Crowdfunding SETI

A couple of months ago I reported that SETI's Allen Telescope Array had been shut down due to lack of financial resources. But the alien-seeking organisation isn't done with yet - they've now turned to crowd-funding to try and get the telescopes switched back on, via the new SETIstars project:

At the SETI Institute, we’ve made a name for ourselves exploring space. But it’s our community here on Earth — passionate, science-minded and creative — that truly defines us. That’s why we’re launching SETIstars, an initiative to connect us more closely than ever with the constellation of visionaries and supporters that make our work possible.

Priority one is getting the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) back online as soon as possible and once again fixing our gaze on the stars. The ATA is a powerful field of linked radio telescopes that enable countless avenues of astronomical study, chief among them the search for evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations and insight into the nature of our cosmic origins. In the wake of a recent funding shortfall, however, this invaluable tool lies dormant and our vision of the universe around us has gone dark. With your help, we can change that.

But like any worthwhile endeavor, the first challenge is unlikely to be the last. This is a journey that will last our lifetimes, as we continually strive to get closer to answering the kinds of questions that may one day change everything about our world. It won’t happen overnight, but with your support, it will happen.

We here at the SETI Institute are making an appeal to the power of human collaboration, and now is the time to get involved. Join us!

As of this writing, SETIstars has raised $31,111 of their $200,000 goal (with 37 days remaining). Supporters ('Stars') are listed on the website, or you can donate anonymously if you so desire - note too that donations in the U.S. are tax-deductible.

If you're feeling in a givin' mood, just remember to squirrel away a few dollars for TDG's upcoming annual crowd-funding drive as well!