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Ta Da! It’s Friday at TDG. Slip into the weekend with the news ……..

  • Though the catastrophe that destroyed the dinosaurs’ world may have begun with blazing fire, it probably ended with icy darkness.
  • Hair and fur could be our window to the past, according to scientists who have just extracted and cloned DNA from a 64,800-year-old bison. Amazing stuff.
  • A Utah rancher harbored a prehistoric trove.
  • A Dinosaur Auction is assailed for offering illegal fossils.
  • Research shows that many medications draw their punch from common weeds.
  • A set of ancient Maori heads is destined to return to New Zealand. That’s nice.
  • Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a band of brothers whom they believe helped to transport giant bluestones from the Preseli mountains in west Wales to build Stonehenge more than 4000 years ago.
  • A frustrated Welshman is calling on the Bronze Age builders who built Stonehenge return to their homeland and install his central heating. They are, uh, dead, dude.
  • Tooth growing experiments bring smiles.
  • Honeybees’ genes are the key to hive air conditioning.
  • A new survey of the depths of the ice-capped Arctic Ocean could reveal a lost world of living fossils and exotic new species from jellyfish to giant squid.
  • Anyone for a little Texas Holdem? Here’s a nice little article on the ancient history of games.
  • Pleasure receptors best known for helping the body respond to morphine and opium may also hold the key to mother-child bonding.
  • The U. S. Air Force is testing robots to protect bases and forward units. SkyNet alert.
  • North Korea has demanded massive energy aid in exchange for a nuclear freeze. Haven’t we seen this movie before?
  • Dogs can predict epileptic seizures.
  • Is polygraph testing junk science?
  • The world’s weather goes electric.
  • Microsoft has been awarded a patent for using human skin as a power conduit and data bus. My skin? Can he do that?
  • Scientists report that they have found a naturally decaffeinated version of the world’s most popular coffee bean.
  • New light is shed on dark energy.
  • German Scientist Werner von Braun anticipated terrorists, asteroids and ETs on American’s ‘Enemy’s List’.
  • Historian and best-selling author Laurence Gardner discusses ancient secret science.
  • Bob White (TDG News Briefs 22-06-2004) is finding that his UFO discovery is a tough sell.
  • If you’re somewhere near central Ohio, come to Prospect Place for a ghost hunt.
  • Learn why a human being does not live 1,000-years anymore.
  • We visited with the Druids at Stonehenge earlier. What’s a Summer solstice like in Denmark?
  • A team of scientists has discovered two new molecules in an interstellar cloud near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Here’s some great pictures of the first flight of SpaceShipOne, the first private venture ship to leave earth’s atmosphere and enter space.

Thanks Melinda.

Quote of the Day:

You live and learn. At any rate, you live.

Douglas Adams