Amelia's Magazine open call

Hi all,

As you can probalby tell from my activity log, I've not been very active recently, as I've been spending most of what free time I have pursuing my various interests as an illustrator and artist. If you're interested, you could google 'grthink', it'll be mostly stuff by me.

I've still been lurking, though, and it's great (for me, at least) that my two worlds are finally colliding. Amelia's Magazine, who I've been illustrating and writing for pretty regularly over the past few years, are running an Open Brief for their next anthology, titled 'That Which We Do Not Understand'.

They're looking for writing and illustration on pretty broad themes, most of which have a place here, so I thought some of you might be interested in taking a look, and maybe submitting something?

I'm planning to do an illustration, although on what I'm still to decide. Number Stations (in particular the Lincolnshire Poacher), Indrid Cold (and other topics covered in The Mothman Prophecies), The Max Headroom Piracy Incident and some vague stuff on mediumship have all crossed my mind, but I've still got a lot of work to do before I can single out an idea worth drawing.

I'm also open to working with a writer on any ideas, maybe a joint submission?

Anyway, hope I've piqued some interest, it would be really great to get some input from this community. And please share -- the wider the net cna be cast the more interesting the fish we'll pull in.

Here's the link to the brief:


WHAT IS THIS? Seriously!

What is this?

Mars Curiosity Rover Raw Image shows an anomalous object. See it here:

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Media games being played out in the open. Here we catch the New York Times and others posting manipulated photos of Obama making him look like a goat horned Baphomet. This is not, by the way, a condemnation of Obama - more like a celebration perpetrated by fear mongers trying to paint the string pullers as powerful satanists to whom it is futile to resist and who control Obama thoroughly.

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Zionism, events in Ukraine, and the anti-Russian propaganda campaign in western media

The "Security Question" in my lifetime has been whether religion can co-exist with science in the form of weapons of mass destruction.

The key conflict has been between some 6,000,000 (now 9,000,000) thoroughly traumatized people armed with nuclear weapons and 1,500,000,000 people traumatized by them.

We could have had a peace agreement under President Carter, or one under President Bush Snr. Both efforts failed..

The US has been fighting this conflict all of my adult life. All of us have.

For historical background:

See video
See video

It looks to me that US policy and its effects bear eerie resemblance to Britain's in the 1930s.

As far as Russia goes, recent events in Ukraine need to be looked at in that frame of reference: as a response to Putin's attempt to prevent an airstrike on Syria, which would have cleared the air corridor for an attack on Iran.

On the one hand, the peaceful use of space relies on technologies developed for defense. On the other hand, defense expenditures can make the peaceful use of space unaffordable.

That is my lesson from Apollo.

I expect that China will simply let the US exhaust itself in the region..

If this situation continues,I do not expect the US to be able to afford manned flight to Mars.

In any case, both UN mechanisms and quadra-lateral (US, China, Russia, EU) mechanisms are jammed. I hope I am wrong., but the possibility of gaining useful treaties on weapons and space in the current environment appear pretty slim.

My current thinking is that while the "religions of the book" may fail, Native American and Chinese religions will both survive.

The 911Attacks and Remote Viewing

I was recently a remote viewer participant in a BLIND remote viewing project which eventually when revealed to me, turned out to be the 911 attacks of 2001. This included the attacks on the towers, the cause of the fall of WTC7, the pentagon attacks and also the people behind the attacks.

Two remote viewers, working independently from opposite parts of the globe, mirror each others sketches and data on what occurred and where in shocking detail which is caught LIVE on camera and on paper in many hours of blind remote viewing work.

I wrote a short blog post about my experiences during this project, with actual paper examples from the remote viewing - here:

My Small T.O.E

The introduction to a unified theory of everything comes through the definition of Logos. The meaning of the universe is compounded into a single formula of reason. The formula, of which reason is stated, develops through the universe in multiple dimensions and propagates the essence of possibility and probability into a simple formula.

The formula is as follows:

T ( D ) = C.

Time multiplied by disorder is equal to the speed of light. The relating essence of time in the formula is an allowance of distance from an initial point in our dimension; furthermore known as the big bang (or crucial mass measurement). From the big bang, we allow for the spiral motion that depicts the big big towards the direction of time in multiple directions, creating wave dynamics.

The formation of disorder in the equation relates to the simple essence that disorder is the atom and that the disorder is relatable to probability and possibility. The chance of an atom reflects the wave function of the eternal matrix, but also the quantum nature of the atom. The eternal matrix is concluded by the function of disorder towards the equation and of time. The time and disorder work in relation to the speed of light to converse towards a higher ordered state; of coherence.

The speed of light in the equation is but the balance of what light and disorder create. It is the momentum and velocity that propagates the dimension we see in various directions. The directions of the speed of light are not squared, as each wave or strand of light is expressed from the big bang. The crunch moves disorders towards a lower state of disorder and higher state of order, simultanously.

There is also a relation of order to disorder from this formula. The rate of disorder is always decreasing as time increases, and as time increases the rate of order increases. The polar entities of this formula state the reason is order and the state of a higher relation to the cosmos. The rate of order is proportional to the rate of disorder in the wave function. As time evolves, so does the occurrence of order. The speed of light is the essence of a inertia system in which the cosmos of gravity is expressed along the strings of time.

Gravity in this system is relatable to the rate of disorder. The lowering rate of disorder is equal to the rate of gravity in the system. As the speed of light moves disorder (light) throughout the universe, the rate of gravity decreases from the initial state of occurrence. The state of occurrence that occurs is relatable to the galactic system of each solar system. Gravity creates strings until a boundary of the event horizon of the galaxy, in which the boundary co-acts against the other boundaries of the other solar system. In this form, gravity in each dimension is the pretension of a stringed essence of initial state.

Yet, what is the state of a black hole? The event horizon in a black hole creates a boundary that no light can escape the pull of gravity within. The black hole is splicing atoms to create new forms of matter that dispel itself through the inner mass and express outward into another dimension as a universe or star. This can be seen by the general formula as follows.

-C =( m^2) x (D)

The negative speed of light is gravity impressing itself in a black hole to create a boundary that cannot be escaped. The mass of atoms is square rooted because it is spliced and creates a mass of two atoms. The rate of disorder (energy) is but the new form of anti-matter inside the black hole.

A black hole is what we call order, since matter is from a disordered state moving to a more ordered state with the addition of atoms. Also, the new reasonable state is comprised of a spiritual matter that creates the new form and dimension in which the new system is created, by the allowance of different forms of spiritual connection.

Now to understand that a black hole consists of a nothing but also a everything can be formulated by the fundamental understanding the everything is nothing and nothing is everything. This can be shown as follows.

x = Nothing
y = Something
z = Everything

Nothing = Something
Something = Everything
Everything = Nothing

Everything is something, something is nothing, therefore everything is nothing. Therefore, our reality is a state of everything and is a state of nothing, both coexist with each other as we are part of solidity but also of vacuum (as nothing touches but is an electrical charge).

A state of nothing is depicted as a state of order, where all existed as a supreme unity that evolved into everything through the spoken word of thought. The thought created all that exists and thus the creation was willed through the providence of a chemical reaction that changed nothing into everything. The state of everything was expressed faster than the speed of light at its initial burst, but thus balanced all systems to a general light expansion of the current speed of light. The speed of thought is but the speed of the neutrino that exists as a spiritual nothing of reality. The speed of light exists as everything towards a solid reality.

The motion of the system is a motion of infinite potential. The universe works in the system of double limits which gives rise to what happens next in time. The limits are zero and infinite. A black hole goes from a state of zero energy to a state of infinite energy in which when the infinite is reached, the black hole collapses and explodes its energy inward then outward in another dimension. The limit of infinite to zero is the essence of a star going downwards towards the state of a supernova. Once this state is reached, a star explodes its state of light of disorder. As energy is never created nor destroyed, it just changes form.

Furthermore, the relation of quantum states of disorder and order react towards each other in states of potential. When the potential of disorder is at its maximum, the state is thus created in which order is the new subset of the quality of the atom of individual. This oneness is created to keep the reality in check with those who are of an “enlightened” mind. These states can move from disorder to order or order to disorder. These states of order or disorder can form the boundary for new evolution of the species, as the change is a chemical change in the DNA structure of the agent.

The universe is created as a DNA helix that spirals from emergence to contraction. These states are the Alpha and Omega of the beginning of everything, as DNA is the lifeblood of all that exists. All that exists is disorder becoming order, a DNA structure evolving as forty six and two.

The hyperbolic relation of the rate of disorder and order along the function of time, creates a simple explanation of the rate of zero to infinite and infinite to zero. This graph symbolizes how a star starts at a high frequency of energy and how a black hole becomes a higher state of energy. Both are moving towards beginning and the other towards end. Yet all is the beginning and the end, each is an emergence of the now.

As each moment is of the now, some exist in the form as disorder, and others exist as a form of order. The relation to light, love, and hope, all categorize a fundamental hierarchy of intelligence between those who dwell in various dimensions. Some exist in all dimensions, and some exist only in the third density. Those who transcend the third density can give rise to fourth, fifth, and even sixth density clarity. The logical form of beings from higher densities correlates a version of humanitarian development for the cause of those in help. Thus, the webnet of all beings wired into disorder and order, matter and spiritual reason, come to light through the essence of being.

As matter or disorder consists of various levels of quantum states, we can continue to marvel at how the atoms of today are synchronized by the disorder properties in which they reside in a quantum field of order in which the pathway is set by the formulatic pretension that disorder is probability. Once we understand the probability of an atom, we can further research into the fundamental occurrences of past and future events, based up light or disorder as a information carrier.

Disorder is light, and light is information. Disorder evolves until the potential of information is at its max and then it moves into a form of order, in which all information is at the point of completion. Once completion is created, the light of disorder moves into a state of new emergence into a constructed reality that begins on the quantum level, that is to say, the quantum shifts of energy are found even at the lowest level of microconception.

The lowest is the highest and the highest is the lowest. All that we see in our external world is also mimicked by the lower biosphere of life. All exists as disorder unto order, a material existence turning spiritual (back to the initial state of nothing (order) ). The microcosm of life promotes the macrocosm of life, as all moves in one general direction toward a standard balance of completion.

The completion of the cosmos is such a state that the balance of order and disorder create a harmonic flow that consists of potential of motion that relates to the central being of all living entities. All living entities so such correlate to these premises, and thus this is the ultimate form of Reality. Reality in which reality subsides in.

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Electronic Drugs

I came over to post this, and I see an ad for it here at the Grail.

I seem to remember Pete Townsend of The Who using a similar unit many years ago to deal with opiate addiction.

If I remember, if you change the frequency, other brain chemicals are produced.

Radio Shack becomes your dealer.

Cowboys & Aliens... in Japan!

Came across this in Nakano, Tokyo, last month. Unfortunately I didn't have the yen, nor could I check its publication date. Can anyone translate the title?

While Facebook and Google Algorythms Change ONE THING stays the same: Julian Assange Mania!

While Facebook and Google Algorythms Change ONE THING stays the same: Julian Assange Mania!

Julian Assange has a Scientific interest in Kim Jong-Un's Retiloptric Systems development for Cyberspace Ornostological Research Methodology!

Video evidence surfaces!

See video