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News Briefs 28-04-2015

Busk it...

Quote of the Day:

Throughout human history, as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are, or where we are going in this ocean of chaos, it has been the authorities — the political, the religious, the educational authorities — who attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rules, regulations, informing — forming in our minds — their view of reality. To think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable open-mindedness, chaotic, confused vulnerability to inform yourself.

Timothy Leary

News Briefs 27-04-2015

Rumours been spreadin' around...

Quote of the Day:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.

Martin Luther King

News Briefs 24-04-2015

"Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature..."

Quote of the Day:

“...And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.”

Max Planck

News Briefs 23-04-2015

Last week's film trailers awakened my inner child.
Now the child wants a Hot Wheels race-track, a puppy AND a trip to Disneyland.

Thanks to J.J. Abrams and Zack Snyder

Quote of the Day:

"The best way to counter a bad idea is to confront it and point out where it is wrong or misleading. I feel this way not only about religious superstition but also about homeopathy, astrology and parapsychology–not to mention psychoanalysis, psychopharmacology, multiverse theories and string theory."

~John Horgan, science journalist for Scientific American.

News Briefs 22-04-2015

Down the rabbit hole: curiouser and curiouser.

Thanks to @johnreppion

Quote of the Day:

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

News Briefs 20-04-2015

Happy 420 day! Coming right on the back of Bicycle Day, today's news briefs may make you wonder if you've come back down yet...

Quote of the Day:

When you study natural science and the miracles of creation, if you don't turn into a mystic you are not a natural scientist.

Albert Hofmann

News Briefs 17-04-2015

”Any ritual is an opportunity for transformation.”

Quote of the Day:

“When we practice magic we are always making connections, moving energy, identifying with other forms of being.”


News Briefs 16-04-2015

I'm sure in many parallel worlds donating to the Grail would be tax deductible.

Thanks to Grail-Seeker.

Quote of the Day:

"People are too eager to say "This legendary person had flaws!" instead of, "Wow, this flawed human being managed to do something legendary.""

~ Mishell Baker ‏(@mishellbaker )