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Here’s today’s hodge-podge of news, I hope there’s something for everyone. All bad jokes that elicit groans are the responsibility of the author, not the administrators of this website.

  • 2004 Canadian crop circles include scorched soybeans. I guess even aliens can burn their toast.
  • Fire department bans old-fashioned book-burning. I wonder if Dan Brown could smell smoke ..?
  • Federal judge allows company to search for natural gas near Utah’s Nine Mile Canyon, an area renowned for its ancient rock art.
  • The Mythopoeic Society’s Mythcon 35 begins July 30th at the University of Michigan. Looks like a great event, pity I’m in Australia.
  • Perhaps I can teleport there, as New Zealand scientists bring teleportation closer to reality. I managed to avoid Star Trek cliches on this one.
  • An Italian town is banned from keeping goldfish in a bowl; a council official said, “A fish kept in a bowl has a distorted view of reality and suffers because of this.” Thank goodness TDG isn’t based in Monza, eh!
  • A Russian expedition sets out to find physical proof an alien spacecraft caused the Tunguska explosion, not a meteorite.
  • Islamic group cancels rally in London for fear of Al Qaeda terrorist attack. Geez, not even Osama Bin-Laden’s fanboys are safe.
  • If you’re in London and wetting your pants from fear of an Al-Qaeda attack, then the new pPod will show you where the cleanest toilets are.
  • Animal rights activist faces expulsion for reportedly calling for the assassination of scientists.
  • Zimbabwe plans to ban and expel human rights groups.
  • Here are some beautiful images of Saturn from the Cassini space probe. Cassini also sees lightning on Saturn.
  • We know how Napolean lived, but how did he die? The death of Alexander the Great is also a mystery.
  • Rare archaeological discoveries under Central Manezh Exhibition Hall in central Moscow.
  • Short-sightedness is on the rise due to extended use of televisions and computers. Perhaps we could market TDG magnifying glasses.
  • High radioactivity recorded in Israel is due to natural causes.
  • Were medieval monks obese? No evidence for the Priory of St McDonalds has been found so far.
  • Embarrassment for Donald Rumsfield when his credit card was rejected. Australia’s Defence Minister Robert Hill suggests they use Saddam Hussein’s Visa instead.

Quote of the Day:

Man is a genius when he dreams. Dream what you’re capable of. The harder you dream it, the sooner it will come true.

Attributed to Akira Kurosawa