News Briefs 22-08-2012


  • Melbourne researchers discover cracks in the universe.
  • Larry King chats with UFO researchers James Fox & Tom DeLonge, whilst Michael Shermer flings the same old pseudoskepticism.
  • Britain visited by one UFO a month, but MoD rules they pose no threat.
  • Despite accounting for only 1% of cases, the Navajo Rangers take reports of paranormal phenomena seriously.
  • Are we alone in the universe? Visualising the Drake Equation.
  • NASA's Kepler space telescope spots another 41 exoplanets.
  • The Mars Curiosity rover won't make a mountain out of a... wait, what?
  • Searching for alien life in the oceans of Jupiter & Saturn's moons.
  • Here be sea serpents: are mosasaurs breeding off the New Zealand coast?
  • Science on the Silk Road & a taste for adventure.
  • Beekeeping in ancient Egypt & today.
  • Google Street View was at Chichen Itza, stealing ancient aliens's personal data.
  • Spelunker captures the otherworldly wonder of cave cathedrals.
  • After mastering sign language, bonobo makes stone tools. He'll be blogging soon.
  • Video: income inequality enrages monkey. Imprisonment doesn't help, either.
  • There & probably not back again: tortoise walks 70 mile journey.
  • Do birds use quantum entanglement to 'see' Earth's magnetic field?
  • Behold the ferocious power of lightning strikes... & rainbows?

Thankee Kat, RPJ, & Greg.

Quote of the Day:

Is being curious a talent?

Mark Staufer


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purrlgurrl's picture
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21 June 2008
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21 hours 13 min

I think this broadcast format of skeptics vs. believers has run its course. It's become remarkably boring.

The dynamic is predictably polarized, and we watch people getting pissed off at and then rudely interrupting each other rather than hearing any substantive discussion at length.

The more informative way to handle this would be to have a skeptic segment and a believer segment without any televised verbal combat among the parties. However, broadcasters live with the mistaken assumption that we viewers enjoy watching people argue and behave badly toward each other. Actually, most of us really don't.

This is just more of the same tired old TV we've been watching forever, especially from Larry King the master of this kind of schlock. Just because he routinely covers UFOs doesn't mean he's any friend to those with a serious interest in the subject. He's likely done more harm to the subject of UFOs than anyone else.

Rick MG's picture
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2 May 2004
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8 weeks 5 days

I'd rather see a serious UFO discussion on tv than none at all. It's better than Chasing UFOs!

As for the "skeptics vs. believers" format, James Fox makes it clear multiple times that he is not saying UFOs are extraterrestrial -- only that UFOs are a genuine mystery that deserve serious study. The irony is, it's Fox who is the real skeptic, and Shermer the believer.

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