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News Briefs 07-05-2004

Welcome to the eclectic news center. It all made sense when I wrote it ……..

  • Dinosaurs may have been wiped out by a mighty Verneshot, an underground explosion with the energy of 7-million atom bombs.
  • Arthropod animals were molting to make room for growth more than 500-million years ago.
  • Hummingbirds may be 30-million years old.
  • Physics meets archaeometry in ancient Greece.
  • The tomb of a Mayan queen has been found in the rain forest of Guatemala.
  • An ancient musical instrument has been found in the central highlands of Vietnam.
  • Archaeologists have made a sensational discovery in Turkmenistan — a royal mausoleum.
  • Zahi Hawass, the man in charge of Egypt’s antiquities and the greatest archaeologist of all time, is leading the hunt for to recover ill-gotten artifacts. Classic pic of Zahi and the Sphinx.
  • The Mudslingers protect an ancient ruin.
  • More than 2,000-years ago this ancient Maya community may have been major city.
  • It took ancient peoples in Great Britain a millennium or more to create Stonehenge, but the New Zealand version will be built in a little more than a year. Kiwihenge.
  • The drugstore culture threatens ancient Arab medicine.
  • Far-away Easter Island has become an exotic port-of-call for medical researchers.
  • The infamous, crawling, air-breathing, predatory snakehead fishes may be indicators of ancient climate shifts.
  • The humpback whale is believed to sing its mysterious songs for the same reason generations of teens have started bad garage bands.
  • A rising tide of micro-plastics is plaguing the seas. Where did you think those 2-liter bottles went?
  • Here’s a follow-up on that lion in Ohio that Greg told you about yesterday.
  • In Wassaw Sound off Savannah, Georgia there’s an 11-foot-long bullet with a snub nose and four stubby fins, an aluminum cylinder with No. 47782 written on it lying in the silt. Enclosed in its metal skin is 400-pounds of conventional explosives and a quantity of bomb-grade uranium. Take a guess what No. 47782 is.
  • Scientists uncover how the brain retrieves and stores older memories.
  • Ex-Nazi corporal says Germany attempted to kidnap Ike. If I told you more you would swear I made it up. Just read it.
  • No one is pretending the forthcoming climate change filmThe Day After Tomorrow is anything but implausible, but that the public is probably smart enough to distinguish between Hollywood and the real world. I wish.
  • Monsters like Godzilla may be scary, but they could be a parent’s best friend.
  • Man is not a useless speck lost in the Universe.
  • You’re invited to participate in the Massive Medicine Wheel Ceremony set for tomorrow. One Heart, One Mind, One Circle.
  • The James E. Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to take a few baby pictures in 2011.
  • Life in the universe could be everywhere.
  • Join the quest to unlock universe’s missing link.
  • One-third of the universe still eludes us.
  • Our map of the Milky Way will have to be redrawn after Australian astronomers made the astonishing discovery that our spiral galaxy has a huge, out-flung arm.
  • Four vast petro-chemical oceans on the surface of Saturn’s giant moon Titan wait the arrival of the ESA Huygens probe.
  • Mars scientists find some tempting new rocks.

Quote of the Day:

Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations.

Ralph Charell

  1. Mayan queen
    Not really on topic but …

    In Guatemala, entrance fees to Mayan sites for locals is a small fraction of the cost of visitor entrance fees. I like that, lets locals enjoy their own heritage cheaply.

    Mayan sites are interesting places to visit. When you visit the sites, you are immediately struck by just how thoroughly ruins in jungles can be reclaimed by the vegetation.
    Also, its cool the way the Mayans used building designs to modify the echos off some temples. For example, standing in the center of one of the squares at Tikal, if you clap, the echo off a temple is a bird sound.
    Ron D

    1. Che chin-Itza (sp)?
      I found that to be true also at Che chin Itza…and I do not know how to spell that word. But, I went there once and was really impressed with the whole experience. I really liked the local drink made from honey…tasted like Nyquil.


  2. Massive Medicine Wheel Ceremony
    I was wondering where Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell of Eastenders) had got to of late. Since his falling out with Peggy (get out of my pub!!!) it seems fitting that he should be devoting his energies into promoting world peace and harmony. Well done Bruv.

  3. Petro-chemical Oceans
    No wonder that GW Bush wants us to go to Mars and beyond. There’s oil in them thar moons!

    But, seriously, if the existance of petro-chemicals is confirmed on other worlds, people will finally give up the ridiculous notion that oil is the result of decayed plants and animals. There is no known chemical process that allows for the formation of the complex hydrocarbons found in oil deposits from organic materials. Yet, the myth persists.

          1. Is it possible…for such to become a part of Petro Chemicals???
            I have heard that so many animals died after the so-called flood that perhaps there was an influx of materials that could amplify the base petro-chemicals. Does anyone know if this is possible?

    1. Petro-chemical Oceans
      Hi Micman,

      No argument from me. But the discovery of a hydrocarbon soup off-planet would have no effect on our folklore. The oil-from-dead-dinosaurs mythology is as ingrained as pharaohs-were-buried-in-the-pyramids. Everyone believes it so it must be true. :o)


          1. Dinos and Oil
            Hi Archdake,

            Now that you’ve read the paper, what’s your opinion on the origin of oil?


          2. Lengthy one!
            Hey Bill,

            thanks for the link. Just saw it though and it’ll take a while to digest it. It’s a lengthy sob!
            I’ll post my opinion.

          3. Origin of Oil
            After reading this article I must confess that the non-biological origin of oil seems to better explain the attributes of the material.
            This theory has a more universal implementation imo.

            Thanks again for the link Bill. 😉

  4. Pharoh Zahiamunre
    How good is to once again read an article written about this ‘National Geographic Eygptologist in residence’ and his stand alone vigilence against the nasty theiving world outside Eygpt.

    We all understand that we can not be of the same quality bloodlines as Pharoh Zahi and his immediate ties to the early dynasty Pharohs!

    If only he was smart enough to actually find one of these 4th dynasty relations. Come on Your Majesty, get a move on!!

    Great to have the TDG back


    1. Pharoh Zahi
      Hi AAiek,

      But you had the love the Pharoh Zahi posing with the Sphinx. It made my day to have had the honor to read an article about that great man (or god). ;o)


  5. specks of dust
    Are we worthless specks of dust? Well I think so, but is that a bad thing? to be worthless in this great universe means nothing, I wouldnt have it any other way Mr Pope sir.

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