The Other Side of Paul

Last weekend I posted a review of The Other Side of Truth: Paul Kimball's first incursion as an author, in which the Canadian raconteur offers his personal speculations about those things we call 'the Paranormal.'

Overall, I highly recommend this book as a valuable addition to any Fortean's library.

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Oh $#!t!!

My "Oh-S#!t-there's-no-F&%@ing-Internet-at-the-office--and-I-forgot-my-cellphone" expression.

That was me yesterday ;)

Chosen By the Providence: The Martyrdom of Madero


My latest contribution for the Intrepid blog is an all-too inadequate homage to one of my favorite characters in Mexican history: Francisco I. Madero, and the spiritualist practices which directed him to launch the 1st social revolution of XXth century.


After all, how many nations can say they had a medium president? ;)



Knock here to make your presence known.

Of DeLoreans & Delusions... About Reincarnation

In my latest post @ Intrepid, I explain why Marty & Doc Brown helped me questions the traditional notion of 'past lives'.

Hit the gas to 88mph to see some serious $#!t.

The Gralien Junkie

In a new development that will probably not surprise a whole lot of people, I will start lending a hand to my peeps at the Gralien Report as comment moderator. Because I believe that lively discussions is what makes great websites stand out from the rest.

So, be sure to drop by, as Micah & co. will keep bringing you plenty of great content to whet your Fortean appetite ;)


The Precocious & Brief Life of Sabina Rivas

"Dreaming the American Dream is easy.
What's hard is crossing through Mexico"


The Precocious & Brief Life of Sabina Rivas is a movie the Federal government of Mexico does NOT want you to see.

The producer --Abraham Zabludovsky-- and director --Luis Mandoki-- had a really hard time finding the investment for this film. They received zero support from Mexico city's Dept. of Cultural Affairs, and many investors backed down when they were asked to finance the project.

And there's a good reason for that.

The reason is that this film, based on the novel La Mara written by Rafael Ramírez Heredia (1942-2006) portrays a rather embarrassment side of Mexico. An inconvenient truth, in light of how we are always complaining about the mistreatment our compatriots receive, when they try to reach that legendary promised land, known as the United States.

And yet what the Federal government often fails to mention when they raise the issue of new immigration policies with our powerful northern neighbor, is the things that happen in our other border: the nightmare experienced by the illegal immigrants from Central & South America, who try to reach the same promised land in search of a better life, while crossing through Mexico's territory.

A journey not unlike the fantasy scenarios written by the likes of Tolkien, for even though this is the real world, it's a trip filled with dangerous monsters.

Monsters like the gangsters of La Mara Salvatrucha, with whom the immigrants need to negotiate in order to reach the 1st stage of their travel: the southern border of Mexico.

Monsters like the beast, which is the name the immigrants give to the treacherous freight train they all need to ride, and claims the limbs and lives of many careless travelers.

Monsters like the Zetas, who are always on the hunt for the illegal immigrants, who are easy prey and can be used to demand ransom to their families in Nicaragua, Guatemala or Honduras. We also know that the Zetas sometimes force them to join their ranks, or suffer the consequences.

We know this because we've found the bodies of those who refused.

And finally, the worst monsters of them all: the very officers of Mexico's Immigration police force. Why the worst, you ask? Because once they arrest the illegal immigrants, instead of returning them safely to their countries of origin, they often sell them to the Zetas. They can do this because a) they have the law on their side; and b) nobody cares about these people --nobody outside their family, that is. And some kind souls like father Solalinde, who gives shelter and protection to some of these men, women and children. Truly, he is the kind of Catholic priest I still have respect for.

All this and more, it's what Sabina Rivas is all about. A movie which tells the story of a young Honduran girl, who tries to make her dreams of becoming a singer come true. She will try to reach for paradise, but will have to cross through hell to do so.

When it's released, go out and see it.

And when you do, always keep in mind that the images projected on the screen, are happening to someone in the real world, just while you're sitting comfortably on that dark movie theater.

Maybe that will help you have a different opinion of that Hispanic gardener or house maid you get to see from time to time, who seem always in a hurry to get on time while nervously looking behind their shoulders.


That's No Moon...

C'mon! Tell me you didn't think about it too! ;)

You Win, Internet...

I've resisted it for as long as I could, but I guess I'm beat.

I hereby announce that I've created a Twitter account. So there.

If you wish to 'follow' me, you can find me @red_pill_junkie


Lord, have mercy...


The Sacred Order of Lucha Libre

Red Pill Junkie & The Zombie Milkman, Grand Masters of the order, receiving the final benediction from Dr. John Ward, British Templar & High Priest of Awesome.

And in case you're wondering, the answer is YES: we are accepting candidacies to enter into our hermetic brotherhood. But be warned, for the initiating process will be arduous, exhaustive, and extremely hilarious.

Um, so I think I just saw a UFO...

OK guys, make of this what you will. All I an say is I'm not lying or making this up, although I could be mistaken.

The fact is, that I had forgotten to storage the bag I took to my trip to Paradigm symposium back up to a little storage room located in the terrace where I live. Some minutes ago I decided not to postpone this any longer, so I climbed up the metal stairs around 9:00 pm.

It's a beautiful clear night with some clouds in the sky. I was watching some of the airplanes flying from northwest to southeast, when suddenly after I opened the door to the room, out of the corner of my left eye something caught my attention. I turned and I saw like a little yellow light which moved erratically from right to left with a very quick and swift motion, and seemed to either have hidden inside the clouds, or went out somehow. The whole thing lasted less than a second.

The light was around 2 to 2:30 elevation in the sky (with 12 right at the zenith) at an approximate South East direction. It was very small, like the light of a laser pointer, only this wasn't been projected on a blackboard, and the light wasn't red nor green.

No, it wasn't a reflector light being projected on the clouds. I saw the light in the CLEAR part of the night sky.

It really startled me, and I just waited to see if there would be something more, when suddenly I perceived like a white flash of light inside the dark storage room, which had the door ajar but I hadn't turned on the lights yet.

After that I felt like a huge surge of energy crossing the whole of my body. Quite possibly the result of fear and adrenaline rush.

I waited a minute or two more, but I saw nothing else.

I entered the room, put away the baggage inside a cardboard box, turned off the light, closed the door, stood there a few moments actually pleading that light to come back, and then climbed down to write this while my memory is still fresh.

Man, it would be interesting to gauge in the coming weeks whether attendees to the Paradigm symposium started to report an increase in their paranormal experiences.

Cosmic Love in action, Mr. Hanks? ;)


PS: I didn't mention this on the blog post with the Martian Chronicles synchronicity, but the other Bradbury book I took with me on the trip was Something Wicked This Way Comes.

In the book, Cooger & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show arrive to Green Town on October 24th, at 3 am (the Witching Hour).

Soooooo... what that means at the moment, I have no idea.

But maybe something interesting is in store.