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If you’re missing some rainfall, I’ve probably got it. I’ve seen Junes with no rain here. Water’s spilling over the tops of the dams; the lakes are beyond full. Where are the Ark plans? Rain, rain, go away …….

  • Global warming. Rising sea levels. Massive volcanic activity around the world. Widespread erosion. It’s not a scene from the latest Hollywood disaster film, The Day After Tomorrow, but the Earth as it appeared during the mid- to late-Cretaceous geological period, 135-million to 65-million years ago, when the largest dinosaurs ruled the planet.
  • The smallest dinosaur was the size of a sparrow!
  • Dinosaurs did not engage in head-to-head combat.
  • Rat study elucidates long-ago human migration.
  • A Mayan priest comments about the rare Venus transit. Yeah, well, what does he know? ;o)
  • Allowing a mammoth expansion of North Dakota’s largest coal mine would cut a devastating swath through American Indian graves and cultural symbols. Easy call if one doesn’t need electricity from that coal.
  • Archaeologists have dug up a thousand-year-old padded bra.
  • Spiral patterns carved into a small jade ring show use of complex machines more than 2500-years ago.
  • A former circus owner bought Wookey Hole a year ago and said the bones of a witch should be returned to the cave there. Toss-up.
  • Building starts on Texas Stonehenge.
  • It was not wars, but water woes, that ended Angkor’s empire.
  • Hoping to learn more about undersea volcanoes, scientists capture an underwater eruption on tape. Do those eruptions make the water warmer?
  • Why the ‘Lost Gospels’ lost out.
  • Soaking string in the blood of a black dog and wrapping it around homes offers protection from the dreaded phi porp – a female ghost that kills married men and eats their innards. Some days it just doesn’t pay to be a black dog.
  • A dead wallaby discovered on a remote Scottish island sparks a mystery.
  • Mad-Cow disease in cattle and human beings.
  • Follow-up: Everyone’s got an opinion on the photo of a mysterious creature.
  • Here’s some good news for those people who talk to dogs. That’s you, isn’t it?
  • The world’s most famous endangered species, the Chinese giant panda, appears to be in much better shape than previously thought.
  • New research shows that the seasons may be involved in the onset of menopause.
  • Clowns can strike terror into some people’s hearts. I’ve never liked clowns.
  • The tale of a boy whose brain keeps telling him he’s still hungry.
  • Lights-out policies in cities are helping to save the lives of thousands of migrating birds.
  • It’s big head and bulging eyes, this ugly-cuss, rare sea creature washes ashore. Click on the ‘IMAGES’.
  • Pumping energy to nanocrystals from a quantum well.
  • Top quark measurements give the God particle a new lease on life.
  • Microscopy moves to the picoscale.
  • UA study on near-death experiences looks at brain.
  • See the flood plains on Mars courtesy of the the ESA Mars Express spacecraft.
  • Pterosaurs are still living on the islands of Papua New Guinea. Lots of videos of people that have seen Pterosaurs; no video of Pterosaurs.
  • The giant blast over New Zealand is believed to be a meteor.
  • Researchers have for the first time detected molecular nitrogen in interstellar space.
  • This odd black hole defies explanation. Don’t they all?

Thanks Priscilla.

Quote of the Day:

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.

Hector Berlioz