2014: The Year of the Binary Star System

Last year brought a spectacular confirmation that binary star systems predominate in our galactic neighborhood, and that they are capable of generating viable planets.

The image below shows a star system that was previously thought to be a binary, but has now proven to be a triple star system with the help of improved telescopes and imaging techniques.

> GG Tauri, "The Feeding Twins - Scratch That - Triplets"
Image Credit: ESO / L. Caçada

The below image shows an embryonic binary star system that has been in existence for only about six millions years. The newly operational multi-national ALMA telescope array located in the high desert of northern Chile was constructed to study this and other developing star systems, and gives us our first "real-time look-in" at a planetary world in development.

> L1551 NE, "The Birth of Little Twin Stars"
Image Credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/ Takakuwa et al.
(The above article contains a very cool simulation of the development of twin planetary systems.)

The next image is that of a more widely separated binary system, and one in which the gravitationally bound stars have their own proto-planetary discs that rotate in different planes.

> HK Tauri, "The Misaligned Twin Star System"
Image Credit: R. Hurt (NASA/JPL-Caltech/IPAC)

In the study that follows, it will be shown that the double-star origin of our own solar system is preserved in a very unexpected place, that is, the Book of Genesis. We will also discover that Genesis not only provides a descriptive model of our own solar system's formation, but a comprehensive picture of where intelligent life formed in our galaxy. It is this latter subject that we will explore first.

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Sasquatch Chronicles

Lots of interviews and anecdotes collected in one neat place on this site.


A New Model of the Universe

A Model Of The Universe

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Daniel Jonathan Reurink

Dimensions Created Along the Seven of Rays

Periods of dimensions form within and without happening of the allowance of light.

(Every moment is light moving from within and without of us.)

Thus all points of beginning, middle, and end are expressed in the now; xyz.

The now expressed by the law of attraction, that all moments are coming together to a point, and the point will be eternity expressed in all moments of a single “Now”. Now is eternity and all eternity is expressed through everything. All points meet at now and are expressed out as strings of relative atoms (disorder) and move the Entropy in an Open System to a higher state of Coherence or Order. Order is law of Highest Heaven, where one is in Peace, Harmony and Balance within and without the Universe.

The Law of Six Dimensions supports that Order i sa spiritual gravitational force (law of attraction) acting as a centrifugal microcosmos within the universe (Lila)

Six Dimensions exist upon the according quantum relativity.

Microbe (Atom/Disorder)(That which is)

Earth (Direct Perception)(What we see)

Earth-Sun-Moon (Solar System in Relative to Earth (direct perception))(What we sense)

Stars – Relative to Solar System(Heliocentric Arch-Types/Personnaes)

All Worlds (Love)

Absolute (One)

Luck/Fortitude(Heaven's Gates)

Infinity (All that is)

Complete (All that is beyond yonder be)

A point or dimension is a limit. The highest limit of Heaven is 7 (Luck/Fortitude), hence all moments meeting on the Now when the Absolute is present.

The 7thdimension is a limit, (infinite (thus proving T (D) = C)).

Until that limit and point is reached there are only expressions of the time line.

Time can be coordinated through T (D) = C by setting (c^x) of that Dimension, thus as we know,( c^2 )is a Direct Perception and (C) is just a principle of disorder or Order due to the Open System.

Courses of events lead to limits of Alpha and Omega, beginning and end.

The second dimension is the direct perception; a visual plane inferred through colour and what one perceives with their Rayon.

The third dimension is relative to the second dimension because it is a direct perception within the laws of physics. Time exists in this dimension in fourth (psychological (intention) time)) or third dimensional time.

Aristotle Logical Forms

Body = Plane

Plane = Line

Line = Body

Therefore proving that physics abide with Euclidean geometry and Newtonian physics within our Third Dimension.

The Fourth dimension is space-time; a field of awareness conscious only by movement of self. Also known as the Astral Realm.

The fifth dimension is Love, as there are higher rates of probability of Order. Thus love is created within the premise of the Star of David, as it has 6 points, and the 6 dimensions are relative to the sixth. The fifth dimension is within and without possibilities due to 5theternal probabilities.

The sixth dimension is Absolute, as It is relative to the Fifth and encompasses all moments of now and Love; hence Harmony in Order through the no choice of a dimensions of love. Psychic nature is involved in the sixth dimension, hence known as the “beast”.

Unknowns are possibilities from nothing that arise to something within the Tao. Darkness only allows chance, yet it remains unknown until light is given or the thermodynamic range changes (From Order to Disorder (dark matter (darkness) or Light)). Light is disorder and nothing is Order. Thus nothing gives forms through Order unto disorder (light).

The Microbe of the World entails all possibilities of a World, supported in the first is the last and the last is the first; stating that the Microbe is Absolute yet also the Microbe in relativity and quantum mechanics.

When probabilities arise, chaos will arise within the objective field, creating a ground between what is; and what is not.

The probabilities of becoming and thus being is based upon all possibilities until it forms; as thus eternity can only be crossed once; hence chaos to order; an awakened state from an asleep state of the consciousness.

This state is Dark to Light; yin to yang; reborn into what is; is right.

The Dao (Dharma) moves time along a line of rules.

The Tao is Time and Alpha to Omega along the rules of dancing.

Both spin like interference along yin/yang a yang/yin balances.

Time is relative to your breath; either flowing or fast or short(Set due to gravity analogous to time (hypothesis by metemphysics (proved by string theory and reality.)

A fifth dimensional being exists with another can create a sixth dimensional being through Love, enacting the presence and essence of what is.

Tipodetus: All things come from nothing, rise & soon fall back into nothing. Nothing is the most divine essence, and fertile Source of creation, forever the beginnings and ends of all things. To become is to exchange one thing for anothers, but whence the change, is nothing for nothing.

There is nothing as everything.

Nothing is non-being and exists through an awareness of no-mind (no thought (to be)).

Dust always flies away thus proving theta; we are just sands in the wind.


Triune Formula; Triune arises from purity and abstinence; trusting in Level.

(x^3) x (x^3) = x^6

According to x^6, Order and coherence will always rise until an Apex is reached.

Furthermore; Order is a function of time on a graph.

Order is conditioning; it is based upon all relevant dates to a soul.

All boundaries of each universe co-exist against other boundaries of each universe.

Time can change due to different states of order in the universe.

Atoms will arise from nothing; always have, hence something always returns to nothing. In which case is the essence of becoming once again?

We are a frame’s of Order subject to conditioning as due to hierarchy of dimensions.

All atoms to be in all moments of now are a microcosm (space past / space future).

Time is relative on a linear scale but cyclic due to quantum wave dynamics.

Space is one flow of all points in reality.

Space – Time is the like the flux of shapes.

In the beginning was Chaos (disordered change (Myths)).

There was and ordered creation before chaos (Eden).

Reason dictates both parts in relation to a whole.

Universal nothings are the forms of all things.

A / B / C

Awareness / reBirth/ Conditioning

All fundamental changes

T (D)=C comprehends the essence of any object's, motion: comprehending things on a whole and “not” part. The disorder is the probability of the field; measured by the limit “No-things” and such are things that become, that which, only applies to mind and perception.

Nothing leads to something; creating everything, something leads back to nothing.

Only two becoming; something or nothing

The World {5} is opposites.

Nothing is hence the aperture of Mother Nature. Mother nature gives forms to our perception.

Men of Order never want disorder. One holds paradox and love Order.

Men of Order never wish to sea disorder.

Disorder is matter relative to an inconsistent plane (dimension), pathway of the electron, as disorder would be a “Lesser dense” state of microbe or Universe.

“Nothing endures forever”

Contradictions help assert appositives and contradictions do not assert anything in the essence of wrong.

Non-being is being, becoming over-time.

(-) + (-) = + Two negatives make a positive.

(+) + (+) = + Two positives make a positive.

Nothing is therefore lacking all or having all. Therefore pure essence.

Asserting now that two negatives make a positive always hence for the atoms exploding at the big bang; thus creation due to a point in relativity.

Nothing = O = Reason of limit (Infiniti forms)

Also less is more and high to lower or lower to higher states are relative.

0 + 0 = ∞

Change in infinite creates motion from the atoms and exists so such do their opposites.

Nothing has an argument against it; all purities and essence within nothing are allowance of a new state.

Nothing comes into being without reason; only adaption and evolution.

All is one. 0 + 1 = 1; Nothing, causes impurities or purity, is a compass set.

Nothingness (Dark Matter (coming in from the outer limits of a boundless universe)) is a flow motion of space-time that can dissolve into nothing.

Speech/ Form are separate from nothing; hence speed of sound and speed of thought (Doppler effect).

Concluding in all:

+ - - +


Thou Art That

The Unified Theory of Everything consists of a fundamental logo that we are a geometrical form that Sources consciousness from reason and the development of Harmony, Peace, and Balance. This is achieved by a state of Order; -two negatives are always made positive. A state of Order is Whole, Absolute; thus nothingness. When there is no-action, no self, no-existence, and the Hollow Awareness, the relationship to synchronized harmonized states of Order occur within the framework of Evolution. Thus, Evolution is a disordered (chaos) states becoming Ordered, - in which Order constitutes a development of Reason and Divinity.

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Ardy Sixkiller Clarke's New Book - "Sky People"


This is Ardy's second book on the subject of UFO's, and it is every bit the equal to her first (Encounters With Star People.) Once again she leverages her "indigena" footing to gain entrance into notoriously closed and reticent cultures who open up to her about their UFO encounters. She may be the best oriented person to pull off these feats as she is both a trained PhD observer and deeply empathetic and personable - even the most bashful and superstitious people find her ingratiating and trustworthy. She knows how to make her entrance with such peoples and probably gets more out of them than any other UFO researcher. The stories are really, really fascinating - the book well written and articulate. Highly recommended.

The Problem with James Randi

This website, if you have the hours and hours required to go through it, deals with the REAL PROBLEMS concerning JAMES RANDI and his gang of atheist-skeptic followers


a devastating article against so-called skepticism, which is exactly the opposite of what it claims to be.

Strip the "Biblical Conspiracies" - Crucifixion

This is a new series produced by Simcha Jacobovici (of "Naked Archaeologist" fame), son of Romanian Holocaust survivors, acclaimed (and sometimes defamed) controversial Investigative Journalist, and a dual citizen of Toronto, Canada and Israel.

Two of the first four episodes have dealt with Mary Magdalene:


The other two involve analysis of the only crucifixion nails that have ever been found by archaeology. All are quite exceptional programs.

One episode explores a crucifixion nail found in the tomb of Hasmonean king Antigonus II, who was the final king of the Hasmonean Dynasty and said to have been beheaded and crucified by order of Marc Antony. This nail was embedded in a heel bone and still had part of the bone attached to it. According to a plague found in the tomb, the king's body had been returned by his faithful minister Abba from Babylon to be interred at Jerusalem. The plague also addresses the king not by his Greek name (Antigonus) but by his Hebrew name "Matthew son of Judah."

The second episode is about the two nails found in the tomb of the High Priest Caiaphas (of Gospel fame). One nail was found inside the bone box and the other on the floor of the cave tomb. Both appeared to be nails that were used to pin down the hands of the victim. However, the two nails had been separated and ended up in a different location than the rest of the burial equipment. By a combination of scanning-electron-microscopy, spectroscopy, and isotope analysis the nails were positively re-united with the Caiaphas burial and the unique conditions of the burial box and flow-stone of the cave. These techniques also showed traces of phosphorus (from human bone) on the nails as well as cedar wood fragments (from the cross).

A study of the two types of nails led the research team to conclude that the victims were placed on a X-shaped cross (ala the cross that Peter was said to have been crucified on).

It is quite stunning that the only known crucifixion nails have come from a kingly and high priestly burial.

In the case of Caiaphas, the presence of the nails is highly provocative. Were they placed in his bone box as a vindictive statement? The documentary team suggests that it was a form of apology after an act of self-preservation on the part of the High Priest for his people. However, this obviously is a superficial explanation. First of all, if these nails were the ones actually used to crucify Jesus, it means that they were deliberately collected and saved at the time of his removal from the cross. Secondly, the type of wood used (cedar) was quite valuable and not expected for a common crucifixion at all. My conclusion is that the crucifixion of Jesus (or rather his substitute) was carefully orchestrated. The local authorities, including Caiaphas, Herod Antipas, and even Pontius Pilate were all actively participating in the "making of a Messiah." The presence of the nails only confirms this. Caiaphas was proud of his contribution to the "Passion Play." All had gone according to plan. In other words, it was a true Biblical Conspiracy! Naaaaaailed It.

How to Dress Like an Adult

Sometimes, you can't be 'that guy'


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Without Ethics in Science, Technology and Governance We Are DOOMED!

"How can we really call it Democracy if certain very aggressive people in the private sector, with their own twisted ideological worldviews, with enough capital... and ( tangent statement ) who knows where they really managed to get their capital from (?! ) ... can manage to override what the real majority of the general public would really want and get laws, programs and pork-barrel expenditures passed that ultimately manage to totally undermine our Democracy and render us all vulnerable to the dangerous, anti-social, anti-individualist, anti-artist, anti-humanist, conflict-profiteering, fear-mongering, socially divisive ( divide-conquer-exploit ) agendas they, these unethical and brutally inhuman parasitic opportunists have?!?! And yes; I know that this is a super-loaded rhetorical question, but let's be real: unless we manage to permanently over-turn Citizens United vs. The Federal Elections Commission and other anti-Democratic, Plutocratic Fascist laws and unless we pass a Constitutional Amendment strongly separating Corporate from State...as we must also re-discover and re-enforce separation of Church ( Religion ) and State, we will end up being torn to shreds by Plutocrats and Theocrats and all manner of other Fascists! So: give me and voices like mine more reach..share my views...if you really do care about Restoring Democracy, Reforming our Military Industrial Complex(es) and Redirecting America and Europe back to the Noble and Enlightened, Spiritual and Scientific, Ethical path they once were originally intended to take." - Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, etc. aka The Free Advice Man. [ PS: Please SHARE this now! I'd appreciate that. Best, JP ]

Study - Conpsiracy Theorists Are More Sane


"A case study examining online commenting trends was performed by psychologists Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent that revealed so called “conspiracy theorists” are actually more mentally sane (reasonable & sensible) than those who are considered conventionalists."