EdgeScience #13

Issue 13 of the free PDF magazine EdgeScience is now available to download from the website of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE). In the new issue:EdgeScience 13

  • Paul Devereux reports on the "Anomalies I Have Known".
  • Antonella Vannini and Ulisse Di Corpo discuss how Einstein swept retrocausality under the rug.
  • John L. Petersen explores the world of channeling.
  • Massimo Biondi reviews Raymond Moody's book Glimpses of Eternity.

Grab a free PDF of EdgeScience 13 from the SSE website, or the print version from MagCloud. If you do grab the free PDF, please consider a small donation to help the EdgeScience team continue with this excellent publication.


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I especially want to recommend Paul Devereux's excellent contribution to this issue. As his essay title makes clear, Paul describes a number of anomalies he has experienced at various times, the effects they had on him, and the questions these synchromystic experiences raised for him - as they continue to raise for all of us.

On reading it, I was delightedly reminded of Greg's posting here, not long ago, about how often butterflies seem to manifest some kind of relationship with death or dying.

Paul, too, relates a marvelous personal experience of the butterfly/death connection - although his own focus in the beginning of the essay is actually on two synchronicities in which *curtains* in association with death became a living metaphor, as it were.

But what jumped out at me was the butterfly in his tale:

"The second instance occurred a few years later, in 1969, at my mother’s funeral. The cortège was waiting in the street, but my father was too distressed to come out of the house. It was becoming awkward. I went upstairs to find him sitting in what used to be my bedroom. He was weeping and wouldn’t respond to my urging him to come downstairs because people were waiting. Then, without warning, without rhyme or reason, the curtain rail fell down, dumping the curtains in a heap on the floor. This had never happened in all the years I had used the room as a youngster. Both my father and I looked up startled. Then, out of the folds of the fallen curtains, fluttered a butterfly. “That’s Kath,” my father said, referring to my mother. He instantly became calm, got up, and went downstairs to join the funeral party."


et cetera

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One of my Uncles died recently (just 3 days ago) and one of his 5 daughters recently posted on a social network (which I will not name;)about an experience she just had:

"Came home from from Daddy's burial. Sat on the sofa with my daughter. Something caught our eye. I got up and a beautiful butterfly flew on my chest. He just sat there opening and closing his wings looking directly at me. I carefully walked outside, tried to get him to fly way. He just sat on my chest for about 10 minutes. I tried again to get him to fly away, and finally he flew away into the night. A beautiful butterfly, in my house, at night......Good bye Daddy, I love you too!!"

I couldn't help but cry,Earl was a good man..I know because he helped me out of quite a few difficulties when I was younger (and dumber) May you rest in peace Earl.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them." (Albert Einstein)