Rennes Map on eBay?

Currently listed on eBay in the UK is an alleged 'treasure map' of the church of Rennes-le-Chateau. Don't head over there with petty cash though, as the seller is asking for a starting bid of £10,000.

This old map has been a puzzle for our family for some time. After many frustrating attempts to solve it it has almost become a neverending curse upon our family. We have therefore, somewhat reluctantly, decided to sell this map and the codes within to try and gain something out of what has been many hours of hard work and research that we believe is still to yield further secrets.
Quite a hefty asking price, considering what little evidence is offered as to whether it is the genuine article. According to the seller, "anybody who has done any research can see the outline of the walls and the positions of the 14 stations corrisponds[sic] to either RLC or a surprisingly simular building." Other evidence offered is that there are references to 'shepherdesses' in the text on the map. Thanks Filip.


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24 June 2004
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I don't think I would be rushing to buy the map Greg, even if I had the money to spare.It all seems a little sus to me that someone comes up with a map just when all the attention is being focused on that area.


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2 May 2004
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The map's owner complains that it has almost been a "neverending curse", yet he/she's reluctant to sell it? This oxymoron proves it's not the real deal, if you ask me!

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1 May 2004
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There is a map with the x on it in some copies of the Tomb of God by Richard Andrews and Paul Schellenberger. Also one of the HGHG dudes, Lincon ? wrote a book with some speculative X's called Holy Place.