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So, if vaccines are harmless then why shouldn’t the proponents of them take doses equivalent in potency to those given to children. If your own Doctor or local politician advises that you take your children for vaccination, ask if he or she will take the vaccine first. After all, if they are safe then nothing tragic should happen to them. Post your thoughts.

  • Black Death blamed on man. I’ll bet the rats are relieved.
  • Prostitution law used to prosecute Greenpeace. I’ve always considered joining Greenpeace.
  • Heat death: Blair spins climate change.
  • A remedy that’s all in the mind? Either way, it is a real effect.
  • UFOs, implants and aliens.
  • Is Earth getting darker? Metaphorically.
  • Universe seems to be older than expected.
  • Microwave mismatch proves our cosmos is a whopper. Would that not depend on where the radiation comes from, and if there’s no big bang…
  • AIDS treatment a human right. But what if this group is right?
  • Atrocities in Iraq: “I killed innocent people for our government.”
  • War is a racket.
  • Utah microbes may have Martian mirror.
  • Scientist seeks reason as to why the Earth wobbles. Perhaps it is scared of Venus and Mars?
  • Bacteria will produce electricity from Spacecrap.
  • Hoaxing the UK Mirror – MI6 Disinformation Plot.
  • Magnetic fields may be visible to birds.
  • Dark Energy: The Great Divide?
  • Halley’s comet portrayed on ancient coin.
  • Early man had mining in mind.
  • On eve of surgery, child’s deadly tumor vanishes.
  • 25 Years After Three Mile Island, Is Another Nuclear Power Plant Disaster Inevitable?
  • The Real Trojan War: Digging up clues to the truth behind the myth. In the wrong place, of course.
  • Join the climateprediction.net experiment.
  • The turbulent life of dolphins.
  • Rumour-mongers bow to vaccination campaign. The rumour is that the vaccine can seriously damage your health.

Quote of the Day:

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.

Mark Twain