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Eugene Mallove’s Last Words

Richard Hoagland has posted an open letter from Dr. Eugene Mallove on the Enterprise Mission website. The letter, received by Hoagland prior to Mallove’s death, outlines 15 years of research which had its beginnings back in 1989. Mallove’s resignation from MIT in that year followed on from the discovery of manipulation of the data derived from a replication of the Pons-Fleishmann experiment. He went on from there to author several books and found Infinite Energy Magazine.

  1. A most interesting plea indeed
    Which can relate to a lot of discussions that have happened either here or on the Phenomena forums.

    The one scary thing though is that anyone could try and corner such a future market. This should never be allowed to happen.

    I have always felt concerned with what I consider is the right of individuals, as well as other societies, to cheap energy. Hell, make that free energy almost.

    Just considering the augmenting energy needs of China, India, south american countries and eventually the third world, the resulting pollution and the geopolitical consequences of local and corporate control of the world limited energy resources, it is enough to wish the populations of this planet ruling out any right to any kind of hegemony over their right to have access to clean, cheap and efficient energy.

    Lets hope that this won’t remain ‘lettre morte’

    1. Men of Power (pun intended)
      I think those who hold the future of the world in their hands won’t allow such breakthroughs to come out until the very end. People have voice only through politicians (didn’t you hear it? thanks to a side effect of anti-terrorist legislation now you can get into police custody for demonstrating). Politicians are in their majority attached to economic trusts and criminal organisations. So essentially men of power do as they will. They afford to seek out the few pollution free places in earth and if the whole planet turns into a wasteland they’ll probably build a resort to the Jovian moons!

      I’m too depressed right, now – time for a happy pill 😉

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