Merry Apocalypse and a Happy New Year

Well, here in Australia it's ticked over to the 21st of December 2012, the date of the Mayan apocalypse, and I can tell you that civilisation is near non-existent, a murderous hot breeze is blowing across arid, unfriendly land, and poisonous, demonic animals are crawling beneath our feet and infesting the water around us. Fortunately, that's exactly how it was here before the Mayan apocalypse, so it looks like things will be fine.

But just in case, both myself and the TDG admins will be heading to our bunkers and eating rations for the next couple of weeks. Or at least in my case, heading to the beach and sipping refreshing beverages. With online traffic dropping off over the Xmas period, we take this time to unplug from the internet and recharge our batteries, and I recommend you do the same and we'll meet you back here in the New Year. But if you're an online junkie, note that the site will still be running, occasional news may just be posted, and the comments threads remain open for discussion.

If you've been entertained and/or educated by The Daily Grail over the course of the year, please consider dropping a few dollars in our tin can to help the site continue on in 2013. You can contribute via PayPal or credit card using the button below:

Or you can also grab a book from the list below released by Daily Grail Publishing, on all manner of fascinating topic, which will help support both us and the author(s):

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all the Grailers out there!


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If the world does end, don't forget to post the news. I don't want to miss it.