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I’m designing my home aided by a crash-course in Feng Shui. But we’ve all got time for the news…………

  • Dino-gold. German scientists have unearthed the biggest collection of dinosaur fossils ever found in the country, including bones that could belong to previously unknown species.
  • Fossil findings and a fresh analysis of a prized set of human bones challenge the art/creativity theory.
  • An ancient African skull fills a gap, but fuels a debate.
  • What happened in 30,000BC that caused a dramatic increase in human longevity?
  • An entire 2800-year-old Egyptian mummy has been explored in 3D stereo vision for the first time using imaging techniques better known to medicine.
  • Who circumnavigated the globe 87-years before Italian explorer Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) and 114-years before Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521)?
  • Lake Vostok, deep beneath the Antarctic ice, appears to be divided into two deep basins.
  • The Skull Valley Band of Goshute Indians question the transfer of Utah’s Range Creek from private to federal ownership.
  • Bin Laden is guiding plots against U.S., hoping to influence the presidential vote.
  • Shhhh! Don’t tell Greg, but weblog authors are calling it quits or scaling back their sites.
  • Find yourself a sanctified chicken for the Loa. It is estimated that 60-million people practice voodoo worldwide.
  • Keep your distance. Residents in Canberra have been warned not to bother starving kangaroos.
  • Edinburgh alligator sellers are stung by undercover cops. Yes, that Edinburgh. With an alligator.
  • Scientists discover a pattern to whales beaching themselves.
  • Australian scientists have caught the world’s smallest fish.
  • Brain implants have been used to read the minds of monkeys. This makes me extremely uncomfortable.
  • The ‘Weed from hell’ has been found in Texas. Maybe the fire ants will like it.
  • Millions of people may have been injected with a tainted polio vaccine.
  • Researchers report the preferences for hourglass-figured women emerges around the age of puberty. Sounds like easy money on the reasearch grant scene.
  • Kim Jong Il introduces hamburgers to North Korea as quality food. He still has not given in to the allure of a Big Mac.
  • ‘Hey Dude, I’m dead.’ Talking tombstones bear a message from the grave. What will your message be?
  • Deep in the Congolese jungle, rebel groups unite in their desire to exterminate the pygmies.
  • Loud noise prompts women to eat. There’s a punch-line in there somewhere but it eludes me.
  • Estonia was accused of amorality and gross historical insensitivity after they honored veterans of the Nazi Waffen-SS. Go figure.
  • The Pentagon envisions a fleet of blimps guarding the U.S. coastlines.
  • Researchers look to tiny spheres of glass storing hydrogen in future cars.
  • The General Electric Company announced the development of the world’s best performing carbon nanotube diode.
  • Shabby crop circles made by sloppy humans were unceremoniously plowed under by the farmer who doesn’t need people the fields wearing aluminum-foil hats.
  • A rather exotic crop formation appeared in Solano County, California. With pics.
  • The fourth 2004 crop formation in Poland has multiple parts. With pics.
  • The Spanish Fork, Utah crop formation and was accompanied by mysterious lights.
  • Residents report bright lights In sky over five US states. Great video from police dash camera.
  • Here’s an interesting article, God Vs. UFOs by Angela V. Michaels.
  • Old galaxies shed a new light on a young universe.
  • SpaceShipOne, the world’s first private space craft, is back on course and ready for the next trip.
  • The JPL is planning on extended missions for the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. Maybe these robots need a union.
  • The Cassini space probe is sending back to earth ultraviolet photographs that tantalize astronomers. Expand the pics. More”.
  • Let’s take a peek at what the Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) at ESA’s European Space Technology Research Centre (ESTEC) sees for the future.
  • Blast waves from solar storms are blowing through our solar system.
  • Hubble comes to home computers.
  • Better technology and robust funding fuel search for intelligent life beyond Earth.
  • Life is unlikely in our asteroid-ridden neighbor.
  • The month of July 2004 has two full moons, which means one of them is a Blue Moon. There was a time, not long ago, when people saw blue moons almost every night. Blue, the color.
  • The wicked winds of Titan are being measured from Hawaii.
  • Titan reveals its mysterious surface.
  • SG-1, Season Eight, begins tonight on the Sci-Fi Channel with New Order in the US. 2-hours of my life down the tube.

Thanks Greg.

Quote of the Day:

My findings at this time are that ample evidence exists that an estimated 80% of crop circles are man-made. On the other hand, 20% revealed no evidence of human involvement. A handful of these 20% also displayed the newly discovered magnetic profile (all these were simple formations).

Colin Andrews