News Briefs 19-08-2014

Cats in zero-gravity. You're welcome.

Quote of the Day:

Right now, there could well be messages from the stars flying right through this room. Through you and me. And if we had the right receiver set up properly, we could detect them. I still get chills thinking about it.

Frank Drake (quoted in Five Billion Years of Solitude)


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6 April 2010
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3 hours 19 min!!!!!: I feel sorry for the cats but at the same time I laughed my head off.

Elephants: This is disgusting. It is absolutely disgusting that we, humans, a "civilized" society can't sort this. A big part of "the growing market in Asia" is the market for herbal medicine and other "quackery" (as the US would call it if it were here) is high because people either don't believe in western medicine or simply can't afford it (the latter is more true than the former). And it seems like no matter which side you blame it's the government of those countries, both in Africa and Asia (it's China, you can't deny it and you know it's mostly them), who don't seem to give a shit about their people let alone the species that called it home.

Birds: Well...that's just horrifying!

...I forgot how I got here but everyone seems to be heading off in that direction. I hope someone brought food. I have a feeling this is going to be a long journey................

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If I am not mistaken, Alexander was last known to have rested in Alexandria, Egypt, before then simply dropping out of history. Prior to that, his mausoleum was the destination of many important people, especially powerful Romans of the day.

Half of that ancient city rests under the waves today.

If I had to guess, this may be the final repose of Parmenion, who was both Alexander's mentor and later, something of a pain.

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And what is the speed of the EM field that surrounds those brain impulses? Why, it is the speed of light.
And what information is contained in that field?

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8 April 2006
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Well, it's certainly possible that both the C.60K BC migration from Africa which resulted in every living human being related to a single "Eve" from there, and a previous migrations of much earlier date could be compatible. You could also have humans developing elsewhere on the planet prior to or even in conjunction with those is Africa, and still have everyone alive today descended from the single "Eve."

All it takes is an event like Toba, approximately 67K-70K years ago. Some anthropologists and archeologists believe that prior to the eruption, there were hundreds of MtCDNA chains all over the world, but at about the time of the Toba eruption, most of them disappeared, leaving only those we have today. In fact, it's altogether possible that Humanity came within a whisper of becoming extinct, perhaps being reduced to maybe 10K breeding pairs world-wide.

So consider that humans developed all over the world, that they were alive and living, even coexisting with other relatives like Neandertals. Then comes the Toba super-volcano eruption and the vast majority of humans pass away. Neandertals, and perhaps some similar, as yet unknown, human species survive because they were hardier stock. Who knows.

But those hardy Homo-sapiens sapiens down in Africa manage to get buy due to their resources and hunting/fishing and survival skills. They spend the next 10K years developing their tribes and reproducing, then begin to migrate to the new lands beyond the African savannahs.

Certainly it's possible, and I personally think it's likely.

All of us homo-sapiens sapiens alive today can trace our lineage(s) back to that single "Eve" in Africa. We can do so because of the throw of the dice that allowed Eve and her people to survive when the rest of our prodigy died off as a result of the after effects of a Super Volcano.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)