Randi lied to weasel out of my challenge for his publicity stunt million dollars.

I have had a standing offer of ten thousand dollars for Randi or any one else who can show any proof that I wanted no photos taken. That is the blatant lie reason Randi posted at his site to weasel out of my challenge for his million dollars after he had already accepted me as a challenger. Provable truth is I insisted we video tape the testing in case I would need the video if I had to take him to court to collect after I passed his test. Since video takes 30 pics per second I wanted hundreds of photos taken. I have posted my complaints on skeptic sites and all I get in return are insults, name calling, vilification. My public offer of ten grand still stands to anyone who is stupid enough to take me up on the offer, it is really simple we each give ten thousand dollars to an unbiased third party, perhaps an off duty police officer, I present my evidence they present theirs, it shouldn't take more than a minute or two, winner goes home with all the money. So far no takers. When I made the offer to Michael Shermer he yelled at me that he was not interested in what I had about Randi. He calls himself a skeptic but he really is nothing more than a bootlicking toady for Randi, I told him as much. Same for Grothe, and all the other Randibots.

skeptical community vs paranormal community

In this blog I would like to outline some of the traits of both groups. not just how they differ but also how they can behave in an indistinguishable way. in other words how they are the same.

the skeptical community is something that we are all aware of. you have to be if you are to make any sense of any of this. I myself seem to have constructed a filter i my head where anything "skeptical" is treated as suspect.

because these people seem to have motives for attacking and denning the paranormal. these people are not really interested in finding out the truth but more in advancing their own world-view.

but they are not that much different than the otherside. the motives are different and the result is also different but the application is somewhat the same on many levels.

I think one of the reasons that I am writing this is because mainly I am very bored and have nothing better to do. but also becuase its something that no one else seems to have written about in much detail. (most people try to highlight how to two are different)

it also pisses me off quite a bit too. by this I mean both sides claim to be different but both say the same thing and you don't know whos side to take. (skeptics of course remind us of how intellecually gifted they are).....its really funny to see randi do this in some of his videos.

anyway moving on...

some traits they share are...

. both have have claims of victimisation

yes yes we know how horribly persecuted the paranormal researches are. but the skeptics have (perhaps wrongfully) made similer claims in different forms.

. both have made claims of being a minority group

again I know how the main researches are out-numbered by a thousand to one by materialists. but the skeptical group has also made similer claims. perhaps pointing to the fact that most people do believe in some form of paranormal activity.

. both have superiority claims

the skeptical commnity seems to do this more. they use words like "critical thinking" "skeptical" and "objective" to cement their superiorty in a much more soft and subtle way. when they want to do it in a more loud way the usually call the opposition "woomesters" "cranks" "charlatans" and many other abusive names. some main skeptics even encourage such childish ways. but the paranormal group also has a weaker form of the the same behaver. sometimes the word "open-minded" is used in an offecive stance. but also they seem to attack the skeptics world-view calling it bleak (which it kind of is) and horrible.

. both practise wishful-thinking

skeptards (came up with a funny name for them needed to get it out of my system. when will I get another chance?) are offen fond of stating that everyone who thinks differently to them is a practitioner in wishful-thinking. this is true because everyone does including the skeptics themselves. they seem to have an attachment to their world-view (it comforts them). which is one of the reasons they defend there world-view so vigoriusly. skeptics themselves also use ancdotes and then the next minute ancdotes are invaild.

. both make claims on the evidence

this is the one that really pisses me off. is when both groups claim that the evidence supports their view when both views are contredictry. this is very confusing and requires that the person has a basic understanding of how science and evidence works inorder to get anywhere. but it makes the search for the truth that much more harder and nebulous.

so there are some of the main ways the two groups share the same traits. based largly on personal experience. so what do you think? please leave a comment below to start another mindless ( but productive) discussion.

R.I.P. Hobie Alter

I didn't know Hobie personally, but I do appreciate that he changed the
world for the better, at least on the "retail" level.

Many people got to enjoy surfing and sailing because of him. Not all of
those people (the surfers) are particularly nice, but still - Hobie made a
fun lifestyle available for many more people. I think that is a very
positive thing.

Bye Hobie.

Farewell Steve Moore

It is proving to be a sad week for magicians since Steve Moore has passed.


Steve Moore worked well with Alan Moore (no relation) on a number of comic projects as well as some more esoteric projects. It was all to culminate with the Moore's "Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic".

Alan Moore wrote and narrated "Unearthing" as a psychogeographic tribute to Steve several years ago; like all of Alan's work it is well worth checking out.

Steve Moore will be massively missed not least because he was one of the founders of Fortean Times.

Sad days but a glass to you Steve Moore.

Free Public Mediumship Lecture

On Friday, March 21, 2014, I'll be giving the keynote address at the Exploring the Extraordinary (EtE) conference in Gettysburg, PA. My talk, titled "A Scientist Among Mediums: Intriguing Findings from 10 Years of Laboratory Research," also serves as the J.H.W. Stuckenberg Memorial Lecture at Gettysburg College and will be free and open to the public.

I'll be covering the latest studies and findings from the three mediumship research programs at the Windbridge Institute: Information, Operation (which includes Phenomenology, Physiology, and Psychology), and Application especially the Bereavement and Mediumship Study (or BAM).

The presentation is in the Joseph Theatre in Breidenbaugh Hall at 4:30pm local time Friday.

Those interested in attending the full EtE conference will need to register.  You can download the conference schedule, abstracts, and the rest of the details here:


JP Fenyo's Grand Theory of Gravity

IF I am not mistaken I have FIGURED OUT...through significant Gestalt-Experimentums....what GRAVITY really is! Here is my Grand Theory of Gravity: Gravity according to The Complex Force Field Theory of Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo.

1. Physics
Gravity is the Result of a Complex Combination of Force-Fields that at Once Repel Celestial Bodies and attract Celestial Bodies. The Repelling Force Field is comprised of Electro-Magnetic Particles in the Relative Vacuum of Space whose Force-Field Generation property is stronger at a Fixed ( Prime ) Distance and weaker when that distance is reduced by the presence of a Dense Mass, and whereby any Mass with Density that is not set into Kinetic Motion remains relatively fixed in Space-Time by the Cumulative Effect of Electro-Magnetic Particles that are not yet bound together. Denser Celestial Bodies cancel out the Cumulative Effect of Electromagnetic Particles, and allow a weaker Attractor Force Field, comprised of the Combination of Weak Force Boson Particles within Neutrons and Strong Force particles within Protons, to attract any Dense Mass that is repelled into its Sphere of Influence. In effect; The cumulative effect of how Electro-Magnetic Force Fields in Quantum Space repel celestial bodies ( Dense Masses ), such as an Asteroid, Moon or Planet, in combination with the relative absence of such an Electro-Magnetic Force Field of celestial objects that are Dense Concentrations of Mass; which because of their Density cancel out the Repellant Property of Electro-Magnetic Force Fields as they exist in Quantum Space ( the Vacuum of Space between celestial bodies ) upon objects at or near their surfaces, whereby Less Dense Masses are Repelled towards the Center of Denser Masses. b. The natural phenomena of Electro-Magnetic Force Field weakness whereby Less Dense Mass Bodies are Repelled by the Electro-Magnetic Force Fields towards Denser Mass Bodies, directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1...

JREF's funding web - Military Contractors

About halfway down the page begin Chris Bollyn's analysis of just who funds JREF and the Amazing Randi, and why Randi takes pointed stances on things like the 9/11 false flag research.

"The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) is funded by a high-level agent of the U.S. military industrial complex. The Randi "educational" foundation's financial connection to major U.S. military contractors explains why the JREF is so hostile to 9-11 truth. The JREF is actually headquartered in the same building as General Dynamics - at 2941 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 105, Falls Church, Virginia. - See more at: http://www.bollyn.com/#article_14544."

My own take on JREF's organized hostility to things like remote viewing jibes with Ingo Swann's - the military industrial complex is threatened by such advanced and uncontrollable techniques for finding out information that might expose the greatest secrets of the war machine and the intelligence machine.

Bad NDEs?

Consciousness – Bad NDEs – 270220114.

I have read much about Near Death Experiences. They mostly relate a happy tale except for having to come back. They are met with a band of happy friends who unfortunately tell them they have to go back as it is not yet their time.

They are mostly accident or heart operation victims. Since at 86 I am looking at the end of life, and sometimes feel that I have lived too long and feel it is time to end it and cut the suffering, I wonder if the same happy story extends to suicides or to people who have been given up for dead and put away in the morgue. Some have woken up in the morgue on their return, been noticed by a flick of a finger, and returned to the operating table.

Are there any people who have returned as from a bad “drug trip” and have a tale to tell, but maybe don’t want to relive it? When they get to the light at the end of the tunnel they find it has gone out? Or they are welcomed by a group of familiar people which does not want them there?



I just finished my new website which contains a few elements everybody seems to be searching for!

Anyways, here is the link, share and enjoy!


Daniel R

Chemtrails In Video Games


Depending on how you look at this it is either conditioning or wry exposure.