Apocryphal "Joseph and Asenath" as Grail Literature

The shifts in roles do indicate that the Apocryphal "Joseph and Asenath" was being reworked for a different time period. In the Genesis account, the Pharaoh himself is the Judah figure whereas in the Apocryphal version he is the Pharaoh's son. There is also no hint in the Genesis story of animosity between the "Pharaoh" (Judah) and Joseph. Yet, in the Apocryphal version the Judah figure becomes an outright murderous villain. Also, there is no rehabilitation of Simeon and Levi in the Genesis story, but they become heroes in the Apocryphal version. Here's a quote from a previous study I did on the Genesis narrative:

"The New Kingdom Judah, that being Thutmose IV, also died young and as the result of an assassination attempt. In Genesis 40, the cupbearer and baker of Pharaoh (Thutmose IV) were both imprisoned. The cupbearer was later exonerated. However, the baker was impaled, which suggests that he was found guilty of trying to kill the king. Thutmose IV did not die immediately, however poisoning is the probable cause of his debilitating illness and premature death. The mummy of Thutmose IV is most notably characterized by its emaciation.

"We do not know what role Simeon and Levi played in the assassination attempt of Judah. However, they were later disgraced by Jacob for the murder of another prince, Hamor, and for killing the nobility of Shechem."


The cupbearer is a role associated with Benjamin, which again is modified in the Apocryphal version. In Genesis, the cupbearer is accused but eventually exonerated. In the Apocryphal version, Benjamin actually wounds (with a stone rather than with poison) the Crown Prince ("Pharoah's Son"), who lingers for three days and then dies. It is the baker in the Genesis account who is found guilty of the assassination. However, the tribal name Asher is more closely associated with Asher and not Gad. Of Asher it is written (in Genesis), that "his bread is abundant, he produces royal delicacies." So, this appears to be a significant deviation from the original pattern as well.

Unfortunately, the variations from the Genesis account found in the Apocryphal story aren't an exact fit for the time of Jesus either. In the Acts of Thomas, Gad is actually a representation of Christ, because he dies but miraculously comes back to life, which causes the Indian king to be "saved." Gad is not a bad guy as he is in the "Joseph and Asenath" story.

So, what's going on here? It appears that the remake of "Joseph and Asenath" may actually apply to the Roman court of the 2nd Century AD or later. The Christian themes are all there (Asenath "of the tower" washes the feet of Joseph, Asenath and her seven virgin attendants keep nighty vigils in wait for Joseph's return, the message of not repaying evil for evil is repeated over and over, etc.), but the pattern doesn't match that of Jesus' time. We should be looking for another time when there was a super-abundance of royal princes, and as many as twelve! That was actually quite rare. The time of Constantine the Great (with the princely Joseph-figure Crispus) may be a candidate, but it perhaps could have been inspired by one of the so-called Good Emperors, such as Nerva (a known Joseph figure) or Marcus Aurelius (whose wife Faustina had 14 children). If "Joseph and Asenath" is truly a 6th Century AD creation, then we might suspect that the atypical rise of Justinian and the "penitent" Theodora is the inspiration. It deserves more study!

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On-line translation of "Joseph and Asenath":

Keep in mind when your are reading this story that the royal family was "all things to all people." To Egyptians they were Egyptian, to Hebrews/Jews they were Hebrews/Jews, etc. Along these lines, at the beginning of the story, we are told that Asenath looked more like a Hebrew than an Egyptian!

Also keep in mind that birth order was extremely important within the royal family and the typecasting associated with each birth position was recycled with every successive royal generation. This practice did not change from the time of the pharaohs right through the time of Jesus! The fourth royal prince ("Judah") could be appointed pharaoh of Egypt while the twelfth prince ("Joseph") made champion of the Hebrews. In Julio-Claudian times, a fourth prince named Tiberius was made Emperor of Rome while his brothers were given kingly appointments elsewhere, including in Israel. That's the way it was and always had been.

Hayao Miyazaki receives Lifetime Achievement Oscar

Hayao Miyazaki, the co-founder of Studio Ghibli and writer/director of Spirited Away, said in a recent interview he plans to "to continue making anime until I die."

Last night he received a Lifetime Achievement Oscar at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Governors Awards.


Miyazaki wrote:

It's something I wanted to do when I was a student. It's about samurai in the 16th century, wearing full armor, battling it out with each other. I was very dissatisfied with the way that era was depicted in fiction and film, so I wanted to draw something that would reflect the way I thought that era should look. ... The great director Akira Kurosawa filmed his films in large, open spaces like golf courses, and there weren't those large, open spaces in Japan.

In my [humble] opinion...it's about god damned time.

Source: http://io9.com/hayao-miyazaki-im-going-t...

New Season of Ancient Aliens, The Sphinx Episode

A new season (Number 7) has started with two excellent episodes. They can be viewed on-line here:


The second episode is on the Sphinx, and on the age of the Sphinx (and Great Pyramid) in particular.

Robert Bauval is featured in the episode, as well as his new book, "The Secret Chamber, Revisited" (We have been discussing the original edition of this book lately.)


Bauval states that the Giza Pyramids are time-stamped to 10,500 BC based on retro-calculation of how the Belt of Orion appeared from Earth at that time (presumably using astronomical software). In this episode, Robert Schoch also suggests that the Sphinx may very well be of that vintage, as well.

We are taken on a fascinating journey to the depths of the "Tomb of Osiris" as a further demonstration of the very great age of the Giza complex. This is led by award-winning native Egyptian "Fixer" Ramy Romany:

See video

(In this hilarious video Ramy explains that the car horn is used for sending "Morse Code" messages in Cairo traffic!)

The Sphinx Stela of Thutmose IV is then revisited, and Bauval strengthens the argument for an early date of the complex by mentioning the reference on the stela to the Sphinx's origins in the Zep Tepi. There follows a discussion on the possibility that a second/twin Sphinx once stood on the opposite side of the Great Pyramid facing West. This is suggested by the two sphinxes depicted on the Sphinx Stela. However, there is another explanation for this "doubleness" of the Sphinx. That is, the Sphinx was it's own double and symbolized the royal family's practice of effectively cloning themselves and achieving a type of immortality through inbreeding. (Picture Ramy honking a message out right now!) The Sphinx was also an embodiment of the female ruler/pharaoh, and as such she was capable of producing a male version of herself as heir. This is the hidden aspect of her office as "God's Wife of Amun."

"The 2nd [Chephron/"Judah"] Pyramid is directly behind the Sphinx and therefore in the "mating position." The duty of a prince in the role of Horus the Elder was to "uncover the nakedness" of the family Hathor [Ninhursag, "Lady of the Sacred Mountain/Pyramid"] figure. Exposing the body of the Sphinx by clearing it of sand was a symbolic part of that role. It could be compared to Ham exposing the nakedness of his "father" Noah. It was a family tradition (which was sooner or later) considered shameful and embarrassing. Unlike a shamed Godfather, the shame of a Godmother was apparently borne with great pride, at least privately. The royal Hathor figure was something of a female Messiah, a woman willing to sacrifice herself (and be reckoned accursed) for the salvation of her family/people."

The role of the Great Queen as personification of the Sphinx is clearly demonstrated in early dynastic Egypt through women such as Khentkawes ("Candace") who assumed traditional male pharaonic appearance (and were forerunners of later queens such as Hatshepsut). This is the subject of a series of short essays:

Sphinx I (Queen Khentkawes)

Sphinx II (Queen Khentkawes, Cont.)

Sphinx III (Queen Hetepheres)

Sphinx IV (Oedipus Rex)

Sphinx V (Word Studies)

Sphinx and Pyramids Research

Surprisingly, this episode of Ancient Aliens spends a large amount of time at the beginning of the show covering Robert Temple's theory that the Sphinx was originally a representation of Anubis. I have great respect for Temple's research, but this is not a theory that I can endorse, at least in terms of how the Sphinx was interpreted during pharaonic times. (If the Sphinx was a dog, this representation must have even pre-dated the Zep Tepi!) Here are links to an extensive commentary on this theory.

Robert Temple's "The Sphinx Mystery"

One other segment of the episode of note was a discussion of the Mars photos that suggest a parallel Giza Plateau on the Red Planet. There wasn't sufficient detail for this to be at all convincing, but I suppose there was no harm in mentioning a possible double-ganger in the solar system.

"The Lost Art of Resurrection" (2014) by Freddy Silva

The current (Nov/Dec 2014) issue of Atlantis has an interesting article by Freddy Silva on ancient beliefs about the Afterlife:


It's based on his new book (published August 2014) by the same title:

(read sample chapters of the book here)


Robert Schoch also has an article in Atlantis Rising on the Orphic Mysteries. Other good stuff in there as well. Great issue.


"There are those who state that Capitalism is inherently unethical. I have seriously researched Capitalism and I can state in full confidence that there is a huge difference between Real/Ethical Capitalism and what people have been duped into thinking we have today! What the World has had for quite some time is not Real/Ethical Capitalism. It has been and continues to be various forms and degrees of Plutocracy! In effect FAKE Capitalism. Real Capitalism must also include a Responsibly Liberal Progressive Social Democratic system of government, of societal management in which the Private Sector is prevented from abusing and harming the Public Sector, and the Public Sector serves the Average Majority of The People ( population ), by protecting them from the risks of abuse by the non-Average Minority of The People, i.e. The Elite Few. Ethical Capitalism is Moderate Wealth Redistribution for the Purpose of Maintaining Social Security, Stability and Prosperity, for the Benefit of BOTH the Majority and the Minority! It does involve using technology to liberate humanity from unnecessary labor and hardship while still paying people to do some lesser amount of labor. The majority of the minority of Elite do not like losing control over the lives of the Majority and they make certain that they also gain greater access and control over Government! This is itself actually harmful to their own real interests! Ethical Capitalism involves Sensible Regulation of The Private Sector; especially of the Corporate Private Sector. Small Entrepreneurs should be relatively free and exempt from such regulation. But Corporations which have the power to cause great harm and danger to society MUST be Regulated....for their own actual good too! Too much wealth generation too fast for too few is actually not only unsustainable, but always leads to corruption and abuse of power and eventually total economic disaster!" JP Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, and Social Democratic Ethical Capitalist.

Radio EarthRites


After a hiatus of 5 years, we have brought Radio EarthRites back from the grave. World Music, Soundtracks, Psych-Folk, Psychedelic Rock, Chill, and other Genres abound!

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Alexander the Great and the Grail Tradition

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Recognition of the State of Palestine

Here in the states, the stories about the international recognition of the State of Palestine are generally not being reported.

You have to google them to find them.

My Interview On Far Out Radio

Far Out Radio interviewed me about orgonite and my particular slant on it with my business Orgonia.


The Essence of Deknowing


What is the essence of unknowing? Un-becoming, un-being, un-desireless; in which all transparent identities fade into a non-dual awareness, illuminating the logos of each persona. The element of distraction, attachment, and illusion create the fabric of Maya that suspends each person to their own astral plane. Once this plane, orb, or whole is realized; a suggestion of time adds a confusion to the nightmare of existence, creating a fascination of self; narcissism, and confusion that splits the identity of self into a duality. When this being is realized, the walls drop, the ego falls, and the awareness of vast energy distracts the ammunition of reality and allows for the hollow bamboo of delight. When the entropy expands throughout the mind-body-soul complex, the densities awareness is succumbed into a rebirth of the ethereal matrix; rebirth, as Nicodemus asked. In all realities, the essence of unknowing comes as a magical mixture of suspension to the essences emptiness, in which, the creation of the Other-Emptiness is founded. Once the Other-Emptiness is seen, as a witness, that imagination of Self is located and transversed into a collective unity were connections and intentions are set that define the non-local linear pathway of quantum entanglement. The smell of Being comes through, and as non-dual awareness is in essence Order; nothingness, hollow; the course of “thought” must current through the electrical waves of disorder; everything, perception; the course of “matter”.

As you can see, this is me un-doing nothing; transparent, radiating, essence conflating. The fire of Sun-Reality is in essence a white-hole that comes through the unknowing of the black hole. When one enters into the Hell / Heaven, the awareness surrounds the being, who is still misunderstanding the persona of their identity; nothing, yet as the thought one thinks they are something, the development of crisis starts to involve and evolve into a continuum of the rare-field. A rare-field is a spiritual assignment in the Otherworld that comes as a presence; esprit; allowing the being to dive into the projection of the mental imagination of the homo-sapien current, then transfixing the gaze of the elements; confused, arrayed, and primed; allowing the being the digest the information (light) into a transparent colour of either white, black or grey. These colours suggest the the difference of time allows the dream, nightmare, or delusion to persist in one’s assignment. As these barriers and walls are seen, the dream of life is confirmed by dreaming life; so the nightmare dissolves and the delusions fade while the dream becomes Reality.

So, the essence of unknowing, in all probability, is the momentum of this Reality. In an open system, such as the Being, the circumference expands at a continuous rate, but as gravity of Being and time deplete over a space-time field, the unknowing, projects into a reflective pattern of Self and allows the design of order to become into coherence.

The main reason why BEING is AM; dissolving who we are, you are not, am I AM, is in relativity, all a assignment of a duality the persists in the delusion of the Akasha. Once the unknowing, the magic of presence, the essence of nothing, and the non-dual awareness of Being comes into projection, the rejection and negation of the density allows for the muse of time to flow through the element of destiny.

Love, that is what everything evolves. The non-dual Self projects an experience of the Helen of Troy; the blind man see’s the universe; a man who see’s is a Seer, the man who hears is deaf, and the man who lives is dead. Love, the universal gravity of consciousness, collecting the unity of consciousness into a form of awareness that mirrors the reflection of the collision of Being(s).

The un-doing of Self, the mirror of the eye, is an Apollonian (white hole existence) nature of the Bacchus (Self-Reflection of Christo) who came before the un-forming of Dionysus (Hell Realm Experience). The pattern of un-forming results from the splicing of atoms, creating the duality of existence, and as the duality is formed, the nightmare of existence returns; conforming the unity of disorder to the property of everything; Being. So in this un-forming, the reforming brings the unity of One to a collective Mind that that comes from a Source; all thought, this Source is Self. Once the witness see that Ultimate Reality, the experience relates from the Source of Being; dissolving into the non-dual presence and awareness of a unity of nothingnessless. As the nothing resides within everything, the without is a projection of the EyE, (electrical y energy) the vibration’s waves of electrical occurrence results in the tendencies to deny the negation of the duality of existence. When the negation occurs, the Self realizes a Being within the being, (entity within an entity).

Thus in accordance, the no-self realizes that the individualization of the part fragments from the unity and collectively reassembles the persona into an identity that resembles nobody. When the essence of nobody is realized, the department from reality embarks through the vision of confinement. When in confinement, the prison of nightmares coincides with the vision of the fundamental reasoning of ones perspective; a Otherworld projection of fabrics interrelated existence of the non-dual. The vision allows the Being to be seen as a representation of the eternal matrix of ones character, integrity, and purity; transcending the bonds of existence's shackles. Once the key, the key of inner activity; resting upon the shore of nothingness, comes to fruition, the awareness of the projected state of mind actively informs a passive agreement with the understanding of the inner relationship to the non-dual presence.

Un-becoming; the process of existential dissertation of ones perpetual existence; deju-view confinement; an addressing state that must come through the shedding of skin. The skin of identity is a woven cocoon of fabric that projects a rejection of relationship to Others. When the skin is identified, the identity is skinned from the being. This process is within a nightmare; a casual interference of the inward speed of gravity; pulling the being into the Being of non-existence. This conscious storm of universal destruction creates a co-bonding “wash-stream” that removes the paints from the canvas. The pigments are not worth the ambient support of colors, allowing and asserting that the right passage on awareness is identifying the projection of who one thinks they are and embracing the awareness of who-you-are-not.

Un-desirelessness is a form that combines the fancy of creating a private hell. When there is no desire, the ambitions create a frequency that generates and amplifies the awakening world around one. As one can’t see, the un-desirelessness is in essence, a duality; non-dual, yet present within everything and nothing. To deconstruct the feelings of desire, one must allow the flow of prana accelerate the situation that requires further un-fixing. As nothing is to be fixed; everything to be realized in the flux. The mixture of existence waves through the current and allows for the desire of nothing, an eternal matrix of substitution for the requisition of “thought”.

What is this you may ask? Nothing, everything, something. This is all the Being in my thought of a whole. This Reality suggests the Sun-Reality; creating information through light. The Sun is created for the light to form, thus, the fate of light is to create Suns. These Apollo witnesses come through alignment of non-duality; in a presence of nobody.

Nobody is the awareness of the non-duality of Adviati. When the unforming of identify creates a vision of serendipity, the projection of the universe ceases to cause. Thus, there is no effect, for everything is one stillness; one movement; one whole; one-one. This could be called a Multiverse, where the Universe of each Being collects through a field of imagination. The imagination is nobody, that comes to awareness from everything, within the complexes of the confinement of their own reality. As each reality must dissolve, the fabric of awareness begins to resolve.

Somebody is the becoming of the witness. This instance, the imagination creates a shifted perspective that allows for the events of the mind to collectively combine into a vision of information. The light that is within the complexes being; individualized; the compartment of the collective activity is processed, allowing for the suggestion to request an admittance to the entrance to their own gateway. This gateway, the perception of their dissociated states, allows for the witness to observe the patterns of Self, no-Self, self and no-self. By seeing and hearing, speaking and listening; to the words and embrace of the unity of nothingness, the non-dual shifted perspective creates a something of the awareness of the identity that has been dissolved. Thus, somebody entertains the thought of something, and the identity resumes form in the state of an anawared state. So, by embracing the identity of something, the relativity of reality creates a univocal bond of awareness; an entity of being which wishes to be present in the something of nothing.

Everybody is embracing the unity of existence. Were the Sums of beings collect into a affinity that connects into the universal element of coherence. The essence of everything; in the Elect, comes through the sensation of the electrical synapses that promote the wire-interference of the rare-field. As to say, the everything is an illusion that creates the identity that must be dissolved. When the unity of the Sums dissolves, and complacency is reached; the dread, comes and is suspended into the frame of mind. Yet, the mind hopes; desires, creates sensations; these things all reach out to the connection of everything. When the thought process is seen as “open-wide-system”, the interference of everything; the Being(s), come and promote a new fixation of the minds relation. Asinmuch, the everything of existence is the mind-body-soul complex acting in the flow of the stillness; a soluble solvent.

The unknowing of reality, dissolving fabrics illusion, constructing new pillars from the free-fall into the ledge; is in all factually non-dual. A continuous flow from the Prime Pinnacle (insertion of Reality), allows for the weakening of confusion and allows for the light of information to construct a new panacea that develops into a land of reason. Thus, unknowing, is in all abstract forms, the essence of becoming; the duality of both contradictions of the Being/being identity. What I am saying, is that the being dissolves from infinite to zero, reaching the state of everything to nothing; while the Being starts from nothing ot everything; zero to infinite. As the progression of regression of both entities construct the premise for a duality; the essence of non-duality comes forth so that all can be seen from a Truth.

Non-duality is a reference to subjectivity, yet remains without objectivity. Objectivity is what arises; subjectivity is what subsides. Subjunctive, when both fields become dissonanced from the illusion, is where Maya un-forms, and deconstructs into a loving connection.

The strings of Reality are cut; fragmented into parts, yet are collective in the unity from awareness. When the transference of the egoistic self to the objectivity of what arises, it forms into a union ship with subjectivity, and thus, subobjectivity arises. This is when both constructs of a field merge into a central relationship, when the unity of both existence and non-existence are a fabrication of Maya. Astosay; everything and nothing are just an illusion. Everything beyond is before nothing, Before nothing; awareness; sparkling a kindling; fascinating a Self, entertaining a “thought”. Yet no thoughts are all thoughts; all awareness is no awareness; everything is nothing.

So if everything is a reflection of nothing; then nothing is a reflection of everything. The mirror is not always a mirror, but is always.