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STAR WARS VII : The Farce Awakenings FULL MOVIE in HD with TAMPAX Screen Size Compatibility!

STAR WARS VII : The Farce Awakenings FULL MOVIE in HD with TAMPAX Screen Size Compatibility!

YES! This is it! The movie we've all been waiting for! Pre-Released right in time for The Freezing Cold Month of Dismember! Ho-ho-ho!

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Strip the Cosmos (New Series on the Science Channel)

The next episode will be Dec. 3, 2014 and is about the planet Mars!

A previous episode ("Cosmic Pinball") already discussed the latest theory of solar system formation in which Jupiter formed about 33% closer to the sun. Computer simulations indicate that the planet Mars should be at least 10 times larger than it is. The explanation provided by this new model is that Jupiter swept up the extra material (that would have been aggregated by Mars) before migrating to its current orbit. See also the recent episode on Jupiter in the How the Universe Works: Expanded Edition series.

What the scientists don't mention is that Earth's myths and religions preserve a much different explanation for how our solar system formed. These myths are actually quite detailed and take into account the entire solar system of 12 or 13 original planets, that is, not only the visible planets but also the outer planets and dwarf planets!

The Biblical pattern of "Jacob and his 12 sons" was actually derived from an original Egyptian model. Re, the Sun, was archetypal "troubled Jacob" and his "12 sons" were the other leading members of the Egyptian pantheon corresponding to the wayward planets orbiting the Sun:

1) Geb the Heir and "Intemperate Eldest Son" of Jacob (Reuben)
2) Thoth the "Know-It-All" second son of Jacob (Simeon)
3) Set the "Rehabilitated Hit Man" (Levi/Seth)
4) Horus the Elder and "Great Warrior" (Judah)
5) Osiris (Sekhem/Sokar) the "Sacrificed God" (Issachar/Shechem)
6) Isis/Yzebel (Zebulun)
7) On/Anu (Gad)
8) Shu (Asher)
9) Atum/Tem (Dan)
10) Hathor (Naphtali)
11) Ptah (Joseph)
12) Horus the Younger (Benjamin)

1) Mercury = Reuben ("hot-blooded" and impetuous)
2) Venus = Simeon ("wise")
3) Earth = Levi, the "twin" of Simeon
4) Mars = Judah ("praised")
5) Asteroid Belt = Issachar/Shechem (the "slain god")
6) Jupiter = Zebulun ("by the waters/sea")
7) Saturn = Dan ("judge")
8) Uranus = Gad ("fortunate")
9) Neptune and half-pint Pluto = Joseph and ("half-tribe") Manasseh
10) Quaoar = Asher ("happy"). It now has a highly circular orbit, but is not its former self in magnitude, due to receiving an inter-
planetary attack (by Anu/Uranus) according to one theory.
11) Eris = Naphtali ("wrestler", "Mother of the Gods") Eris/Xenia is a "planet of crossing", but probably not the home wrecker of the inner planets that it once had been.
12) Sedna = Benjamin ("son of the right hand")

Other major bodies may yet to be found in the outer solar system, so this is probably still a premature model, especially for the outer planets.

Nevertheless, it is clear that 12 (sometimes 13) planetary "gods and goddesses" are represented by the pantheons of many geographical regions. For example, the Egyptian god Horus (the Elder) was called Hadad/Adad and Osiris was called Tammuz/Dumuzi.

Note: There is also a strong Joseph aspect associated with the planet Jupiter. Perhaps this reflects that Jupiter was much closer to the sun during the early solar system formation. (See discussion in the below link.) In the simplified "pantheon," Joseph takes the sixth place and Benjamin the seventh (with the other princes omitted).
(See Comment #1)

Some scientists think that Neptune and Uranus also switched positions at some point in the remote past.

There were also two major (somewhat competing) cosmologies regarding the formation of the twin planets Venus and Earth and the Asteroid Belt. In one, Venus and Earth are formed from the remains of Tiamat after it was smashed by Marduk. In the Egyptian version (also reflected in the Bible), Venus (Thoth/Simeon) and Earth (Set/Levi) are themselves considered the killers of the fifth planet, who is male (Osiris/Issachar-Shechem) rather than female (Tiamat) in characterization. What is not so clear is whether the remains of "wounded" Marduk should be associated with the newly discovered dwarf planet Sedna or some other body that is yet to be discovered.

The Enuma Elish contains poetic and penetrating descriptions of the ignition of our sun and the reaction of a second/twin (failed) sun, subsequent planetary "conflict/collision" and "migration" and many other astonishing details. Much of this theorizing actually sounds more reasonable than current "scientific" models, which are in fact starting to adopt concepts that are already found in the myths!

Will science prove the myths to be the musings of ancient primitive man, or will the knowledge possessed by ancient man make fools of modern scientists?

More detailed discussion (including links to related discussion here at TDG) is found here:

It will be interesting to see what the Strip the Cosmos episode on Mars has to say about that planet's violent past, especially in light of the recent sensation over the theory of Dr. John Brandenburg:

Brandenburg's phrasing that "aliens are hostile to young 'noisy' civilizations" is particularly provocative. It even sounds like something straight out of the Enuma Elish:

"I will destroy, I will wreck their ways,
That quiet may be restored. Let us have rest!"

In the Egyptian version, this same sentiment is expressed by an allegory involving a "pool of (boisterous) hippos" that must be done away with.

Ironically, in both stories it is the god/king that brings about his own demise by trying to eliminate the noise makers.

Incidentally, the Hittite "Song of Ullikummis" and related "Myth of Illyankas" describe how the Storm God (Adad/Mars) was attacked by Ullikummis/Illyankas (Tammuz/Asteroid Belt). The assailant (Tammuz/Egyptian Osiris) was killed and broken into pieces. The Storm God ultimately prevailed but was itself devastated (with eyes and heart ripped out).

All of the myths associate the planet Mars with heroic but tragic battle. These ancient cosmologies suggest that Mars was battle-scarred by violent (physical, electro-magnetic, etc.) interactions with other bodies of the solar system, and not by aliens per se. Recall that the god Adad was associated with the lightning bolt.

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Global Civilization Collapse Risk Increasing Due To Rising Levels of Corruption!

"Violent 'protests' may have started out as legitimate non-violent protests, but once they are sabotaged and hijacked by violent infiltrator instigators then they are no longer really protests, but actually end up being counter-productive riots! And rioting is not legitimate under any circumstances. Rioting does more harm to the very communities that otherwise have reason to peacefully protest. So; there should be no doubt that even as significant levels of corruption are a significant cause of these protests; it is no excuse to for anyone to resort to violence or to remain as part of any infiltrated and wrecked protest. And that is why protest organizers have to use very specific preventive methods; such as limiting the protest to silent marching with candles or flashlights and banners and signs, and having protest organizers quickly help authorities remove any persons who do things that break the silence and peace! No doubt infiltration from persons and groups with disruptive agendas is always a risk, but that risk can be reduced. The question then arises: what if such silent protests are ignored by the mass media and fail to get the corrupt to understand the serious harm, stealth-violence and death that they are causing? What then? And that is why ultimately even non-violent protests are ineffective IF not accompanied by efforts to arrange constant dialogue and negotiations between the injured and harmed parties and the injurers and harmers. But let's be real: most of those who injure and harm people are not interested in change and will tend to avoid sincere negotiating. And so here is where the deliberate degradation of worker's unions and public interest groups is meant to weaken citizen's rights and silence people. But what about corruption of the unions and NGOs themselves?? These are the socio-economic injustices of our times and World. And with the inevitable lack of sufficient transparency that has been made much worse by the Digital Era our Global Human Civilization is now at greater risk of collapse than ever! We need far more sophisticated solutions and those sufficiently intelligent and wise to be able to devise those solutions. And that is where I can be of help, but only if sufficiently supported. Otherwise we're doomed! Corruption and injustice and instability will only continue to increase without an awareness on the part of those with the means to support tjhose with the right solutions. G-D Save Us All" JP Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, etc.

Bigfoot At Radium Springs Wilderness

This is the most compelling thing I have seen on Bigfoot in awhile - Les Stroud of "Survivor Man" goes on expedition with Todd Standling who has practically lived in the Radium Springs, BC wilderness and had many bigfoot encounters. There is a piece of video footage that must be seen too. Could be fake, but you get the distinct impression after watching the show that there is no fakery going on. Stroud remains agnostic, but that is wearing away by degrees as he has more and more odd interactions that violate his deep knowledge of the outdoors and its known denizens. Standling has arguably located the most active bigfoot areas on the planet and has drawn master outdoorsman Stroud into his world. This could be very fruitful in coming years.

The Tomb (of Someone Related to Alexander) at Amphipolis

Image: Hades carries Persephone to the Underworld, from the tomb at Amphipolis.

The article linked immediately above proposes that the tomb belonged to a Greek General named Laomedon. This is very compelling in that Laomedon spoke Persian, was the fifth member of the Pella Five, and also owned a prominent estate in Amphipolis. (See Peter Green, "Alexander the Great", pp 39, 101) The estate was forfeited when the Pella Five were exiled over the Pixodarus Affair, but later restored to Laomedon.

My recently published research (see links below) concluded that Laomedon of Mytilene was a local epithet/alias of Cassander, who was the very one that ordered the execution of Olympias. He also later ordered the executions of Roxane and Alexander's son Alexander IV. Within this context, the tomb mosaic symbolizes Cassander's role perfectly!

According the Greek myth of Persephone (depicted in the stunning tomb mosaic, above), this goddess did not die but was saved by order of the higher power Zeus. Consistent with this, Olympias did not literally die at the hands of Cassander either. Olympias eclipsed her older sister Troas of Epirus (Atossa of Persia) as the dominant queen. Her representation as a female-headed Sphinx (as well as Medusa) was a highly appropriate considering her status. Her daughter Barsine/Roxane was also poised to succeed her as Great Queen by virtue of having produced all of the royal males of the new generation.

It was NOT the decision of Cassander/Laomedon, but that of Olympias and Roxane to abandon their primary identities in Macedon in pursuit of global priorities. Cassander was only cooperating with what these royal superiors were directing, and the tomb mosaic captures his faithfulness beautifully.

Therefore, the figures in the mosaic on either side of the "ghost of Philip" would have represented Olympias and the "forever young" Alexander the Great. They would have similarly mirrored that of Roxane and the teenaged prince Alexander IV. Olympias and Roxane are being exalted in this tomb even though it is evidently not the tomb or cenotaph of either woman. Olympias, like Persephone, was symbolically dead (half in the Underworld) and also genuinely still living and ruling! Her son Alexander the Great was himself both figuratively dead and literally alive, as well! Alexander, like Hermes, was now considered a "spirit" and had swiftly gone before Olympias in his symbolic death.

The role of Zeus would have been played by another ghostly specter, that of the lion-king Artaxerxes III "Ochus" (the former Macedonian King Perdiccas and predecessor of Philip II). By the time this tomb was built, Seleucus had become Great King (at least in name) in the West. However, the sphinx and other goddess iconography in the tomb indicates that Olympias was the real power behind the throne.

Image: Broken head of a sphinx from the Tomb of Amphipolis.

A press release for the new Alexander book is posted here:

A summary of the new Alexander book is posted here:

ANSWER to the famous Fermi Paradox finally provided!

The ANSWER is simple! Our Galaxy itself abounds with Life, even various forms and degrees of highly-evolved Life, but the ones that most likely are visiting us or have 'visited' us probably helped 'create' a source of 'civilization cultivation' for the dual purpose of having something relatively interesting to do, and to harvest fresh genetic tissue and hormones for the purpose of delaying their advanced enthropic evolutionary phase 'condition'. And all highly advanced, more ancient civilizations, do not 'inter-galatic-distance' communicate by means of radio/TV waves, but rather by the more secure, reliable means of laser-pulse-relay technology! Hence we would need to be fortunate enough to have devices that can intercept such laser-pulse-signals! Why do they do the equivalent of 'submarine deep-silence'? Because they fully understand the unintended harm, the unethical threat that careless direct CONTACT can have on any species that is not yet at thee minimal level of Universal Consciousness! In a sense they are to us as good parents are to their children once they have turned into curious juveniles! Too much of a so-called 'helping hand' and one's teenage child becomes severely depressed and self-destructs! They provide us plenty of mystery with hints, including possible limited contact, but they avoid direct contact at the mass-society level, because of the irreversible harm that would come from that vis-a-vis a species as still-primitive as ours! All one needs to do is observe how isolated primitive Amazonian tribes are devastated if and when there is direct contact! After all; would you not be extremely afraid and distrustful if suddenly your very survival needs were ONLY provided to you by a group of people who had the weapons and total power to be able to destroy you at will, and who would nonetheless deny you the right to any such technological means to defend yourself from them, if ever the need arose?!? You would think that if they genuinely cared about your real welfare they would empower you with the same level of technology. But from their perspective they would be concerned, and most likely rightfully so, that you would abuse such technology to dominate your fellow humans, and that would truly lead to disastrous consequences! So they don't even risk any significant level of indisputable mass contact, and they await us until we manage to achieve a sufficient level of ethical awareness and social conduct, and even then they would make it clear to us that they would not be able to share their technological advances with us, but that the most they might do is provide indirect hints as to what kinds of technologies are possible. And this is exactly the problem: if we ourselves had been the more ancient of two evolved species and we had arrived on a Mars full of relatively intelligent and technologically developed beings; would we not then realize that they would have no choice but to end up not only totally fearing us, but hating and distrusting us, and if they then would realize they cannot ever subdue us, but that we could easily wipe them out; they would soon enough become severely depressed and begin to self-destruct?! So: I think the primary reason is purely socio-psychological and technological...and spiritual/ethical...and not born of any intentional malice. That is why I wrote my book: The Most Important Thought (Book). Best, Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, etc., Founder of Infinity Day .

The Time Machine ... Re-Invented ???

What if today someone would try to raise funds for a Time Travel Machine? How would she or he go about doing so? And who would take their chances? Well; one such Scientist Inventor seems to be doing just that! Here is the video link:

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Dorothy King about Ampipolis tomb and the fabrication of Skopje (FYROM) about Macedonia

Everybody on these planet knows that Macedonia is Nothern Greece and not the small Slavik country FYROM .

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