"On the Shoulders of Giants"

As part of my new study of Genesis, I have learned that the first genealogy of Adam tells the story of how our planet Earth formed within our (originally binary) solar system. I'll blog about that later.

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The second genealogy of Adam provides a very concise list of the major "generations (species)" of hominids that have "walked the Earth."

(1) Adam (“ruddy”)
Australopithecus Anamensis: Ape-Man

(2) Seth (“granted, placed, attired, chaotic”)
Australopithecus Afarensis (“Lucy”): moving recklessly between the trees and ground

(3) Enosh (“a man”)
Australopithecus Africanus: bigger brained, first human-like face

(4) Kenan (“trader”)
Homo Habilis: “handy man," stone tool maker

(5) Mahalalel (“praised”)
Homo Ergaster: speaker, less hairy

(6) Jered (“came down”)
Homo Erectus: descended fully from the trees, less ape-like limb proportions, axe maker, traveler

(7) Enoch (“walked with God and was not”)
Homo Antecessor: ahead of its time, short-lived

(8) Methuseleh, “man of the spear”
Homo Heidelbergensis: wide-ranging hunter-warrior, progenitor of the Neanderthals

(9) Lamech, “evil genius”
Cro-Magnon: “God-Man”

(10) Noah (“faithful, obedient”)
Homo Sapiens Sapiens/Modern Man: “a little lower than the angels”

We are the last race on the list, but will we last? Probably the 12th iteration of hominids will be the charm!

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Is this how Einstein went to sleep?

What did Einstein do to go sleep? This has been the question the World has always wanted to know the answer to. Here I present the answer.

An Ancient Map of Intelligent Life in the Galaxy (Continued)

This is a continuation of the previous blog. Again, refer to the following chart of the Northern Constellations:


7) “Benjamin is a ravenous wolf, in the morning devouring the prey, and at the even dividing the spoil.” Gen 49:27 (RSV)

Benjamin is the constellation of Hercules, who crushes the head of the serpent Draco and also holds the serpent constellations of Serpens and Ophiuchus. Hercules has a very dim pole star, Tau Hercules. However, Hercules plays the harp of Lyra with its bright pole star Vega. On the opposite side of Hercules is the equally bright pole star Arcturus. In the deep field of Hercules (beyond these "Pillars of Hercules" (Vega and Arcturus) lies the oldest known star cluster (M92) and the brightest star cluster in the northern hemisphere (M13). M92 appears as a type of heavenly “City of Atlantis,” which would have succumbed to devastating “galactic floods" brought on by the supernovae explosions of its first generation stars.

Benjamin is called the "morning devourer" ala the Egyptian Hercules, Horus, who is the deified "Morning Sun" of Egyptian religion.


8) “Dan shall judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent in the way, a viper by the path, that bites the horse’s heels so that his rider falls backward.” Gen. 49:16-17 (RSV)

Dan is the constellations of Serpens and Ophiuchus (bordering on Sagittarius the centaur/horse-mounted archer). The “strikes” of Serpens/Ophiuchus cause the “rider” of Sagittarius to fall.


9) “Zebulun shall dwell at the shore of the sea; he shall become a haven for ships, and his border shall be at Sidon.” Gen.49:13
Andromeda (daughter of Cassiopeia), who dwells by the "Heavenly Waters (of Delphinus)," is the lovely Zebulun (Yzebel) "who dwells by the sea." (RSV)

Zebulun/Andromeda probably also incorporated the more modern (and contiguous) constellation of Lacerta (“Lizard”).


10) “Naphtali is a hind let loose, that bears comely fawns.” Gen. 49:21 (RSV)

Naphtali, the “hind let loose" is the constellation of Cassiopeia, "the bound queen that races around the pole." Naphtali "bears beautiful daughters" and Cassiopeia is mother of beautiful Andromeda. Cf Naph and Egyptian Nefer, "Beautiful."


11) “Raiders shall raid Gad, but he shall raid at their heels.” Gen. 49:19 (RSV)

Gad is the constellation of Perseus or Pterseus (“Destroyer”) the son of Proetus, and rescuer of Andromeda. He was clad for battle by the gods with a highly polished (mirror-like) shield, an adamantine sickle, winged sandals, a large satchel, and a helmet of invisibility. The severed head of Medusa itself became his ultimate weapon to overcome his enemies at the end. (Note: In Myth, the fatherhood of Perseus is variously attributed to Proetus or the High God Zeus.)


12) “Asher’s food shall be rich, and he shall yield royal dainties.” Gen. 49:20 (RSV)

Asher whose “bread (is) fat" (KJV) is the constellation of Auriga. Auriga is shaped like a plump loaf of bread and is the mythical source of Capella, the "cornucopia (horn of plenty).”


The “12 tribes of Israel” emerge as constellations that fill up the northern sky (above the galactic plane). The implication is that the northern heavens were (and probably still are) full of intelligent life. Finding such a map in the Book of Genesis is the cosomological equivalent to the Piri Reis map of the Earth’s continents. Both contain knowledge that ancient mankind was not supposed to have possessed. More specifically, the cosmological map provides an explanation for the origins of mysterious domesticated plants and animals, as well as human beings on Planet Earth.

- The first intelligent beings (“space race”) may have been products of the Cygnus (Proetus/Reuben) or Cepheus (Acrisius/Simeon) constellation. However, modern man was evidently created by beings originating from the constellation of Bootes (Joseph), the so-called Arcturians. (Note: Arcturus is the brightest star and the pole star of Bootes.) It is quite interesting that the published characteristics of Arcturians (high-minded, inspriring jealousy/hatred, forgiving, dreamers, elongated skulls, geniuses) match the Biblical Joseph typecasting very closely!


Earth is a very wild planet. Much of what can be considered “domesticated” could very well be imported from other places in the galaxy (and with help by alien races from other places in the galaxy)!

Confirmation of this mapping is also found in Ezekiel 48, in which the 12 gates are grouped very much as the corresponding constellations are in the night sky! The prophesy of Ezekiel seems to indicate that "Heavenly Jerusalem" has shifted (or will shift) from a location between "Judah" (Ursa Minor) and Benjamin (Hercules), that is in the constellation of Draco, to a new location, perhaps in Corona Borealis.

“Heavenly/Prophetic Israel” - http://www.templemount.org/ezektmp.html

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The Dark Psychology of Trolling and Astroturfing

Evidently, one of the fastest growing career fields is that of the professional blogger (a.k.a troll and astroturfer). From what I can tell, "everybody's doing it."

In the comment section of the article posted below, can you tell the real "deniers" from the paid "trolls"?


One poster lists Bob Marley as a favorite on his Face Book Page, but dislikes "truthers." Are real people actually this conflicted? Sadly, they probably are!

Some other interesting links:
(Again, the comment sections are just as informing as the articles themselves!)


It's also interesting that Psychologists are now researching Internet trolling, but the studies are likely confounded by the presence of so many fake (i.e., paid) trollers/astro-turfers:


I never thought I would actually miss the genuine troll.



( a fictional interview by Der Spiegel? )

Dieter Funk? für Der Spiegel?

Nicht Der Spiegel?

The following is a transcript of an interview I conducted online with Jean-Pierre Fenyo, a self-made, autodidact Philosopher of Ethics who has more recently gained a small but important audience of influential people who somehow began to notice his various comments throughout the Facebook pages of various newspapers and periodicals. His views are just as interesting as the manner in which he expresses them. They tend to be very cautiously phrased, full of qualifiers and, most importantly, based on what appears to be a very good sense of Ethics. All of which is rare to find these days. He is not a Professor of Philosophy and is not formally educated in Philosophy, but he appears to know more about Classical Philosophy than most people. It was his most recent comments concerning Charlie Hebdo and Free Speech that drew my attention.

SPIEGEL: You made an important point in stating that Charlie Hebdo is not an official publication or representation of the views of any government or religious group, and that therefor it is wrong for Muslims anywhere to commit acts of violence against Charlie Hebdo's cartoonists and editors. Would it have been right if it had been an official publication?

Fenyo: Are you asking me if Charlie Hebdo were somehow a government or religious group's official mouth-piece whether or not I think that then violence against that government or religion would be justified?

SPIEGEL: Yes. Precisely.

Fenyo: Even then I think violence is not the way to react to what would then be correctly perceived as a distinct threat made by such a government or religious group. The first correct move would be to demand confirmation, clarification, explanation and an apology. And the next ethical step would be to take legal action, if possible. Severing diplomatic ties and banning business relations might then be the next thing to do. But even if all that would fail to get an apology and fail to get a promise not to make such an offensive threat in the future; violence would be counter-productive. My point was that because Charlie Hebdo isn't even a serious news publication, let alone something expressing the official views of any government or religious group; the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo was also an attack against legitimate freedom of expression by private citizens in a relatively Democratic society or country, and cannot be excused. Totally unacceptable. Totally!

SPIEGEL: But what about laws against incitement and hate-speech against people on the basis of their religion, ethnicity, race, or whatever other prejudice? Is Charlie Hebdo not subject to such laws that already exist, and, if so, should they not be prosecuted by the French authorities?

Fenyo: I think that if a private individual person starts blasting his opinion in public with a megaphone, or even merely speaking very loudly in an effort to get attention, and says something that suggests all Muslims, or all Jews, or all Christians, or all whatever, should be willing to be openly offended or risk being deported or imprisoned, or worse, then I think that would clearly be hate-speech and possible incitement. But Charlie Hebdo is not doing that. It mocks all religions and religious personages. And it offends without excluding anyone. It's the difference between someone telling a friend that she or he thinks priests are pedophiles and someone actually going up to a priest and yelling "you are a pedophile" while pointing right at them! It's the difference between someone only publishing offensive cartoons only targeting Jews and someone mocking all persons of all ethnic and / or religious backgrounds or identities. It's the difference between a Muslim preacher distributing copies of The Koran and saying Islam is the only way to salvation, and a fanatic extremist calling for the murder of all non-Muslims! One is merely offensive and unsophisticated and the other is not only offensive but is explicitly hateful and threatening violence.

SPIEGEL: You live here in the United Kingdom…in London…and as I understand it; UK laws would actually not allow a publication like Charlie Hebdo to exist in the first place. The law here supposedly prohibits the publication of anything that is deemed to be offensive to anyone at all. Do you think the UK should allow a UK publisher to publish something similar to Charlie Hebdo?

Fenyo: I think the UK has very valid reasons to be concerned about allowing such a publication to be published here. After all, the UK tries to accommodate to as many faiths and ethnicities and cultures as possible, and has the general attitude that if one has nothing nice to say about others then they might as well say nothing at all. It has its purpose, and is very business-oriented. Keep Calm and Carry On. But it unintentionally has a very dark side: it means that one can easily be silenced in public by practically anyone else making a complaint to the police, claiming that they were offended. And that means that many important exchanges of ideas and many important dialogues that could help prevent extremism never happen! And also that things like Monty Python's Flying Circus cannot be made in today's Britain, and that actual Freedom of Expression and Free Speech do not exist in public spaces! And this also creates a dangerously unfair advantage for the corporate private sector and for the ruling governing political parties. Thus British Democracy exists in a very limited sense. Yet the British pride themselves on being the bedrock of modern European Democracy and Freedom. Quite a contradiction if I may say so.

SPIEGEL: Yet there he was, Prime Minister David Cameron, walking more so than marching, alongside President Hollande, Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas, President Goodluck of Nigeria and others. Was he not also saying "JeSuisCharlie"?

Fenyo: First of all, I am not British or even a citizen of the UK. I am here on account of being an EU passport holder residing in the UK married to someone who is still healthy enough to be able to work here. So; the question might be better asked of someone native. But let's be realistic; Prime Minister Cameron was not holding a sign or button stating "JeSuisCharlie", and I think we can imagine why he wouldn't have done so if offered one. He was there in a show of solidarity with France as a whole and to sort of tell these terrorists that they cannot win and will be defeated. And on that point I agree with the Prime Minister; even as there are many things with which I will never agree with him on. As for myself, I prefer to say: "JeSuisAntiFasciste"!

SPIEGEL: Many of your comments include expressions of your total opposition and abhorrence of both Theocratic Fascism and Plutocratic Fascism. Obviously you are against Elites ruling over society, but is the threat just as real as that of Violent Fanatics?

Fenyo: Yes. One feeds off the existence and perpetuation of the other! Unethical types of Capitalists, as opposed to Ethical Capitalists, cause great suffering and millions to die prematurely each year by deliberately failing to pay decent wages, provide safe and relatively healthy workplaces and jobs, and by forcing poor and lowered middle class people into substandard, unhealthy, excessively small and yet unreasonably expensive housing units. They actively prevent society and government from finally solving the housing needs of the very people that service them, and now they are trying to find ways to further reduce the need for actual human labor, displacing people and creating more and more poverty. It is totally inhuman, and yet done in such ways as to make it hard to prove directly in any court of law. In fact, poor people no longer can get proper legal representation at all, and their voices are no longer given enough attention by much of the news media! Fanatic extremists and ultra-nationalist fanatics…and think about it: extreme nationalism is itself a religion of sorts…hence ultra-nationalists often work within Theocratic Fascist movements…anyway…Theocratic Fascists would have a very hard time trying to recruit anyone if Plutocracy and the corruption that Plutocracy breeds seized to exist!

SPIEGEL: Are you implying that the UK is a Plutocracy?

Fenyo: No. It is still not yet there. The UK is still somewhat of a Democracy, but it, just like my USA, is at great risk of becoming outright Plutocracies!

SPIEGEL: Do you think Russell Brand is right to call for revolution?

Fenyo: Thank You for bringing up his name. To many he sounds like he's a real People's man, but I think he is very confused about a lot of things. In our times a violent revolution would never work at all, and even any attempt at such would simply be exploited as an excuse for the Elitists Plutocrats to get government to fully silence any and all of us in the name of public national security. In any case Russell Brand proved how confused and senseless he can be when he actually expressed support for Hamas, and joined those who love to bash Israel and unfairly attack Israel for merely having no easy choices when it comes to defending itself, its citizens and its regional security interests….some of which are also our International Security interests. Hamas holds the majority of the people of Gaza hostage in terrible fear and danger. Hamas are no different than ISIS and AQ. Had Russell Brand at least stayed neutral he would have saved face with me. What he should have done is support serious Two States Peace-seekers like One Voice Movement. But he seems to be insensitive about the rights of the real minorities of The Middle East, including the Jews of Israel.

SPIEGEL: Abbas and the Palestinian Authority are now taking Israel to the International Criminal Court in The Hague alleging that Israel committed War Crimes. What is your view on this?

Fenyo: First of all, given how complex this tragic and horrifically violent long-time conflict has been: it serves no good purpose for either side to take matters to the ICC. Hamas and other in Gaza fire lethal rockets indiscriminately threatening, harming, injuring and even killing innocent Israelis…they do so while hiding behind the backs of poor Palestinian men, women and children! Israel has every right to defend itself, but in such a situation there is no realistic way to do so without risking harm or death to those poor Gazans! Most Israelis actually understand this very well, and wish that Hamas would just go away and leave both sides to make real peace possible. It could happen that on the basis of some limited understanding the ICC rules that Israel is guilty. Have there been problematic incidents? Yes. But what about Hamas in the first place?! To think that they would be found innocent and Israel guilty would be a travesty! This is not at all like what happened in Rwanda, in Cambodia, in Nazi-invaded parts of Europe! There is no comparative. The ethical thing would be for the ICC to either go into very precise details, taking decades to do, by which time either peace will become reality or the World will fall into total final chaos! Or for the ICC to dismiss cases by both sides, but issue a stern warning that somehow peace must be achieved and that whoever is then found to be opposing efforts at real peace should risk being indicted! I think that then Israel and the PA would reach some sort of meaningful, viable agreement and peace would finally begin to blossom.

SPIEGEL: You are Jewish. Your grandfather was at the top of Hitler's Most Wanted Dead or Alive list of Hungarian Jews. You have researched The Holocaust, and your father is a Historian who has written about World War Two. Do you think there is any reason to be concerned about rising anti-Semitism in Europe and elsewhere? Is it as serious a threat as it was before WW2?

Fenyo: Nb doubt antisemitism is increasing, but there is also a new phenomena: non-Jews, including relatively moderate Muslims, who actually consciously and openly reject, oppose and condemn anti-Semitism. But the risk of things getting much worse is always there so long as three things are not achieved: One; a viable peace arrangement between Israelis and the people who have long now chosen to be called Palestinians. Two; serious educational efforts to teach young people and adults about Ethics and that Fascism of any kind is a threat to all Humanity, and that Racism, Xenophobia, Antisemitism, and Reactionary Hate are all threats to Democracy and parts of the Fascist narrow mindset that only knows how to destroy lives, and always leads to senseless, horrific death and destruction! And last but not least; that the Islamic nations of the World finally accept the Historical legitimacy of the Jewish people to live in their own safe and respected Israel and elsewhere, based even on what The Koran states. Thus the Arab World needs to admit that it is a false and mistaken narrative that suggests that Jews are foreign European invading colonialists; when in fact Semitic Jews are definitely entitled to live in Israel and elsewhere throughout the Middle East. There is no fundamental reason why Muslims and Jews cannot live together in peace and by doing so begin to prosper together. None. Both sides' extremists are lying about Islam and about Judaism. Peace is not only possible, in spite of all incidents that would seem to suggest otherwise, ….peace is not only possible, but essentially and urgently required for the sake of regional and hence global peace as well. The stakes are too high to allow Extremists, Distorters and Cherry-pickers of Scripture to wreck everything for everybody. We, the Moderates of the World need to cut out the BS and begin to stand strong and united in our diversity against the Extremists Pseudos of the World.

SPEIGEL: When you talk or write like that you begin to sound very rhetorical. Is there not a bit of the Messianic or narcissist in you?

Fenyo: Not at all. I don't think of myself as being superior to anyone in the ultimate sense of what it is to be a Living Being, a Human Being and someone Spiritual and Scientific. I just think the World needs real people as role models, and if I don't volunteer alongside others then who will? After all; a World without Human heroes cannot become a much better, truly Enlightened and Enlightening Wiser World!

SPIEGEL: You first became famous as someone who sat out in New York City's Greenwich Village with a sign that read "Free Advice". And you often point out that you were the first person in modern Western civilisation to be a Philosopher enticing people with such a simple sign. You then state that Rupert Murdoch and his media undermined your further rise to fame, and that you were eventually almost entirely forgotten by the millions of those who had seen you on TV in the last three years of the 1980s. Why would Murdoch do that?

Fenyo: He will probably not remember having met me outside The Stock Exchange on Wall Street sometime in 1987. He will then deny having done so. But I remember otherwise. I think he and others like him see people, Deep and Critical Thinkers like me, as threats to their efforts to dumb-down the majority of society. After all he serves the interests of those who profit off ignorance, conflict and greed. I was then, as I am now, a Philosopher who invites people to think about the Infinite, about the mystery of Existence and Life, about the possibility of a World in which everyone is encouraged to think deeply and be open-minded towards new ideas and thoughts, experiences, emotions and feelings! My purpose has always been to encourage everyone to be Individualistic and yet capable of meaningful, peaceful coexistence, cooperation and creativity! A creative person is more free than someone who is not creative. The World needs more Freedom and Liberty and Rights, not less. Fascism is the enemy of all Humanity. Asimovian Robotonomics, as I call it, in effect Ethical Social-Democracy in which Robots and Computers perform work for all of us and we still get paid an income; that is how we get to The Promised Land! That is how we put a Final End to Slavery! That is how we can Restore Sanity to the World, Save the Biosphere and its many Life-forms and create a New Eden!

SPIEGEL: If I am not mistaken you coined the term Asimovian Robotonomics in memory and respect for Isaac Asimov; with whom you had a direct meeting and exchange of thoughts with. Do you think he would approve of you doing so?

Fenyo: Maybe we will find out when we meet him in the next existence! If we do! All I know is that I don't know all, but I know a little about everything in general and less about anything in specific!

SPIEGEL: Thank You Mr. Fenyo for granting this interview.

'The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven' is full of 'Malarkey'


Remember the little boy who said he saw heaven after surgery? Remember the book and movie made about the event? Yeeeeah...he lied. According to Alex Malarkey, the buy who started it all, he made it all up because he "just wanted attention." Many people argued, including here on TDG, that the boy was fed the story by his family and made up. Well in my opinion this is worse. Not just because the kid lied to so many blind followers, but the fact that his parents went along with it for so long, including a crappy movie!

Didn't expect the false prophet of Revelation to be a kid did you? Why couldn't he just be like other kids and spend his time trolling YouTube :P


Jan 13, 2015 Massachussetts UFO Sighting

If this performance is one of "ours" it is pretty darn impressive.


The Milky Way and Its 12 Dwarf Galaxies

We now know that our Galaxy is very much a "Jacob the Grabber." In fact, the Milky Way has about 12 significant Dwarf Galaxies within its gravitational hold at the present time, and which are in various stages of "accretion" (assimilation into the main Milky Way Galaxy).


The exact number of Dwarf Galaxies is still being determined and debated. It is uncertain whether some are actually gravitationally bound to the Milky Way. Also, some of the Dwarf Galaxies identified may not be unique, that is, groups of two or three of these entities may have started out as a single/independent Galaxy, but split up after collision with the Milky Way (and therefore should only be counted as one Dwarf Galaxy).

One of the larger and closer Dwarf Galaxies, called SagDeg for short, has punched through the disk of the Milky Way on multiple occasions, and it has been proposed that this recurring event is at least partly responsible for the characteristic spiral banding that the Milky Way has assumed (as a response). A previous "visitation" has evidently taken place in the local neighborhood of our solar system.


The wild ride of SagDeg certainly evokes the myth of Phaethon, a son of Helios (The Galactic Center) that desired to "drive the chariot of the Sun." When Phaethon crashed and burned, Cycnus/Cygnus ("The Swan" constellation) mourned for him and dove repeatedly after him. This seems to describe the gravitational perturbations caused by the motion of a satellite galaxy as it passes through the plane of the Milky Way.


Even more shockingly, in the Blessings of Jacob (Genesis 49), there is a very peculiar admission that Jacob was not the "father" of all of his "sons." Referring to Joseph, it states:

"The blessings of thy father have prevailed above the blessings of my progenitors ..."

It goes on to state that Joseph was "separate from his brethren." (KJV) The “branches” of Joseph also “spill over the wall,” which is a poetic description of a “tidal stream” formed by the sprawling arms of a dwarf galaxy as it becomes assimilated into the Milky Way.

The "Blessing of Joseph" in Genesis 49 also refers to vicious attacks that were made upon Joseph, which are not mentioned elsewhere in Genesis. This sounds very much like explanation of cosmic aggression, and a rather unexpected model (cosmology) of galactic formation and intelligent life that we are only now beginning to appreciate due to recent astronomical discoveries.

Additional links:

(Our Jacob the Grabber will one day meet its match.)

(The study of more distant galaxies is shedding light on our own galaxy's cobbled design.)

(Could our own solar system be from another galaxy?)

(More Milky Way weirdness)

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Je Suis Charlie

There was a recent episode of America Unearthed on three of the obelisks of Manhattan (possibly) placed in the shape of Orion's belt stars and pointing to the Statue of Liberty as Orion's Belt does to the star Sirius. It's a very crude and kluged alignment, but probably held some significance to the "architects." The below reviewer is not impressed:


A better program on the symbolism of the Statue of Liberty was done by Brad Meltzer:

See video

There are also other (much bigger and more modern) references to Orion in the Manhattan landscape:


Anyway, this seemed like an appropriate topic in light of recent events. Those of us that live on the Internet take "freedom of speech" for granted. But, we should be mindful that there are billions of people in the world that don't have that privilege.

Discovery Channel to Stop Airing Hoax Documentaries

A new policy has been announced by the Discovery Channel:


No word from the History Channel as to whether they will continue to air similar shows, such as "The Devil's Graveyard."


Caveat Viewer!