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News Briefs 15-07-2004

Questions about Global Warming, the “real” Arthur and missing missiles. If you have an opinion or comment on todays’ news, share it with the readers.

Quote of the Day:

Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one he must more approve of the homage of Reason than of blindfolded fear.

Thomas Jefferson

  1. Well Done
    Hi Cernig,

    Congrats on your first ever news post! Nicely done, anybody would think you had done this before.

    Peace and Respect

    You monkeys only think you’re running things

  2. Good to see
    A big hand here for Cernig, being a strictly part time reader/poster, a really appreciate the efforts of the news gatherers, and hope that the good work goes on and on.
    I guess its down to us the readers to respond and show our thanks by venting our spleens more often, and I for one will endeavor to do so.
    Good stuff! 🙂


    yes i’ve had a drink

  3. great stuff Cernig
    Hi Cernig,that’s a great lot of news for your first post.

    I have a couple of comments…..

    It is good to see Holy Blood Holy Grail being reviewed and thus getting exposure.It doesn’t matter that it is a rotten review, the people who have read The Da Vinci Code will now go looking for HBHG.
    As far as I am concerned this information deserves to be in the public arena which it previously was not.
    I have read HBHG but if I had not, this particular review would have made me want to go out and buy a copy.

    As to Uri Geller swapping keys when the 12 year old girl gave him the key to hold……..I can just see him trying to do that to my daughter when she was 12.
    She would have ripped him to pieces.
    And keys are all so vastly different.How on earth could Geller have known the type of key the girl was going to give him to enable him to do the switch.
    You would need as much setting-up for that as for a magic trick which it ain’t.

    Just because people write such things doesn’t mean they are true.


  4. Three huzzahs for Cernig!

    You’ve raised the bar high mate so I won’t try to do outdo you on Monday. 😉 Well done.

    “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” — I’ve been plugging this at work, and I had my manager special order a dozen copies, which I’ve reviewed and placed in a nice spot. So hopefully people will get interested. I can’t wait to abuse my position in a bookstore when Hancock and Bauval’s “Talisman” is released down under. So whatever the opinion of Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” (sheer brilliance, or over-hyped airport trash — I think it’s somewhere in between), it’s getting people interested in the subject matter; and that’s always a good thing. It’s kind of like Harry Potter getting kids interested in witchcraft. 😉



    “Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.” – Philip Pullman

  5. Cernig’s news
    Thank you, a very interesting collection. Welcome to the news team – what would we do without them?! TDG is always my first stop on the Net. Mainstream news is repetetive (doom and gloom), TDG offers us something of interest! Regards and thanks.

  6. TDG News
    Hi Cernig,

    Congratulations and welcome aboard. Nice work.

    Loved the article on the bogus data generated to ‘prove’ Global Warming. I find it incredible that people still believe in GW. The planet may be getting warmer, but it’s not caused by carbon dioxide. Junk science works strange ways.


  7. Thanks Guys
    Its my pleasure to do what I can to keep The Daily Grail in news. After all, Greg and the team saved me from the intellectual wasteland of SW Texas when I stumbled across the site, providing much needed stimulation of the non-redneck faculties of the brain.

    To sit in silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men

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