My thoughts on psychic phenomenon

This is probably one of the first thing I should of wrote about on my blog. If there is one aspect of the paranormal that is both proven and also very important It is psi. In my view the evidence was enough to establish its existence way back in the 1970's and know with auto-ganzfeld the evidence is even better.

But yet the mainstream scientific community have ignored this effect and worst of all the materialists have seen this threat coming and have taken measures to defend themselves.

CSICOP was formed at a secular humanist meeting since then it has been attacking paranormal claims whilst pretending to be open minded. I very recently had the displeasure of reading an article in "focus" magazine (a British science magazine) that was written by the infamous Susan blackmore.

Since spending a few years experimenting in parapsychology and dismissing positive results As well as pretending to have had an obe. She has been attacking parapsychology. After her first experiment in parapsychology she wrote in her diary "parapsychology is a lot of rubbish".

Yet despite all this claims to have been extremely open minded and says she has spent "decades" experimenting in parapsychology. this has no basis in reality at all.

Anyway the article's contents are easily predictable before you have even read it. She says a top researcher in ganzfeld was a Freud this is a serious claim but she made no attempt to substantiate it.

One thing that is very well documented of course is the various Freud committed by CSICOP but she for some reason fails to mention this.

Anyway that brings me to another point do you think the skeptics secretly believe in psi? I mean they would be in contact with a lot of evidence or is it possible that they might be desperate and delusional.

I think may skeptics have simply made a career out of telling militant atheists what they want to hear. The other point I was thinking about making is what does psi mean? After all it appears to be nonphysical and that suggests a dualistic aspect to the mind. Perhaps looking for consciousnesses in the brain is like looking in a TV for pictures.

What about the future of technology? will we be able to control computers with our minds?

What are the limits of the psychical? does it have any?

Your thoughts?

Why I think that the "counter-skeptic" movement is as bad as the pseudo-skeptic one.

If you need a reference to the topic that I am going to write about then you can always head over the the rather infamous website

Anyway I am starting to feel that the counter-skeptic group is just as bad as the de-bunker group. One of the flaws of the group is that many are not at all that different than the pseudo-skeptics that they go after. By this I mean that the movement seems to expose skeptics to extreme aggression and anger in a lot of their arguments (understandable since the skeptics have done much worse) but we are supposed to be playing the open-minded truth seeker and this gets in the way of that.

Another flaw in the movement is that they support and defend many idea's that are either untrue or extremely unlikely. This is why the skeptic movement has the upper hand when they lump parapsychology with creationism and crystal healing. This is one of the trade marks of the pseudo-skeptic and it is very effective this is why the paranormal community needs to distance itself from the creationist , new-age and denialist community's.

Not only does the community fail in this function but also seems to be detrimental to increasing the validly of the paranormal claims.

I think that "skepcop" gives the paranormal a bad name for a quick chuckle look on their website on the part that talks about the skeptical community. not only is it subtly pompous but it is also unfairly labels the myth-busters.

Another Day

Well, I suppose I should be glad tings are going well so far anyway and I am but in the romance department things are not going well at all. I met this nice guy so nice and thing is he's so moody one day he's all romantic next day he's just not there. So, best to just move on. We usually text each other daily and we have been talking every day for close to a year and now since last night he's changed he barely said good night and I didn't hear from him at all today. Nothing, not a word. Best to not continue this relationship.

After being so sick this year and in hospital for so long it just doesn't make any sense to be upset about things such as this. I'm very lucky to be well again after being so sick last winter.

Thing is he knew how sick I was and he was just always calling and was so caring even when I was too ill to talk to him he still showed how much he cared. Now that I'm ok he's like every little thing he seems to find fault with and after being as sick as I was I just don't think it's fair that he gets annoyed about the most unimportant things.

Today, I was online a bit and I see he was too but he didn't bother to message me this morning when I said I just woke up. Normally he can hardly wait to call me. I keep getting mixed signals when it comes to his feelings about us. I guess there really isn't an us at all.

So, it's the middle of the night where he is now and normally I say good night to him but I didn't bother bc he ignored me the whole day. I guess now he'll delete is facebook account bc that's what he does when he gets annoyed about something thing it's impossible to please him. What he wants is to just chat so we can see each other and I can't my connection doesn't work well enough and he just doesn't understand that he thinks I just don't want to talk to him. I don't understand why he'd even think that bc he knows how much I care so why end a relationship and it's been such a great friendship why just toss is away over something so ridiculous when actually the way he says he loves me he ought to be with me instead of acting distant.

I'm beginning to not believe a word he says or has said. Anyway, it's just another day.

ABC + 5 = Impunity & Heroism

— Mommy, when am I gonna get rid of these scars?

— Never.

The young boy who made that question to his mother is named Héctor. He's one of the 76 kids who was able to be rescued from the fire that claimed the lives of 49 little children, 5 years ago, in the ABC daycare center in Hermosillo, Sonora. Like most of those survivors, Héctor will have to deal with the consequences of that tragedy for the remainder of his life —which explains why his mother would choose to be honest in an attempt to 'toughen him up' & improve his self-confidence, instead of giving him false hopes.

And as for the parents who lost a son or a daughter on that fateful day of June 5th, 2009, they keep clamoring for justice before an unsympathetic government that wishes to sweep the matter under the rug; a government that insists on backing the conclusion of the official 'investigation' —that the fire on the adjacent warehouse run by the local government of Sonora, was caused by a short circuit in a cooler— whereas there's every reason to suspect the fire was deliberately started, and went out of control while someone was burning sensitive government documents.

The loss of those 49 lives was a tragedy. The silence protecting the culprits is the real crime.

5 years ago I wrote the post The ABC's of Impunity; 5 years have passed, and many of the scars brought up by the fire & the silent complicity will never be fully healed.

But some scars do heal in time; and even horrific events such as these can bring up the best aspects of the human history.

The above image shows little Héctor, the boy I mentioned at the beginning of this post; with him is Julio César 'El Negro', the young man who saved him from the flames. 5 years ago, 'El Negro' and his friends were near the day care, getting high; when someone rushed to them alerting them of the fire, he didn't hesitate & forced his way into the burning building, found Héctor & other children & put them to safety.

After that literal trial by fire, 'El Negro' decided to change his ways & rehabilitate from his drug addiction. In saving the life of Héctor, he also managed to save his own.

This post started as a public & personal denouncement of the impunity surrounding the ABC daycare fire; but it has morphed into a homage to recognize the bravery of all those anonymous heroes who rose to the occasion, and risked their own lives in trying to save the lives of the children.

"There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends," reads the Bible. I dare say an even greater love, is when you do it for strangers.

My Kingdom for an Elephant!

The winds of change are blowing at Madrid's Plaza del Sol and its waving the old Republican flags, which had been kept in the closet for three quarters of a century, ever since generalísimo Franco won the Civil war.

Now the man Franco put in power after he stepped down, Don Juan Carlos de Borbón, is abdicating as king of Spain in favor of his son Felipe. For 40 years he reigned, and during most of that time he enjoyed the support of his people; but all that started to change in 2012... because of an elephant.

When the Spanish people, who were going through their worst economic crisis in modern history, looked at the pictures of their sovereign playing the role of big white hunter on a Safari trip paid with money from the public coffers, their love for Don Juan Carlos quickly started to evaporate.

Perhaps there's some weird connection between this historic event & George Orwell's famous short story 'Shooting an Elephant,' which tells the story of an anonymous police officer stationed in Burma, who is led by circumstances beyond his control to kill an unruly pachyderm at the pressing insistence of the angry natives.

To come all that way, rifle in hand, with two thousand people marching at my heels, and then to trail feebly away, having done nothing – no, that was impossible. The crowd would laugh at me. And my whole life, every white man's life in the East, was one long struggle not to be laughed at.

Well, Don Juan Carlos seems to have been pressed to abdicate by circumstances beyond his control, all right. And in doing so, perhaps he's fired the killing shot to the very concept of Monarchy itself in the XXIst century; ironic, considering how many pundits are right in pointing out that most parliamentary monarchies nowadays enjoy more democratic forms of government, than so-called 'democratic' nations —Russia, anyone?

But, just like that poor old elephant in Orwell's story endured in agony for a long time, I suppose Don Felipe might still have the chance to put on the silly crown & play the role of king for a few more years —something that will surely raise the hopes of a few poor fellows out there...

"Mountain Mosters" Mess

Has anyone watched the ridiculous Mountain Monsters series on the TV? I am pretty sure this show is designed to make fun of cryptozoology in general. It's a squad of buffonish hill folk who spend most of their time making absurd traps to catch the local cryptomonsters. I have noticed too that they all carry guns, but not once have I seen them bust a cap. I am sure they are not loaded, so as to prevent them from shooting each other. There is also this cheesy monster sounding sound track that makes it appearance every time the monster is heard in the distance. It doesn't matter which of the various monsters it is supposed to be - the sound track is the same.

It would be interesting to know of the producers behind this thing.

Crash Course: Psychology

Hey Grailers,

Think you guys might be interested in this YouTube series. It is entitled Crash Course: Psychology and it gives a basic overview of the different topics studied in the field. It's fun to watch and fairly neutral. Check it out if you can!

It's always good to have some understanding of psychology under your belt, especially when it comes to these fringe topics.

communism o the decline ?

I'm sure this has been posted already, and it is kind of kicking a dead horse.
But anyway, the

big red spot on Jupiter has been getting smaller for a long time.
Climate change jokes?

system-wide decline of communism

well ok the headline is entirely misleading, but I just want to
practise in case I get a job in journalism.

The Big Red Spot on Jupiter has been getting less big, apparently, for a long long time.

Weather improving over there? Or perhaps just climate change?

We should ask the locals, they should tell us how they like it better.

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What does that all mean?