Eight Martinis - Remote Viewing magazine Issue 8 - Nov 2012.

Eight Martinis - Remote Viewing magazine is now in its eight issue. Available as a free download (pdf) or as a full colour printed magazine.
This issue is packed with great insights, examples and articles on a range of remote viewing topics, including:

• An Entangled Net - The Denver DJ Murder Case. - Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D.
• The Paradox of Predictive Viewing. - Lyn Buchanan
• Celebrating 40 Years of Remote Viewing: International Remote Viewing Association Conference 2012. - Lorrie Kazan
• For the Remote Viewing Record - Daz Smith
• The PEAR Experiment - William F Higgins
• Classic Ingo Swann - Statement on Remote Viewing (Dec ‘95) - Ingo Swann
• Precognitive Telepathy, Emotion, and Displacement. - Marty Rosenblatt
• Controlled Remote Viewing and Era III Medicine - Teresa L. Frisch, RN
• Remote Viewing Consciousness Targets - Stefan Franke & Benny Pamp
• RV Notice Board
• Remote Viewing Contacts/Websites



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i wonder if a Cosmologist/Astronomer/Physicist has tried learning Remote Viewing and used it to explore their particular profession's interests?

That'd be nifty, being 'actually' able to 'see' a quark or even watch how black holes form...

All that lives is holy, life delights in life.

--William Blake