The Importance of Greg Taylor's Paranormal Sounds Research and the Primacy of the Ear

In the past I've harped on about the importance of Greg's research into paranormal sounds but when I've been asked why and how it's important I haven't been able to find just the right words to explain myself.

Now I think I can.

Some time round the beginning of the Millennium I saw this huge black dragon hovering over Liverpool but it was such an improbable aerodynamically inane thing with muscular coils all over the place with 'holly leaves' for wings I refused to believe my eyes and tried to convince myself it was a binbag or a kite or a seagull you name it but in the end when it wouldn't change into something else I had to admit the evidence of my eyes.

[At the time it didn't make a lick of sense until I was subsequently bumped onto a site called Parallel Perception where I encountered the reality rearranging work of an Aussie guy I personally consider Human Lightning Bolt Conductor #1 Lujan Matus because it turned out not only did he have a guardian spirit in the form of just such a dragon but he also had a sort of black leather armoured mystical counterpart and as a kid I'd been stabbed in the arse by just such a leather clad character who emerged from the toilet wall shortly after a mysterious possibly Australian teenage kid appeared in the middle of my infants school yard just long enough to warn me "Hey kid if you go in there somethin''ll g't y'u!"].

The point of the dragon story being even though visuality's our primary sense we're able to argue and debate both there and then and afterwards whether we saw what we think we saw.

A good example of that's the recent 'lion' sighting in Essex. Maybe what they saw really was only an outsized ginger tom in a field but even if what they saw really was a lion they'll never really know for sure.

If however the 'lion' roared it wouldn't've mattered what the fuck it was they'd've been too busy shitting their pants.

And this's me point. Sound has an effect whether you know what the sound is or not. All you have to do is see film of an earthquake and watch solid roads and bridges made of concrete or metal ripple like they're made of jelly to know that's true. In fact the thing with sound is you not only don't need to notice you're hearing it for it to have an effect but it can be outside the human auditory range and still be deeply affecting you viz ultrasound which many resort to as a go to 'explanation' for inexplicable sightings.

I'll give you a more subtle example of the possible power of sound over vision.

A while back I read this Jewish Israeli jazz musician guy called Gilad Atzmon who used to be in Ian Dury's band saying he was about to publish this book called The Wandering Who? which was supposedly go'n'o cause this atomic bomb sized shit storm over the whole Israel/Palestine Jewish identity/influence.

I thought bollocks! Even if he really does have something 'significant' to say all they'll do is ignore him.

But to my amazement the likes of Alan Dershowitz made such a huge fuss denouncing the book it sent its sales through the roof making me jokingly wonder whether Dershowitz was secretly taking a cut of the profits behind the scenes.

My point being there was absolutely no evidence the book'd even be noticed never mind sell but Atzmon was so convinced of what'd happen before it actually did.

But then it struck me as a jazzer who likes to wax poetic about the primacy of the ear it was almost like Atzmon'd picked up this subterranean groove heading towards the surface before anyone else and like a truly good musician he knew just when to hit his mark for maximum effect.

My point being if you look back at the history of the human race there're few if any examples of artists as being prophets or messengers of the gods but there're plenty of musicians not the least the teacher figures Orpheus Pythagoras and Rumi.

Hence my claim Greg Taylor's paranormal sounds research's very important.