Remote Viewing Magazine eight martinis issue 14 out now!

Eight Martinis Remote Viewing magazine - Issue 14
April 2016

This issue is packed with great insights, Remote Viewing examples and articles on a large range of Remote Viewing and ESP topics from some of the key people within Remote Viewing and is packed with 68 pages.

It contains the following:

• Moving Sideways in Time - Lyn Buchanan
• WWC Group sets the pace in Associative Remote Viewing - T.W.Fendley
• 18 Years of Excitement: CRV Stories from a Professional Remote Viewer - Lori Williams
• An interview with Angela Ford - A Project Star Gate Remote Viewer - Daz Smith & Angela Ford
• Archetypes, Atoms & Alchemy Remote Viewing in a (Quantum) Nutshell - Dr. David Shaver
• CIA Sponsored American Institutes of Research (AIR) Remote Viewing Report in 2016: The View From Under The Bus - by Teresa Frisch
• Remote Viewing Example: Rock Hewn Churches, Lalibela, Ethiopia - Hitomi Akamatsu

We hope you enjoy this Issue and feel free to email us with and comments & feedback.

The Bicameral Prince

Been rereading Greg's item on Prince's youthful encounter with an angel effecting a cure of his epilepsy.

Off the top of my head, children tend towards bicameralism 'til cultural or physical pressures guide them towards contemporary consciousness. Being brief: imaginary friends, psi sensitivity, et al..

Epilepsy is often part of people who channel the divine. My pet theory on epilepsy is the right brain is striving to be the dominant hemisphere, putting lefty in the back seat. Since millennia of natural selection have been kind to the rational, detail-oriented, Apollonian hemisphere, it's a tough battle.

The right wants to clap the body's hands, while the left wants to write. The struggle manifests in seizures as each hemisphere fights with multiple impulses making the body haywire.

I propose Prince had a seizure, saw the angel (actual or imaginary, I can nor will not say), and a détente was effected, ending the mental struggle.

Which side won? I dunno, but one thing to appreciate is Prince's profligate songwriting. The Daily Mail's Charlie Moore says there's a room at Paisley Park containing 2000 unreleased tracks. It's possible there could be a new Prince album released every year for a century with those songs.

The brain's right hemisphere is emotional and creative, and Julian Jaynes proposed it was the source of divine voices and hallucinations. Perhaps Prince was firing on both cylinders, or hemispheres, rather than relying upon an overtaxed conscious mind and a seemingly-lazy subconscious mind.

Ghost Hunting With Kinect Cameras

XBox's infra-red based "Kinect" technology is being used more and more by ghost hunters with some intriguing results. The Ghost Adventures crew has also captured some startling footage this way though I haven't found any of it on Youtube. The crews below caught some equivalent moving imagery:

See video

See video

The Carbonaro Effect

I have become a devotee of the TV show "The Carbonaro Effect" - it constantly reminds me of how government and the financial system operate - sleight of hand and misdirection.

See video

Cloaking Errors?

Video and still images of what appear to be high tech craft in the skies caught in faint, transient cloaking errors and often associated with the "mystery booms" being reported all over the place.

See video


I believe man has been on this planet NOT for thousands of years, but for millions of years. Why it's been kept secret I don't know, hopefully sometime in the near future we will find out why.

Regarding the last

I find it distressing my theory appears to provide grist for materialists who want to argue humans are programmable, biological robots.

Fortunately, I write about woo-woo which means my ideas will be dismissed as such.

I want to believe.

Seat Of My Pants: Kuru and Allergies

Kuru is an incurable degenerative neurological disorder where the brain disintegrates, causing shakes random outbursts, and death. Conventional wisdom suggests infectious proteins, or prions, are at work here.

I had a bolt from the blue writing up an upcoming contribution to TDG. Kuru is part of an immune response against the brain. The body is rejecting the brain because some proteins folded the wrong way, giving the illusion it's an "alien" transplant. I do not mean alien in the sense of greys or little green men, just something from another body.

There are genetic links to one's predisposition to hypersensitivity to substances.

Kuru is seen among the tribes of Papua New Guinea practicing mortuary cannibalism. They eat everything, from the flesh, to the deceased's poop wrapped in leaves, to the brains of deceased relatives. The practice puts them at risk for developing Kuru.

Planarians are flatworms notorious for their capacity to regenerate. Put a planarian in a blender, let it sit, all those tiny chopped up bits will become several planarians. Stranger still, teach a planarian to navigate a maze, chop it up, feed it to a planarian who doesn't know the maze, suddenly the maze virgin can puzzle out the twists and turns like a pro.

There are anecdotal reports of humans who receive organ transplants acquiring the characteristics of the donor. Someone disgusted by cheese receives a heart transplant suddenly develops a craving for brie and nothing will stop them. Sometimes personality traits are transferred.

What I am writing (wrote) about is regarding the transmission of allergies by bone marrow transplants. Previous reports have been anecdotal, but someone's definitively found a link. A guy received a bone marrow transplant from a sibling and acquired an allergy to kiwi fruit. There's scientific esoterica I'm muddling through as laity with some college education. Hopefully my post makes sense.

Allergies are an immune response to a substance. Organ rejection is the immune system's response to an alien object in a body.

Eating, and transplantation, is metabolizing organic material into one's body. Those broken down bits are assimilated, becoming part of the body and could precipitate change by proteins folding the wrong way, new stem cells creating alien cells horning in on established territory sparking gang warfare.

There might be something about the composition of the human brain which allows it to be transmissable by being eaten, playing on our atavistic planarian legacy. Tribal traditions have people eating the hearts of their enemies to gain their bravery.

It may be a social act of dominance, but there may be a connection and putative advantages of engaging in cannibalism.

By no means am I advocating cannibalism in any way, shape, or form.

There are quite a few tropes out there reinforcing this practice which have echoes in real life traditions.

This is a start. A hypothesis. Hoping to pursue it before coming out and suggesting Kuru is a person becoming allergic to their own brain.

Been A Long Time...

It's been a long time since I've posted here. A lot has happened. I'm happily divorced that I'm very happy about, so now hopefully things can move on as Spring will be here soon. It's been a rough few years, I've been very sick. Hopefully, all that is behind me now though. I hope so, it's been difficult but beginning this year I'm hoping things will improve. I have a good outlook on life, so that will bring me through all the health issues I've had. I'm sure.

Well, looks like a snow storm is brewing but at least it won't be as bad as they were saying the other day. Probably, just an inch or two.

Well, I'll close for now hopefully I'll get back to writing in my journal more often. Have a good day and enjoy the weekend.

You've got the power

Be careful what you say, because it might come to pass.

Say good things to one another and think positive thoughts about yourself.

And don't apologize for anything, unless you're offering condolences for someone's death or if you caused someone's death.