Joseph Campbell's The Puppet's Journey

Possibly the best explanation of Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey since Star Wars, brought to you by the terrific puppet theatre company Glove and Boots. Enjoy!

Via Rob Bricken, a yellow brick road, the seven seas, the mines of Moria, station 13½, & a cantina on a planet far, far away...

Art and Evolution: Part I (Cognitive Lines)

Part I of a series on art and evolution! Lines inside the brain...

Mama Cass Sunstein & the Cognitive Algorithm Formerly Known as Nagging Bastardry

Years ago when my daughter was about six I noticed she had her fierce eyes on ferociously staring into space as her two little dimples took turns bouncing up and down on either side of her face as her thinly squeezed lips pulsated in and out against each other as if she was simultaneously chewing on something very tiny and having an imaginary argument with someone.

I could all but hear invisible steam hissing out her ears and she was obviously furious about something.

"What's the matter sugar plum?" I asked.

For a moment she seemed speechless with fury as if she'd've much preferred continuing her incandescent inner rant rather than run the risk of feeling less aggrieved by explaining what was up before hissing "It's me mum..."

"What about y'mum?"

"She said 'What d'you wan'o do? Go to Nanny's or stay with Gran'ma?' and I laughed and said 'Much as I love Gran'ma I really do I'd rather be with me Dad and go to Nanny's' and she snapped 'Well y'goin' to Gran'ma's anyway'! Why do people do that? Everyone does it. Even teachers. They pretend like they're givin' y'u a choice but they're not given you any choice a' all."

That statement of my daughter's about pretending to give people a choice when they're being given no choice at all I suggest's the essence of the new wonder of the age Nudging*.

They dress it up with terms like cognitive this and algorithm that but it boils down to how can we convince the masses we're giving them more choice more democracy indeed when in fact they're in the process of completely taking all our choices all our democracy away?

And the cosmic joke of it all's it's not even new!

Anyone's who's ever been raised by a parent especially a mother knows that chilling moment when you suddenly realise that friendly approach of a few minutes ago when the parent concerned seemed to idly ask your opinion on a topic vaguely touching on your future was merely a ruse to at first cajole then attempt to persuade then finally bludgeon you into submission.

So now we've not only got to be paranoid about our governments hacking into each others' emails files and phonecalls etc as well as the emails files and phonecalls of us their own citizens but we've also got to to be paranoid whether all those algorithms they're so kindly in the process of providing us with to ensure we don't make any wrong choices've been hacked into in such a way we make wrong choices even they haven't allowed for.

*by a curious coincidence nudger's English slang for penis so decide for yourself what Nudging might be slang for.

Mind rides the LIGHT...

We have forgotten our true existence here in Time/Space. We are entities occupying forms here that think and do, but the spheres that we utilize to leverage everything we see and hear seems to be holographic in emulation. Our process of dreaming gives us clues to our true aspect ratios to this realm of physicality. We come here as MIND to take over forms in various configurations to intertwine with in a journey that seems upward toward some finality with this realm. It is the process of discovery that we are experiencing to feed a mental overlording. In the future we will grow massively when we realize that we are all related via this expansive experience of sharing this realm of mentality and challenge. Let's begin to expand our minds so we may advert wars and conflicts. You would not exist without being observed by the OTHER. Feedback Looping is the key to knowing where and who you truly are.

Seeing Luckdragons in the Clouds

I'm a regular pareidoliac, seeing shapes in everyday objects. So imagine my delight when, gazing out the window on a train trip, I spot a very special cloud that looks like Falkor the luckdragon from The Neverending Story. If you can spot him, you'll receive good luck!

The Importance or Unimportance of Edward Snowden

I'm over at This Can't Be Happening! reading Dave Lindorff's Is Naomi Wolf working for the NSA?

Noting Naomi Wolf's wondering whether Edward Snowden's who he's supposed to be Dave Lindorff now finds himself wond'ring whether Namoi Wolf who SHE'S supposed to be?

Which makes me now wonder whether Dave Lindorff's who HE'S supposed to be...?

...not because this's something which genuinely concerns me but simply to underline how everyone's completely missing the point.

Let's consider two possibilities

1) Edward Snowden's an attention seeking narcisist who's got his fifteen minutes in the limelight by revealing Prism to the world.

Which's more important?

Snowden's a glory freak?

Or as a result of his character imperfections we now know about Prism?

2) Edward Snowden's some sort of cybermach[evellian] a CIA operative/stooge who's been used/set up to tell the world about Prism as a result of some incredibly arcane and abstruse geopolitical manoeuvering [possibly involving America try'n'o bludgeon China into some sort of exclusive economic relationship which'll resurrect her financial prospects].

Which's more important?

Snowden's a spook masquerading as a hero?

Or as a result of some as yet unclear strategy [the failure or success of which may never be known] we now know GCHQ monitors America enabling the President and the NSA etc to plausibly deny they're doing any such thing?

Thunderous Voices: Grimerica Talks to Dr. Stanley Krippner


For the 4th installment of The Grimerica Show, my Canuck Compadres Darren & Graham have a very special treat: Dr. Stanley Krippner, a veritable legend in the field of parapsychology & shamanic studies, who has recently co-authored The Voice of Rolling Thunder: A Medicine Man's Wisdom for Walking the Red Road [Amazon US & UK].

Rolling Thunder, as some of you may know --& I have to confess I didn't know anything about him until I listened to Stanley on Christopher Ryan's Tangentially Speaking-- was a fascinating character; a Native American shaman who didn't shy away from sharing his wisdom with the Western world, which also included mingling with some of the most important figures of the 60's & 70's counter-culture movement, including The Grateful Dead & Bob Dylan. If there can be such a thing as a rockstar shaman, I think he got as close to it than anyone else.

Oh yeah, and during the 1st hour I joined the boys to discuss some of the latest news making the rounds on the net, including --what else?-- the NSA surveilance programs. Isn't it nice that we now have a right to be paranoid?


Here's the Stitcher link, and remember that you can always subscribe to TGS via iTunes.




I know this is not particularly new to this community. And this guy is relatively harmless in my estimation.

But still:
In the computing community, it is a long standing joke - the NSA knows anything they want, if they want it. If they want it is controlled by the folks that give them orders.

The Americans TV Show & Breaking out a Prism of our own Making

There’s a US TV show called The Americans which shows how Russian Cold War period KGB couples infiltrated America by posing as archetypal Americans.

There’s a 9-11 conspiracy theory Muslims posing as Westernised Arabs took flying lessons in Florida before crashing a bunch of jets in the likes of the World Trade Centre Buildings and the Pentagon.

In May an American intelligence operative called Ryan Fogle was caught in a blond wig try’n’o recruit of all things a Russian counterterrorism operative.

A year ago Britain admitted its intelligence services’d been caught using a fake rock spying in Moscow.

So let me see Coldwar Period KGB freedom fighters/terrorists had the good sense to go undercover in America as Americans more American than the Americans themselves.

Muslim freedom fighters/terrorists have the good sense to pose as Westerners.

CIA freedom fighter/terrorists have the good sense to disguise themselves as Russians.

British intelligence freedom fighters/terrorists have the good sense to disguise dead letter drops etc as fake rocks.

Wouldn’t the freedom fighter/terrorists the Prism program’s supposedly designed to detect then have the similarly good sense to highly disguise their own activities?

In which case what’s Prism really for?

Well it’d work very well as a device for monitoring the political mood swings of the ultimate focus group the entire population itself particularly during election periods.

It’d work very well for identifying which illiberal non politically correct thoughts were on the rise and where.

It’d work very well for identifying regions more likely to communicate their dissatisfactions via civil disobedience.

It’d work very well for keeping tabs on the morality and immorality of your paramilitary forces as well identifying any divisions of it showing signs of losing conviction in the need for repressive policies or even of backsliding to the viewpoint of the the unwashed masses.

It’d be brilliant for identifying and targeting patsies to set up for terrorist stings or people like that Russian counterterrorist guy Ryan Fogle thought he could turn in other words people in the process of becoming politically disillusioned or due to hardship becoming less adhered to their national duties and loyalties.

It’d be brilliant for identifying potential sexual deviants and encouraging them to take curious step after step until they reach the stage where they'll do anything required to avoid being exposed.

It'd be brilliant for collating data provided by genuine and deluded sexual victims and storing it up until you needed to push such claims through the national media to divert attention away from the real ongoing contemporary perversions of very powerful people by concentrating attention on faded stars who shone most brightly half a century before.

When you start factoring in its commercial applications you realise in fact it’d be absolutely marvellous for all kinds of things...

...except detecting genuine freedom fighters/terrorists with brains larger than a pea.

The Chinese Dropa Stone Conspiracy or the Chinese Brewer's Droop Stoned Conspiracy?

I've been over at Paranormal People reading Martin J Clemens The Chinese Dropa Stone Conspiracy

and this was my reply.

Oddly enough Martin Tsum um nui are all genuine elements in Tibetan.

[Here's a link to a Tibetan to English translator ]

Tsum can mean something which has to be performed or repeated five times.

Um's an interjection of reverence.

Nu can mean breasts or teats or a new born calf seeking milk from such breasts or teats.

And i can mean beer.

Thus the image's conjured of a male university student's wet dream of having to drink five times a day from a pair of breasts filled with beer!

Baby I'm there!

Maybe you should've called this piece The Chinese Brewer's Droop Stoned Conspiracy!