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News Briefs 02-06-2004

So, what’s made the Pole Star brighten up its act? Post your thoughts.

  • Over the past two millennia, the star Polaris has brightened by 250%, and astronomers have no idea why.
  • Man-made calamity the world is ignoring.
  • Dinosaurs wiped out in a few hours.
  • We are all dimmed.
  • Dinosaur skull is evidence Africa broke off later than thought.
  • Stormy bands on ringed world.
  • Planet Earth dims then brightens.
  • Study examines how brain creates detailed recollections.
  • New theory finds common ground between conflicting evidence for first stars.
  • How the City of London runs the world. Is the Bank trying to steer market views on rates?
  • Putin and the mythical NGO conspiracy.
  • Folds at surface show ancient seismic stresses still at work.
  • Dark energy tied to human origins.
  • Bananas to generate electricity?
  • The march of the killer toads.
  • No such thing as paranoia; Part 1. Part 2


  • Mystery hand falls from the sky.
  • A square of dark chocolate a day could keep the cardiologist away.
  • Comet theory: the cause of the glowing tail. Or is it antimatter?
  • We can lament the mischief of hackers, thieves, and tricksters, or we can learn lessons in innovation from them.
  • Up in the air!
  • Pumped-up dummy does the ironing. Remember the autopilot in Airplane?
  • GM virus explodes cancer cells.
  • Earthquakes beget earthquakes near and far. More like making stretch marks.
  • Dead Sea to disappear in 50 years.

Quote of the Day:

A thing worth having is a thing worth cheating for.

W. C. Fields

  1. Pole Star brightening?
    This deserves to be on the pages of some fringe website, not from a reputable(?) US academy.

    Who can determine the brightness of a star by reading what someone wrote 2000 years ago? I somehow think they would have trouble determining the relative brightness from observations taken a 100 years ago, let alone 200 years!


    1. Dimmer Switch
      What if the dark ages really were darker? What if the visibility from Earth to Space was relatively poor in the past? Perhaps, the measure of the change in brightness in Polaris is a way to measure visibility in the past. One can extrapolate that from the data. Perhaps the change in brightness may suggest a catastrophe at some point and the gradual recovery over time. It might even suggest a change in the orbit of the planet, or other conditions in the solar system that would render the star relatively dim.


      1. Dimmer?
        Hi Jameske.

        If the visibility through the atmosphere were reduced in times past then not just the Pole Star but ALL stars would have been affected and minor visibility stars like the one just next to the topmost bright star on the Plough (Big Dipper)handle would not have been visible in classical times. Whereas, the Roman Legions used being able to see this particular star as a test of eyesight for legionnaires. Sorry.

        To sit in silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men

        1. You are right
          That’s absolutely true. If there are statements from the past regarding the brightness of other stars then it is game over for what I’ve said. But interestingly enough I had a debate a long time ago on GHMB about the 7 sisters and was given an argument that a lot more than 7 were visible – at that time I brought out the argument regarding visiblity and local conditions. Nonetheless, you are quite right to make that point. It is perhaps worthwhile investigating the matter further. If there is a general trend in star observations, or at least a trend for the Northern Hemisphere, it might transform the argument into something not easy to ignore as an anomaly or an artefact of scholarship.


        1. Conflict or concordance
          Hi Bill,

          Indeed, both are options. It would be interesting to see the correlations between tracking back brightness as a function of visibility, with regards to human perception, and compare it with events in the past that fit the geological and/or the geological/historical record. There might just be a quintessential point, or at least a concordance of overlap such that the overall effect amounts to a quintessential point. Of course, the dark ages might be dark because they never existed in the first place, and are rather artefacts of scholarship. However,if one accepts reports from human observers and makes comparisons one feels that these would be more reliable than the theoretical explanations given for them – criticisms of eye-witnesses nothwithstanding, or, for that matter, calendar systems. It would also be interesting to see if the differences were too wide to gulf. The conflicting data might lead to changes in opinion on causes, dates or length of after-effects.

          Thanks for the links.


          1. Dark Ages
            Hi Bill and Jameske,

            Thanks indeed Bill for the links. I had entirely forgotten the well documented climate changes between Roman times and the mini-ice-age that followed. The Norse put these into their legends as the 7 year Fimbul Winter that preceeded Ragnarock while in Britain this time was recorded as the “wasteland” of Arthurian tales. I would not be at all surprised, after all, to discover that the Pole Star (and all others) were dimmer during the Dark Ages than during the time of the Roman Occupation of Britain. I withdraw my objection, Jameske.
            To sit in silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men

  2. More than just a pole star
    It’s not just the pole star where changes have taken place:

    – A 410-percent increase in the overall number of natural catastrophes on Earth between 1963 and 1993 (Dmitriev 1997)

    – A 400-percent increase in the number of quakes on Earth (over 2.5 on the Richter scale) since 1973 (Mandeville 1998)

    – A ~500-percent increase in Earth’s volcanic activity between 1875 and 1993 (Mandeville 2000)

    – 9 out of the 21 most severe earthquakes from 856-1999 AD occurred in the 20th century (Russian National Earthquake Information Center, 1999)

    – A 230-percent increase in the strength of the Sun’s magnetic field since 1901 (Lockwood, 1998)

    – A 300-percent increase in the amount of “severe” solar activity than what was formally predicted for the year 1997 alone (NASA 1998)

    – 400-percent or higher increases in the speed that solar particle emissions are capable of traveling through the energy of interplanetary space (NASA 1997-2001)

    – Recent magnetic pole shifts of Uranus and Neptune, as Voyager 2 observed their magnetic axes being significantly offset from their rotational axes (Dmitriev 1997)

    – Visible brightness increases now being detected on Saturn (Dmitriev 1997)

    – 200-percent increase in the intensity of Jupiter’s magnetic field from 1992-97 (Dmitriev 1997)

    – 200-percent increase in the known density of Mars’ atmosphere encountered by the Mars Surveyor satellite in 1997 (NASA 1997)

    – Significant melting of Martian polar icecaps in just one year, clearly seen in satellite photography (NASA 2001)

    – Significant physical, chemical and optical changes on Venus, including a sharp decrease in sulfur-containing gases in its atmosphere and increasing brightness (Dmitriev 1997)


    1. Seriously
      Hi Anon,

      The information you quoted is taken from the ascension2000 website and although I havent had a chance to check any of the attributed “facts” yet, the website itself has this to say about the author of the article you link to:

      “Although Mr. Wilcock is primarily a researcher of the physics of Oneness, he was contacted by positive extraterrestrial intelligence in 1995 and now produces their verbal transmissions with highly accurate remote-viewing style protocols. Since the conscious-mind interference is minimal in this technique, these “readings” are quite different from normal speech and are of inestimable value in understanding the spiritual perspective and humanity’s imminent destiny. David has dedicated his entire life to this process of acting as a researcher and telepathic ambassador for this angelic group, often known as the Confederation of Planets. Our accuracy has been continually validated through documented future predictions and other means that defy human intellect.”


      To sit in silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men

      1. OK, I get what you are saying
        OK, I get what you are saying.

        You do offer a good idea–check the facts which I will do in this case.

        What happens if they are facts? or some of them are–HMMMmmmmmmm

        Just because someone doesn’t exactly fall in our sphere of belief doesn’t mean what they should be entirely disregarded.

        But more importantly…

        Just because someone exactly falls in our sphere of belief doesn’t mean we should accept what they say entirely.


        1. Ad hominem
          P… I agree, the argument falls mute if one gets off the subject,…… for instance in this case..Attacking a person, rather than the person’s position or argument.

          If what is said about the person is false, in addition to being irrelevant, two fallacies are committed, false premise and irrelevant premise. In this case maybe this person did have some comment about his visits with other’s from other worlds…. who knows.

          The subject is the stars… not his alledged visitations.


          1. Still on subject
            When someone with a stated agenda cites scientific evidence in support of that agenda which cannot be easily verified then it is only rational to withhold judgement until that evidence has been checked. Its not a case of “who knows”, its a case of following the link at the bottom of the page back to the author’s website. I would hope that Prof. Tennant taught me enough logic that I would avoid a simple ad hominem mistake.I agree with Anon that if sufficient of the evidence cited is verifiable then it points to an escalating phenomenon – at first glance an increase in sun activity which is upsetting atmospheric chemistry and magnetic polarity on every planet. This would certainly be a cause for concern equal or greater than that of global warming or cometary collision.

            Since the Dmitriev article is cited most often, here is the link to the original article


            And here is the link to the host site wherein much can be found on the sponsoring groups other articles, and thier own agenda:


            I will leave it up to the Graillers to do their own research and make their own minds up.

            To sit in silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men

    1. LOL

      We’re all kicking ourselves for not coming up with that one. Nice work!

      Peace and Respect

      You monkeys only think you’re running things

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