • Is synthetic biology on the point of making life?
  • Blobologists solve an ancient mystery.
  • Questions that plague physics.
  • Rare and fatal injury baffles science.
  • The road to Saturn.
  • On some fixed points in British ethnology.
  • The revision of ancient history: a perspective.
  • Exploding eggshells break like stars.
  • To bleed or not to bleed.

Quote of the Day:

As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand.

Josh Billings

  1. Draft
    First of all, we’d all be better off if Jameske spared us his idiotic poltical commentary when linking to his obligatory political article. Secondly, the draft article is nothing more than propaganda. There is no “draft”. Everyone who volunteers to serve in the military, be it active duty or reserves, is told of the contractual obligations they are signing up for. Reservists being activated for active duty service is something all Reservists know is a possiblity when they sign up. And all soldiers know that even after leaving active duty you are still a member of the Individual Ready Reserve, eligible for call back if needed. If you insist on linking to propaganda from leftist anti-war web sites, the least you could do is provide a link to something that gives the other side.

    1. Fox
      Switch on your TV and try fox news. Bill O’Reilly I believe is rather good for what you are looking for. Furthermore, to reduce your temperature, try reading the quote of the day, or buying a pair of JooJanta Sunglasses.

      By the way Cletus, I ain’t no commy.

      Your friendly neighbourhood idiot,


    2. Draft
      Bob Heinlein featured “franchised citizenship” in his book “Starship Troopers”, and no, Virginia, the movie wasn’t even close to the book. Mandatory federal service between the ages of 18-20 in order to obtain full citizenship (i.e., the vote), could solve many issues, not the least of which is getting a good cross-section of citizenry serving in the armed forces. If fit for duty, the armed forces, randomly assigned. If unfit, another federal venue. Not interested? No vote, can’t hold office, higher tax bracket across the board. You would have until the age of 30 to opt in, if you decided against it at 18. Let’s see what a can of worms this opens.

  2. Radiocarbon Dating
    Imagine if there were people 50,000 years ago . . . smart enough to build technology . . . smart enough to discover the special properties of Uranium . . . and who were smart or lucky enough to discover explosives . . . .

    Regardless of solar or electromagnetic activity, the ignition of an atomic weapon destroys any radiocarbon dating records for hundreds of miles around . . . as the fallout effects would not fit the formula for carbon anti-decay paterns, therefore all dates would be way off. (To be precise, gamma particles are energic enough to push around carbon atom electrons, and could force a conversion from C 12 to C 14 much more quickly, and even possibly the reverse, knocking electrons off of C14 and making C12).

    Food for thought . . . hmmm does it taste good?


    Good to see you guys back . . .glad I checked on a whim. TDG LIVES!

    1. I just checked this site on a
      I just checked this site on a whim too, and HERE IT IS, woohoo!
      Nice to see the old crew is still around.
      I’ve got a lot of backlog to read through I see 😀
      I didn’t care much for that Phenomena site.. but now I have my old timesink back, ah just like old times! Thanks Greg (and the crew)!

      1. on a whim
        “Thanks Greg (and the crew)!” — From me too! And the Blogs are a great addition.

        After being too busy to check in for a few weeks, I finally had time to check the tdg news at phenomena — only to discover you weren’t there! Curious — okay, in a panic — as to what happened, I went to the forum section, but all I found were mysterious references to comments being deleted. Determined to solve this mystery, I doggedly searched through past news posts for clues. At the top of a news post by Greg, I finally found a reference to changes, but the link he’d posted to his explanation no longer worked — i.e. the explanation had been deleted. When this logical approach hit the wall, I had a go with the intuitive and, quicker than clicking my ruby shoes together, I was HOME again! What a relief. 😉

        But, gee, I wish there was an easy way for you to let other tdg fans know you’re back. Humm, didn’t everyone who created an ‘old tdg’ username give you an email address? Maybe you could just send them all an email announcement!

        Thanks guys!

    2. Messed up dates
      Hey AncientSkyMan, glad to see you back, too. You must have been into the gang who expanded on Velikovsky’s work back in the 70s and 80s. I remember a few articles about ‘resetting’ the clocks so that carbon and other atomic dating schemes were way more suseptable to calibration errors than anyone wanted to own up to.


      Xavier Onassis

  3. Evil America, Forgotten Africa
    While most of the world criticises Evil America, and the rest of you criticisize Jameske for criticising Evil America, let me remind you all of the forgotten continent: Africa.

    Yes, America is a potential Right-wing State, but if you’re going to focus on America’s military recruiting policies, how about looking at how the rest of the world does it too?

    Let’s have a look at how children are recruited for war in Africa. Children are being abused every day, forced to fight wars if male, gang-raped if female, yet no one cares because America is to blame for everything, right? Yes, let’s all ignore the rest of the world and focus on America.

    Excuse me for the sarcasm, but I get so damn angry with everyone always focusing on America as the source of all evil, and ignoring the rest of the world.

    I make my plea to everyone: stop being so damned America-centric and start looking at all of humanity.

    If you want someone to blame, throw a rock in the air and you’ll hit someone guilty.

    Carry on with your politik,


    “Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.” – Philip Pullman

    1. Float like a butterfly, sting like a Manta Ray
      Here, I didn’t actually call America evil nor in this instance did I criticise America – a lot of people round here are hallucinate – they see things that aren’t actually there. Even the title of the article was directly from the article! In other words, not written by me, nor commented on by me. But somehow I am criticising America? This is the misunderstanding of Cletus Awreetus Awrightus and obviously yourself as well. Quit the Jameske battering. Oh, and just a point on Philip Pullman – the quote is really cheesy, you are better off without it.

      Jameske the African Mercenary.

      1. shame on you
        Shame on you Jameske, writing big words that poor Cletus and his brother-cousin-father cannot understand.
        Maybe if you use words of one syllable in future the rednecks of the world will have a better chance of sounding them out.
        Oh btw, is there any money in the mercenary business in Africa?


      2. vote for me and i’ll set you back
        Hi ,

        ” a lot of people round here are hallucinate – they see things that aren’t actually there” like “bush the pious, honest, hardworking man who has his country’ best interest in mind.”

        Mindless degenerates and fearful dont touch thats ! Last nite i saw a news item on the state of kansas,the election there is a forgone conclusion, bush wins. Why, because he’s anti abortion and gay marriage, yeah right . Bush and his croonies rob the country blind and dismantle the constitution and all these morons care about is unborn life- not the state it is born in, which is hardly surprising considering life elsewhere on the planet-africa in particular- is of little concern to them either – care about life, come again !

        ” Fear accomplishes nothing but destruction. Fear is the greatest enemy of all that exists on Planet Earth. Fear is bondage, fear is not freedom”

  4. archeo logic bites the dust
    Hi ,

    For a site which prime/original concern is ancient history i ‘ve seen remarkbly little comment on the revision article. It’s extensive and a lot of items have been touched upon in the past, but are the current TDG visitors so bushed they dont care about the blatant forgery of the human past that has been going on by selfindulgant, politically correct biggots. Well ?
    It’s not as if it’s not relevant these days. With movies this year about jesus, troy, arthur and alexander the great there’s plenty to connect to. It’s true the revisionists don’t have an answer for every thing, but they didnt get much chance either. With our current means we can and must come up with a better account of our human race’s last 5,000 years. Failing to do so will be detrimental to the next 5,000 years

    ” Fear accomplishes nothing but destruction. Fear is the greatest enemy of all that exists on Planet Earth. Fear is bondage, fear is not freedom”

    1. Revisionism
      Hey tox,

      Accurate understanding of the past is indeed critical to the future of man. If you can’t see back down the road you’ve come, how do you chart a course forward without repeating serious (or fatal) mistakes? Also, how can you judge your progress without accurate milestones? Unfortunately, as my teachers always told me, “History” is actually two words: “His Story”. Every period in man’s existence (that we know of) is colored by the political regime(s) in power. Add to that the penchant for those high-minded academicians (the ones who delight in listing a bunch of letters after their names to show how oh, so enlightened they are) for ignoring evidence that doesn’t fit their pet theories, and you have a formula for confusion. They consistently shout down presenters of anomalous evidence, claiming “pseudo science”, or “unqualified observer”. In my mind, a theory, to be a theory, needs to accomodate ALL legitimate evidence, not just what the “experts” deem appropriate or desirable. The Bible is a prime example, having been “assembled” from a collection much larger and diverse than the final distillation, according to the leanings and desires of the assemblers. It’s been ever thus, and until our desire for truth overcomes our preoccupation with political or academic correctness, we’ll have to read between the lines, which is probably the primary reason this site exists. Once again, unfortunately, those in power wield it with an iron fist, punishing those who go against the flow (witness the cold fusion article). If mankind’s oversized ego ever shrinks down to allow room for the truth in his mind, you might get your wish – and the only thing I can think of that would do it is a near-ELE. Where are all the comets when you need them?


      “You see, it’s all so very clear to me now. It’s wonderful.” Dave Bowman

  5. election article
    I have to chime in as well…..I was really dissapointed to see political propaganda posted on my favorite site. I come here for good articles on science, the unknown and fringe stuff, not see articles on highly oppinionated politically charged rehtoric. I hope this is not a trend.

    1. politicallous
      Hi anonymous,

      Whats this with political propaganda ? Stating facts and opinions that dont follow the bush propaganda doesnt make it political propaganda. If anything it is the white house and the republicans that are the masters of propaganda. This in itself is nothing new either, selling a message of conservatism and unity power have led the people since living memory. You need only look at the french revolution how quickly the left or liberal side of humanity devides. That said it should be of the utmost importance for the republicans to choose the right candidate leader, one the brings unity not devision in the country and indeed the world too. There are /were plenty of good reasons to choose another rep.candidate, in this the republicans failed themselves, the country and the world.

      ” Fear accomplishes nothing but destruction. Fear is the greatest enemy of all that exists on Planet Earth. Fear is bondage, fear is not freedom”

      1. Look, I’m not arguing the wha
        Look, I’m not arguing the what the article contained. I’m arguing that the article doesn’t belong on this site.
        I am not a Bush supporter, but that article had very little ‘facts’ in it. And If I take a look back, and especially after watching the Democratic Convention, it is extremely obvious to even the most ignorant person which party is trying to ‘divide and conquer’. The Democrats spent the whole week talking as if it were 1965. Class division seems to be their main goal. Civil rights seems to be all they talk about. I never heard one speaker talk about Al Queda or plans for terrorist threats. So don’t tell me that the Republicans are the ONLY ones guilty of division tactics.
        They can both go to hell as far as I am concerned. Now the decision is, which evil is less evil to vote for…. hmmm

        1. It’s just going to happen onc
          It’s just going to happen once in a while. Most of the people that run this site and post news for it are Neo-Libs. As much as I hate it, occasionally your going to get Neo-Lib propoganda here once in a while. I just ignore it.

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