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News Briefs 21-05-2004

Believe it or not, you’ll need some of this for the weekend. Or maybe you’ll wish you had paid more attention.

  • Scientists discover a new dinosaur with a long neck, a whip-like tail and a mysterious extra hole in its skull. Strange planet we live on.
  • Four-winged birds may have been the first fliers.
  • The remains of 28 humans found buried at the bottom of a cave shaft in northern Spain may belong to a group that died suddenly in an ancient catastrophe.
  • A 1,000-year old graveyard has been discovered at an archeological complex of Inca and pre-Inca temples.
  • Hundreds of mummies have been found in Egyptian caves. The greatest archaeologist to have ever graced the planet, Zahi Hawass, was there.
  • Breast-baring was popular in the 1600s.
  • Science speaks out on the dangers of returning human remains back to their countries of origin.
  • It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Actually, as envisioned, a new aircraft would stay aloft with solar-powered wings that flap and soar like an eagle. I want one.
  • A New Mexico man made a hasty exit from a zoo after climbing close to a cage to illegally pet a jaguar, but police were able to track him down by the severed finger he left behind. LOL.
  • Giant rats are trained to sniff out land mines.
  • The source of a grim telephone call remains a mystery.
  • Buy that SUV. New technologies and underestimated reserves mean that the sun is far from setting on the oil age.
  • Prototypes of futuristic domestic furniture that glow with the light of communicating bacteria have been produced. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • A German inventor has developed a gadget that berates men if they try to use the toilet standing up. I predict that this gadget has a lifespan of about 4-minutes.
  • An industrialist gives $100M to solve science’s biggest questions.
  • The European Union ended its controversial ban on new genetically modified foods Wednesday, allowing imports of a tinned maize without touching the more contentious issue of new GMO crops.
  • Scientists in the US are working on a Barbie drug that gives people a tan, makes them lose weight and increases their sex drive. We wonder if one gets a Barbie-like brain as an added bonus.
  • A previously unknown underwater volcano has been discovered off the coast of Antarctica. You might think that would make the water warmer. Hmmmm……..
  • The Day After Tomorrow Movie: Could an Ice Age occur overnight?
  • The tail-wagging, stick-fetching family pooch may be more closely related to White Fang than its human companions think. Ask Red Riding Hood how that turns out.
  • Are you a potential terrorist?
  • Think pyramid for dream life. Maybe those things do sharpen razor blades.
  • This article is a little dated, but it was just received. Jesus healed using cannabis.
  • An interesting crop formation has been reported in Zabno, Poland.
  • Bigfoot draws big laugh from maker of the Bigfoot costume. The Making of Bigfoot: The Inside Story is available from Amazon US and UK but read the reviews before you decide to buy it.
  • Abduct My Wallet: Confessions of a UFO Hoaxer.
  • The truth about UFOs, abductions, conspiracies, and our future on Earth.
  • Here’s some great pics of some unidentified lights in a sunrise photograph from Long Island, NY. It’s probably just swamp gas, uh, or ball lightning, uh, or drug-runners with stealth aircraft, uh, or a hoax, uh, or ………..
  • Are the Mexican lights related to the Phoenix lights?
  • Why ball lightning does not explain the facts in the Mexico Air Force infrared and radar event.
  • UFO’s over Utah? A local photographer snapped a picture this week that has people talking. Now the saucer has moved south to Alabama.
  • So what’s the truth out there? Does ET actually exist? Here’s the facts so that you can determine the final verdict on ET and his kith and kin.
  • Missions to the Moon could be steps to Mars.
  • A new theory addresses how the sun was born.
  • This is why there probably won’t be any little green men. I guess this rules out green slave women, too.
  • Electric Martian dust devils could prove hazardous for space travelers.
  • NASA-supported researchers are working to develop a fuel cell that can extract electricity from human waste. Now wasn’t that stated tastefully without mentioning a poop-booster.
  • The Moon and Venus will cross paths and dance tonight. Free admission.

Thanks Priscilla.

Quote of the Day:

He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.

Douglas Noel Adams

  1. Are you a potential terrorist?
    A monument of sick, infuriating, racist practise!

    I can only sit back and laugh ’cause if I take it too serious I’ll get depressed!

  2. Let not your right hand…
    Very amusing to see a US Navy spokesman deny the existence of invisible stealth planes by giving out disinformation that they would look like a black patch in the sky…since the Boeing Predator stealthy unmanned aircraft flies for the Navy already

    Oh Bill..thanks for making me laugh about drug runners in stealth aircraft! Then again, why do you think that the preferred drug runner boat of fibreglass construction? Its surely not because of the lower RCS is it?

    To sit in silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men

    1. Stealthy drug runners
      Hi Cernig,

      why do you think that the preferred drug runner boat of fiberglass construction? Its surely not because of the lower RCS is it?

      No, probably not. I think you would make a better case for airborne stealth. From National Defense Magazine,

      “According to Coast Guard figures, approximately 80 percent of illegal narcotics that enter the United States via maritime routes are transported on go-fast vessels, which are typically 30 to 40 feet in length and capable of carrying up to three tons of cocaine at speeds in excess of 50 knots.”

      Smugglers apparently depend more on speed rather than stealth when traveling over the water because they intend to outrun them in their go-boats. Fiberglass hulls are likely chosen for reduced weight rather than a low RCS. If they intend to sneak past the Coast Guard, they employ submarines.

      But drugs are smuggled-in via aircraft. They fly at night using no lights and, to the bad guys, a reduced RCS and low infrared emissions would be desirable. But multitudes of them flying in formation and following a surveillance aircraft is not likely. The same is true for stealth aircraft being tested by the government. If one is trying to avoid detection in a clandestine test-flight, flying in the company of other aircraft in formation or following a surveillance aircraft is simply not being very clever. Foolish behavior is not usually a trait of successful drug smugglers or test pilots.

      That’s why I find these rationales given to explain-away the UFOs observed by Mexican officials, or similar observations, to be rather amusing.


      1. Hi again Bill,The problem i
        Hi again Bill,
        The problem is that the US Forces have recently ordered a series of tests of formation flying of stealth unmanned aircraft over the Gulf of Mexico:
        “The next step will be to fly the aircraft together. This will be done in a series of tests that will go from the current hands-on intensive (man-in-the-loop) operation to adaptive autonomous operation and finally co-ordinated adaptive autonomous operation. The latter describes the X-45’s ability to fly in formation like a manned fighter in the way outlined by Gen Jumper.” (Janes online, 9th Sept. 2002)


        Its very worth joining Janes online as a private individual.

        I honestly think that in this case the Stealth “swarm” tests fill all the available facts without requiring additional postulants. This is not to say that I believe other cases to have a fully terrestial explanation. I think it noteworthy that the Mexaican Govt. is reported as giving a copy of the tapes to the US Govt. It seems to me like very astute political manouvering: “guess what, we caught your aircraft but we arent going to make a big deal about it, we are not going to blow your cover this time, just stop flying them over our territory”.

        To sit in silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men

        1. Mexican swarm
          Hi Cernig,

          I think you’ve just presented a good case for the Mexican UFOs as US test aircraft. You win; youu sold me anyway. ;o)

          Have you got a similar argument fot the other UFO pics in the news briefs?


          1. Ghostriders in the Sky
            Hi Bill,

            Nope, just the particular Mexican case, where it looks, quacks and smells like a stealthy duck. The Ohio pic is interesting, I’ve no idea what to make of it other than it appears to be a fuzzy saucer shape when blown up. The least postulant case here (remember Occam’s Razor?)may well be an alien craft. I would love to see what computer enhancements could do to the image. The “lights against the sun” thing? Well, hang on, but whats with objects brighter than the sun through a camera that arent brighter than the sun by naked eye? (thats what she said isnt it? that she couldnt have seen the lights with the naked eye cos of the suns glare?)I suppose it may have been an anomalous diffraction through a thick wedge of leaded glass, or it could have been ghosts of alien spacecraft projected from another dimension by the Philadelphia Effect.

            I expect any UFO video, film or pic that will convince to be subject to the same rigorous scrutiny that Loch Ness Monster sightings are given. I have seen UFO’s I had no terrestial explanation for and I believe in Nessy too, but the latter is normally subject to more scepticism even by its supporters.

            To sit in silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men

          2. Ghostriders
            Hi Cernig,

            objects brighter than the sun through a camera that arent brighter than the sun by naked eye

            Yes, that’s what she said. It beats me, too. Maybe the sun went behind a cloud, but not the objects. But I don’t think it’s swamp gas.


  3. Gee, the Climate is changing…who would have thought!
    “Climate change is already happening now, not the day after tomorrow,” said Janet Sawin, director of the energy and climate program at the Worldwatch Institution in Washington, D.C. “I’m hoping more people will become more aware of this problem [as a result of the movie] and start thinking about what we can do to address it.”


    And where I live it changes everyday…sometimes very quickly. Oh, I agree that the environment can change quickly…I’ve seen it happen in West Texas many times.

    I think that there was something that caused the last Ice age to end such as the indications in the Carolina Bays Area…Looks like a Comet broke up over the earth and rained down upon the area…perhaps all over the earth. This must have happened some 10,000 years ago and caused the planet to change orbit wise and relocated the poles. Atlantis sank and the advanced civilizations that existed then were destroyed via the tsunamis that spread across the face of the globe. The poles melted rapidly and much of what we will see in the Movie…Day After Tomorrow will stir up ancient memories.

    Can’t wait to see the movie. But, I hate to see it used politically to reinforce a methodology of the Left to manipulate lessor minds into supporting their environmental issue/s. Many are getting a little tired of these Liberal methods to scare and position others as victims so they can be used as voters. It is a grand use of informal fallacies and non-sequiturs. It just does not follow…but few can figure it out due to a life full of self-gratification and pop-culture. We are doomed.


    1. Climate changes
      Hi Oscar,

      But, I hate to see it used politically to reinforce a methodology of the Left to manipulate lesser minds into supporting their environmental issue/s.

      The co-author (Art Bell) of the book on which the movie is based expressed similar sentiments. I join the chorus.


  4. Elizabethan breast baring ..
    Gee Bill, you give us a link a few weeks ago to a news story I rather wished DIDN’T have a picture (Rasputin’s penis in a jar).

    This week you give us a link to a news story I DO wish had pictures!

    Rasputin’s penis, breast flashing in Elizabethan England … I have no idea where Zahi Hawass fits. 😉

    Cheers mate.

    “Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.” – Philip Pullman

    1. Elizabethan breast baring ..
      Hi Rick,

      That was an attempt to compensate for surprising you with Rasputin’s appendage. The woodcuts of 1600s bare-breasting didn’t do it for you, huh?

      Anything that challenges the mythical history that we were taught in school usually gets my attention. But in all honesty, the evidence for bare-breasting seemed flimsy to me. Those woodcuts could have been the 1600s version of porn; the paintings could have been wishful thinking. I really don’t know.

      IMHO, Zahi doesn’t quite fit anywhere. ;o)


  5. The Great Egyptologist in Residence

    I’m so glad you are seeing the great one as he really is. Your reference to the greatest archeologist ever is appropriate, as his assurance that he is trying “soooooo” hard to stop corruption and theft. Knowing this, and now realising that the great one really is misunderstood gives me much peace and a sense of calm that one rarely encounters.

    “please” show more of the great adventures of the “greatest ever” so I can save them on a special drive for my son when he is older.


    1. Would that he were more adventuresome…
      I fear he hold things back. I am getting too old to wait. I wish he would get after it and let more discoveries appear.


      1. ZH
        Hi Oscar,

        Sometimes sarcasm is not too clear on the Internet. I referred to ZH as “the greatest archaeologist of all time” because he once referred to himself with those words. I’m sure that AAiek’s comment was made with tongue firmly placed in his cheek as well.

        And you can bet ZH is holding something back. He’s not revealing anything except what he wants you to believe. :o(


        1. ZH
          I’m surprised that someone hasn’t rushed to the defense of Dr. Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA)

          Just for the record, what he really said was the following:

          Do I need to be more famous? I mean there is no archaeologist who really did what I did in my life. And there is no archaeologist who is known in the streets of Europe and America like me.

          IMHO, that’s egotistical and an over-statement of the importance and the accomplishments of the gentleman. Thus, the sarcasm.


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