Bad NDEs?

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I have read much about Near Death Experiences. They mostly relate a happy tale except for having to come back. They are met with a band of happy friends who unfortunately tell them they have to go back as it is not yet their time.

They are mostly accident or heart operation victims. Since at 86 I am looking at the end of life, and sometimes feel that I have lived too long and feel it is time to end it and cut the suffering, I wonder if the same happy story extends to suicides or to people who have been given up for dead and put away in the morgue. Some have woken up in the morgue on their return, been noticed by a flick of a finger, and returned to the operating table.

Are there any people who have returned as from a bad “drug trip” and have a tale to tell, but maybe don’t want to relive it? When they get to the light at the end of the tunnel they find it has gone out? Or they are welcomed by a group of familiar people which does not want them there?



I just finished my new website which contains a few elements everybody seems to be searching for!

Anyways, here is the link, share and enjoy!

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Chemtrails In Video Games

Depending on how you look at this it is either conditioning or wry exposure.


Just thought you guys may be interested in my Channeling, it is spiritual/scientific, hope you enjoy!


So soft the dove of life
The radiant luminescent being
Who comes within so clean
Within, our will, our strife

What we see with clarity
Is essential to our nature
As we see it in rapture
This space so warm in me

Echoing the landscape around
The flowers flow in rows
Around the fields and glows
Such a beautiful echoing sound

As I come to this land beyond
I feel my connection to everything
Yet simply, I am nothing
Everything comes through in song

This spectral dynasty consumes the reality merge
It is within our power to see within
Coming from the axiom change of sin
It comes with a ten thousand sun surge

What these elements are telling you
Is that the intelligent life is a must
It moves from point to a crust
And evolves into loving clue

The plant is the Mistress of the tragic flow
Flowing in between what is
It creates the suspended kiss
Stop, rewind, listen to this tragic blow

I come from left, I come from right
I listen to this song of Muses
I sound like the thing-in-self that uses
All within in spectral right

This dynasty, eh, this Buddhist land of light
Was were I now enter into
I see a Boat the has been to
A million survivable blights

It is within my will to call out to this being
Eh my friend, who doth thou be'est
I wish to give you comfort and rest
O my, O my, this is a blessing so beaming

I am he that is, the maker of time
O yes my son, you have now left reality
You have entered into the flow of suspectibility
Yet who is to refute a flow so sublime

It is I! Elohim, the rare spectral of light to thee
Aye, I come my Sons of power
It showers me to the mountains hour
Be at peace my brother from the crevice's glory

So what I wish to say, aye my friend, thou has shown
That through the non-linear path you have past
Into a realm were intelligence is last
Love is the realm that is known

Those beings who love the most will receive the gift of God
Sparing self, aye, wave off death
For life is but only a single breath
And thou shall spare thee from the rod

What I come to share with people everywhere
Is how to know God with completeness
Simple compassion to harness the tension
It sings in rhythm to the Cosmos lair

So what we do within this place
Is sing in passion to thee who be
It is within the light to see
That a quark changed its shape

From evil to good, good to evil
Both are relative in a single reason
For within both, perception would be treason
Elementary particle physics are the Temple

This shows that in light of various products
I have given thee Self in the OverSoul
This emergency of output has a whole
That lives inside the pieces of conducts

Break the will, shatter the bones
Take the monster to the bay
Were the ocean will sweep him away
Pass away now my friend from home

This special relieance of the nature of questions
Has fell into this time of trance
It is a passion of many years of dance
Who can negate the fall of splice wrestling

O yes, the love of life is settling the path
It moves slowly to condition itself
For it knows years condition wealth
Yet some come to the path within a graph

That stops them from reason, saves them from delusion
But this ignoble quality of life is stationary
Sector Simple to save the vacancy
Of a life of simple confusion

So as I come to this Boat along the Ocean
I know the yourself that is within yourself
It is a simple gesture to realize the pain of Self
Yet transcendence is path the virtue of tension

The simple logic of math is presented in Higgs Bossons
The relevance to the rate of disorder is relative
The math forms into probability that deduct comparative
To that which is a motion of lissome

So what we say to all this work
Is a will in doubt does the best to help itself
At the times when lowest is high
From that we know yourself as the dork

I wish to present to you the simple task of death
Death comes from a community of collective consciousness
It passes into form through oxygen and the small creatures create commissions
This relative proper balance is the circle of breath

It shows that within the framework of a simple ecosystem
That the most simple benefactor is oxygen
Yet life is death, so life gives breath, breath gives death
So on echoes the rotation of the law of this system

We wish to know that we can tell your confusion
How can the tension be relatable
This is what I believe is fate-able
Within all life that is a present illusion

Break down the walls, tear down the glasses
Let the love of life instill all peace
It comes from the cocoon of relief
As pain comes in as lashes

Eagle emanations are from the time of Naguals
They are the radiation of fourth vision
That wishes for me to see through the prison
What sorcery do I utter; tragical

I am the Prime Creator, simple Wizard of Class
Each person gets trained in the Academia of Magi
Yet those who relocate through past life are of Elegy
So that is what we say to those wizards of path

This channeling song is so sweet and content
I am El, the miracle of Love
The Dove that performs under the glove
And all nil is ni is with tent

So as I finish this element of song
I close myself in EverLong
Until again my friend, so long!

book review: the end of materialism

awhile ago I finished reading the "end of materialism" a book writen by dr charles tart a parapsychologist.

to start off the book presents us with different ideas about the spitual and about religion. there different effects and the good and bad points.

he also goes into the "skeptic" movement to some degree by showing some of the ways the mind can block out information. this is where the book shows its psychology side. it also breifly covers the "skeptics" influence on the media.

the book then goes on to the subject of psi and starts off with a clever divison between the big five (ones believed to have enough evidence to cement its reality) and the many maybes (one with enough evidence to make ignoring it foolish)

with each of the different topics he makes an argument for the nonphysicality of the different psi effects (seem unscientific to hope for a nonphysical explination of psi)

but the arguments he makes are quite convicing and he uses evidence to support his claims and ideas. but after all it is not that diffecult to argue the immaterial nature of psi as he is probably right.

this book was one of the first books I read reguarding a serious look at the evidence for "fringe topics". all in all I would hold this book in high esteem for both its substancal evidence content and its easy to read consistentsy. 9/10.

Dream of a Daily Grail Podcast

Last year I had a very vivid dream I was back living in my old dorm room at Latrobe University, hosting the Grail Cast. Yep, a Daily Grail radio/podcast. My co-host (who may or may not have had a Mexican-Spanish accent, dreams can be very ambiguous) and I were having a blast, laughing and joking about Fortean shenanigans with our audience.

What do you think, would you like to hear a Grail Cast in the future? I'm not sure there's enough room for more Australian accents in the Fortean podcast world though! Those Mysterious Universe lads have it covered, I reckon.

The Intrinsic Shallowness of Organised Scepticism's Attacks on the New Age

Disclaimer: this article is only critical of the subculture of aggressive and bullying sceptics, NOT sceptics who are mature, polite and reasonable in their conduct. If you identify as a sceptic but are also tolerant and well-mannered, this does *not* apply to you.

When a movement or a group - whether religious or secular - contains some foundational principles that are downright insidious and threatening to others' personal freedoms (and, in some cases, safety) thoughtful and intelligent criticisms are often made. This is why there are insightful critical commentaries on fundamentalist Christianity, radical Islam, the Ku Klux Klan, Nazism, Soviet and Chinese communism and various other social and political structures. Dogma, totalitarianism, oppression and bigotry of all stripes are subjects which invite mature and impassioned dissent.

However, when a movement or a group contains NONE of the aforementioned unpleasant characteristics and is generally innocuous in nature - both in its defining principles and the majority of its adherents - there is very little of significance or substance to attack. Therefore, the attacks these groups and people DO get, tend to be rather shallow - superficial at best, and bullying at worst.

The group labelled as the "New Age" - and most of the individuals that comprise it - are an example of what I am describing. I do have an interest in some subjects that the New Age covers, and appreciate parts of it, but I believe I am being objective when I give my perspective that, overall, the New Age as a group is harmless and non-threatening, with no discernibly negative affect on society at large.

See, the New Age "movement" wasn't, and isn't, really a movement in the classical sense. The New Age is largely fairly disorganised and is a melting pot of different spiritual and alternative science views, ranging from Western esotericism to Eastern mysticism to the paranormal (and the scientific study thereof, parapsychology) to holistic health/medicine and natural ways of living. There is no foundational dogma and no rules about what to believe or *not* to believe, which is what makes defining New Age views so difficult. At most, it can only be said that "many" New Agers may have a certain point of view, but this by no means suggests that *all* do. For example, the New Age is not *necessarily* theistic - while many New Agers do believe in some concept of deity/ies, this is not a requirement. Many New Age and spiritual beliefs have nothing to do with the concept of deity, so it is entirely plausible for a New Ager to also be an atheist and vice versa. (If anyone is confused by this, remember that atheism is MERELY the lack of belief in God/s. It does *not* preclude any other spiritual views, and an atheist who believes in ghosts, an afterlife and paranormal abilities is no less of an atheist than one who doesn't believe in those things.)

The New Age also has no strict moral code or instructions - it's essentially a group that is free of these things. There are no sets of prejudices - the New Age has nothing to say on race, sexual orientation, gender or alternative belief systems, and so is devoid of intolerance of prejudice. There may be some individuals who subscribe to a New Age worldview who happen to ALSO have some prejudiced ideas, but these views are not New Age in origin, nor are they influenced by the New Age - unlike the way that a member of the KKK is a racist by dint of being a member of the KKK to begin with.

Neither is the New Age known for trying to impose its viewpoints on unwilling or disinterested parties. Think about it: when have you ever had a New Ager knock on your door in an attempt to spread their ideas? It just doesn't happen. New Agers typically don't care about getting converts - they're happy to inform people if people COME TO THEM but they generally don't go looking. What many MAY enjoy is being open about their spiritual choice/lifestyle and discussing it - but there is a difference between being open about who and what you are and having a conversation and/or debate about it, and actually trying to force your way of thinking onto other people.

Taking into account all of the above, my experience has led me to believe that a great deal of organised scepticism's attacks on the New Age are lacking in depth and amount to little more than superficial sneering and mockery. (Not ALL criticisms - there are some intelligent countering views that make some salient points) but it seems like far too many "sceptical" writings on the New Age follow the arc that I first outlined. What is actually offered is very often no more than bullying and abuse.

Perhaps this is because there isn't really THAT much about the passive and non-threatening New Age onto which one can mount frequent sustained and intelligent criticisms. The New Age is so overwhelmingly harmless that most of the attacks have to stoop to ridicule and name-calling, rather than say anything of substance.

Aggressive sceptics probably know that they can't call out the New Age movement on grounds of discrimination and bigotry. Attacking the New Age on those grounds would be untenable - the movement simply has no principles which promote discrimination or bigotry. Since this is the case, it is also difficult to criticise the New Age on generic standards of morality. At best, what can be legitimately criticised is an individual who happens to be fraudulent or who is using their status for personal gain - but in these cases, they are personal flaws of the INDIVIDUAL and they are no more endemic to the New Age movement than plagiarism is endemic to writers and the literary establishment in general.

It is my contention that when aggressive sceptics wage their war on the New Age, they have very little to actually work with, which is why the discourse so often descends into petty name-calling. (It also might be that some of these people are just plain immature and bigoted.) Cases in point are James Randi, PZ Myers and Jerry Coyne, who love to hurl the abusive and offensive epithets "woo" and "woo-meister" at any and all alternative spiritual and scientific notions, and the people (including professional academics, scientists and investigators) who choose to keep an open mind and actually look into these things.

Or, take Tim Minchin's incredibly prejudiced poem 'Storm' in which he proceeds to berate a classic strawman of a New Ager for being open to auras and paranormal abilities. While it is admittedly cleverly written and perhaps amusing in parts, I think it is one of the most bigoted pieces of writing I have ever seen, lacking in nuance and any attempt to seriously engage with the deeper concepts of the New Age. In my opinion, it is pure prejudice in poetry.

Consider this: when people like Martin Luther King were speaking out against entrenched racism in the United States, and of particular groups that sought to promote such racism, did they overwhelmingly resort to childish taunts and mockery? Maybe occasionally, but in almost all of the attacks upon racial bigotry that I have seen or read, what you get is intelligent and informed criticism, taking to task backwards attitudes and those that propagate them. How often did Martin Luther Kind point and laugh and call names? He engaged seriously and maturely with what was then a very severe problem across certain swathes of the United States.

When you have grave problems to fight, you argue against them thoughtfully and intelligently. Playground taunts have no place in serious and mature discourse.

The shallowness of much of organised scepticism's attacks on the New Age highlights the fact that there is very little that they can legitimately seriously assault. Think about this: if sceptics had significant meat to sink their teeth into, would they throw around words like "woo" and "woo-meister" with such regularity? No, they would be busy confronting the negative issues with intellect and reason. It doesn't take much intellect or reason to call somebody a "woo-woo", let me tell you.

The reason so much sceptical criticism of the New Age is lacking in maturity is because there is not very much in the New Age which is negative or problematic enough to A) warrant such criticism and B) weave an intelligent attack around. The New Age movement "aims to create "a spirituality without borders or confining dogmas" that is inclusive and pluralistic. It holds to "a holistic worldview", emphasising that the Mind, Body, and Spirit are interrelated and that there is a form of monism and unity throughout the universe. It attempts to create "a worldview that includes both science and spirituality" and embraces a number of forms of mainstream science as well as other forms of science that are considered fringe." scary! How terrible!

Since there is such a dearth of negativity and danger upon which to mount an attack, aggressive sceptics are usually forced to resort to juvenile and bullying behaviour and, on occasions, dishonesty and misrepresentation in order to manufacture the erroneous idea that the New Age is actually a threat.

And so much of the attacks really do seem just like bullying. Okay, some New Age ideas can seem pretty "out there" and a little bit of laughter and mockery is to be expected and can be taken as just light-hearted teasing. But when there is a consistent and sustained campaign consisting mainly of ridicule and insults, it ceases to be moderate and harmless teasing and becomes prejudice and bullying. It is bullying to constantly castigate people by telling them they are stupid and crazy. And really, what kind of person systematically harasses people for being what they consider to be unintelligent? If someone abused mentally retarded people and called them "stupid" they would rightly be called out on their tormenting. Not that I am trying to imply that New Agers actually *are* mentally retarded or stupid in any way - most of them are of average, or above average, intelligence.

Now, I am not saying that the New Age is totally perfect and without flaws. *Some* New Age ideas can be fluffy and vague, and there are *some* insightful sceptical responses. But by far the majority, in my experience, have been hateful and bigoted. My suggestion to the aggressive and bullying sceptics is that rather than demonising an entire group of mostly harmless people, perhaps you could actually engage with New Agers themselves and what it is they actually believe in. Explore, learn and, if you still have questions or criticisms, pose them in a mature and reasonable way. Make suggestions to New Agers as to how they some of their views could evolve, come up with ways in which to test some of the New Age notions. Take a little time to absorb yourself into some of the people and culture that you are belittling, rather than restricting yourself to your little boxes and throwing stones. (Note that these are *suggestions* rather than orders.)

Hopefully, I don't come over as *too* angry in this article, but I am, admittedly, somewhat angry that New Agers (and other practitioners of alternative spirituality) have been bullied and humiliated for so long. I am tired of the puerile personal attacks and infantile slurs. I am not going to stand for being called an "idiot" simply because I choose to make my mind up in favour of the existence of a spiritual reality.

Of course, there is freedom of speech and expression so aggressive sceptics, you are entitled (up to a point) to continue with your abusive behaviour all you want. You can keep on calling names, mocking and hurting other people's feelings. But don't be surprised if your antics win you few friends (aside from some of those who already share your views) and don't be surprised if the targets of your attacks get fed up and start to stand up for themselves.


Ok daily grailers, here's a synchronicity for me: I decided to watch Aliens again last night, directed by James Cameron, just purely on a whim.

I find out, through contacting my folks this morning, that one of my brothers has just this weekend adopted a cat from a rescue shelter. The cat's name? Can you guess what it is? The cat's name? Jonesy

Consciousness 4

Consciousness 4. 0902 2014

I now think that I should look for the key to the One Mind in myself, the self which, some philosophers say, doesn’t exist! I think that it is made up of various routines , to use a computer term, meaning things that we do automatically, without thinking. There are many of these, most were imposed in our youth, some say before the age of five, when we were unable to discriminate. I think that the negative tendencies in the brain were instituted at that time, when we were malleable and unable to criticize what was being done to us. This negativity was continually reinforced through our schooldays, resulting in the personality we show now. Surely that is the time we were trained not to be autistic, but to act with care and see only what we were told to see.

When I look for this person inside myself, I find that I am made up of a multitude of injunctions. Do this, think like this, don’t say this, etc. Somewhere among this lot is the restriction which puts on the blinders like we put the blinkers on a horse so that it will not get distracted from the required course.

I have read much about the Near Death experiences where the subject sees the bright light and realizes the consequences of all the things he has done to others. Most of the people who have experienced this are changed in their attitudes to others and show a realization that we really are One. Whether they are more “in touch” with the One Mind or not does not seem to have been investigated. It seems to me that these people have been given a small glimpse into the full picture which is then shut down so they will not be blinded by the light. They cannot have been given the ability to “see” or they would become more autistic than normal having so much more to see and appreciate whereas they appear to be more conscious of the effects of their actions on others

If my personality is made up of this myriad of ideas and thoughtless actions which I will have done without realizing it, how am I going to find the routine which puts on the blinkers? I want to peep behind the curtain to see the magician who is pulling the strings in my brain.

I seem to get ideas when I am thinking about totally different things. Do I have two brains? Some say yes, that the right hemisphere can work alone as can the left. How does this unconscious problem solving work? Does it only work when I have a need, as Dossey says, or is it finding answers all the time to problems I didn’t know I had?

Consciousness - One Mind - Larry Dossey

Universal Consciousness 2.

I wrote the previous blog about two weeks before I got to read Larry Dossey’s “One Mind.” I just felt that I had to get it down in my computer before it faded, like so many of my bright ideas.

Then I read “One Mind.” This book states exactly what I was trying to say, except he has so much more evidence from many sources. It also convinces me of the timelessness of the “mind field” or the “One Mind.” There is much thought in the quantum field about retrocausality. This particular event serves to convince me, not that I had any doubt before, that the mind, or the One Mind is timeless and retrocausality is a fact.