Ænima for a Decade

It's ten years since the release of perhaps the greatest rock album of all time, Ænima by TOOL. Put it on, play it very loud, and marvel to the musical genius that could only have come about via a pact made with Lucifer himself, down at the crossroads at midnight. If you don't have it, rush out and buy it now. Alternatively, you could learn to swim.


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22 November 2004
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You could have listened to a band called "Monkey Meet", about 10 years ago.

I can't find any recordings of them. They played in Calofornia, I heard them in San Diego several times.

Many people heard them, even when they didn't want to, these guys were loud. But very very good. Inspired artful noise. Melody, rythm, vocals, many layers. It was rock and reggae and blues on a Beethoven-like scale. They would wake up the dead and make them dance.

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1 May 2004
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I didn't know you were a metal head Greg, I guess I wasn't paying attention.

Rock On!


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17 August 2005
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The are undoubtedly the worlds foremost hard rock band. They are the reason I found this site and have been opening my eyes ever since. I am devastated that I have missed out on tickets to the Melbourne gig but fingers crossed for more concerts to come. I can always crank up the cd player and lose myself... Oh and by the way its only a matter of time for this great big festering neon distraction....

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1 August 2006
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18 weeks 2 days

I fully agree with that last comment, they are one of the greatest hard rock bands ever. They also are responsible for tuning me in to TDG. To nobody's surprise, Tool put on another awesome show in Columbus, Ohio last week. I had to ebay tickets but got lucky enough to get them. Here's to all you Tool loving Daily Grailers.

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18 April 2006
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Saw Tool in Mansfield on Friday. Amazing show. Tool is really the only band in their genre I like, because I recognize their awesome talent. I would have to say they are one of the best bands in existence today and can compare with the legendary bands of the past.