Weekend Blogscan 15-03-2008

A few things to keep you busy over the weekend...



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The article starts out saying that "Unlike gasoline, hydrogen isn’t an energy source — it’s an energy carrier, like a battery."

Now that is nonsense, in that gasoline is not an energy source either. We have to pump or dig it out of the ground, as oil or coal. Then we have to invest serious amounts of energy to make gasoline. And yes you can make gasoline from coal.

Like hydrogen, oil and gas and coal are energy sinks.

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Hi earthling,

I think the key difference that the insiders consider is that gasoline derived from crude has about a 10 percent energy overhead getting it out of the ground and into your tank. (That is one of the reasons that 'peak oil' is scary, as it starts bloating that overhead.) On the other hand, hydrogen is so energy expensive, it is essentially break even on whatever you start with. Hence, the battery analogy. I'm not sure whether it is worse than ethanol, but in any case, it doesn't solve anything, except maybe displacing pollution to unpopulated areas.

Jet fuel from coal is my favorite solution. We have centuries of the stuff and the plants can be put almost anywhere near the (remote) coal fields.