Farewell Steve Moore

It is proving to be a sad week for magicians since Steve Moore has passed.


Steve Moore worked well with Alan Moore (no relation) on a number of comic projects as well as some more esoteric projects. It was all to culminate with the Moore's "Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic".

Alan Moore wrote and narrated "Unearthing" as a psychogeographic tribute to Steve several years ago; like all of Alan's work it is well worth checking out.

Steve Moore will be massively missed not least because he was one of the founders of Fortean Times.

Sad days but a glass to you Steve Moore.

Free Public Mediumship Lecture

On Friday, March 21, 2014, I'll be giving the keynote address at the Exploring the Extraordinary (EtE) conference in Gettysburg, PA. My talk, titled "A Scientist Among Mediums: Intriguing Findings from 10 Years of Laboratory Research," also serves as the J.H.W. Stuckenberg Memorial Lecture at Gettysburg College and will be free and open to the public.

I'll be covering the latest studies and findings from the three mediumship research programs at the Windbridge Institute: Information, Operation (which includes Phenomenology, Physiology, and Psychology), and Application especially the Bereavement and Mediumship Study (or BAM).

The presentation is in the Joseph Theatre in Breidenbaugh Hall at 4:30pm local time Friday.

Those interested in attending the full EtE conference will need to register.  You can download the conference schedule, abstracts, and the rest of the details here:


JP Fenyo's Grand Theory of Gravity

IF I am not mistaken I have FIGURED OUT...through significant Gestalt-Experimentums....what GRAVITY really is! Here is my Grand Theory of Gravity: Gravity according to The Complex Force Field Theory of Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo.

1. Physics
Gravity is the Result of a Complex Combination of Force-Fields that at Once Repel Celestial Bodies and attract Celestial Bodies. The Repelling Force Field is comprised of Electro-Magnetic Particles in the Relative Vacuum of Space whose Force-Field Generation property is stronger at a Fixed ( Prime ) Distance and weaker when that distance is reduced by the presence of a Dense Mass, and whereby any Mass with Density that is not set into Kinetic Motion remains relatively fixed in Space-Time by the Cumulative Effect of Electro-Magnetic Particles that are not yet bound together. Denser Celestial Bodies cancel out the Cumulative Effect of Electromagnetic Particles, and allow a weaker Attractor Force Field, comprised of the Combination of Weak Force Boson Particles within Neutrons and Strong Force particles within Protons, to attract any Dense Mass that is repelled into its Sphere of Influence. In effect; The cumulative effect of how Electro-Magnetic Force Fields in Quantum Space repel celestial bodies ( Dense Masses ), such as an Asteroid, Moon or Planet, in combination with the relative absence of such an Electro-Magnetic Force Field of celestial objects that are Dense Concentrations of Mass; which because of their Density cancel out the Repellant Property of Electro-Magnetic Force Fields as they exist in Quantum Space ( the Vacuum of Space between celestial bodies ) upon objects at or near their surfaces, whereby Less Dense Masses are Repelled towards the Center of Denser Masses. b. The natural phenomena of Electro-Magnetic Force Field weakness whereby Less Dense Mass Bodies are Repelled by the Electro-Magnetic Force Fields towards Denser Mass Bodies, directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1...

JREF's funding web - Military Contractors

About halfway down the page begin Chris Bollyn's analysis of just who funds JREF and the Amazing Randi, and why Randi takes pointed stances on things like the 9/11 false flag research.

"The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) is funded by a high-level agent of the U.S. military industrial complex. The Randi "educational" foundation's financial connection to major U.S. military contractors explains why the JREF is so hostile to 9-11 truth. The JREF is actually headquartered in the same building as General Dynamics - at 2941 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 105, Falls Church, Virginia. - See more at: http://www.bollyn.com/#article_14544."

My own take on JREF's organized hostility to things like remote viewing jibes with Ingo Swann's - the military industrial complex is threatened by such advanced and uncontrollable techniques for finding out information that might expose the greatest secrets of the war machine and the intelligence machine.

Bad NDEs?

Consciousness – Bad NDEs – 270220114.

I have read much about Near Death Experiences. They mostly relate a happy tale except for having to come back. They are met with a band of happy friends who unfortunately tell them they have to go back as it is not yet their time.

They are mostly accident or heart operation victims. Since at 86 I am looking at the end of life, and sometimes feel that I have lived too long and feel it is time to end it and cut the suffering, I wonder if the same happy story extends to suicides or to people who have been given up for dead and put away in the morgue. Some have woken up in the morgue on their return, been noticed by a flick of a finger, and returned to the operating table.

Are there any people who have returned as from a bad “drug trip” and have a tale to tell, but maybe don’t want to relive it? When they get to the light at the end of the tunnel they find it has gone out? Or they are welcomed by a group of familiar people which does not want them there?



I just finished my new website which contains a few elements everybody seems to be searching for!

Anyways, here is the link, share and enjoy!


Daniel R

Chemtrails In Video Games


Depending on how you look at this it is either conditioning or wry exposure.


Just thought you guys may be interested in my Channeling, it is spiritual/scientific, hope you enjoy!


So soft the dove of life
The radiant luminescent being
Who comes within so clean
Within, our will, our strife

What we see with clarity
Is essential to our nature
As we see it in rapture
This space so warm in me

Echoing the landscape around
The flowers flow in rows
Around the fields and glows
Such a beautiful echoing sound

As I come to this land beyond
I feel my connection to everything
Yet simply, I am nothing
Everything comes through in song

This spectral dynasty consumes the reality merge
It is within our power to see within
Coming from the axiom change of sin
It comes with a ten thousand sun surge

What these elements are telling you
Is that the intelligent life is a must
It moves from point to a crust
And evolves into loving clue

The plant is the Mistress of the tragic flow
Flowing in between what is
It creates the suspended kiss
Stop, rewind, listen to this tragic blow

I come from left, I come from right
I listen to this song of Muses
I sound like the thing-in-self that uses
All within in spectral right

This dynasty, eh, this Buddhist land of light
Was were I now enter into
I see a Boat the has been to
A million survivable blights

It is within my will to call out to this being
Eh my friend, who doth thou be'est
I wish to give you comfort and rest
O my, O my, this is a blessing so beaming

I am he that is, the maker of time
O yes my son, you have now left reality
You have entered into the flow of suspectibility
Yet who is to refute a flow so sublime

It is I! Elohim, the rare spectral of light to thee
Aye, I come my Sons of power
It showers me to the mountains hour
Be at peace my brother from the crevice's glory

So what I wish to say, aye my friend, thou has shown
That through the non-linear path you have past
Into a realm were intelligence is last
Love is the realm that is known

Those beings who love the most will receive the gift of God
Sparing self, aye, wave off death
For life is but only a single breath
And thou shall spare thee from the rod

What I come to share with people everywhere
Is how to know God with completeness
Simple compassion to harness the tension
It sings in rhythm to the Cosmos lair

So what we do within this place
Is sing in passion to thee who be
It is within the light to see
That a quark changed its shape

From evil to good, good to evil
Both are relative in a single reason
For within both, perception would be treason
Elementary particle physics are the Temple

This shows that in light of various products
I have given thee Self in the OverSoul
This emergency of output has a whole
That lives inside the pieces of conducts

Break the will, shatter the bones
Take the monster to the bay
Were the ocean will sweep him away
Pass away now my friend from home

This special relieance of the nature of questions
Has fell into this time of trance
It is a passion of many years of dance
Who can negate the fall of splice wrestling

O yes, the love of life is settling the path
It moves slowly to condition itself
For it knows years condition wealth
Yet some come to the path within a graph

That stops them from reason, saves them from delusion
But this ignoble quality of life is stationary
Sector Simple to save the vacancy
Of a life of simple confusion

So as I come to this Boat along the Ocean
I know the yourself that is within yourself
It is a simple gesture to realize the pain of Self
Yet transcendence is path the virtue of tension

The simple logic of math is presented in Higgs Bossons
The relevance to the rate of disorder is relative
The math forms into probability that deduct comparative
To that which is a motion of lissome

So what we say to all this work
Is a will in doubt does the best to help itself
At the times when lowest is high
From that we know yourself as the dork

I wish to present to you the simple task of death
Death comes from a community of collective consciousness
It passes into form through oxygen and the small creatures create commissions
This relative proper balance is the circle of breath

It shows that within the framework of a simple ecosystem
That the most simple benefactor is oxygen
Yet life is death, so life gives breath, breath gives death
So on echoes the rotation of the law of this system

We wish to know that we can tell your confusion
How can the tension be relatable
This is what I believe is fate-able
Within all life that is a present illusion

Break down the walls, tear down the glasses
Let the love of life instill all peace
It comes from the cocoon of relief
As pain comes in as lashes

Eagle emanations are from the time of Naguals
They are the radiation of fourth vision
That wishes for me to see through the prison
What sorcery do I utter; tragical

I am the Prime Creator, simple Wizard of Class
Each person gets trained in the Academia of Magi
Yet those who relocate through past life are of Elegy
So that is what we say to those wizards of path

This channeling song is so sweet and content
I am El, the miracle of Love
The Dove that performs under the glove
And all nil is ni is with tent

So as I finish this element of song
I close myself in EverLong
Until again my friend, so long!

book review: the end of materialism

awhile ago I finished reading the "end of materialism" a book writen by dr charles tart a parapsychologist.

to start off the book presents us with different ideas about the spitual and about religion. there different effects and the good and bad points.

he also goes into the "skeptic" movement to some degree by showing some of the ways the mind can block out information. this is where the book shows its psychology side. it also breifly covers the "skeptics" influence on the media.

the book then goes on to the subject of psi and starts off with a clever divison between the big five (ones believed to have enough evidence to cement its reality) and the many maybes (one with enough evidence to make ignoring it foolish)

with each of the different topics he makes an argument for the nonphysicality of the different psi effects (seem unscientific to hope for a nonphysical explination of psi)

but the arguments he makes are quite convicing and he uses evidence to support his claims and ideas. but after all it is not that diffecult to argue the immaterial nature of psi as he is probably right.

this book was one of the first books I read reguarding a serious look at the evidence for "fringe topics". all in all I would hold this book in high esteem for both its substancal evidence content and its easy to read consistentsy. 9/10.

Dream of a Daily Grail Podcast

Last year I had a very vivid dream I was back living in my old dorm room at Latrobe University, hosting the Grail Cast. Yep, a Daily Grail radio/podcast. My co-host (who may or may not have had a Mexican-Spanish accent, dreams can be very ambiguous) and I were having a blast, laughing and joking about Fortean shenanigans with our audience.

What do you think, would you like to hear a Grail Cast in the future? I'm not sure there's enough room for more Australian accents in the Fortean podcast world though! Those Mysterious Universe lads have it covered, I reckon.