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So, what’s made the Pole Star brighten up its act? Post your thoughts.

  • Over the past two millennia, the star Polaris has brightened by 250%, and astronomers have no idea why.
  • Man-made calamity the world is ignoring.
  • Dinosaurs wiped out in a few hours.
  • We are all dimmed.
  • Dinosaur skull is evidence Africa broke off later than thought.
  • Stormy bands on ringed world.
  • Planet Earth dims then brightens.
  • Study examines how brain creates detailed recollections.
  • New theory finds common ground between conflicting evidence for first stars.
  • How the City of London runs the world. Is the Bank trying to steer market views on rates?
  • Putin and the mythical NGO conspiracy.
  • Folds at surface show ancient seismic stresses still at work.
  • Dark energy tied to human origins.
  • Bananas to generate electricity?
  • The march of the killer toads.
  • No such thing as paranoia; Part 1. Part 2


  • Mystery hand falls from the sky.
  • A square of dark chocolate a day could keep the cardiologist away.
  • Comet theory: the cause of the glowing tail. Or is it antimatter?
  • We can lament the mischief of hackers, thieves, and tricksters, or we can learn lessons in innovation from them.
  • Up in the air!
  • Pumped-up dummy does the ironing. Remember the autopilot in Airplane?
  • GM virus explodes cancer cells.
  • Earthquakes beget earthquakes near and far. More like making stretch marks.
  • Dead Sea to disappear in 50 years.

Quote of the Day:

A thing worth having is a thing worth cheating for.

W. C. Fields