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Sacred Sites

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Crop Circle Gatherings

For UK residents interested in crop circles, sacred sites and earth energies, there are a couple of interesting meetings approaching. Firstly, the Glastonbury ...
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Circle Season

While the crop circle season started proper last month, the past week has seen an explosion of beautiful designs - most notably over the 'home ground' of crop c...
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Stonehenge Tour

The English Heritage Stonehenge website has a new feature available - a virtual tour of Stonehenge and nearby related sites. The "Stonehenge World Heritage Sit...
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Atlantis in Spain

As reported in Bill's news update today, there's a lot of attention being given to the discovery of a location 'resembling' Atlantis, and reported in the journa...
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Ashmolean Images

With the talk recently of creating an image gallery here at TDG, it's worth pointing out the definitive resource on the 'net for quality images of Egypt (copyri...