econmic imbalances

I have for some time favoured the idea of basic income, or negative income tax. Both of these are not need based, but they allow a basic income to people that don't have any other source. The idea is that it would reduce the overhead of feeding them, because feed them we must. On moral grounds, and if imbalances get really bad, to avoid nasty uprisings and such.

We are also currently seeing populists being more popular (again), in response to perceived problems and imbalances.

Are we getting to the point already, where we have too many people with too little to do that they get paid for?

It is a lot easier to blame Mexicans for job losses, than to actually address economic problems.

Are we there yet, is automation eliminating jobs faster than people can learn new skills? And what do you do with the left-over people that can't learn anything new that they will get paid for?

"Caesar Died in India"

The following is an excerpt (#6 of 20) from:

"Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians"
copyright 2017 Charles N. Pope

"Caesar Died in India"

Caesar, like Alexander (and the later Jesus), had spent much of his career “campaigning” away from his nominal capital. And, like Alexander, he increasingly tested the limits of public and courtly willingness to view him not only as king but also god incarnate. In pursuit of that status, Caesar acquired a ten year dictatorship in 48 BC, only to modestly resign from it after a token 11 days. Later that same year, he then fully accepted a one year dictatorship. After the “defeat” of Cato in North Africa in 46 BC, he was offered the original ten year dictatorship again, and this time he kept it. The following year, he gained the satisfaction of getting himself elected as sole Consul. Twelve years earlier he had been merely the de facto sole Consul. Upon his last return to Rome, Caesar electrified the city with a spectacular but highly controversial Triumph.

Caesar had now completed a reasonable imitation of the life of Alexander the Great. For an aristocratic audience, the stage was set for Caesar’s personal Osirification patterned after the death of Alexander the Great. There were two versions of the death of Osiris in myth. In one, the location of Osiris was betrayed so that he could be ambushed by a posse in an open field. In the other, the body of Osiris was essentially stolen at a banquet and then set adrift on the sea. Alexander the Great was not the first king to reenact the Osiris “Passion Play,” but his rendition was exceptional. The attempt on his life in India was not staged, but intended to literally kill him. Having survived that ordeal, he then voluntarily sacrificed his kingship in the West in order to resume his conquest of the East, and thereby more completely identify with the god Osiris.

In the run-up to his own ritualized murder, Caesar had two mockers executed on the Field of Mars. Alexander crucified two men, Ariamazes and Calisthines, as well, who had thrown shade on his accomplishments and claim to divinity. Also like Alexander, Caesar dismissed repeated warnings of his imminent death. Finally, Alexander, on the eve of his death, had attended a “Last Supper” event prepared on his behalf. In honor of that same tradition, Caesar was invited by Lepidus to a banquet at his home with other leading men “on the night he was betrayed.” The banquet feast was a stock element of the Osiris drama, and was of course also a central element in the Passion of the Christ in the Gospels. Unlike Alexander, Caesar (and the later Jesus) had waited patiently and faithfully for his turn to rule. Therefore, the “cup” of an actual lynching could be “taken from him.”

On the Ides of March, Caesar sent his body double to the Roman Senate while he remained out of harm’s way. The substitute of Caesar therefore had to be positively identified to his assailants by a prearranged signal. We are told that upon his arrival at the Senate, Caesar received a kiss from Senator Popilius, which would have marked him as the victim and also fulfilled the tradition of betrayal. Another Senator, Tillius Cimber, fell at Caesar’s feet (as Mary Magdalene would later “honor” Jesus) and then pulled at Caesar’s robe like an Isis before Osiris. Mark Antony was deliberately restrained by Trebonius from coming to Caesar’s defense on the Senate floor. This mimicked the Alexander scenario in which Ptolemy had been intentionally detained on the day of his Master’s assassination attempt in India.

Any double of Caesar would have understood that his life could be required of him at any time. However, he was perhaps unaware that it was going to be that particular day and occasion. The accounts indicate that he was genuinely surprised to be attacked on the hallowed floor of the Senate House, and why shouldn’t he be? Yet, after sustaining a number of vicious blows, he dutifully pulled his toga over his own head (probably with some help) and resigned himself to Caesar’s fate. His body was then allowed to lay where it fell and without risk of being exposed as a fake. Alexander’s own double had likewise been neglected while Alexander’s “Successors” (a.k.a. the “Guards of the Presence”) quarreled among themselves and even came to blows in the very presence of the body.

Like the disciples of Alexander at the Temple of Serapis, the famous Roman orator Cicero had pledged round-the-clock vigilance on Caesar’s behalf, but conspicuously failed to provide any real protection when it was needed. (Similarly, the followers of Jesus were unable to “watch and pray” through the night and were also powerless after Jesus was taken into custody and put to death.) Exposing and/or stealing of the body was a central element of the Osiris drama. It was the fate of an Osiris figure to be captured, and especially for his elite guard to be unexpectedly disabled or overcome.

The heavily guarded sarcophagus of Alexander (i.e., that of his murdered double) was eventually “set adrift” and meandered from town to town until it was at last commandeered by Ptolemy and brought to Egypt. In emulation, there was heated debate over the burial of Caesar’s double, and with the body moved here and there. Mark Antony, in the role of Ptolemy, ultimately made the final arrangements. Two angelic “beings” were said to also have appeared to preside over the transformation (through cremation, in this case) of the body. A short time later, Caesar’s spirit was said to have ascended with the arrival of a comet. The spirit then was said to have descended upon Octavius and as part of his own transformation from frail youth into Caesar Augustus. (In the Gospels, Jesus first ascends on the 40th day from the resurrection and then the spirit comes to empower upon his “successors,” the formerly timid disciples, at Pentecost, 50 days after the resurrection.)

Note: The two angels correspond to the two deities, Thoth and Isis, who supervised the “resurrection” of Osiris. Although Thoth and Isis were accomplices in the murder of Osiris they later tried to restore him (or at least preserve his remains).

As with his role model Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar bugged out with a number of ambitious civil and military projects still on the drawing board. However, Caesar was not merely leaving Rome in the hands of a 17 year old relation named Octavius, but his own biological son and with full support from the rest of the royal family and its global ruling apparatus. The takeover of Rome was not their first rodeo. Dutifully, Octavius saw to the deification of his father. The Roman people were duped into worshipping him as a living god after all!

Kingship was not broken by the “death” of Caesar. On the contrary, it was firmly reestablished in Rome. It was never in any serious jeopardy in the East. Whoever controlled the warriors of the Steppe controlled the whole world, and this fundamental of kingship did not change until the advent of gunpowder. The reputation of the Roman legions was manufactured. They were no match for the mobility, ferocity and lethality of the Eastern mounted archers. During Alexander’s dynasty, these so-called Scythian warriors were integrated into the Parthian and Indo-Bactrian kingdoms. In the Julio-Claudian dynasty that followed, the Indo-Bactrian kingdom was replaced with a new kingdom, the Kushan, whose power was based on a new and vigorous tribe of Scythians from the East called the Yuezhi. As the new and improved Roman Alexander, it had to be none other than Julius Caesar that laid the foundation of this new Indian dynasty. It can also be deduced that Julius Caesar fulfilled that role under the regional name of Azilises.

Note: Josephus singled out the Arabian prince Phasaelus as an alter ego of Julius Caesar, and by crediting him with the most heroic and sacrificial death possible. The names Phasaelus and Azilises are quite similar and reveal the interlocking Eastern identities and activities of Julius Caesar.

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The "Birthers" Win

In December two documents experts independently concluded that the Obama birth certificate posted online has digital cuts and pastes from another Hawaiian birth certificate belonging to one Johanna Ah'Ne. It's kind of fascinating to see the latest specific examples which are much more blatant than the older analyses probably because some real experts were brought to bear. One of the document experts, who had voted for Obama twice, was taken aback by what he found in his examination.

See video


I was not, however, aware that back in 2012 Obama's lawyers had already conceded that the document posted online was a fake. Their legal reasoning supporting Obama's lack of jeopardy anyway is something to behold (see link below.)
What is truly amazing is that the major media - even Fox News - continued up to the recent past ridiculing anyone evoking the birth certificate issue as being a conspiracy theorist and a "birther."

“Hill went on to contort reasoning by implying that Obama needs only invoke his political popularity, not legal qualifications, in order to be a candidate,” the paper reported."

"According to the Tea Party Tribune, Hill went on to admit that the long form birth certificate released online by the White House in April 2011 is indeed a forgery that did not originate from an actual paper document and therefore, it cannot be used as evidence to confirm his lack of natural born citizenship status."

Which then brings us back to the original problem - the need to see some sort of actual paper document. The Hawaii State Legislature claims they have "sealed" that document. Would Trump be able to demand an unsealing? At this point, this may seem like so much water under the bridge; but if we are in a new era of enforcing laws here is a legal precedent worth pursuing. Bo

Fake News, What is the Global Implications; What is the Price?

Fake News, What is the Global Implications; What is the Price?

By Fahim A. Knight-El

I think the question of whether or not media is being reported without bias and slant; it will be a difficult problem and task to address and resolve in the grand scheme of things relative to media policing, because of the human factor (sometimes shoddy stories can be very well disguised). Moreover, we live in a highly technical digital age where information is being disseminated in real time, which has transformed how media use to be relayed twenty years ago and the digital age has revolutionized mass medium markets, which has made them more competitive. The media outlets both electronic and print now have to compete with the power and influences of non-traditional media built around social media. So not only are there competitive markets between traditional media outlets that are warring to present breaking stories and capitalizing on national and global audiences before anyone else, but social media is covertly driving mainstream media to this end. This new phenomenon creates tremendous pressure on media journalist to work expeditiously in order to get to the reporting finish line first (shameless to say by hook or crook).

The media is big business and often reporting news has a revenue and profit incentive attachment. I am of the opinion that the networks themselves have lowered their journalistic standards and the empirical and scientific approach to gathering information and packaging it for broad based media consumption has lost some of its reporting credibility qualities. Journalism use to be rooted in ethics, and the first thing that you are taught, is to view reporting with objectivity and without partiality. Let the facts of a story be the foremost determination of where a media story lead and the journalist must be able to detach themselves from the story's outcome.

I don't know why President Donald Trump’s name continues to come up with people that I am engaged in conversations and dialogue. Let me state this, Trump in his own way exposed what many of us already knew, which was how non-credible Western media had become. The United States President lambasted U.S news outlets as reporting "fake news"; he was not going to allow them to set the table for him relative to Russia and Valdmir Putin (this cozy relationship with Russia and Putin will continue have many twist and turns just keep your eyes on U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson) had hacked into the Democratic and Republican voting machinery and computer networking systems and was involved in a spying espionage operation against the United States Government. President Barack Obama publically stated that the U.S. intelligence experts had provided him with proof that Russia was engaged in cyberspace terrorism and that this posed a threat to United States national security interest (and he even briefed Trump on the matter and CIA provided Trump with a so-called highly confidential and classified briefing information in which it appears he did not buy into). Thus, part of the briefing alluded to the fact that Puttin had even created an inside dossier on Trump who defended himself by characterizing some of this confidential and classified briefing a mere ‘fake’ news and he forced CNN and other networks to admit that part of the story against him was un-collaborated and they were so-called relying on some French source who was a double agent. Trump accused and alleged that CIA director John Brennan could have been behind this ‘fake’ news.

This practice of ‘fake’ news has been long standing and it actually goes much further than the failure of the ground level reporters negating or neglecting their responsibility as media to factually and accurately report the news outside of slants and hidden agendas (the reporters themselves are only pawns in the game). Perhaps the editorial boards and the executive board decision makers are tied to a diabolical hidden cabal who are covertly dictating how they desire to shape and mold public opinion. Trump is so unpredictable that whatever comes to his mind he just says it. Yet, many of us know Trump's allegations of "fake" news struck to the core of this charade and manipulation and the play on how the American people and the globe takes in information. And how ‘fake’ news impact our mindset and as well as, our daily lives and the perceptions that are gathered about people (events and occurrences) from around the world could be misleading—they lie and fabricate information to sway and persuade the national public and the global public to lead them into believing and thinking that they know and fully understand the complexities of what is taking place in global society.

These are master capitalist media ploys of controlling human social, political and economic behavior: they have a gamut of tools at their disposal from print media, electronic media and even social media. They are also masters of high technical subliminal seduction that is also being carried out in the media as mind control and they systematically use the mass mediums to formulate global agendas and make the public believe they are informed on the issues. But unknowing to them they don't have a clue about what's truly taking place on the national and/or on the global scene. They use media to create toxic international political environments to sway public opinion in whatever direction they choose.

I remember some years ago there was this fear that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and high level U.S. government national security apparatuses were covertly and secretly engaged in placing microchips into new born babies feet and many felt that this was being done by the government to be able to monitor and control the future movement of people and even control the minds of these recipients of this Langley, Virginia experiment. Now, this is not above them or beneath them and even this experiment was never scratched from the table. But they systematically use media to herding the Sheeple into various directions for the benefit of this cabal. My father-in-law was an avid news television viewer and reader of various news publications (in particular following current events), and he would often engage me in conversations about events that were taking place around the world and he truly believed that he had a perspective and was informed. I did not have the heart to tell him what Donald Trump stated, which was, the majority of this news that he was so adamant about defending, was nothing but manufactured 'fake news' and the Talking Heads were only given a script to read. Nothing that we read and/or see on CNN, Fox news, MSNBC, The Hill, BBC, CBS, NBC, Bloomberg Report, ABC, New York Times, New York Post, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Associated Press, United Press Associations, Yahoo news or other Internet generated news, etc., none of it stand on the merit of truth, but most of it has been divested of objectivity and grossly diluted to fit the interest of the manipulators. There is a monopoly over the media ownership that has violated all the anti-trust laws and rules in America, but they are so powerful and they answer to no one but themselves and 95% percent of the global mediums outlets are controlled by this small powerful cabal.

They don't need huge military build ups anymore like what the world witnessed during World War I (1914-1919) and World War II (1939-1945) in order to move people in this manner which has become obsolete, but they can still dominate the world and not even fire a shot (the force and might strategy has transitioned into a new movement of getting the same results via lies and propaganda and by the use of ‘fake’ news). There is no such thing in the United States as the "free press", this is an illusion from yesterday that continues to be thrown out as the shining example of U.S. democracy (which is given to show forth a distinction between so-called oppressive nations and so-called democratic nations) and our people fail to understand that American democracy has been compromised on every level and the United States Constitution no longer frames the basis of U.S. jurisprudence relative to this nation's so-called past and present democratic freedoms. The conveying of news by the mass mediums, which is rooted in propaganda and disinformation have become the order of the day and is very detached from the reality of truth—they hide real and truthful news worthy stories and accounts in lieu of providing the masses with sensationalized and often irrelevant subjective and biased sanitized reporting and the American people is given the world through the disdained color lens of those who have hidden agendas.

For example, they are masters of using the 'Big Lie' theory techniques by tossing out undocumented lies that have no truth or credibility and lack being substantiated, but each network begins to quote the lie, as if the lie was the truth and has empirical value and has met some rigorously standards of journalistic oversight and integrity that lay at the bases of the reporting and sadly to say the lie will eventually be transformed into being the truth. There are really no independent news sources anymore, this is only being offered in spirit and intent as part of a quasi sophisticated duping in order to once again give the people the impression that we live in a free press society as a western developed and technical advanced nation. It is just to the contrary and the U.S. media is ran and operated no different than North Korea, China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, etc., State control press.

Yet, if the truth be told as I have stated above Western media is controlled and the dissemination of information is dispersed no different than countries that are controlled by State media, both State controlled news and so-called free press sources have one objective, which is to provide slanted political propaganda to support the interest of the power structure (capitalist countries have been better at this than communist influenced countries). The United States are quick to condemn some countries on their human rights record and we live under one of the most repressive regimes in the world disguised in the form of a democracy, but is shielded and veiled behind white supremacy (there are two standards of Justice in America one white and the other black). We have to ask ourselves, how has this type of journalism affected recent world history relative to causing and instigating wars and conflicts around the world? That has sent so many to bleed and die on foreign battle fields—wars such as World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Afghanistan War, Iraq War, etc., and how many future conflicts that will be manipulated and instigated at the behest of ‘fake’ news propaganda?

The disinformation techniques have been proven to be affective, it allows for this small powerful cabal to play every piece on the chessboard and it further allows them global control over humanity (this also factors into their global wealth equation, they own 99% of the world's wealth). They outright lied about Saddam Hussein having acquired Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and killed innocent Iraqi citizens based on this lie (thousands of United States Service men lost their lives as well, in essence for nothing other than in the name of propaganda and the waving of false flags). The Bush administration during these so-called crisis used the media to work the ignorant American people into a frenzy and they begin building popular support for a war that was created on the premises of a lie. Who are the beneficiaries of such deception? These 'fake’ news' agencies and their reporting are more dangerous and manipulative than the former Kremlin and its so-called iron wall reputation that existed during the Cold War era. Donald Trump was right and exact by calling the U.S. media of manufacturing ‘fake’ news and it caught the media outlets totally off guard.

They did not expect this kind of response coming from a U.S. commander-in-chief. But let's not get it confused Trump himself and his brand are also the beneficiary of media (Trump was made in the U.S.A by the media) and for him to cry victim, is the epitome of deceit. The ‘fake’ news allegations isn't anything new in relation to how America is structured and many dissident voices have become victims of media lies, which has led to public and private defamation—libel, slander and character assassination against individuals and governments in which in the name of ‘fake’ news and propaganda it has been strategically and tactically used to discredit oppositional voices and movements. This is the most powerful tool that government has at their disposal, the media work hand and hand with the government's agenda. Many times before the government act they invite certain media outlets and personnel into the Situation Room with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They know that the media role is of vital importance to molding and shaping of public opinion. The CIA, FBI and NSA oftentimes intentionally leak certain so-called confidential and classified information to the media in order to move a military, foreign policy and/or a political agenda forward in the minds of the American people, in particular and the international community in general. When you hear a journalist or media Talking Head make the statement that I am working my sources in Washington normally they are CIA fronts who are communicating directly with the devil in the red dress.

Here are some solutions just for discussion, but in the grand scheme of media power this below conversation is frivolous because the level of media ‘tricknology’ is beyond redemption, because there is a conglomerate of wealth associated with issuing ‘fake’ news and controlling humanity is of vital importance. So the problem is much bigger than the below solutions. Media has become an absolute power in which absolute power, absolutely corrupts.

1). I think that universities and colleges that offers academic training in mass media and journalism must create higher ethical standards as part of the mass media and journalism curriculums. I would require the infusion of more courses and discussions around journalistic integrity and the importance of media ethics and the responsibility that journalists have to the public and the media outlets whom they will be employed. I am of the opinion that, perhaps on the university levels prior to journalism students entering the workforce, it's imperative to seek to impact a new ethical paradigm standard on their mindset with the goal of fostering a new culture. This should be the first step to attempting to correcting the problem.

2). I think in the media boardrooms and editorial boardrooms; there need to be more credible oversight being rendered and the promoting of journalistic standards that insures the highest levels of ethical reporting is being carried out on the ground level and top levels. No, story that gives the appearance of being bias or slanted should be allowed to be reported as news. Moreover, all news should be factual based and outside of the journalist personal worldview and should never be rooted in sensationalism, propaganda or disinformation. Now, this at times would require putting ethics over profits in which this will further require the media boardroom executives to make the tough decisions over projected monetary incentives.

3).I also think that the journalist themselves have to hold themselves to higher ethical standards as professional media personnel relative to reporting the facts and nothing else. And once a journalist violate or breech the public trust by compromising the ethical standards of reporting, they should be banned for life and never be given the opportunity to work again in the field of journalism and media

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

Esoteric, Occult, Gnostic and the Black Islamic Science Connection

Esoteric, Occult, Gnostic and the Black Islamic Science Connection

by Fahim A. Knight-El

What I have learned and discovered of my many years of research, is that ALL of the ancient wisdom was connected and this interconnectedness extended to almost every culture on the earth. Manly P. Hall in his book titled, The Secret Teachings of All Ages and the works of Aleister Crowley, these esoteric and occultist had tapped into a body of spiritual and esoteric science that had been around since the dawn of time and since the origin of man; the ancient Kemites of ancient Egypt (who gave the world the first true resurrection story in Asar, Aset, and Heru), the Celtic Druids (on the British Isles and in Europe) and the ancient people of Persia and who relished in the ancient practices of Mithra and Adonis and in which the mystic Sufism teaching took some of it roots and the people of Suma (Chihuahua, Mexico) all understood a spiritual energy sources that still have western scientist and philosophers baffled. They (western man) have attempted to dismiss this knowledge as being non-basis paranormal and conspiracy theories—these negative characterizations serve as mere cover ups and deception ploys to disguise and deny these hidden truths and sacred bodies of spiritual knowledge from humanity ever being allowed to be awaken from their slumber.

Furthermore, these labels are applied to create doubt, suspicion, and it allows them to lead humanity in dismissing the possibilities of learning and coming into a deeper recognition of the spirit realm. There are many white social science theorist such as Graham Hancock (who totally understands the value of the esoteric, occult and Gnostic perspective to human evolution), a British counter-culture intellectual that works on the fringe of traditional interdisciplinary schools of thought ranging from archeology, human genetics, philosophy, history, pure science, ancient architecture, human sociology, earth beings and outer-space beings connections, etc. I joined the Graham Hancock Internet forum may be nine years ago and I have always been impressed by his willingness to step outside of mainstream academia and explore the vast universe of ideals. I am a staunch black nationalist and Pan-Africanist, but what would I have in common with a white British intellectual; very simple truth and moral insight, is not shaped by nationality, race nor skin color—enlightenment is a spiritual space that is only encompassed by those that are worthy to journey the road and path less traveled.

Hancock has authored a number of alternative knowledge books that even my Blog audience would find them to be enlighten (I will not insult this scholars body of work by referring to it as new age information, I will call it global human enlightened knowledge, when you have been touched by the Gods in spirit then labels only cheapens the universal space of where you have arrived) books such as: "Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth's Lost Civilisation", "Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization", "The Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind", "The Mars Mystery. Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization", "The Sign and the Seal: The Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant" that challenges traditional science. We, humanity have arrived at a very dangerous space in time, which has placed us all under the diabolic power and spirit of western man; this is a counter-aura to the positive energy of good that encompasses the universe, it is has created a human imbalance on earth and has placed humanity on a collision course with the universe. If you do not know by now, I am here to tell you and inform you, that the stars in their present numerological order have aligned to bring nothing but future destruction to the western world in particular and the evil practitioners across the globe in general.

I have five sacred holy texts that I read and meditate and make prayer and supplication every day before I begin my day: The "Original African Heritage Bible", "Holy Qur’an" translated by Muhammad Ali, "the Holy Vedas", the "Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece" and "the Prophet" by Khalil Gabran, these are my daily routines of spiritual sources in which I read these spiritual texts while softly playing the musical messengers John Coltrane and Miles Davis and this helps me channel and re-channel my energy source to a heightened level of spiritual connection with the universal order and the spiritual powers beyond this world’s order. I chose to leave organized religion a long time ago, because my spirit would no longer allow faith traditions and beliefs systems to subjugate and confine me to a religious box; religion was too shallow for me; I knew that in 325.A.D. at the Council of Nicea, Constantine and his bishops had fabricated lies and literally rearranged the bible and teachings of Jesus and it was this type of theological deception that I could never whole heartily follow; Islam became corrupted to it core by white skinned Wahabbi Arabs and Prophet Muhammad said to them three generation after me you all will no longer be of me.

But I have always found some spiritual comforts in the theology of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (there is powerful lecture series that he did over many years titled, “The Theology of Time,’ I hold those lessons dear to my heart (so I only follow the divine teachings of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad and not those offered by Rabbis, Preachers or Imams). So over the years, I became a traditionalist spiritualist, one who dared to venture outside the religious structures of the African American traditions in order to truly find that inter and external divine essences or being (I found that God was within). I sought of got on my path and journey when I was in college between finding something to eat and studying, I use to wash my clothes off campus in the laundry mat in the black community (those who are guessing, yes I am the product of a HBCU education) and on the free news rack I just randomly picked up a little magazine titled, “The Plain Truth” authored by a white Christian theologian named Dr. Herbert W. Armstrong who presented an alternative Christian type worldview relative to interpreting past historical events and analyzing current events (he was the founder of the Worldwide Church of God). But Dr. Armstrong religious views were a lot different than what I was accustomed to reading in traditional black Christian literature. He seemed to have been a student of epistemology and etymology and had a deep grasp of religious symbolism and accurately applied the scripture to interpreting and defining international and national events. I started to look forward to going to the laundry mat and reading Dr. Herbert Armstrong’s “Plain Truth” publications. These readings led me to delving into deeper searching for more ancient knowledge and spiritual teachings. He authored books such as: "The Incredible Human Potential", "Mystery of the Ages, Human Nature: Did God Create It?", "The Seven Laws of Success", etc.

We all have a duty and responsibility to work to change the present energy of the universe, because the universe is steadily and rapidly turning on man. This has always been my African spiritual indigenous ancestors constantly speaking to me and showing me the path to universal peace and finding a true connection with all the indigenous people’s spirits of the universe —.Aborigines, these dark skinned blond and kinky haired people found in Australia who existed long before Paleolithic and Neolithic periods in world civilization. I was led to write this Blog by a Moorish Science Temple Brother who sent me a link to watch of this Caucasian occultist named Peter Moon who had seemed to have become enlightened in many esoteric and occult schools of thought in which he was well published. I still have not completed viewing the entire Youtube clip. But I told this Moorish brother that I just wanted to take a moment and digest all the knowledge that he was dropping (well that moment has now turned into me writing this said Blog titled, “Black Esoteric, Occult, Gnostic,and Islamic Science”). The type of information that Peter Moon was dispersing and teaching should have required all intelligent Moors of so-called African descent to get to the root of this ancient and mystical wisdom that Peter Moon was dropping and verify these truths for themselves.

I wrote and article, a few weeks ago titled, "Hidden Indigenous Knowledge" and I were skimming the surface of some of the things that Peter Moon was conveying. There is no doubt that some of his philosophical theories were perhaps way above the heads of most of those who had assembled and had come out to hear him give that lecture, unless they were serious students of esoteric, Occult and Gnostic wisdom and information, which would have allow them to be able to make the broader connections in piecing and linking this knowledge to its original Nubian sources. Now, I remember Dr. Malachi Z. York-El (leader of Black Nuwaubian Nation ) who had written over 200 books and was delving into outer-body travel and inter-galaxy travel and extraterrestrial beings and alien species, and hidden Unidentified Flying Objects, as well as decoding the Mother plane and various unconventional concepts that went against the grain of traditional science known as astro-physics. Some years ago I met one of the greatest esoteric entertainers in the world, his name was Sun-RA, I asked where was he from? and said he was not from this planet. Perhaps Sun-RA understood the spiritual lessons of all the great gurus and sages. York-El said, he had proof that the United States Government had highly confidential and classified information of outer-space beings, in which NASA, NSA, and the CIA were all engaged in keeping this type information from the public.

The indigenous ancients had established many of these principles that Moon was sharing, long before the Caucasian man 6,000 year existence on the planet. The deeper spirituality of many of the principles and spiritual concepts couldn't even be recorded. But they were experience through spiritual energy sources, that were tied to the universe and were based on the alignment of the stars and the motions of moon and sun. Maybe we should revisited York's work, which outside of his following base was dismissed and not taking seriously and was discredited by black and white theologians and social scientists. Many in the black consciousness community also didn't take Dr. York serious, but it always amazes me that we need white affirmation to give our ideals validity. But many wise Caucasians, perhaps were paying close attention to York's concepts and Peter Moon was saying some very similar things to Dr. York. Yet, there is no doubt that Moon has a perspective, but what he will soon learn, if he doesn't already know, that it has been global white supremacy, which is frustrating him in his efforts of trying to link and connect this universal knowledge that the people of Kemet, Australia, Upper Africa, the original and indigenous people of the Americas had over 16,000 years ago.

They had the ability to tune into and connect with Astro-engery that allowed them to exit their physical bodies and in a transcendental state could travel outside of the earth's gravitational pull and leave this earthly plain and had contact with Astro beings. The Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs attempted to record these experiences on ancient cave rocks and inside the walls of the South America and Central America pyramids; this indigenous and ancient people’s knowledge went much further than quantum physics and went even further than the sacred geometric spiritual mathematical schematic codes (these ancient codes of indigenous Native Americans have gone un-deciphered for thousands of years and the Caucasian scientist do not understand that the lost keys are only in the minds of the original man; Minister Louis Farrakhan understood this and definitely sister Tynetta Muhammad understood this riddled and divinely phenomenon and the likes Dr. Phil Valentine and Dr. Delbert Blair also had this knowledge).

Western science when it comes to trying to decipher and understand the ancient indigenous knowledge and world, they have shown-forth serious limitations. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad did tell us that there would be some wise Moslem Sons (Caucasians) who would have been allowed to get a peep into the mind of God, which is the black man's mind. I know white supremacy is always cloaked behind the symbolism of theoretician's analysis (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad raise the question can you trust the devil? Not now day. There is a quest for power and the realignment will not include us, but it will include us in the grand scheme of things. The white world in Eastern Europe and other parts of the white world have to find a way to short circuit and curtail genetic annihilation this is the real motive that is driving these moves on the chessboard. Master Fard Muhammad taught the black Muslims about his nature and he must once again recapture and control all that territory expanded beyond his origin in Caucasus Mountains between the Black and Caspian Sea and extend the white world domination deep into Asia and across the planet.

I do think the likes of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology had tapped in some of the ancient mystical teachings of Kemet (Egypt) and other ancient indigenous teachings that were rooted in the universal principles found in the bosoms of all the previous world altering sacred spiritual knowledge. But this type of powerful wisdom and principles can do two things; it could assist you in your spiritual development and or it can corrupt you and destroy you from within and from without. This is what happened to the Church of Scientology, it lost its original energy source and it connections to the universal teachings of good.

They like to denigrate our ancient Folklore and mythological and mystical wisdom as being part of some ancient secret societies, thus, anything they cannot quantify in the Eurocentric worldview, because the knowledge and spiritual practices are above their heads they are quick to define and classify what they do not understand as either pagan, cult based or secret societies. I have not completed watching Moon's commentary, but my mind was racing and these are just some of my preliminary thoughts. For example, he was talking about virgin births and sacred mythological saviors, which if one had studied deeper information there is a book written by Kersey Graves title, "The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors" that empirically track these Saviors who all were born of virgin births, died and was resurrected. I think the Prophet Noble Drew Ali whom I believe had Native American ancestry tied a lot of this indigenous knowledge and infused it into the Moorish Science Doctrine and the Moorish philosophical worldview. The Prophet understood the ancient Occidental wisdom by have been initiated into the esoteric knowledge studied and learn in Egypt. We can spend a life time just studying Noble Drew Ali's symbolism and never exhaust the esoteric knowledge associated with how far he was ahead of the Western world and the Islamic world. So I am not surprised that white occultist, spiritualist, esoterist and wise white intellectual theoreticians are now seeking to revisit the Prophets teachings some 90 years later.

The students of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad never cease to amaze me with their ability to use that powerful third eye; the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated what I have given you, is just awake up message; meaning that what Master Fard Muhammad taught him will be ever evolving and there are many links which connects this wisdom; he even used the Bible that he often would refer to as the 'poison book' as a tool to uplift black people. Master Fard Muhammad who was in and out America some 20 years before he made his presence known and although his physical birth was February 26, 1877, but proclaimed to have embodied all the wisdom and knowledge of first God who willed himself out of total triple darkness 76 trillion years ago. Now, one cannot separate the theology from being an article of faith and it is this part of the Black Muslim teachings that has unjustly brought the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad under criticism from the Islamic world.

But this variable of faith in the teachings cannot and must not be overlooked nor separated in understanding Mr. Muhammad religious and theological intent aimed specifically for the black man and woman of America. I think that Imam Mohammed in his criticism at times against the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a bit disingenuous to say the least, because he had first hand knowledge that his father totally understood Sunni Islam and Malcolm X also understood this as well. Minister Malcolm X had flown to Egypt and Jeddah in 1959, and Minister Malcolm X served as the official emissary of the Nation of Islam in arranging the minor Hajj of Umurah that Elijah Muhammad, and his two sons Jabir Muhammad and Warith Mohammed both accompanied their father to Mecca and performed the minor hajj ritual. Thus, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was fully aware of the five pillars of Islam and the Sunna.

Master Fard Muhammad instructed Elijah Muhammad to only use the Muhammad Ali (an Islamic theological and jurisprudence scholar from Lahore, Pakistani) Qu'ranic translation because the Ahmadiyyas (founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) were the first Eastern based Muslims who sought to bring Islam to so-called African Americans in Detroit in the 1920s (a black ghetto referred to as the bottom). Thus, Master Fard Muhammad, I believe, intentionally created the “Supreme Wisdom” lessons in a mystic catechism questions and answers format—with the objective of delving into mystic Sufism and Shia Islam, but remained true to the original theology, but the 24 Wise Scientist, Mother plane, scientific numerology were rooted deep in esoteric and occult practices of Islam that is mostly akin to Sufi Islam. But he allowed Ministers like Bernard Cushmere (Jabril Muhammad) who authored the book titled, "This is the One: We Need Not Look for Another" perhaps written in 1968 and "Is It Possible that Honorable Elijah Muhammad is Still Physical Alive?" and sister Tynetta Muhammad to push the envelope relative to exploring mystical Islamic principles.

Master Fard Muhammad who often gave the Honorable Elijah Muhammad assignments that had to be answered 100% correctly before he could move on to said lesson #1. Honorable Elijah Muhammad teachings and methods of researching were right and exact. The Lamb was definitely a master teacher. He told us that Islam is mathematics and mathematics is Islam. So in this science, he was given us the degree of quantification relative to how we should approach the "Supreme Wisdom" and decipher the hidden jewels. But he reminded us that God willed himself out of total triple darkness 76-78 trillion years ago. So if we start from that premise, there is nothing impossible. But the answer has to be discovered and found in our mathematical Islam.

Master Fard Muhammad probably would have asked those early Muslims at Temple#1 in Detroit who amongst you are prepared to tackle this equation and be able to show and prove. He might have even qualified it by saying THE BEST ANSWER will be rewarded with a trip to the holy city of Mecca. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad paid and sent his youngest son Akbar Muhammad to Al-Azhar University in Egypt to study eastern based Islam who later became an Islamic studies professor in Binghamton, New York. Akbar Muhammad spoke fluent Arabic. So it is a serious misnomer for Muslims in America and outside of America to believe that the Nation of Islam did not understand or practice true Islam. Imam Mohammed did not introduce the Qur'an and the Hadiths to the Nation of Islam, we already new of these sacred texts.

Fahim A. Knight-El Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of goodwill, of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolism and reinterpreted the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlightened world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight-El can be reached at

Caesarion and the Game of Thrones

The following is an excerpt (#5 of 20) from:

"Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians"
copyright 2017 Charles N. Pope

Caesarion and the Game of Thrones

The heir of Alexander the Great had not been conceived until after his "near-death experience" in India. That heir, Alexander IV, was also not actually born until just after his father's staged death in Babylon.


By the time of his own ordeal at Alesia, Julius Caesar had already sired at least two royal princes. His election was secure, however in remembrance of Alexander he still wanted to produce an heir after Alesia and before his return to Babylon. By 55 BC, the famous Cleopatra had come of age and was designated as heir apparent to the throne of Egypt. In fact, Pompey and Crassus did not "throw in the (kingly) towel" until Cleopatra had reached the age of around 16 (in 54/53 BC). We must conclude that they had exercised the prerogative to test their fertility with Cleopatra before conceding the succession to Caesar. It does not appear Caesar was able to produce a child with Cleopatra either, at least not immediately. However, with the continued procreative failure of Crassus and Pompey, his succession no longer depended upon that.

In 51 BC, when Cleopatra reached the age of 18, she was made pharaoh of Egypt alongside the younger prince, Ptolemy XIII, who was also entering puberty by that time. However, when this match failed to produce any children, Ptolemy XIII was replaced by his younger brother Ptolemy XIV in early 47 BC. Caesar would have preferred to further secure his status by acquiring his first grandson, but when both Ptolemy XIII and XIV failed to deliver on that promise, Caesar wasted little time in siring another prince of his own. Caesar did not take the throne for himself until both brothers had been given reasonable opportunity to produce an heir. Ptolemy XIV was around 17 years of age when he was suppressed (not literally killed) in 45 BC.

Caesar's appearance in Cleopatra's Egypt was not unlike that of Alexander's visit to Queen Candace. Both included a princess abduction and rescue. Cleopatra was at least as eager to receive Caesar as Candace had been Alexander, and due to her young age she had to play the parts of both queen and princess. In the legendary carpet smuggling episode, Cleopatra managed to both abduct and deliver her own person to the new Alexander, i.e., directly to war-weary Caesar. As the story goes, Cleopatra became pregnant with Caesar's son, and like Alexander the Great, Caesar named this special prince after himself.

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God has made me live miracles sub-time.

Angels, superior beings, to demons are dominion of integration while demons hunger and thirst for parasitism. Archangels dwell in the realm of purity pro-time. The atomic lining of heaven does not permit puncture from the universe to it's realm the afterlife where there is no mercy in hell and grace in heaven.

Sub-time is under-time meaning the universe's ex-time, like the afterlife's, exists. The afterlife is miraculous as the universe is opportunistic. Paul Onyango was my name in Kenya's primary school. My prowess of seizing opportunities was renown. My caveat Good negated Evil and my fine print was my due diligence.

Is it often that the free are slaves and slaves are opportunistic. We may have been born free to be enslaved and then emancipated to freedom again. Freedom can be anxious and captivity serenading. The common fiber is obedience. Free masons, some of the greatest human beings who walked the Earth, seek sweet vengeance and bliss in disciplined work.

Medicine has dedicated the writer, Paul Frederick, diagnosed and, scientifically only, is commonly in need of behavioral catalysts and feel-good salts. His choice of prophylactics is only as a self-mechanism to entertain the ex-time stirrings. However, he does not have any materia medica viruses in his body system that leads to malaise and disease.

The religion Christian Science teaches healing of disease and acknowledges the prime domain of mind. What are miracles in terms of mind and mind-work. In Paul Frederick's book; The Wisdom and Musings of a Seeker ( ISBN: 1-4196-8217-2 ), he elucidates this subject and enacts wonderful insights in our understanding. This is explained here in full.

In an essay On Time, Monsieur Frederick, characterizes time and gives it it's greatest exposition in modern times. What he learnt at Cambridge University lays some of this ground work to his American ideas. Time is a factor in miracles and miracles express time as entertainment.

How does the personality Mr. Frederick live miracles? In God he trusts. and God hath he.

He Didn’t Mean to be Crassus

The following is an excerpt (#4 of 20) from:

"Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians"
copyright 2017 Charles N. Pope

He Didn’t Mean to be Crassus

In the year before the Battle of Alesia (and the year after the “death” of Caesar’s daughter Julia), the eldest member of the triumverate, Crassus, took a dive, and as part of Caesar’s transition to power, not merely in Rome, but as the next head of the royal family and next “incarnation” of Alexander. Crassus took no ordinary dive, but one specifically choreographed after Alexander’s greatest contemporary rival (and putative “Successor”) Seleucus. As part of his own kingly draw-down, Seleucus had first eliminated his primary Western identity, Lysimachus of Thrace. Seleucus was subsequently “killed” by his nominal son Ceraunus. In remembrance of Seleucus, the Western identity of Crassus had to first be killed off by one of his own Eastern identities, Orodes II. Later, Orodes would be “murdered” by one of his “sons,” Phraates IV, who (as we shall see) was fulfilling his own personal typecasting as the new Ceraunus. The leading Romans were exhibiting and reenacting a very privileged understanding of the royal history of Alexander and his “Successors.”

Note: For the kingly draw-down of Seleucus, see, Heroes of the Hellenistic Age:

The Roman name Crassus is actually an anagram of Seleucus/Seleukos. Crassus, like the earlier Seleucus, had once been in pole position with regard to propagating the royal line. However, no matter one’s status within the royal family, if one didn’t produce qualified sons then eventually it was necessary to yield to those who did, and spectacularly so. Success in battle generally reflected success in royal fatherhood. Ignomineous failure in battle (even if staged) was often the consequence of failing in royal fatherhood. Lysimachus, the example Crassus was obliged to follow, was said to have been deserted by everyone in his final battle, except for his dog! Ouch.

Even though the Battle of Alesia was entirely scripted, it was possibly still an extremely risky exercise. Caesar supposedly led his men personally on horseback, but under the circumstances this strains credulity. Surrogates were of course used routinely by the royal family. Orodes/Crassus (as Sedullos) would not have been literally killed at Alesia. Cinna/Gotarze (as Vercingetorix) was not personally paraded in Rome and imprisoned for five years before being executed. Cassius Longinus (as Vercassivellaunus) did not flee the battle of Alesia only to be captured and consigned to some unknown fate. It seems obvious also that Caesar himself used a body double. Common soldiers recognized their commanders by their distinctive armour and especially headgear.

Caesar only had to create the appearance of being in the utmost peril. However, this still required the cooperation and confidence of his fellow royal males as accomplices. And, even with their help, there was still ample opportunity for a freak accident to occur. (Philip II of Macedon was said to have lost an eye during a seige.) What’s more, Caesar’s associates could always change their minds regarding the making of a living god. This latter possibility would have weighed heavily on Caesar’s mind, because Alexander had not actually been wounded by the city’s defenders but by “friendly fire” ordered by his royal peers. It was a genuine assassination attempt. In emulation, Caesar arranged to be attacked/ambushed from the side or behind his siege position at Alesia. We must once again discern that the Roman magnates not only knew the public history of Alexander but also the private, i.e., exclusively royal, history of Alexander, and because they were themselves the royal descendants and successors of Alexander.

The contrived nature of the Battle of Alesia can even be deduced from the names given to the Gaulic cheiftains themselves. The leader of the “Gaullic rebellion” was called Vercingetorix, which is commonly translated as “King of Warriors” or “Most Courageous King.” However, it also encodes both the name of the Roman magnate Cinna and an important Eastern idenity of Cinna, that being the Parthian prince/king Gotarze. The two other Gaullic leaders aligned with Vercingetorix were called Vercassivellaunos and Sedullos. Vercassivellaunus incorporates the name of Cass/Cassi, i.e., Roman Cassius. To a multi-lingual aristocratic audience it would have screamed, “Behold the true Cassius Longinus.” The identity of Sedullos is just as obvious. Sedullo is Orodes backwards.

The uncle of Vercingetorix, who was also actively involved in the war, is called Gobanitio, which is an even more obvious form of Gabinus, the general used by Pompey to “fix” things in the East, particularly in Israel and Egypt. The participation of Gobanitio (Gabinus) in this publicity stunt implies that Pompey also approved of it, even if he didn’t directly participate in it. Cinna, on the other hand, had formerly acted as a foil in Sulla and Pompey’s military adventures. He was now doing the same for Caesar. The chosen pseudonyms of royal family members were scarcely disguised to the aristocracy. The royal family wanted everyone (that mattered) to know how all-encompassing their empire was and how clever they were in administering it.

Verscassivellaunus was unable to save Vercingetorix, even as Cassius was unable to save Crassus the previous year. Crassus reportedly rejected the counsel of Cassius. Similarly, Vercingetorix failed to make effective use of the help brought by Verscassivellaunus. Schematically, these engagements are very similar, but they had very different purposes. In one event, the greed of Crassus (as a “dynastic loser”) is turned into an object lesson, i.e., that “crime doesn’t pay.” (However, the royal family operated entirely above the law. The money Crassus stole from the poor was not returned to them.) In the second event, the brilliance of Caesar (as a “dynastic winner”) is established and celebrated. All that remained for Caesar to do was return to Rome in glory even as Alexander had returned to his beloved Babylon. And like Alexander, Caesar was not in any hurry to get there.

Note: The root ver has meanings of, “true” and “see/behold.”

Note: The Indian root vel indicates “spear/javelin.”

Note: The root launos has meanings of “strong,” “plunder/profit/reward.” and “secret/concealed” (laugno), and in addition to being close to make a word play on long.

Note: Suggestively, Lingones (cf Longines) was a province in the vacinity of Alesia.

Note: An alternate form of Verscassivellaunus is Vergasillaunus, which is very similar in form to the later Parthian king name of Vologases (I & II). This is in turn suggestive of an affinity between tribal groups in disperate regions, e.g., those having a common origin, such as Scythian.

Note: Cassius Longinus was the Quaestor of Crassus at Carrhae. Longinus later became famous for plunging his dagger into Caesar’s side. The word quaestor is defined as, “to inqire” (i.e., investigate/probe a murder case, and therefore in a sense, penetrate/pierce). The analog to Longinus in Alexander’s time was Peucestes (“piercing”), who was among those that attacked and nearly killed Alexander in India. Longinus reappears in the Gospels as the Roman soldier that pierces the side of Jesus with a spear.

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California Seperation

Because of this Trump stuff, there had been all this debate about whether California should become a seperate nation. Some folks in the SF Bay area want that, they think they are better than the rest of the world.

Other people say that California shoul become part of Canada. This won't happen, because Californians outnumber Canadians. Canada won't let them in.

So the simplest solution is let California seperate, and give if back to Mexico. That will help alleviate the influence of Mexicans in the USA. It will help Mexico. It may help me, since I have spent so much time in California, I could be considered a citizen. As long as we keep the money, the industries and all that, we will be fine. The US can keep Arizona. Probably Nevada should go with California, Vegas is part of LA anyway.

We are in an NUD, a New Universal Dispensation.

The New Universal Dispensation (NUD) coined this 22nd day of January 2017 at 8:30 AM EST by Paul Frederick takes effect immediately. God is obviously the Prompt again. As we close the New World Order (NWO), I , Paul Frederick, a universal American and United States of America acme citizen, am happy that I am with God.

My corporation Resolve Systems where I am the Sole Proprietor and Chief Creative Agent (CCA) has been sanctioned by God. God makes, God obsolesces and our world-unverse un-memorizes. We are beyond light we are now of integers.

Food and beverages are our fuel. Electronics and machines are our action. Pleasure and happiness are our precipitating senses to natural society. Lastly, God You i have; Your Godly agent.