Secrets of the Afterlife

I seem to be popping up everywhere in the past week. (Well and truly spoiling 10 hard years of work cultivating a totally obscure existence). After being interviewed by Reality Sandwich, which was then generously linked to by David Pescovitz at Boing Boing (via Strange Attractor - thanks Mark!), I've also made a guest appearance on Michael Prescott's blog, commenting about afterlife research and dubious skepticism.

I emailed Michael in response to an earlier posting of his regarding 'super-medium' Leonora Piper, and Martin Gardner's extremely weak 'debunking' of her work - Michael was nice enough to post my thoughts to his readers. Part of it is the little known - and astonishing - fact that Leonora Piper at some points had three 'personalities' communicating through her at the same time - one in trance, talking, and one through each hand via automatic writing...and what's more, the scripts were written backwards, mirror style:

Came across something when reading an SPR journal which is a decent response to one of Martin Gardner's accusations against Leonora Piper. Thought you'd probably be interested in it:

Gardner: "Mediums in a city know one another. Those who patronize one medium usually visit others. At the time there were scores of mediums in Boston, forming a network of scoundrels who passed information freely back and forth."

SPR Journal: "That Mrs. Piper should have worked up the dossiers of all the sitters some time before was practically impossible. No doubt it was permissible to assume a freemasonry amongst professional mediums, and that any information obtained by one of the fraternity would be at the disposal of all. But a considerable proportion of Mrs. Piper's sitters were not even numbered amongst the 500 odd Members and Associates of the A.B.S.P.R. ; and very few had ever been to a professional medium before." ...

Also, as you mentioned the simultaneous voice and writing communication in your original blog, I thought it worth pointing out this passage from Michael Sage's book on Piper. Fascinating aspect of the phenomenon IMO:

"The voice may keep up a conversation with a sitter while the hand keeps up another in writing with someone else on a wholly different subject. If the sitter who is talking with the hand allows his attention to be distracted by what the voice says, the hand recalls his attention by its movements. When anyone is speaking to the hand control, it is necessary to speak to the hand, and close to the hand, or there is a risk of not being understood. In short, one must behave as if the hand were a complete and independent being.

"Observation of this phenomenon suggested to Dr Hodgson that by using the left hand he could perhaps obtain three communications on three different subjects. He tried and succeeded, although imperfectly; no doubt because, in the normal state, the left hand is not used to writing...

"The writing often looks like that on a lithographic stone, and can only be read when reflected in a glass; this writing, which is called mirror-writing, is produced as rapidly as ordinary writing, though Mrs Piper, in her normal state, would be unable to write in this way. This mirror-writing has been often observed in subjects who write automatically; the cause for it is still to be found."

In my opinion, the SPR investigation of Mrs Piper deserves far more attention than modern science has given it...


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I think the real question about modern secret societies is their influence on politics.

Secret societies are made to dominate by multiplying the energy of the base members to serve the top of the pyramid.

It would be a mistake to believe that those are simply related to occultism for the sake of occultism, as you know.

So, what do they seek to dominate? Humanity of course and what can be used to dominate humanity? The likes of everything onto which a need was created and that is supported by that society as the means to possess.

So, money is the first aim, then there is resources and energy, and last but not least, information.

How do you ultimately control those? By controlling the government.

Today, we have cults that gravitate around the economy, others around the war machine, others around the control of information, and so on, and there is a cult of the cults that occultly is connected to an invisible network to organize the various movements of those seemingly independent societies.

Seen from the outside, these may seem like men's clubs. The consciousness of the men that compose the capstone of these organizations are totally under control, as the people that work to support those structures are unconsciously working to feed the cult's needs.

When such a cult takes over a government, the population ends up very much like those unwitting cult members and they are put to task to increase even more the energy that goes towards the capstone. They become willing slaves and feed upon the dictates of the machine, in turn giving their lives' energy to feed its vampiric needs.

A cult is a system that brings a group of people, small or large, to think according to that system and by that system, effectively disempowering the members from freedom of mind and replacing that freedom with a free-will that is conditioned by the collective pre-calculated set of thoughts.

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1 May 2004
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Greg speaking on 'Magick' as a "method of entering altered states to converse with "the other":


Whether this is a true alternate reality that we enter, or simply the realm of our own unconscious, I can't say for sure. But either way, it is a refined tool for effecting change in our own reality.

Why do people believe that there is a difference between an apparent alternate reality and the so-called 'own' unconscious?

This 'unconscious' is obviously not apparent to consciousness so it must serve an induced conditioning purpose. Why would this unconscious bear answers that would be more real than those that were already fetched from that pool of experiences if it is limited to the experience?

And how would Magick really affect change in our reality if it is sought from a region that already conditions waken consciousness as it aspires the sleeping mind? Does not this unconscious psychic mass already form the collectively organized understanding that we make our own?

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1 May 2004
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Greg speaking on UFO and apparitions:


Further, we still don't know what we are actually dealing with. Personally, I see a lot of merit in Jacques Vallee's proposal that the UFO phenomenon may be some sort of incursion from an alternate reality – which he describes as being with us throughout history, as evident in fairy sightings, etc. – and that it may well be a control system of some type.

Another interesting point here.

At one point, people will have to drive it through their mind that there is no difference between alternate realities, alien entities, hierarchies, realms, races, intelligences, spirits and so on.

When there is an apparition, when there is a communication, we tend to assign their origin based on our beliefs. To some they are spirit, to others they are alien, in the end a spirit is an alien. Those categories are the wrong ones.

We think of parrallel universes as something different than a psychic dimension. This is wrong, psychic dimensions are those realms that are navigated by those intelligences and they are organized as hyper interconnected highway that transport information by intelligences, according to their respective status.

We think of celestial realms as something spiritual when in fact this is simply the seat of certain intelligences, like other realms are the seat of other intelligences.

We want to make a distinction between so-called invisible realms and their hierarchies as spiritual and material hierarchies as alien. This is a mistake, as we are multi-dimentional beings all the same that other material races are multi-dimensional, and those consciousnesses all have an origin that is other than the material planet where they are connected.

We differentiate between our reality and the spirit reality and instantly forget that we are spirit in matter and that a spirit is simply an alien that inhabits an invisible, to the material eye, part of one super universe.

We create that division, that division does not exist in reality, it is forced upon by the segregation created by limited senses.

We know that but we are very strongly magnetized by our senses and we measure everything by this side of what those senses can penetrate and the intangible side that the senses cannot penetrate but that we navigate every night, sleep being akin to death and the disconnection with the material body not happening only because our alien self disallows it.

Very interesting interview by the way Greg. You cover it all.