What else, but a section to keep you abreast of how TDG is working

New Feeds

I've added a couple of extra news feeds to the site, which members can add to their front page if they so desire. One is the pagan news service "Wren's Nest", the other is the news from the website of futurist Ray Kurzweil. These feeds are not enabled by default - if you would like them on your front page, go into 'My Account' from the main menu, and select them from the 'Edit' section (they will appear in blocks at the bottom of the right-hand column on the page).

Sub Rosa Notify

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we now have a notify function available for news on the latest issues of Sub Rosa magazine. I encourage everyone to sign up for this - not only does it keep you in the loop, but it helps us plan for the future by getting an idea of the number of people interested in the magazine. As it says on the site, you have our assurance that this is the ONLY thing your email will be used for - I detest the commercial use of email addresses.

Also, if you enjoyed the magazine, please do pass on word wherever you can. The more readers we have, the more chance of success we have. So, as 'payment' for any reading pleasure, I'd only ask that you pass along word wherever you can.


Just a quick heads-up to point out a new disclaimer at the bottom of the page. I've been forced into such idiotic measures by a number of threats of legal action over recent months. To those who think the first step in getting some throwaway comment removed from this site is to send me a legal threat, I say to you get a life, learn some basic communication skills, and do some serious work towards the goal of breaking free of your pitiful lameness.

Email Apology

Just a quick note - between the release of Sub Rosa magazine, the ongoing sales of my book Da Vinci in America, and the regular TDG email influx, I'm completely buried with my email load currently. If you emailed me recently but haven't received a reply yet, my apologies and I'll try to get to it soon (5 hours straight so far today...). If you don't receive a reply in the next couple of weeks, please resend it (not now though!) as it has probably slipped between the cracks somewhere.

Unseen Answers

As promised, Rico has added his interview with author Ed Kovacs, to accompany his review earlier in the week of Ed's book Unseen Forces (Amazon US or UK). It's a great interview with good questions from Rico and equally good answers from Ed (I vote Rico takes over all the interviews from now on). Check it out when you get the chance, and if you're looking for a good fiction read, check out Ed's book as well - which sounds fascinating.

Blair Butchered

It would certainly be remiss of me not to mention a new musical project featuring a good friend of ours, Blair Blake. Auricle is a new release from the band Butcher, whose members include former Kyuss member (and almost-Metallica/TOOL bass player) Scott Reeder, Camella Grace of the artistic duo Spiral Eyes (responsible for the video content at TOOL's live shows), and Sasha Popovic of Mother Tongue.

Blair added his tasty keyboard stylings (sorry, always wanted to say that phrase) and visionary lyrics to a number of songs on Auricle. The general sound of the album seems to my ears to be a combination of rock, opera and gothic elements. Sample listens and information on ordering are available from the Butcher website, and Blair has a commentary on some of the songs at the TOOL website (scroll down through the news). On the subject of Blair's lyrics, you can also find his book of occult-influenced prose, IJYNX, at the online shop over at Toolband.com.

Unseen Review

Our intrepid Monday newsman Rico has posted his review of Ed Kovacs' novel Unseen Forces (Amazon US and UK). Kovacs' book has been gaining quite a bit of momentum through word of mouth recommendations in the alternative community, probably due to his fusion of alternative archaeology, conspiracy theories and remote viewing as plot elements within a non-stop action storyline. Check out Rico's review, and stand by for his interview with Ed Kovacs as well, which he'll be posting soon.

Sub Rosa Magazine

I'm proud to announce a new facet to TDG today: Sub Rosa magazine. Sub Rosa is a complete magazine in PDF form, available as a free download from the Sub Rosa website. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

In this first issue, our cover story is on Robert Schoch, where he discusses the age of the Sphinx controversy, the Yonaguni 'monument', and our old friend Dr Zahi Hawass. We also have a profile on Terence McKenna, Stuart Hameroff's quantum consciousness, Donnie Darko, columns from notables and much more besides. The PDF layout has allowed us to utilise beautiful graphic layouts, and even insert videos - so it's a complete experience. Hope you enjoy it.

No More Corby

This is not the type of site that usually restricts discussion of topics. However, the Schapelle Corby threads have got out of hand - this is not a Schapelle Corby action site, if you would like one then please set it up yourself. There are more than enough Schapelle Corby blogs (14 of them) to discuss the topic in, we do not need anymore written. Therefore, I will delete any new blogs on that topic as soon as I see them.

I also recommend that if you want a cause, then head down to your local kids hospital - you'll probably find a number of terminally-ill children whose families could use your support more than Schapelle Corby does at this point.

System of Shpongle Forces

Welcome to June - with the change of month I've swapped in a few new things to our 'Cool Things' sidebox (over to the right -->). This time, we're heading away from non-fiction books: we're featuring Unseen Forces by Ed Kovacs, a new fiction work which incorporates plenty of our favourite subjects, including remote viewing, maverick archaeology and secret societies. Our very own Rico will also be adding a review of the novel to TDG soon, along with an interview with Ed Kovacs, so stay tuned for that.

Along with Unseen Forces, we're featuring two new CDs this month. At the top we have the latest (and probably last) album from Shpongle, titled Nothing Lasts - great consciousness bending music...for a sample listen head over to Juno. It's music that grows on you more everytime you listen to it. Along with Shpongle, we're also featuring the new album from System of a Down, Mezmerize. Not much to align itself with TDG, apart from the fact that the band isn't a big fan of the status quo. But I had to include, it just rocks so damn hard.