My talk about the North American "giants"

With the appearance of Greg Little's new book, I think it would not be out of place for me to mention that the North American "giants" (Andaste, Wendigo, Wedigo, Tsulhgul, Tsunighul, Nuhallo) were pretty thoroughly covered by me in 2005 in my book "Man and Impact in the Americas".

See video

The graphics have been inserted by the person I gave the interview to at the suggestions of various nu-age nuts and conmen.

For example, the Andaste never had swords. That is Mormon crap.

If you do a your tube search for "E.P. Grondine" you will also find another video entitled "E.P. Grondine talks about the Giants", the very same title, which I had absolutely nothing to do with.

As I choose my words quite carefully, I get upset watching anyone put words in my mouth.

Israeli cyberattack on Obama

Save a copy while you can:

This explains a lot about the neocons recent activities.

The Bengazi issue can be traced to Victoria Nuland and her husband Roger Baker, the same fellow who put US ground forces into Iraq, without enough troops to secure Iraq's weapons dumps.

It looks to me like Israel's concern then was to interrupt any possible flow of shoulder fired missiles (anti-tank and anti-helicopter, as well as anti-personnel) from Iran to Hezbollah.

It looks to me like Netanyahu is now stalling for time, with the intention of expanding Israeli settlements.

News about the Divestiture, Boycott and Sanctions movement is generally suppressed here in the US, as is news about UN recognition of Palestine.

In general, I look at this as the interaction between the science of WMDs, and religion. We have the thoroughly traumatized survivors of the Nazi's genocide armed with nuclear weapons, and relying on support from the Christian fundamentalists and the southern US based military industrial complex.

I do not know how the rest of feel right now, but I am really sick of this ride.

I sure wish the PBS debate between Rabin and Sharon was available online.

Robot uprising

Just saw this Movie "The Machine" (I) (2013) And I must say it is probably one of the best movies I
have seen about AI, now I am not a film reviewer or critic per se
so I won't go into any detail but I will say it has a good ending
(sort of :P) and somewhat surprising. Also being that it is an older
movie (2013) many of you have likely seen it already.
IMDB gave it a 6.1 but IMO it deserves at least an 8 if just for the
you can likely get it from amazon or me################# from
Popcorn time (Movie share site) it's kinda like a new Napster
Disclaimer: I am not promoting Popcorn time because..well you know
"snickers".D IMO a kick ass movie :)

The Choice is Ours (2015) Parts I & II

The Choice is Ours (2015) Parts I & II - 30 language

Did Quantum Physics Just Prove The Existence of An Afterlife?

Did Quantum Physics Just Prove The Existence of An Afterlife?

Hoverboard Record

And unlike Marty's in Back to the Future, this one works on water!

I mean really!

If someone has any suggestions I'm all ears :-/

Radionics As Art

Interview with Duncan Laurie:

"Look at the history of Radionics as a place where clues to this process have been left for posterity. After all, these inventors made devices that worked, as testified by hundreds of people who were cured where mainstream medicine failed. Today’s radionics is very open ended, as you will see in the book. I’ve been prone to advance it as an artistic methodology, since both art and radionics are empirical and self-referential disciplines that are understood best through application. If a few musicians can raise a whole stadium to their feet in joy and happiness for several hours, why not consider other inertia defying possibilities as well?"


A wonderful idea for pushing the legalization envelope. I hope it succeeds!

Neurons Rewrite Their Own DNA Constantly
Amazing stuff. DNA is not static, but ever changing.