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Here is todays news. It has always amused me that societies of “Enlightened” mystics have even more feuds than the average disfunctional family.

  • Couple find a mastadon tooth in a parking lot in Oregon. So how come I only ever find old shopping trolleys?
  • The Rosicrucians are back in court in a leadership dispute but are reputed to be broke.
  • South Africa takes measures to protect a plant more valuable than gold due to its appetite reducing effect.
  • The Seat of Irish Kings, described as the “heart and soul of the nation” is threatened by a new motorway.
  • Merlin was real even if Arthur wasnt, says John Mathews . Actually, this looks very familiar from Nicholai Tolstoy’s book “The Quest for Merlin”.
  • Indian holy man gets drunk on electricity.
  • A Swiss judge rules that IBM should stand trail for helping the Nazis organise the Holocaust.
  • I tried to find the silliest news item possible, and found the inventor of the “Scruples” board game allege that a Satanic conspiracy is keeping us all doped up.
  • A new study on global warming says the Sun is to blame. The sun got hotter so the Earth did? Amazing, Holmes!
  • The madness of King George attributed to arsenic poisoning. Thats Hanover, not Bush, by the way…
  • Size does matter. A big genome can increase your chance of extinction
  • The true story of Lorenzo’s Oil is not quite as upbeat as the movie, but still an incredible argument for preserving biodiversity.
  • Archaeologists are finally in agreement that the Megalithic period in Ireland ‘boomed’ between the years 4200BC and 3500BC in Sligo.
  • The X-Prize fuels a new space race between commercial companies.
  • Space-borne invader from Mars found in Antartica.
  • Why the US has conspiracy fever.
  • A new movie, Stealth, causes confusion on “Area 51” websites after stills are released.
  • The latest British crop circles in pictures from the Temporary Temples website and a Conference in Glastonbury at the end of July.
  • Can GM Foods prevent the world’s growing population from starving?
  • Britain’s Ministry of Defence has asked scientists studying Gulf War Syndrome to withhold some of their findings from an ongoing investigation into the mysterious affliction.
  • Brazilian grassland’s biodiversity threatened with destruction by 2030.
  • Lyndon LaRouche: Independant Democratic candidate for President, conspiracy-nut or international fraudster? Read about the Cult and the Candidate.
  • Anthrax found in Ivory Coast chimps could be passed to humans.
  • Saint or Sinner? Bill Gates to give his $3bn dividend to his charity.
  • Why Australian snakes have the deadliest venom. I thought it was because they were in competition with Australians…
  • Forget the blond, blue-eyed Ayrian, ancient germans had dark skin.
  • Studies show hints of Mankind’s first words.
  • Rare Roman bust of Goddess Isis found at site in England.
  • Researchers conclude that Bronze Age sacrifices were rarer than originally supposed.

Quote of the Day:

“As soon as we are confident that we really have knowledge and understanding in some domain, we stop calling it philosophy and start calling it science. And as soon as we make some definite progress, we think ourselves entitled to call it scientific progress”

John Searle