Psychedelic Addendum

As an addendum to the story I posted last week on the Wade Davis documentary Peyote to LSD - A Psychedelic Odyssey: the director of the feature, Peter von Puttkamer, posted a comment here on TDG confirming the air date in the U.S. (on The History Channel) of April 20th and giving some further details...

It's a fascinating show - amazing to work on with Wade - working in 5 different countries - participating in rarely if ever filmed native hallucinogenic ceremonies from the American Southwest, to Oaxaca, Mexico to the Ecuadorian Amazon. This is maybe the first film to really look at the origins of hallucinogens (and their use as MEDICINE for native peoples to heal mind, body and spirit and its introduction to the western world: from jungle shamans to the hippie generation; it's a true travel-adventure trip with Wade as our guide - taking us in the footsteps of his Harvard mentor Richard E Schultes.

We went and experienced all the same plants, medicines and hallucinogens that Schultes did...Bob Weir ads some great comments- plus lent us some cool Grateful Dead music and Dr. Andrew Weil brings a lot of authority and real perspective to the subject of hallucinogens: as institutions like UCLA, Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins University revisit the psychedelics as a way of treating mental disorders, depression and even helping the sick and dying- we may realize that there's more to learn from these gifts of the indigenous peoples, than was previously thought.

See the trailer and a new Wade Davis Discover Magazine article at

I have also added the trailer as a video here on TDG - make sure you check out the Discover interview with Wade Davis mentioned as well. Thanks to Peter for passing on the information to us all.