TIME TRAVEL IS POPPYCOCK...but hey we're already Travelling In Time...just not skipping around it!

I HAVE BAD NEWS FOR PROF BRIAN COX: Even Time Travel Into The Future Is Impossible by the specific means he suggests. The best possibility is being placed in Suspended Animation in outer-space for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years AT AN ASTRONOMICAL COST, and with the fact that you and anyone accompanying you would take major risks: including being "awoken" into a future where Humanity has gone extinct, being destroyed by any number of events while in suspended animation or deep hibernation, serious health problems or going insane! There will be no significant amount of Time Travel in the SKIPPING forwards or backwards sense. Of this I am absolutely certain. What about on a Spiritual Level of Existence, i.e. non-physical; well then that's not Time Travel and You will not be conscious of being You as such! So Professor Cox has joined the bandwagon of quasi-Scientists. Then again: wasn't he always? NOW: How do I know this with such certainty. Simple: the consequences of any significant amount of TIME TRAVEL ( SKIPPING BACK AND FORTH or MERELY GOING BACK or FORTH ) would cause a total collapse of the REALITY we perceive at ALL TIMES! And no single SET REALITY would be SUSTAINABLE for ANY SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF TIME! Now, mind you, I am only speaking of OUR ATOMIC-CHEMICAL, hence also BIO-CHEMICAL, LEVEL or DIMENSION of what we perceive as EVENT-NESS or "TIME" ( chain of events ): what happens at Sub-Atomic Levels and Cosmic Levels is not truly, directly experience-able by US BIO-CHEMICAL entities. The CAUSALITY DISPERSATIONAL INTER-DEPENDENCE PROPERTY of ATOMIC-CHEMICAL or BIO-CHEMICAL TIME, HENCE THERMODYNAMICAL CONSTRAINTS OF OUR LEVEL OF REALITY, IS ETERNALLY BOUNDED AND INESCAPABLE. You have to have a Multi-Dimensional Mind and Multi-Disciplinary Education to understand what I have written. And from a simple Philosophical point of view: all our evidence indicates that there is no evidence of TIME TRAVEL the way it is fictionally understood. Any weird technological artefacts are the result of previous Earthly civilisations and/or more ancient extra-terrestrial civilisations. Not of TIME TRAVEL. Which is also why Inter-Stellar Space Travel will always have certain limits, and inter-Galactic Space Travel will rarely take place ( when it will it will be because of galaxies that are fusing or within very, very near proximity to one-another, at best ). I am open to any questions.

Ancient Aliens? It Comes in Cartoons Too!

For my latest contribution in the Intrepid blog, I decided to make a little homage to Philip Coppens, by making another homage to a little French cartoon I used to watch as a kid, which helped setting me on my path to become a red pill junkie --Giorgio Tsoukalos' hairdo ain't got nothing on the Maestro's beard ;)

Prepare hyperspace jump!

The 2020 Olympics Go To... Akira!

When I heard the news that Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympic Games, I felt a strong case of déjà vu. Then it hit me like the Karate Kid's crane kick. It echoes the plot of Katsuhiro Otomo's cult classic manga and anime film Akira! In the story, Neo-Tokyo prepares to host the Olympic Games against a backdrop of totalitarian rule and social unrest in the year 2020. Talk about art imitating life! With Fukushima still leaking radioactive catastrophe, it's a scary coincidence. Here's hoping the real deal is a little more Doraemon, and a lot less dystopian apocalypse. The bikes will be cool though.

Picture source.

Associated Press.

The Expendables: Snowden & Lazar

I want to discuss something I've been keeping on the back of my head for a while:

In light of the recent revelations brought to our attention by Edward Snowden, does it mean we should re-evaluate our conception of Bob Lazar?

Possibly the most shocking thing we were forced to wrap our heads around, when we learned the NSA was actively snooping inside our mailbox, was the fact that they were hiring 20-something High-school dropouts for that job. Is the trend of hiring expendable individuals who are not the cream of the top extend to other sensible projects... like black-ops engineering positions inside Area 51?

The thing that made most people doubt Lazar's claims was his educational curriculum. But maybe the fact that he lied about his degrees is the reason why they decided to hire him in the 1st place.

But here's the kicker: 24 years later Lazar is alive & well, living a quiet life running his company United Nuclear --which even has the US government as client!-- whereas Snowden has turned into the most wanted man in the world. Does that mean Lazar was left alone because he unawarely performed the task he was entrusted to --i.e. spreading disinformation about reverse-engineered alien tech?


Shana Tova!

It's Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) 5774, a day that tradition holds God created man.

Here's wishing all of our Jewish friends a good New Year!


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Bigotry towards Psychics: Why it is No Different to Racism or Homophobia

I’ve been planning on writing an article like this for some time and was finally inspired to actually do so by coming across what I can only describe as a shocking piece of bigotry and hate speech from this article from the Guardian -


The article was published in December 2006 and seems to have either gone unnoticed or people have passed by without complaint. Which I find a little disturbing, and it also speaks volumes about our current culture, in which bigotry towards psychics, mediums and other people involved in New Age or occult practices is still socially acceptable.

Guardian writer Julie Bindel was taken to task for allegedly transphobic comments, but as far as I can tell, there appears to have been no criticism of the prejudice in Charlie Brooker’s article.

Let’s go through some of the pertinent (and most disgusting) comments:

Article’s title: “When it comes to psychics, my stance is hardcore: they must die alone in windowless cells.”

Need I say more? I’ve seen people advocate better treatment for mass murderers.

Brooker openly calls for all psychics and mediums to be placed in jail – “I think every psychic and medium in this country belongs in prison. Even the ones demented enough to believe in what they’re doing. In fact, especially them. Give them windowless cells and make them crap in buckets.”

He then goes on to disaparage people who believe in psychics, grudgingly admitting that they have the right to believe what they want, but calling them “dangerous idiots.”

In my opinion, it’s Mr Brooker who more properly qualifies as a “dangerous idiot”.

Brooker is calling for the oppression and marginalisation of a group of people, a minority group who are different, a group that is outside what is considered “normal” or “mainstream”. Why? Because he *believes* they are all either fraudulent or mentally ill.

Well, there are also people out there who “believe” that all gay people are either fraudulent or mentally ill. That way of thinking may, thankfully, be less prevalent than it used to be, but it still, sadly, exists. Some people, for example think that gay people “make themselves gay” for show (which covers the fraudulent part), others believe that homosexuality is some kind of mental illness that needs to be treated.

See the similarity? If someone proposed (due to their beliefs) that all gay people be herded into prison, there would justifiably be an outcry and a storm of criticism. But when someone suggests the same thing of psychics and mediums, we have silence.

I agree that genuinely fraudulent psychics are a problem and perhaps some sort of jail sentence would be an appropriate punishment. But there is a huge difference between saying that genuinely fraudulent psychics should face the long arm of the law and saying that *all* psychics and mediums belong in prison.

Many psychics and mediums (in my opinion the majority) are quite genuine and sincere in what they do. They honestly believe they have an ability and their objective is to comfort people and help with the grieving process. They want people to be comforted by the fact that their loved ones still exist and that they will one day be reunited.

Even Brooker admits that not all psychics and mediums are frauds and that there are those who “believe in what they are doing.” (Brooker calls them “demented” – charming!) If they believe they have the ability then, regardless of whether or not they actually have it, they are not fraudulent, and therefore are not guilty of any crime. Yet Brooker still advocates sending these individuals to prison. “Even the ones demented enough to believe in what they’re doing. In fact, especially them.”

Let’s just think about this for a minute.

If Brooker believes these people are mentally ill, why is he saying they should go to prison and live amongst criminals? Shouldn’t he be encouraging sympathy and empathy instead? Shouldn’t he be advocating help for these people, rather than imprisonment? Shouldn’t he be calling for humane treatment instead? Are mental illness and self-delusion crimes now?

Silly me for thinking that the appropriate way to treat the mentally ill (or those thought to be mentally ill) is to show compassion, tolerance and to offer services that can help them. I suppose Brooker and his ilk think they should all be rounded up and placed in jail cells (or possibly concentration camps?)

Not only is Brooker displaying hate and bigotry against psychics and mediums, he’s also demonstrating how heartless he is to people he considers to be mentally unwell. Not only is he a bigot, but he has no compassion to boot.

There is also good evidence (including scientific evidence) to suggest that some paranormal phenomena exist and that some psychics and mediums have a genuine ability. Instead of calling for their persecution, perhaps Brooker’s time could be better spent reading some of the large body of research that has been conducted for over a century.

And that’s exactly what Brooker is calling for. He’s saying that *all* psychics and mediums in the country should be in prison. Not just some, not just the ones that are actually fraudulent, but *all* people calling themselves psychics or mediums. He’s encouraging the persecution and oppression of a minority group. He’s also demonising people who believe in psychics and calling them “dangerous”. Hmmm, remind you of other people who like to label gay people or people of different races as “dangerous”?

It’s no different to racism or homophobia in my opinion. The reason I think this is because I believe that psychic ability, such as clairvoyance, is a natural ability that people are born with. I think everyone has the potential to develop these skills, and that some people are born with a more “natural” ability for it. Rather like someone can learn to be a painter, but others are natural painters, who need little coaching or education.

I think people are naturally imbued with psychic ability (or the potential to develop it) and in that sense it’s no different to the race someone is born into, or the sexuality someone is born with. They didn’t choose it – they were born that way. So bigotry against psychics and mediums is no different to racism or homophobia, in my opinion, and it’s equally as disgusting. The difference is, that racism and homophobia are no longer so socially acceptable. But, as the lack of criticism of this article attests, bigotry against psychics and mediums largely is still socially acceptable.

If someone wrote an article for the Guardian stating that all non-white people belong in prison, or that all gay people belong in prison, it would quite rightly cause outrage. But because the target was psychics and mediums, there was nothing.


P1. WW3 has already been lost! Lost not by US but by those who profited from it! And it did not end in THE END. Russia is afraid of losing its ability to play one side against the other in the ME. Israel has made it clear to Putin that it cannot afford the Status Quo any longer ( it is causing too much internal and international damage ). Russia depends on Israel's good will! Yes! Surprised? It's simple: Russia needs Israel's approval to sell stuff to the EU. The EU is sick & tired of the serious negative economic impact of a Status Quo ME.

P2. The EU wants Russia to stop supporting the Iranian Regime and its proxies. The majority of the OPEC nations...meaning: the Arab Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, etc., are fed up with the Status Quo, because it is harming their longterm economic interests. And they also are sick & tired of the Extreme Shia Iranian Regime's threat & harm to Sunnis. The Chinese want World Peace badly: their economy is about to implode, UNLESS Peace Prevails in the ME & elsewhere.

P3. The Chinese own a huge share of the USA's debt! IF the USA-EU economic bridge is not strengthened then China will face disaster! The Iranian Regime is actually crumbling within! The Iranian people are wisening-up and are also disgusted by their Regime's support for Assad: even as they fear for their fellow Shia minority in Syria. The USA, EU and the Arab OPEC nations want to insure that the Syrian Shia & Christian minority will have a separate part of a divided Syria ( for the sake of peace).

CHELLsea Manning (Reposted On Account of Unexplained Deletion)

[Apparently TDG suffered some weird malfunction, and somehow this blog post got lost. Well Fuck you GlaDOS! here it is again]

A day after being sentenced to 35 years in prison, Bradley Manning announced his decision to live the rest of his life as a woman. Henceforth he asks to now be addressed as Chelsea Manning.

Taking the issue of whether Manning's internal struggle to coming to terms with he/her sexuality, and what role this had in the decision to disclose secret documents through Wikileaks, the Fortean gamer in me detects some interesting Twilight Language here...

The name Chelsea reminds me of Chell, the female character in the videogame series Portal. In the games, Chell is trapped in a weird maze-like prison/laboratory —notice how she wears an orange jumpsuit, similar to the clothes of Guantanamo prisoners— while being at the mercy of GlaDOS, a power-crazed A.I.

It's hard not to see the sinister computer with the deceptively reassuring female voice, as a symbol of the current trending in digital surveilance —the likes of which whistleblowers like Manning have been warning us about.



When you imagine a world without boundaries,

A world free of secrets & the lies enforced by authorities,

A world where your thoughts can transcend the limits space & time,

and any other illusory border,

When you can even imagine transcending the boundaries of gender itself,

THAT is when you start thinking in portals.


The SciFi Flick THEY Don't Give A @$%# Whether You Watch It Or Not!

In every Astronaut's life there comes a time when she, he or whatever, has to make a decision that could be final! "INFINITY DAY...the movie" is about just such a decision. From the Director of such movie classics as "Beyond Beyond", "I Did It THEIR Way" and "The Blackest Hole In The Universe" comes a movie that will knock your golden socks off, shiver your timbers, break the ice, split the pea, and baffle the sniglet! "INFINITY DAY...the movie" is the first and last movie of its kind that the critics have called "an immensely formidable and totally pointless waste of imaginary time", "...so bad you've got to see it twice...nay, three times...to really enjoy its unintentional worthiness!", and "Director John Firtree's adaptation of Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo's hitherto unknown SciFi classic is an adventure in tolerance, temperance and toiletry!". If there is only one movie you will watch in the next 10 minutes then let it be this one! It will shake your confidence in humanity, and make you wonder why no one has ever done crap like this before?! [ the dailymotion webcast is of much better HD quality! ]

See video