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News Briefs 14-05-2004

Hi friend, pull up a chair, get comfy, and let me tell you a few tales…………..

  • Scientists think they may have evidence of an impact crater that contributed to the Great Dying, a mass extinction wiped-out more than 90-percent of the species on Earth.
  • Sampson is poised to crush the old Tyrannosaurus Rex image.
  • The largest particle detector in Mexico is being built inside a pyramid in the ancient settlement of Teotihuacan.
  • A virus found in the Yellowstone National Park thermal pools has a structure so ancient that scientists think it sits near the root of the universal tree of life.
  • A tiny Iron Age tool found in Holland marks move to steel.
  • Explorers still seek El Dorado in the mountains of Peru.
  • U.S. authorities have returned to Honduras nearly 300 pieces of Mayan jewelry, some dating back to about 500 A.D.
  • Ufa, the capital of Bashkortostan, a republic in Russia, should mark its 5,000th rather than the approaching 430th anniversary of its foundation.
  • A campaign has begun to secure the return to Wales of the Red Lady, a skeleton that predated Stonehenge by 20,000-years.
  • The skull of a man believed to have lived more than 6,000-years ago has been dug-up in Shanghai’s Qingpu District.
  • Satellites see shadows of ancient glaciers.
  • The information environmentalists are seeking to rid mental space around the world from too much data contamination. Just don’t throw paint on my keyboard.
  • Today’s handsome hunks evolved thanks to picky females.
  • Dads deliver a vital mating package.
  • Migratory birds, as well as many other animals, are able to sense the magnetic field of the earth, but how do they do it?
  • The Human Hell and the Demons of War: Think Never Again? Try Again and Again. Part 1, Part 2.
  • Last week I told you of Kiwihenge, a Stonehenge replica in New Zealand. This week it’s Texashenge.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees, but machines can grow diamonds.
  • Come spend some quality time with the fauns, elves, imps, and fairies – she did. Let’s get the ‘I want some of what she’s smoking’-line out of the way early.
  • Underwater bright lights and unidentified objects may indicate an underwater civilization.
  • The Mexican Santa Muerte death cult draws a diverse membership and she favors tequila, half-smoked cigarettes, and eggplants.
  • Invasion of The Giant African Land Snail. It sounds like something from those old black-and-white “creature features” from the 1950s, but this one is real.
  • A remarkable anti-freeze protein prevents the winter flounder from freezing-up in northern polar oceans.
  • Are lottery winners really less happy? I’ll volunteer to test this theory empirically.
  • Is modern-day lycanthropy an explanation of werewolves?
  • An ET visits a Dutch home so they took his/her picture. Your call.
  • Producing an out-of-body experience at will and staying lucid outside the body requires ideal physical conditions as well as strong desire, concentration and determination.
  • Van Helsing opens this summer’s big-budget movie season, but there’s little excitement or surprise to be found here.
  • Mexican UFO Sightings: Real or B-Movie fare?
  • A UFOs filmed in the skies over Mexico could have been caused by a scientific phenomenon involving gases in the atmosphere.
  • Alien galaxies are entering the Milky Way.

Quote of the Day:

Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con-men, and the story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever.

Dr. T. N. Tahmisian
Atomic Energy Commission

  1. Mexican UFO
    Oh dear,

    40 years on and still we’ve got a variation of Allen Hynek’s “Marsh Gas” explanation for UFOs doing the rounds. God forbid anyone should actually take the UFO hypothesis seriously and investigate it scientifically, rather than running to the most convenient explanation (read: excuse).

    Nice update Bill, heaps of great reading in there today!

    Peace and Respect

    You monkeys only think you’re running things

    1. Mexican UFOs
      I would like to see a demonstration of this phenomenon involving these gases in the atmosphere. It may be true that the IR (infrared) images were observed over the Gulf of Mexico, Mexico’s main oil and gas producing region and oil platforms there release or burn off some of the gas they produce. However, the IR images were noted at 3,500-meters (11,480-feet). It seems that the gases and the associated energy would have dissipated into the atmosphere at that altitude.

      The images observed were producing enough heat energy to appear as brilliant images on the IR display, but they were not observed in the visible spectrum. That indicates that these alleged gasses weren’t on fire, yet they produced enough heat energy to appear as bright images in the infrared spectrum. All this after rising 3500-meters, dissipating into the atmosphere, and releasing heat-energy the entire time.

      This seems like an all too familiar excuse. I want a demonstration.


  2. Dutch alien
    Stuur hen terug naar land van herkomst!

    Sorry, a little Dutch joke…

    What I find hard to understand is that in this age of digital photography and autofocus camera’s, we still only get to see blurry photographs. And another point, when a crisp photo is taken, we only see the alien from behind, like in one of the famous Adamski photo’s. And then we have Meyer (hope I spelt that correctly) who is daily visited by aliens high in the Alps. We have far-off shots of the space ships, but no close-ups, no family photo’s of him and his alien friens, no photo’s of the saucer’s cockpit. Come on guys, if I had an opportunity to photograph aliens, I would at least try to photograph something interesting. As I said, modern photographic equipment is basicaly idiot-proof, so why do we always get bloody out of focus pictures.

    I’m on a good old rant here, so I might as well knock Elizabeth Klara while I’m at it. (Rest her soul.) She spent a few years on Venus (?!), happily married to a Venusian and she actually had a child by him. After years of bliss on an alien world she returns to Terra Firma and she remembers to bring back a souvenir. Wait for it, she brings back a rock. Yes, a rock! My god, you spend a few years on an advanced alien world and you bring back a rock!

    Imagine you were living in the 50’s and suddenly you were teleported forward in time to today. You spend a few years in this time and then you have to decide what items you will take back. Let me see, laptop, mobile phone, Blackberry, Xbox with Halo, a box full of scientific journals and a reminder to buy shares in Microsoft. Now there will be no doubt when I get back that I have been in contact with an advanced civilization. (Except of course for the wars…) But no, I bring back a rock…

    End of rant. I feel better now. Where are those dried frog pills…
    “To die for patriotism is pointless; dead people don’t care.”

    1. Aliens, Demons, Ghosts and Fairies
      The mere fact of “blurry” photos seems to me to be empirical evidence that much of the phenomena observed and classified by the human minds observing them into one of the categories we are familiar with (Ghosts, Aliens, Fairies etc)are one and the same thing. Lets not forget that only 10% or so of image processing is done by the eye, the rest is done by the brain. The eye doesnt even perceive “edges”, it is left to the brain to decide where one object stops and another begins. At least so far, all we can say with certainty in many cases is that some phenomenon is being observed. What that phenomena may be is still up for grabs. It may be spill-overs from parallel universes for all we can really tell.

    2. scepticallous

      Well sceptique i guess i need to reply to that ‘dutch’joke (send them back to their country of origen) planet/dimension more likely, but then again which municapality would want to temporarily house them ? As for your dead frogs why don’t you try piracetam/nootropil (an integrative legal smart drug).

      As for blurry pictures, i make plenty, seriously, it is either a clever hoax on his family and us, or it is real. I’m inclined to believe this guy’s tale, and i predict there’s more to come. Dutch media meanwhile won’t touch such subjects, there’s an inherent dutch dislike for anything extraordinairy-flatlanders-. The west brabant region, aswell as bordering zealand-vlanders is an ancient celtic habitat, and a hotbed for cropcircles (btw my family roots lie there aswell).
      Nevermind, i feel that if ‘aliens’ try to make themselves known without creating a panic or start a cult, this is the way to go. The whole cropcircle activity has slowly created an awareness of others and this is a good thing, even if people like you rediculize the matter, it instills an awareness. The cynical response on the alien god=love message is sad, not that aliens are a benavolent force persé, as i’ve said before, i’m convinced there are different kinds with different motives.

      By now there’s plenty of evidence that our reality isn’t definite and there’s much more to explore. Those that ridiculised columbus were allways a majority untill… btw how easy do we forget that 500 years ago most humans believed the earth was flat. This generation maybe the lucky one that gets to experience the next big paradigm shift, with or without your consent.

      1. Messenger and message
        Hi toxilogic,

        I was mulling over my post about the Dutch alien before I came on-line tonight, and realised that my criticism of the messengers might be construed as criticism of the message. I seem to have been thinking along the right lines, because you believe that I am ridiculing people’s belief in aliens and UFO’s.

        I believe it is important to separate my scorn for obviously fabricated stories and pathetic evidence from my open-mindedness about other life forms and realities. I sincerely believe that there is much more to the universe than what we can currently explain in a scientific way, although a lot of it will be explained by science as science grows and develops. The scientific language we currently use to describe the moon is vastly different than that of a few centuries ago. We probably are regularly been visited by aliens of all sorts (even illegal aliens 😉 , it is just a matter of time until we progress to a point were we can see past our own dimensions.

        I think ghosts and such paranormal activities will also in time be explained by science. My view is that our minds interact with the universe (space and time) around us in ways that we cannot yet measure or comprehend.

        I am unapologetic in heaping scorn on people who act like snake-oil peddlers and bring paranormal research into disrepute by their obvious untruthfulness. Fuzzy photographs are to me a clear indicator of a hoaxed photograph. I can understand that a roll of film might be affected by temperature and magnetism, but that does not hold for digital cameras. Even a roll of film that is ‘affected’ would show everything blurry, not just the ‘alien’ or ‘ghost’.

        There are of course people that interpret things in a different way due to their state of mind (religion, alcohol, drugs, love, politics, world view). I deeply religious person ‘seeing’ something in his room would think it is the devil or a demon. An atheist who is very much into the X-files will believe he saw an alien. I would probably think I had too much steak last night, roll over and fall asleep… Our circumstances and beliefs are powerful interpreters of what we experience.

        If our Dutch friend is really believes he is being ‘visited’, he has my sympathy. He is obviously going through something and who am I to ridicule his beliefs? But I find his story a bit dubious and a bit too good to be true.

        As for aliens integrating in Holland…. I doubt if anybody would think anything of it if ET sat down for a beer in the Leidse plein in Amsterdam. He’s not really going to stick out in Amsterdam. 🙂

        “To die for patriotism is pointless; dead people don’t care.”

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