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Time to lighten-up a bit on the political front. The US presidential election is in November; take all political news that you come across anywhere with a grain of salt. To insure that everyone is equally offended, TDG offers this perspective. (Click on the picture, it will take a few minutes to load; with sound.) ;o)

  • Ah, an amusing little vintage with a hint of saber-toothed tiger musk. An archaeologist is attempting to trace the first wine to the Stone Age.
  • Baby’s first word filled Stone Age Papa with pride.
  • Excavations are set to begin at one of the most important archaeological sites in Scotland.
  • Bronze Age ritual human sacrifice may have been rarer than believed.
  • Fraudulent behavior by a dog trainer who has assisted in archaeological disputes calls into question the use of dogs in archaeology. Eagle, the dog, did not misbehave. Good dog; bad trainer.
  • A 17,000-year old art relic has been found in central Russia.
  • The legal battle over the ancient bones of Kennewick Man has been won by the scientists, but they now face a new wrangle over access to the remains.
  • Ramses II, son of the Sun god, the greatest warrior king of ancient Egypt, has been defeated by the automobile.
  • A Kyrgyz-Russian expedition has embarked on a hunt for an ancient city covered by a lake – a Kyrgyz Atlantis.
  • Do you have dreams of taking a sunny paddle boat ride across the sky-blue waters of Lake Titicaca? Looks can be deceiving.
  • Here’s a new twist. Napoleon Bonaparte died of too many enemas.
  • Following an NDE, a young monkey at an Israeli zoo has started walking on its hind legs only, just like us. Somebody notify Commander George Taylor.
  • The Dutch are getting taller, but they are being stalked by junk food.
  • Michael Jackson wants a celebrity exception to the First Amendment. No, we don’t make this stuff up.
  • Thousands of acres were set on fire in California when a red-tailed hawk was electrocuted by power lines and fell to the ground.
  • Handedness develops in the womb.
  • The key genetic differences among people are revealed.
  • The ancient Germans weren’t so fair.
  • Grey matter matters for intellect.
  • A new audio system lets flowers sing.
  • The blind really do hear better. That’s fair.
  • Evidence is revealed for the creation of elusive matter.
  • Stephen Hawking concedes a bet, backtracking on his long-held belief that black holes obliterate everything that falls into them.
  • Cool fuel cells could revolutionize the Earth’s energy resources. Somebody shovel some money to these guys.
  • Men with guns change the weather in China.
  • War is hell. US army food… just add urine.
  • What is happening to birds?
  • The shady phenomenon of freak waves as tall as 10-story buildings has been seen from space.
  • Drunken flight attendants fight a passenger. That’s correct – read it again.
  • Scientists find that shorelines breathe. That’s scary.
  • On a site beneath the waves off the coast of Florida, Atlantis is being built of concrete and human ashes. I don’t think this is what Edgar Cayce envisioned.
  • While the Pacific Northwest has Bigfoot and Nevada is famous for UFOs, Illinois claims the Mad Gasser of Mattoon, the Farmer City Monster and perhaps yet another unconfirmed tall tale: Lake County cougars.
  • Is the story of Troy and the Trojan Horse really a tale of scheming gods? Zecharia Sitchin’ THE EARTH CHRONICLES EXPEDITIONS is available from Amazon US and UK.
  • Is physicist Vittorio Formisano’s Mars data being suppressed by the ESA?
  • Spirit and Opportunity get extended roving privileges on Mars. Guess what they don’t get.
  • If aliens exist ‘we’ll know in 20 years’.
  • A new Martian meteorite has been found in Antarctica.
  • NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has taken a view of an eclectic mix of galaxies.
  • There are puzzling differences in Jupiter and Saturn.
  • UK Science Minister Lord Sainsbury wants NASA and ESA to join forces to achieve future space goals.
  • High-resolution images of Apollo 11’s Moon landing on 21 July 1969 have been removed from a double freezer, thawed, digitally scanned, and re-produced.

Quote of the Day:

It requires more courage to suffer than to die.

Napolean Bonaparte