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Our politicians have made sure to follow the Washington line to downplay and criticize the so-called "Cable-gate" any time they get the chance.

But what most of Mexican society have been discussing lately has nothing to do with Wikileaks. Rather than being concerned with Julian Assange, Mexican folks are concerned about Edgar Jimenez, aka "El Ponchis": a 14-year-old hitman for a drug cartel.

Like something out of "Lord of the Flies", the media and the public has been shocked with the horrific truth of these under-aged assassins, employed by the cartels to eliminate their enemies. The strategy is as brilliant as it is gruesome: the teenagers are more easily by-passed by security and raise less suspicions; they get paid cheaper for each "contract"; and in case they get arrested, they get lighter sentences.

Such is the case with "El Ponchis", who will get only 3 years in a correctional facility. This has caused an uproar and a deep controversy. Should authorities liberate an assassin after only 3 years, risking that he rejoins the ranks of his former employers? or is redemption not entirely impossible for him with the proper psychological and sociological therapies?


And if he do gets out of the correctional completely reformed… then what? Will Mexico have also changed by then? will there be any job opportunities for him to make a decent living? and just who would give employment with someone with his criminal record?


Monster or victim: what do you think?