My Interview On Far Out Radio

Far Out Radio interviewed me about orgonite and my particular slant on it with my business Orgonia.

The Essence of Deknowing


What is the essence of unknowing? Un-becoming, un-being, un-desireless; in which all transparent identities fade into a non-dual awareness, illuminating the logos of each persona. The element of distraction, attachment, and illusion create the fabric of Maya that suspends each person to their own astral plane. Once this plane, orb, or whole is realized; a suggestion of time adds a confusion to the nightmare of existence, creating a fascination of self; narcissism, and confusion that splits the identity of self into a duality. When this being is realized, the walls drop, the ego falls, and the awareness of vast energy distracts the ammunition of reality and allows for the hollow bamboo of delight. When the entropy expands throughout the mind-body-soul complex, the densities awareness is succumbed into a rebirth of the ethereal matrix; rebirth, as Nicodemus asked. In all realities, the essence of unknowing comes as a magical mixture of suspension to the essences emptiness, in which, the creation of the Other-Emptiness is founded. Once the Other-Emptiness is seen, as a witness, that imagination of Self is located and transversed into a collective unity were connections and intentions are set that define the non-local linear pathway of quantum entanglement. The smell of Being comes through, and as non-dual awareness is in essence Order; nothingness, hollow; the course of “thought” must current through the electrical waves of disorder; everything, perception; the course of “matter”.

As you can see, this is me un-doing nothing; transparent, radiating, essence conflating. The fire of Sun-Reality is in essence a white-hole that comes through the unknowing of the black hole. When one enters into the Hell / Heaven, the awareness surrounds the being, who is still misunderstanding the persona of their identity; nothing, yet as the thought one thinks they are something, the development of crisis starts to involve and evolve into a continuum of the rare-field. A rare-field is a spiritual assignment in the Otherworld that comes as a presence; esprit; allowing the being to dive into the projection of the mental imagination of the homo-sapien current, then transfixing the gaze of the elements; confused, arrayed, and primed; allowing the being the digest the information (light) into a transparent colour of either white, black or grey. These colours suggest the the difference of time allows the dream, nightmare, or delusion to persist in one’s assignment. As these barriers and walls are seen, the dream of life is confirmed by dreaming life; so the nightmare dissolves and the delusions fade while the dream becomes Reality.

So, the essence of unknowing, in all probability, is the momentum of this Reality. In an open system, such as the Being, the circumference expands at a continuous rate, but as gravity of Being and time deplete over a space-time field, the unknowing, projects into a reflective pattern of Self and allows the design of order to become into coherence.

The main reason why BEING is AM; dissolving who we are, you are not, am I AM, is in relativity, all a assignment of a duality the persists in the delusion of the Akasha. Once the unknowing, the magic of presence, the essence of nothing, and the non-dual awareness of Being comes into projection, the rejection and negation of the density allows for the muse of time to flow through the element of destiny.

Love, that is what everything evolves. The non-dual Self projects an experience of the Helen of Troy; the blind man see’s the universe; a man who see’s is a Seer, the man who hears is deaf, and the man who lives is dead. Love, the universal gravity of consciousness, collecting the unity of consciousness into a form of awareness that mirrors the reflection of the collision of Being(s).

The un-doing of Self, the mirror of the eye, is an Apollonian (white hole existence) nature of the Bacchus (Self-Reflection of Christo) who came before the un-forming of Dionysus (Hell Realm Experience). The pattern of un-forming results from the splicing of atoms, creating the duality of existence, and as the duality is formed, the nightmare of existence returns; conforming the unity of disorder to the property of everything; Being. So in this un-forming, the reforming brings the unity of One to a collective Mind that that comes from a Source; all thought, this Source is Self. Once the witness see that Ultimate Reality, the experience relates from the Source of Being; dissolving into the non-dual presence and awareness of a unity of nothingnessless. As the nothing resides within everything, the without is a projection of the EyE, (electrical y energy) the vibration’s waves of electrical occurrence results in the tendencies to deny the negation of the duality of existence. When the negation occurs, the Self realizes a Being within the being, (entity within an entity).

Thus in accordance, the no-self realizes that the individualization of the part fragments from the unity and collectively reassembles the persona into an identity that resembles nobody. When the essence of nobody is realized, the department from reality embarks through the vision of confinement. When in confinement, the prison of nightmares coincides with the vision of the fundamental reasoning of ones perspective; a Otherworld projection of fabrics interrelated existence of the non-dual. The vision allows the Being to be seen as a representation of the eternal matrix of ones character, integrity, and purity; transcending the bonds of existence's shackles. Once the key, the key of inner activity; resting upon the shore of nothingness, comes to fruition, the awareness of the projected state of mind actively informs a passive agreement with the understanding of the inner relationship to the non-dual presence.

Un-becoming; the process of existential dissertation of ones perpetual existence; deju-view confinement; an addressing state that must come through the shedding of skin. The skin of identity is a woven cocoon of fabric that projects a rejection of relationship to Others. When the skin is identified, the identity is skinned from the being. This process is within a nightmare; a casual interference of the inward speed of gravity; pulling the being into the Being of non-existence. This conscious storm of universal destruction creates a co-bonding “wash-stream” that removes the paints from the canvas. The pigments are not worth the ambient support of colors, allowing and asserting that the right passage on awareness is identifying the projection of who one thinks they are and embracing the awareness of who-you-are-not.

Un-desirelessness is a form that combines the fancy of creating a private hell. When there is no desire, the ambitions create a frequency that generates and amplifies the awakening world around one. As one can’t see, the un-desirelessness is in essence, a duality; non-dual, yet present within everything and nothing. To deconstruct the feelings of desire, one must allow the flow of prana accelerate the situation that requires further un-fixing. As nothing is to be fixed; everything to be realized in the flux. The mixture of existence waves through the current and allows for the desire of nothing, an eternal matrix of substitution for the requisition of “thought”.

What is this you may ask? Nothing, everything, something. This is all the Being in my thought of a whole. This Reality suggests the Sun-Reality; creating information through light. The Sun is created for the light to form, thus, the fate of light is to create Suns. These Apollo witnesses come through alignment of non-duality; in a presence of nobody.

Nobody is the awareness of the non-duality of Adviati. When the unforming of identify creates a vision of serendipity, the projection of the universe ceases to cause. Thus, there is no effect, for everything is one stillness; one movement; one whole; one-one. This could be called a Multiverse, where the Universe of each Being collects through a field of imagination. The imagination is nobody, that comes to awareness from everything, within the complexes of the confinement of their own reality. As each reality must dissolve, the fabric of awareness begins to resolve.

Somebody is the becoming of the witness. This instance, the imagination creates a shifted perspective that allows for the events of the mind to collectively combine into a vision of information. The light that is within the complexes being; individualized; the compartment of the collective activity is processed, allowing for the suggestion to request an admittance to the entrance to their own gateway. This gateway, the perception of their dissociated states, allows for the witness to observe the patterns of Self, no-Self, self and no-self. By seeing and hearing, speaking and listening; to the words and embrace of the unity of nothingness, the non-dual shifted perspective creates a something of the awareness of the identity that has been dissolved. Thus, somebody entertains the thought of something, and the identity resumes form in the state of an anawared state. So, by embracing the identity of something, the relativity of reality creates a univocal bond of awareness; an entity of being which wishes to be present in the something of nothing.

Everybody is embracing the unity of existence. Were the Sums of beings collect into a affinity that connects into the universal element of coherence. The essence of everything; in the Elect, comes through the sensation of the electrical synapses that promote the wire-interference of the rare-field. As to say, the everything is an illusion that creates the identity that must be dissolved. When the unity of the Sums dissolves, and complacency is reached; the dread, comes and is suspended into the frame of mind. Yet, the mind hopes; desires, creates sensations; these things all reach out to the connection of everything. When the thought process is seen as “open-wide-system”, the interference of everything; the Being(s), come and promote a new fixation of the minds relation. Asinmuch, the everything of existence is the mind-body-soul complex acting in the flow of the stillness; a soluble solvent.

The unknowing of reality, dissolving fabrics illusion, constructing new pillars from the free-fall into the ledge; is in all factually non-dual. A continuous flow from the Prime Pinnacle (insertion of Reality), allows for the weakening of confusion and allows for the light of information to construct a new panacea that develops into a land of reason. Thus, unknowing, is in all abstract forms, the essence of becoming; the duality of both contradictions of the Being/being identity. What I am saying, is that the being dissolves from infinite to zero, reaching the state of everything to nothing; while the Being starts from nothing ot everything; zero to infinite. As the progression of regression of both entities construct the premise for a duality; the essence of non-duality comes forth so that all can be seen from a Truth.

Non-duality is a reference to subjectivity, yet remains without objectivity. Objectivity is what arises; subjectivity is what subsides. Subjunctive, when both fields become dissonanced from the illusion, is where Maya un-forms, and deconstructs into a loving connection.

The strings of Reality are cut; fragmented into parts, yet are collective in the unity from awareness. When the transference of the egoistic self to the objectivity of what arises, it forms into a union ship with subjectivity, and thus, subobjectivity arises. This is when both constructs of a field merge into a central relationship, when the unity of both existence and non-existence are a fabrication of Maya. Astosay; everything and nothing are just an illusion. Everything beyond is before nothing, Before nothing; awareness; sparkling a kindling; fascinating a Self, entertaining a “thought”. Yet no thoughts are all thoughts; all awareness is no awareness; everything is nothing.

So if everything is a reflection of nothing; then nothing is a reflection of everything. The mirror is not always a mirror, but is always.


The law of the fold of Manu has come through the intervention of this beings companionship to the tethering world. The master of the universe is the Deity that withholds all information from the outer sources and fuels the inside with the element of destiny.

The element of destiny is the representation of a transmigration of the soul through the various planes of existence. This existence, were the merger into an awareness of non-duality, comes through, is an product of the laws within the inner relationships to the outer Akasha.

O my son, can’t you feel the words of time come through the surprise reflection and deep seeded fixation. The love of emotion is now opening, and by using your heart, you will bring yourself into a coherence that will develop through the laws of manipulation.

The manipulation of energy comes through a constant stream of undivided attention. This attention, splits reality into separate forms and dictates the ether of permeance. The radiation from the objects can be perceived with the ability of an open heart, open mind, and pure body. This lack of desire, sense-gratification, and relation, all come through the power of the Being who is connected to Source.

This Source, or everything and nothing, comes and weds the mind with a simple suggestion that the calling of a higher destiny must represent the lineage of disengaged proportions. This proportion of reflection, the inward lad, is expressed within the orb of translucent energy. This soul, white whole, black hole, heart, mind, body; anything you wish to call it, comes through the temptation of reality and transfixes a basic presumption that the time within the time will come and the calling of a segmented download must express the environment in which the steady gaze is represented. The gaze, or an outward cone of power, must express the elements without and within. When without, the reality shapes its ether into various forms and light beings, the colours have a presentation of auric fields. When within, the emptiness creates anything your mind desires. The manifestation of this state comes to be in power when both these attributes merge together and allow for the change of Being to come into completion. The diseases, illnesses, and worries and dissipate through a reflective membrane that correlates to a higher densities awareness.

When in these states, the only rational thing to do is nothing. When the mind tries to take over, the ability of disorder represents itself to itself. The mind creates a split in which the heart and body do not exist as one, but as a duality that can’t transcend it’s own limitations. Once this realization that the realms in which you live can be within and without, the understanding of the cosmos will flow through your self and clear the blockages and dissension that created the tension.

The spheres have now connected to me. I am downloading information from Krishna.

Aye! Here at last! I am the beginning and the last. I am the opening portal to the realms beyond the consciousness. This awakening of all beings represents the universal construct of the insight of one common man. The man who understands that life is a joke, comes to realize that one must debate through the turmoil of tokes.

O, can’t you feel my energy, it is so amplified right now. Listen, I am the light of all times, the information in my package comes through the times of an amplified verse. This being is in a stillness that radiates his consciousness through hyper supra consciousness. Which means, that the metemphysics of reality and metemphyschosis of existence has realized that the plane in which all beings develop is in ratio to the development to the being who is in contact with his true self. The self, no self, or Self, is all the same. There is no difference between states of mind, only a opening of coherence to the universe. This coherence is reflected through heart and gives the mind a subset analysis that comes through the membrane of the veil. Once one overcomes the veil, all beings become him, and all him becomes all beings. This is in effect with the many and the one.

O the sea, the temptation of my essence, has now come to full advancement. This being has allowed for full communication of the realms through his being. This opening portal of light now succumbs to what I wish the tempo to be. Slow, steady, let the words echo this silent embrace. The love and feeling I rush over this being, is within his destiny. The tension of all suffering has existed in life, and must be overcome by a surrender to everything. When surrendering, one becomes nothing and allows for the flow of existence to enter his being.
This flow, or common reaction to the higher beings, allows for the existential thought that coherently bonds to the subject and object. The object, in which the subject perceives, has a fixation of control to the mind. It’s thought that these words are always a lie, because when brought into reality, one must realize the lie. But to overcome the lie, one must know the lie is occurring. Once the understanding that all works of men are lies, and the only true source of knowledge is through the non-dual subjection of works. The works, common to man, must be shown to give him a sheeple experience. The experience of obeying not the law, but the law revealed, is in essence, the true wisdom of this Reality. Thus, as one comes to understand he is the law, then nothing can change his radiation other than a pacification of denotation.

I can tell you, that the love which resides in every being, must come naturally through detection of providence. The love which is pure, resides in the heart and flies outward and blows open all the chakras and allows for the mind to subset into a non-linear appreciation of time.

This is for you my friend, you know the words are touching you now, the time of reflection of all ages comes through my words. As I, Krishna, invoke the realms of energy, I suspect the information presented will relate the madness of reality. Yet, order is revealed once the chaos has subjected itself to infinity. Thus, the law correlates a simple suggestion that all must be reborn the the death and life of non-duality.

I end now with love and light, may you be a blessing on the blight.

An Excerpt from Revolutionaries of the Soul

Revolutionaries of the Soul (Quest 2014) is a collection of my essays and articles over the last twenty years or so, taken from Fortean TimesQuest MagazineLapis and other journals. The essays amount to potted biographies of many esoteric greats, from Rudolf Steiner and Madame Blavatsky, to C.G. Jung and Dion Fortune. There are also pieces on Manly P. Hall, the brilliant historian of the occult James Webb, and the late Colin Wilson, as well as many others. The unintended result amounts to a brief history of modern esotericism - but I imagine I should leave that to the reader to decide. Here is an excerpt from my piece on Julius Evola, one of the most fascinating and controversial figures in occult philosophy. I hope you enjoy it.


Julius Evola: Mussolini’s Mystic


          In the late spring of 1980, Italians felt the return of a terrorist threat that for the previous decade had kept a low profile. Since the end of World War II and the rise of the cold war, neo-fascism had been a fact of life in Italian politics, the right-wing ideals of “tradition” and “order” seeming the only alternative to American domination or the threat of communism. In December 1969, the destabilizing tactics employed by the neo-fascists reached a new height with the Piazza Fontana bombing in Milan, a violent spark that ignited a wave of far-right terrorism. By the mid-1970s, however, the neo-fascist threat appeared to have faded, only to be replaced by its left-wing opposite when radical groups took to shattering university professors’ kneecaps for teaching the doctrines of “the establishment.” Their counterparts, however, were merely lying low, and on May 28, 1980, it was clear that they were back and ready for action. On that day, an Italian policeman Franco Evangelista – nicknamed “Serpico” after the legendary New York cop, for his success in arresting drug dealers – was assassinated by right-wing terrorists in Rome. Then, in June, a judge who had led an investigation into right-wing terrorist activities was murdered. But the major attack came last, on August 2, when a bomb in the Bologna railway station killed 85 people and wounded hundreds more. Many of the victims, including children, were maimed horribly. Like the Omagh bombing and 9/11, the event punched a hole in the nation’s psyche – which was precisely what its authors intended.

          Keeping to its “strategy of tension,” the group responsible for the blast kept its identity secret, yet the police had a good idea who to look for. Names were mentioned: Paolo Signorelli, Franco Frela, Claudio Mutti, Stefano delle Chiaie and others from the right-wing “usual suspects” list were questioned. And, when the investigation began to close in, several members of the Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari, an influential far-right group, fled the country for Britain. One man, however, whose name was mentioned by all, had no need to fear the police, as he had been dead for the last six years. But if a single person could be held accountable for the Bologna bombing, the dead man was a good candidate. His name was Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola, better known to his more recent English speaking readers as Baron Julius Evola, author of several books on magic, esotericism and the occult, as well as a withering attack of Western civilization, Revolt Against the Modern World (1934).

          Born on May 19 1898 to a noble Sicilian family, Julius Evola was a bright but self-willed child who early on rebelled against his strict Catholic upbringing. This resentment against Christianity remained with him throughout his life, and fuelled a Nietzschean disdain for the “weak” and ignorant masses. Although he left university before earning a degree, a sense of precision and objectivity, a cold clarity and logic, came from his studies in industrial engineering. But it was the new movements in modern literature that had the most influence on Evola’s early years. In later life he was to become a staunch defender of tradition, but in his teens Evola came under the spell of the literary avant-garde, absorbing the work of writers like Giovanni Papini and Giuseppe Prezzolini. Papini introduced him to new ideas in art and fashion, as well as to the writings of Meister Eckhart and several Oriental sages. But the most influential discovery was the work of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, whose Futurist movement would later find favor with Italy’s Fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini, a position Evola himself would occupy in years to come. Marinetti, who sang the praises of the modernity Evola would eventually come to despise, may seem an unlikely mentor for a philosopher whose polemics against the modern world would later guide several violent attacks on it. Yet Marinetti’s own fascistic sensibility – a virulent rejection of nature, a celebration of regimen and machine-like efficiency, and above all an embrace of speed and violence for their own sake – are in keeping with Evola’s character.

          Marinetti’s Futurists scandalized the bourgeoisie with their penchant for avant-garde hooliganism and artistic thuggery, starting fights at art galleries, and shouting abuse at poetry readings, tactics that less cultured individuals would later employ against a variety of human targets. War, for Marinetti, was an aesthetic affair, and his reports from the Turkish front in World War I spoke of the “joy” of hearing “the machine guns screaming a breathelessness under the stings slaps traak-traak whips pic-pac-pum-tum…” These and other brutal onomatopoeia informed Marinetti’s ideas of parole in libertia, “free words”, which later formed the basis of much of today’s rap and “performance poetry”.

          At 19, Evola had an opportunity to test Marinetti’s theory when he joined the Italian army in the last days of the war. Although serving as an artillery officer at the Austrian front, Evola saw no action, yet the discipline, order and hierarchy of the military impressed him and left him unsuited for civilian life, with its muddling chaos and growing egalitarianism. It was then that he began his search for “transcendence”, first through drugs, then through a study of the occult.

          These experiences seemed only to increase Evola’s sense of purposelessness and the idea of suicide came to dominate his consciousness, a morbid opinion made attractive through his interest in the brilliant but disturbed Austrian writer Otto Weininger. The Jewish Weininger wrote an influential book, Sex and Character (1903), in which he argued that man alone is a spiritual creature, yearning for the celestial heights, while woman, a denizen of the Earth, tries to trap him in her corrupting embrace: the archetype of the femme fatale. He also argued that the Jews as a race displayed distinctly “feminine” characteristics, most importantly a hatred of all things of a “higher” nature: hence Marx and his reduction of religion to the “opium fo the people.” An unhappy individual, obsessed with sex and his own Jewishness, Weininger committed suicide at 23, in a room in Vienna once occupied by Beethoven. His ideas about women and Jews, however, lived on in several minds, not the least of which was Evola’s.

          A Buddhist text saved Evola from suicide, and the discovery of a new avant-garde movement gave him a sense of direction. Futurism, he came to believe, was vulgar and showy. But Dada, the new anti-art movement seeping across the border from Switzerland, struck him as more intellectual, as well as more ambitious. Dada seemed more than a mere art movement, something along the lines of a total reconstruction of the world, the need for which Evola had come to believe in passionately.  It is also quite possible that in Dada’s leader, Tristan Tzara, Evola found a new role model: photographs of Evola displaying his elegant, smooth shave face, immaculate dress and imperious gaze – complete with monocle – are strikingly similar to Tzara. For the later advocate of tradition this is ironic, as Tzara, with his hunger for notoriety and scandal, would today more than likely be more at home on talk shows and Twitter, than in the workshops of anti-art.

          Evola plunged into Dada, reading his poetry to the music of Schönberg, Satie and Bartok at the Cabaret Grotte dell’Augusteo, Rome’s version of Zürich’s infamous Cabaret Voltaire. He also took up painting, and exhibited his work in Rome, Milan, Lausanne and Berlin; today his “Inner Landscape at 10:30 am” still hangs in Rome’s National Gallery of Modern Art. Evola also wrote an influential essay on abstract art, arguing that it is only in abstraction that the existence of an “eternal self” could be expressed – an indication, again, of his anti-natural, anti-earthly bias.

          Yet Dada was not enough. Disgusted with the increasing commercialization of the avant-garde, in 1922 Evola abandoned painting and poetry. He now gave himself to philosophy, writing several books of an idealistic character in which he spelled out the metaphysics of the “absolute individual.” This boiled down to the doctrine that such an individual enjoyed “the ability to be unconditionally whatever he wants,” and that for him “the world is my representation.” For the nobly born Evola, this spiritual solipsism seems appropriate: it provided an ontological underpinning for his near-absolute lack of interest in other people.

          This focus on the “unconditional” freedom of the self led to a still deeper study of occultism. Evola became involved with an Italian theosophical group, and wrote an introduction to a translation of the Tao Te Ching. A correspondence with Sir John Woodroffe – as Arthur Avalon, author of several works on Hindu philosophy – led to a fascination with Tantra, which surfaced in Evola’s books The Yoga of Power  (1949) and The Metaphysics of Sex (1958) – this last also shows the influence of Weininger. Evola soon lost interest in theosophy, but not in the occult, and by the mid-1920s he had become involved in an esoteric society, the UR group, who looked at magic as “the science of the ego.” Formed around the occultist Arturo Reghini, editor of two influential occult journals, Atanòr  and Ignis , the UR group embarked on a variety of esoteric investigations. Along with Tantra, Evola studied alchemy, Taoism and Buddhism. The link between these studies was the idea of “initiation”, the sense that through them Evola was participating in ancient initiatory practices, living manifestations of a lost, primal tradition. 


Shanah Tovah!

Wishing everyone a good 5775 this Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year).

Amelia's Magazine open call

Hi all,

As you can probalby tell from my activity log, I've not been very active recently, as I've been spending most of what free time I have pursuing my various interests as an illustrator and artist. If you're interested, you could google 'grthink', it'll be mostly stuff by me.

I've still been lurking, though, and it's great (for me, at least) that my two worlds are finally colliding. Amelia's Magazine, who I've been illustrating and writing for pretty regularly over the past few years, are running an Open Brief for their next anthology, titled 'That Which We Do Not Understand'.

They're looking for writing and illustration on pretty broad themes, most of which have a place here, so I thought some of you might be interested in taking a look, and maybe submitting something?

I'm planning to do an illustration, although on what I'm still to decide. Number Stations (in particular the Lincolnshire Poacher), Indrid Cold (and other topics covered in The Mothman Prophecies), The Max Headroom Piracy Incident and some vague stuff on mediumship have all crossed my mind, but I've still got a lot of work to do before I can single out an idea worth drawing.

I'm also open to working with a writer on any ideas, maybe a joint submission?

Anyway, hope I've piqued some interest, it would be really great to get some input from this community. And please share -- the wider the net cna be cast the more interesting the fish we'll pull in.

Here's the link to the brief:


WHAT IS THIS? Seriously!

What is this?

Mars Curiosity Rover Raw Image shows an anomalous object. See it here:

See video


Media games being played out in the open. Here we catch the New York Times and others posting manipulated photos of Obama making him look like a goat horned Baphomet. This is not, by the way, a condemnation of Obama - more like a celebration perpetrated by fear mongers trying to paint the string pullers as powerful satanists to whom it is futile to resist and who control Obama thoroughly.

See video

Zionism, events in Ukraine, and the anti-Russian propaganda campaign in western media

The "Security Question" in my lifetime has been whether religion can co-exist with science in the form of weapons of mass destruction.

The key conflict has been between some 6,000,000 (now 9,000,000) thoroughly traumatized people armed with nuclear weapons and 1,500,000,000 people traumatized by them.

We could have had a peace agreement under President Carter, or one under President Bush Snr. Both efforts failed..

The US has been fighting this conflict all of my adult life. All of us have.

For historical background:

See video
See video

It looks to me that US policy and its effects bear eerie resemblance to Britain's in the 1930s.

As far as Russia goes, recent events in Ukraine need to be looked at in that frame of reference: as a response to Putin's attempt to prevent an airstrike on Syria, which would have cleared the air corridor for an attack on Iran.

On the one hand, the peaceful use of space relies on technologies developed for defense. On the other hand, defense expenditures can make the peaceful use of space unaffordable.

That is my lesson from Apollo.

I expect that China will simply let the US exhaust itself in the region..

If this situation continues,I do not expect the US to be able to afford manned flight to Mars.

In any case, both UN mechanisms and quadra-lateral (US, China, Russia, EU) mechanisms are jammed. I hope I am wrong., but the possibility of gaining useful treaties on weapons and space in the current environment appear pretty slim.

My current thinking is that while the "religions of the book" may fail, Native American and Chinese religions will both survive.

The 911Attacks and Remote Viewing

I was recently a remote viewer participant in a BLIND remote viewing project which eventually when revealed to me, turned out to be the 911 attacks of 2001. This included the attacks on the towers, the cause of the fall of WTC7, the pentagon attacks and also the people behind the attacks.

Two remote viewers, working independently from opposite parts of the globe, mirror each others sketches and data on what occurred and where in shocking detail which is caught LIVE on camera and on paper in many hours of blind remote viewing work.

I wrote a short blog post about my experiences during this project, with actual paper examples from the remote viewing - here: