4 Years Later, the Impunity Continues

Today is the 4th anniversary of the fire at the ABC nursing home, which claimed the lives of 49 children. I wrote about it 3 years ago, in the post The ABC's of Impunity.

4 years later, and the parents are still claiming justice for their lost children.

4 years later, and no one resigned over this tragedy.

4 years later, and none of the higher-ups involved has ever put a foot on jail --in fact, many of them continued advancing their political career. That's Mexico for you.

Oh sure, two mid-level officials were apprehended. The system demanded the inevitable scape goat. But the maneuver was of little comfort for the fathers & mothers who saw their lives torn forever, on that infamous day.

As if 4 years were enough to heal such a scar.


Image: BURNED by Pete Marovich

Looking deeper into the evidence...History

Near Puma Punku is a large squarish statue that has one hand backwards holding two scepters of strange configuration/s. The surface has strange markings all over the image suggesting it is a robot of some kind with circuit-boards inscribed on the surface. Its information seems to point out a highly advanced knowledge of computer circuity construction not unlike where we are today in our development of computer technology. I have often suggested much of the advanced-look of stone work in Peru and Bolivia seems to have been extruded or laid by a massive fabricator not unlike our present methodology of 3-D printing. I also think that interior to the stones found in that area of the world could have seen the printing of circuitry level upon level within the inside of the stones and sculptures. If circuitry were encased in the stones, might records of this very ancient culture be available to us if we only knew how to access the data stored within these artifacts. I believe the fact that the surfaces are telling us that they knew how to utilize data suggests that interiorly their messages are in a ready state to be deciphered. 12,900 years ago, we have records of entities called Gods due to their superior knowledge and wisdom. We have been in awe of these Gods for ages but they just might have been “us” trying to leave a message to our future state that something real catastrophic happened to Earth that shot us back to a less advanced state of being. Our history is still there, waiting for us to remember ourselves.

A Feast of Shills


"It is a massive operation jointly undertaken by many levels. They log into facebook or comment interfaces (i.e. disqus, livefyre, etc) with different names to help support their objective. You can also see many of these users making the same comments on other websites...always negative...and only on specific topics. Vaccines is a preferred subject of attack, for most of them, however GMO, organic foods, cannabis are also hot topics they piggy back on. Many of the terms and english used can also be sourced to the same users. One facebook user was caught with 52 different log-ins, fake pictures and bios before the user simultaneously deleted all 52 logins once exposed."

Kill Shot


"Referring to the Boston bombings, Todashev said his son believed it was a “set-up.” But Ibragim never sympathized with radical or terrorist ideas, and was not a follower of a radical Islam, he added.

Also, Ibragim was never a close friend of Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev – he and
Tamerlan only “went boxing at the same gym” and “exchanged phone numbers,” the father said.
So far, Todashev has received “no official explanation” of his son’s death from the US side. He said he was only told there is an ongoing investigation “inside the FBI.”

Todashev called the earlier claims that Ibragim was shot attempting to attack an FBI agent “absurd,” saying four or five police and FBI officers could have easily handled such an attack without needing to kill his son.
“Maybe my son knew something, some information the police did not want to be made public. Maybe they wanted to silence my son,” Todashev’s father said."

Chatting with the Grimericans About UFOs & Stuff

As promised, the Grimerica Show podcast featuring yours truly has been uploaded, making this my 1st official podcast interview ever!

As such, a word of caution: even though my friends Darren & Graham were wonderful, and I spent many hours chatting with them last year at the Paradigm Symposium, I couldn't help feeling a bit nervous. I'm fully convinced that speaking a given language involves a more complex mental process than the mere act of reading and/or hearing it, and even though I'm pleased with how my writing skills have improved over the years, I cannot say the same about my conversational prowess --more than a few times my tongue got locked during the middle of a sentence, and I ended up repeating 'you know' more than I would want to.

(I've also never been too crazy about the tone of a voice, but what can you do?)

Having said that, I do think we 3 managed to keep the conversation interesting. And since I'm gonna become a semi-regular contributor in future shows, I hope such deficiencies will be polished with enough practice :)

So, please let me know what you think of it. Click here to listen to the podcast on Stitcher, and you can also subscribe to The Grimerica Show via iTunes

The next episode will feature my Cosmic Compadre Micah Hanks a.k.a. The Mouth from the South --you just know it's gonna a be a must-hear ;)

Here I Come to Save the Daaaaaaaaay!

My colleagues in crime at the Gralien Report have recently launched a new webcomic titled Gray Street, the brain child of the multi-talented Caleb Hanks --musician, trans-humanist & man about town. What the younger sibling of Micah is trying to explore with the comic is his own ideas about the Singularity, the implications of the rise of strong A.I. & how it would impact our society, along with some of the more Fortean themes the guys touch upon on their weekly edition of the Gralien Report podcast. All this & more peppered with elements of what we might as well call the Gralien Mythos, which have slowly emerged as the show progressed & should be familiar to their dedicated fans; it is common knowledge for instance, that the Gralien dudes transmit their pirate signal from a bunker located hundreds of miles beneath the surface --cigarette breaks are a real bitch.

The real live members of the Gralien Report appear as characters on Gray Street, and I'm really stoked to announce that yours truly will also be one of the regular characters! Caleb asked me if I was interested in becoming a part of his comic, and explained to me what he had in mind for the Red Pill Junkie in the story arc --I don't want to give too much away, but you can be certain I'm gonna end up saving everybody's ass, and after that do a triumphal ride toward the sunset ;)

You'll notice Caleb chose to portray me with my luchador mask, the one I chose to wear during my trip to Minneapolis for the Paradigm Symposium last year. I guess it made quite the impression!


Actually, I believe I've never fully explained my motivation to do such a thing, and now it's as good a time as any to do so. I think it was something I came up with more or less spontaneously, during one of my many e-mail exchanges with Micah, fueled by the fact that he really didn't know how I looked like. Not only that, but even here at TDG my friends Greg & co. hadn't a clue about my actual physical appearance. I can't really say it was something deliberate on my part (at least initially) but my natural reservations & shyness eventually helped in the crafting of this virtual persona I've slowly sculpted during all these years. It was a different approach to the usual anonimity favored by online trolls --I use the nickname on all the websites I participate on, and was utterly dismayed when I discovered that Google+ insisted I used my Meatspace name when I subscribed-- and I'd like to think Samuel Clemens would have conducted in a similar fashion, had he enjoyed the existence of the Internet during his career.

Knowing none of my friends, whom I've interacted through the web all these years, would know what to expect once I met them face to face, it was an opportunity I couldn't pass away! So I went out & bought a mask in the store that provides gear & customes to all the actual professional wrestlers here in Mexico; the selection was made based not only on aesthetic considerations, but I tried to find a mask that would be fairly comfortable to wear with my eyeglasses, and that would enable me to speak unhinged --engaging in long chats is probably not in the wish list of many wrestlers, I reckon. And when the time came I packed it with the rest of my clothes --something that made me incredibly nervous, triggering many scenarios in my mind with some irascible TSA inspector lifting the thing out of my suitcase, yelling "WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS?!" -- and once I found myself on the hotel lobby, to my dismay I had ran out of air time on my cell phone, with none of my friends on sight.

--"Now what?" I thought.

I stood on the hall leading to the conference room (where the event had already started) for a few minutes, all alone except for a few guests passing by, with the mask in my hand. I felt anxious & out of place, wondering what I was thinking when I came out with the silly idea of storming into a room full of strangers, looking like a character out of an old lucha libre film. My old habits of social ackwardness were starting to kick in.

But then something completely unexpected happen: I stared at the empty holes of the mask, and it was as if the thing was telling me "are we doing this or what, man? I didn't come all this way for nothing!" . Suddenly a rush of boldness coursed through me, I said to myself "fuck it", which was maybe my reply back to the mask. I put it on, and off I went heading to where the registering table was located.

I'll never forget the expression in Cassidy O'Connor's face. She was there helping out with the registering and handling of badges, and after a few seconds of puzzled perplexity she finally uttered a tentative "can I help you?".


The rest is, as they say, history...


Later it dawned on me that what had started as a goofy practical joke, had turned into something much more interesting & powerful. Without realizing it I had performed a feat of what Alejandro Jodorowsky would call Psychomagic. His theory is that through the mixing of art, symbology & psychology --with humor being also a key ingredient-- a person can let go of its nasty habits & mental vices. Putting myself through the test of overcoming my shyness through theatricality, I was able to embody the character of the Red Pill Junkie; to bring into physical reality this avatar that until then had only existed as texts disseminated all over the blogosphere.

People discover that nasty trolls turn into sheeple individuals, once they are ripped of their veil of anonimity, With me it's exactly the opposite: I've always strived to follow a high standard of Netiquette with all of my online comments --which is probably the reason I got the job of news admin here-- and have tried to be careful in never writing something that would directly offend the person I'm dialoguing with, on any particular subject; at least that's been my goal, though if I have hurt you in the past I offer my sincere apologies. In fact I happen to be a more cordial individual online than when I interact with people on Meatspace --that's when I often turn into a real SOB ;)

Because the thing is that I happen to like myself more as the Red Pill Junkie, than as Miguel Romero. I'm nicer to people, funnier, & far more socially engaged. RPJ is the man I always wanted to become.

So now I face before me a very interesting challenge: to try to transform myself completely into this imaginary creation of mine, and remain that way 24/7. During Paradigm Symposium I managed to stay 'in character' during the whole weekend, but once I was back in Mexico I started to revert into my old dull self. Perhaps this is what Carlos Castañeda was referring to, when he wrote about 'erasing your personal history.'

And of course this wouldn't mean wearing the damn mask all day long! I imagine it would make the act of shaving in the morning even more of a chore. If I manage to pull this off, the teathricality won't be necesary anymore. The Red Pill Junkie will finally hack into my mental server, and take control of my hardware indefinitely --eat your heart out, Agent Smith!

Stretching the Truth or Stretching Time and Space?

I've been over at The Big Study reading the Prof's SHAKE,RATTLE, & ROLL: Can UFOs Project Force, part two?

And this was my response

Prof I've mentioned before my proneness to phases of weird spatial distortion or time seeming to stop or slow down and my young daughter having to judge whether it was safe to cross the road.

The interesting thing about such experiences's they tend to make you realise there may be other equally valid explanations for why matter seems solid other than the Higgs Field theory.

For instance if time wasn't as we're normally conditioned to think a unidirectional arrow but in fact flows normally unperceived by us in all directions and at a bewildering array of speeds then one of the reasons why a cube inch of lead might seem so much more solid than a cube of water might be because lead's actually a denser/slower form of time/space than water because that's one of the things people tend to forget about the Higgs Field theory's it doesn't render us once and for all permanently solid but rather constantly has to adjust so if we're a film director jumping off a bridge the water functions as it normally does according to human perspective except for a split second when it suddenly seems briefly solider than steel before immediately reverting back to normal wateriness.

My point being if there's more to time/space than we currently think then someone who knew how to manipulate it could easily reproduce not just all the UFO tricks but even the ghostly paranormal type ones such as apports deja vue Roman soldiers marching through Liverpool/London etc.

For instance someone in command of such technology wouldn't have to move from wherever they were hanging in the sky but'd merely have to dilate the space between themselves and any potentially hostile approaching jets so they'd simultaneously be disappearing off into the infinite distance but also not moving an inch at all.

They could make people think they'd lost hours or days of time but what'd've really happened was they'd simply contracted time in such a way the person bypassed the intervening hours and merely thought they'd lost their memory.

Similarly they wouldn't necessarily need to kill a car's engine to stop it but isolate or place or temporarily convert some crucial component of it to a much slower moving region or quality of time.

Ditto making a car swerve by slightly altering the rate of time on one or other of its sides.

Of course some'd argue you wouldn't need to do that at all merely induce people to cognitively experience the illusion time and space were plastic.

Well maybe but consider this.

When my daughter used to take me walkies one time we were crossing a patch of grass when she suddenly bolted in the road right in front of an oncoming car.

Without thinking I simply reached across into the middle of the road and yanked her back producing from her one of the most bloodcurdlingest shrieks I've ever heard and I've heard quite a few deeply bloodcurdling shrieks in my time some of them actually emitted by me.

While I was comforting her it suddenly hit me 'ang on a mo' I'm still right back here on the grass about six or more feet behind the railings and there's something like another six foot or more of paving before you hit the kerb and then there's something like yet another six foot of actual road before you reach the spot where I yanked her back from that's got'o be something like twen'y feet! How the hell could I've reached her from here?

If you google map winifred street liverpool uk and pull back a little onto wavertree road you can still see the patch of grass and trees and the footpath we used. The railings're hidden by the trees but the point where I was standing was actually a little further back from where the trees start.

I know I'm prone to visual distortions but that's got'o to be twen'y feet hasn't it?

It's The Grimerica Show!

This is the artwork for the new podcast of the Grimerica website, commissioned by my good friends up north Darren Grimes & Graham Dunlop.

You'll notice I left something of an 'Easter egg' *ba-dum tss* for seasoned UFO buffs ;)

The 1st episode of The Grimerica Show is now available on their website (the podcast will soon be offered via iTunes). It features amateur astronomer Efrain Palermo, who has spent several years carefully studying the pictures of Mars taken by NASA, and found some pretty interesting anomalies. We're not talking about petrified Bigfoots or Martian sand ships here, but the kind of thing that one day is considered total lunacy & 10 years later is considered common knowledge --i.e. the presence of liquid water on the surface of Mars.

I know there's plenty of 'paranormal podcasts' on the market out there, but if you decide to give TGS a chance, you'll notice the easy-going & laid-back approach of Darren & Graham makes for a very entertaining experience --unless you're uncomfortable with a few profanities uttered here & there during your work hours, in which case I suggest putting your headphones on.

Plus Mr. Palermo is a fascinating individual, one who proves a layperson can make an important contribution to Science, even if initially said contribution finds resistance among the more sclerotic levels of the Academic apparatus. His website is Palermo Project.

And finally, some disclosure: I will be appearing as one of the guests in some future episode of The Grimerica Show --my first genuine podcast interview baybeh!

Not only that, but the guys asked me to become something of a regular contributor to their show. I'll let you know more details in the future.

Click here & let Darren & Graham turn your world upside down!


[UPDATE]: The Grimerica Show is now available on iTunes. You can subscribe by clicking here, and if you like it please be sure to write a nice review on the Apple store.

Also, Darren tells me the episode with my interview will be posted next Friday --so maybe this will be the day when I finally break the Internet :P

How we won the James Randi Paranormal Challenge

How we won the James Randi Paranormal Challenge

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We really enjoy when comfortable bourgeois atheists talk about the apocalypse…

Unfinished business

Are these claims “falsifiable? Millions will see this.

we’re not KIDDING




get to the article on the APOCALYPSE - pg. 22

no, 99% have failed!

2 Kings 19


“That night the angel of the Lord went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand in the Assyrian camp. When the people got up the next morning—there were all the dead bodies!”






Remote Viewing news & blogs – week ending 17 May 2013

Remote Viewing news & blogs – week ending 17 May 2013

Welcome to another weekly round-up of the world wide web's Remote Viewing, Psychic, ESP news and weirdness.

Daz Smith



Dale Graff: The Former Director of Project STARGATE and Remote Viewing.
The west coast truth.com [video/audio]

"A radio interview with Dale Graff - Dale is a physicist and a former Director of Project STARGATE, the government program that investigated remote viewing phenomena. He has appeared on ABC's Nightline, Paranormal Borderline, CNN, several TV documentaries on remote viewing, such as A&E's Psychic Spies program in the series, THE UNEXPLAINED, Discovery Channel's documentary on ESP, and several British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) productions, including their Mysteries series. He has been interviewed on over fifty radio talk shows, including Art Bell's Coast to Coast, The X-Zone with Rob McConnell, Sightings with Jeff Rense, The Jerry Hughes Show and many others in the US and the UK. He was a guest on Fox News Network's The Crier Report and on ABC's Good Morning America. His books include Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness, March, 1998 and RIVER DREAMS, January, 2000. Other books in progress include River Shadows and On the Trail of Intuition."


Edwin C. May, former director of Project Star Gate, and Joseph McMoneagle at the Rhine.

"Starting Friday, May 31st the Rhine Research Center will be presenting a rare opportunity with Edwin C. May, former director of Project Star Gate, and Joseph McMoneagle, the Army’s number 1 Remote Viewer, coming together to present a series of talks on Friday and Saturday that reflect on their long experience in psychical research in the government and military circles. The two day event includes a 6 hour Remote Viewing course."


Stephan Schwartz - False Equivalencies and the Mediocrity of Nonlocal Consciousness Research Criticism
May, 2013,[article]

"Stephan Shwartz has a timely piece up which addresses criticisms of non-local consciousness, and presents some of examples of research which refutes the nay-sayers."


Eight Martinis - FREE Remote Viewing magazine is now in its ninth issue. (April 2013).
Available as a free download (pdf) or as a full colour printed magazine (printed to order).


Paul O Connor - Meditations on a Triangle
Karen Russo - [video]

"Meditations on a Triangle (2010), is comprised of a video and a three art objects. It explores the application of the technique of ‘remote viewing’ – the psychic ability to see and describe remote geographical locations, or ‘targets’ – to the exploration of outer space."


Russell Targ - sharing what TED will not.
May, 2013, [video]


Remote Viewers See Meteor Impact for 2013
exohuman.com M1y, 2013, [article]