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Believe it or not, you’ll need some of this for the weekend. Or maybe you’ll wish you had paid more attention.

  • Scientists discover a new dinosaur with a long neck, a whip-like tail and a mysterious extra hole in its skull. Strange planet we live on.
  • Four-winged birds may have been the first fliers.
  • The remains of 28 humans found buried at the bottom of a cave shaft in northern Spain may belong to a group that died suddenly in an ancient catastrophe.
  • A 1,000-year old graveyard has been discovered at an archeological complex of Inca and pre-Inca temples.
  • Hundreds of mummies have been found in Egyptian caves. The greatest archaeologist to have ever graced the planet, Zahi Hawass, was there.
  • Breast-baring was popular in the 1600s.
  • Science speaks out on the dangers of returning human remains back to their countries of origin.
  • It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Actually, as envisioned, a new aircraft would stay aloft with solar-powered wings that flap and soar like an eagle. I want one.
  • A New Mexico man made a hasty exit from a zoo after climbing close to a cage to illegally pet a jaguar, but police were able to track him down by the severed finger he left behind. LOL.
  • Giant rats are trained to sniff out land mines.
  • The source of a grim telephone call remains a mystery.
  • Buy that SUV. New technologies and underestimated reserves mean that the sun is far from setting on the oil age.
  • Prototypes of futuristic domestic furniture that glow with the light of communicating bacteria have been produced. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • A German inventor has developed a gadget that berates men if they try to use the toilet standing up. I predict that this gadget has a lifespan of about 4-minutes.
  • An industrialist gives $100M to solve science’s biggest questions.
  • The European Union ended its controversial ban on new genetically modified foods Wednesday, allowing imports of a tinned maize without touching the more contentious issue of new GMO crops.
  • Scientists in the US are working on a Barbie drug that gives people a tan, makes them lose weight and increases their sex drive. We wonder if one gets a Barbie-like brain as an added bonus.
  • A previously unknown underwater volcano has been discovered off the coast of Antarctica. You might think that would make the water warmer. Hmmmm……..
  • The Day After Tomorrow Movie: Could an Ice Age occur overnight?
  • The tail-wagging, stick-fetching family pooch may be more closely related to White Fang than its human companions think. Ask Red Riding Hood how that turns out.
  • Are you a potential terrorist?
  • Think pyramid for dream life. Maybe those things do sharpen razor blades.
  • This article is a little dated, but it was just received. Jesus healed using cannabis.
  • An interesting crop formation has been reported in Zabno, Poland.
  • Bigfoot draws big laugh from maker of the Bigfoot costume. The Making of Bigfoot: The Inside Story is available from Amazon US and UK but read the reviews before you decide to buy it.
  • Abduct My Wallet: Confessions of a UFO Hoaxer.
  • The truth about UFOs, abductions, conspiracies, and our future on Earth.
  • Here’s some great pics of some unidentified lights in a sunrise photograph from Long Island, NY. It’s probably just swamp gas, uh, or ball lightning, uh, or drug-runners with stealth aircraft, uh, or a hoax, uh, or ………..
  • Are the Mexican lights related to the Phoenix lights?
  • Why ball lightning does not explain the facts in the Mexico Air Force infrared and radar event.
  • UFO’s over Utah? A local photographer snapped a picture this week that has people talking. Now the saucer has moved south to Alabama.
  • So what’s the truth out there? Does ET actually exist? Here’s the facts so that you can determine the final verdict on ET and his kith and kin.
  • Missions to the Moon could be steps to Mars.
  • A new theory addresses how the sun was born.
  • This is why there probably won’t be any little green men. I guess this rules out green slave women, too.
  • Electric Martian dust devils could prove hazardous for space travelers.
  • NASA-supported researchers are working to develop a fuel cell that can extract electricity from human waste. Now wasn’t that stated tastefully without mentioning a poop-booster.
  • The Moon and Venus will cross paths and dance tonight. Free admission.

Thanks Priscilla.

Quote of the Day:

He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.

Douglas Noel Adams