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Mexican UFOs

We bring our “Mexican UFOs” survey to a close with 346-votes. 41% believe that the UFOs were ‘Alien Craft’, while 30% perferred
‘Other Intelligent Phenomenon’ as an explanation. 15% believed those IR images were ‘Other Natural Phenomenon’, but 13% suspected ‘Government Trickery’. Only 1% of TDG voters bought the ‘Atmospheric Gases’ explanation. Grailers are Believers, but not in swamp gas.

Weeping Icons

What’s up with weeping and bleeding religious icons?

The latest occurrence of religious icons that weep and/or bleed is in a Vietnamese Catholic community chapel in the Brisbane suburb of Inala. The mystery began over a week ago when rose-scented oil began leaking from a statue of Mary and a crucifix which were kept in the priest’s chambers. But things really escalated when blood reportedly flowed from statues and a crucifix above the altar during mass. the Church has dispatched a team to investigate the incident. The story was reported in TDG on Tuesday, 25/05/2004, by Greg.

But the Brisbane weeping/bleeding episode is not a unique event. Unexplained accounts of religious icons that weep and bleed have been observed on many occasions. From About.com, here’s a short list:

What’s your opinion on weeping and bleeding religious icons? Hoaxes and frauds, pranks, messages, miracles? Is it some sort of mass hallucination? Is it completely bogus, or is some of it genuine? Does faith have the mental force to cause the event? Your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s. Participate in the survey, cast your vote, and make your comment.