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News Briefs 26-05-2004

Internet gremlins got my connection over the last couple of days. Also two other gremlins, my cats, tried to climb up the chimney – cleaning the soot from it – I had one hell of a clean up in the living room afterwards. So, sorry if the news is late and light today.

  • Global warming Hollywood style.
  • Russian universal soldier.
  • People whom God always helps.
  • In grade-obsessed society, learning gets left behind.
  • Hoagland-Wilcock hyperdimensional physics interview. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.
  • Baobab disease puzzles scientists.
  • Baby born from 21-year-old sperm.
  • Volcano drove up UK death toll.
  • Magnetic forces may turn some nanotubes into metals.
  • Sexual conflict can cause rapid population divergence.
  • Strawberries and raspberries boost sex drive.
  • Viagra puts survival of seahorses in doubt.
  • Epileptic seizures are highest in the moon’s last quarter.
  • Researchers have pushed back the date at which humans harnessed fire by half a million years. Are they right?
  • Venus clouds migh harbour life. Any interplanetary sexual intercourse by Earth and Venus?
  • Dark energy fuels expanding universe.
  • The wilder side of sex.
  • Milosevic, The Jackal, Saddam Hussein. I defend them all. I plead not guilty.
  • Dust rocks Martian river theory. What about the dark sands, is it selective dust?

Quote of the Day:

I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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