Internet reporter ordered to investigate himself....

A great report about the way in which the US is turning into a police state, quoting the USA Patriot Act to order companies and institutions to hand over information relating to individuals connected with them (which they have to keep secret).

That's all well and good, if you're into living in a dictatorship, but when a company is approached to provide secret information on an internet journalist who, as it turns out, also owns the company to which the request is directed - it kind of makes a public farce of the whole thing.

You can read all about Doug Thompson's dilemma here.

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1 May 2004
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Just wondering,

have you ever considered that with all the corporate interconnections with the current US administration, intelligence gathering can also be made to benefit those corporations that have loaned their administrators to act as government officials?

What I mean is that the incestuous relationship between certain corporations and lobbies and the administration can not only give access to information that is being gathered to the advantage of these corporations over the average Joe's enterprise, (some sort of initiate delict) but could even have intelligence gathering centered over those corporate needs.

Of course from there it is no big stretch of the mind to imagine even diplomatic discourse and geopolitic agendas being custom made to support those same corporation interests who, in turn, were also customized to be able to benefit from such an arrangement.

This can only be done in relation with long standing families/orders that can pass the plan down the line.

I know it may sound a little off topic but somehow, the idea of having the government investigating the contacts, and probably more details on entrepreneur activities reminded me of some kind of covert industrial spying.

Industrial spying needs not be done between countries but can very well be done between corporations and in this case, perhaps, by government agencies for the benefit of corporations that have a special tie with the highest level of government.

Just wondering out loud.

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The problem as I see it, and I think you've probably expressed the same thing but far more eloquently, is that when it comes to government and corporates, they're all in bed with eachother.

Talk about a conflict of interests!

yer ol' pal,

(This post was brought to you by "Realm of the Dead")

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The government doesn't really need to catalogue us all since we do it to ourselves willingly.(myspace, etc...)
All they have to do is demand the information that we've collected on ourselves. Not even George Orwell saw that coming.

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22 November 2004
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and then, of course everyone knows what you said.

And it is silly people would assume that you can speak publicly, and remain anonymous.

So yes, all the governments will know what You and I said, and who we are.

I propose that the solution is that we continue speaking freely.

Of course, each one of us has to consider what we say, especially that it be reasonable and well founded. But even if it is not, all the time, it is important that we hear disagreement.

So long as we don't stop talking.