Spielberg's AI: Blue Fairies as Alien Ambassadors

I love Steven Spielberg's Artificial Intelligence. In retrospect it kind of marks the beginning of his dark period as a film-maker --though obviously the movie would have been even darker had it been directed by Kubrick-- yet it still follows the classic fairy-tale tone of Spielberg's classics, like Close Encounters --where he first used Pinocchio's simbology, which becomes an integral part in A.I.

[Spoiler Alert] In this post I want to bring to your attention the scene where David --the robot child superbly interpreted by Haley Joel Osment-- finds himself in some sort of recreation of his home developed by the super A.I.s from the future; in there he finally meets the Blue Fairy, the one he sought out to find in order to become 'a real live boy'.

But the fairy is nothing but a projection extracted from his own mind so that the A.I.s --which have a peculiarly 'alien' physiognomy-- can safely interact with David without alarming him. I believe this is a great allegory of the way real aliens might be interacting with the human race, by way of using our own subconscious as a suitable interface.

Is this the answer to why so many DMT experiencers report meeting entities that closely resemble alien beings? Could it be that the aliens choose to take advantage of the human mind's inherent capacity to 'unbound' itself (albeit partially) from its Time & Space-constrictions --via psychotropics or other means-- as a way to 'meet us half-way'?

For how else would an alien intelligence --whose mental processes and rationality are by definition beyond our wildest comprehension-- be able to make itself slightly comprehensible to us, if not by hacking our very minds and translating the message to codes and symbols familiar to us?

Wouldn't we try to do the same in our attempts to communicate with other species that co-habit our planet, like dolphins and whales?

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Although these ideas are surely not going to be taken seriously by the mainstream attempt to communicate with other sentient beings in the Universe --imagine if instead of investing in ginormous radio telescopes, SETI started growing huge crops of mushrooms!-- this hypothesis is in tandem with the guidelines the UFO phenomenon has been following so far: not behaving like sensible aliens should, by following the rational protocols of meeting with our leaders in order to establish diplomatic relations.

No, the aliens don't seem to give a damn about our pedestrian political structures, and seem to be busily active in developing a 'grassroots' contact with ordinary folks from all walks of life. Furthermore the contact is often heavily charged with meaning of a very intimate nature for the recipient, which makes it highly subjective-- much to the chagrin of 'nuts & bolts' Ufologists, we might add...

In his book Transformation, Whitley Strieber tells how his little son --or someone else communicating through his son--gives him an enigmatic message:

The unconscious mind is like the universe out beyond the quasars. It's a place we want to go to find out what's there

So who knows? you and I might get a chance to meet the Blue Fairy one of these nights, too. A chance to further advance our own evolution, just like David did.