Physics of UFO Gravity Manipulation

An updated page for this very compelling site.

"The most comprehensive collection of technical drawings and detailed descriptions of how some types of UFOs work are to be found in the "Andreasson Affair" books (see bibliography page). The extra drawings and descriptions by Betty Andreasson (now Betty Luca) published by her recently have, I feel, especially helped this new branch of research into how these flying craft actually might work, and how they might be replicated in the future.
For those who have seen this webpage before on this website you will notice many new facets in this latest theoretical study of how these particular craft work, there will no doubt be even more discoveries to come as time progresses."

"I believe now that at the heart of the Andreasson type UFO use is made of very powerful magnetic fields, generated by the craft to expand outward into the air surrounding these flying discs, to alternately energise and store a vast amount of electrical energy in one magnetic field, and then to force that vast store of energy back into the center of the craft, by collapsing that field, and with another magnetic field transverse to it, to densify and redirect that vast store of electrical energy out and down through the craft's center - to transform that electrical energy into a propulsive force of great velocity and power.
That both magnetic fields are alternately generated and then collapsed, and that they oppose each other, ensures a continual movement and excitation of electrical energy - and consequently a very visible generation of high energy photons around them. Hence, when these craft are energising their electric fields colored light and white light are given off as the sea of electrons changes in speed and direction."