CIA Deatbed Confession About UFO's

This is one of the juicier things I have run into lately - a deathbed confession from a CIA sigint type guy who says that aliens and UFO's are as real as a heart attack. One of his more fascinating anecdotes - Eisenhower was getting frustrated by the lack of information sharing between the White House and the Area 51 folks who had all the captured stuff (it was rumored.) After they told Eisenhower that he "did not have any jurisdiction" he threatened to invade Area 51 using the First Army out of Colorado. That then was enough intimidation that they allowed this interviewee and his superiors into Area 51 where they saw wonders. This is sort of matter of factly and non-sensationally reported though. The interviewee seemed genuinely relieved to get this off his chest before dying which he did shortly thereafter.
This all indicates that the present black ops scene is probably entirely autonomous and can do whatever in Hell it wants without any oversight whatsoever. A case in point would be the chemtrail project. That is apparently completely impenetrable by anyone in government.