Yipeeee! The Yowies Are Nesting...

OK, stay with me here.

Over the years many yowie sightings (that's the Australian bigfoot, for those who were wondering) have been reported, some accompanied by interesting physical phenomena - if you can refer to the following as such.

First we had the footprints, then the hair, then there were those highly debatable 'tree bites' in the Blue Mountains of NSW (http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/s... - for the record, I think they were caused by large cockatoos)...now we have yowie 'nests' or flattened sleeping depressions in the ground left by something big and bipedal, according to New England yowie hunter Paul Compton.


Am I a believer? Well, I like to keep an open mind. One thing's for sure though, nothing's sacred - not even a yowie's bed!

Ruby Lang


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30 October 2005
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... unless the UK crop circle makers have landed in Australia, of course !!! :-)

Take care,

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Every 3 months in Australia talent scouts for rugby league football teams go bush to search for new players with unique talent.

They find these yowies, teach them to shave excess body hair and teach them that inflated leather balls are food or toys (whatever works). Several hundred of these yowies then play rugby league each weekend for the national competition.

It is only after the game has been completed that their true identities are seen by the public. Permitting a yowie to drink alcohol enhances yowie type behavioural personality traits, especially in a "group yowie environment".

A small percentage of human females are attracted to this "yowie" element and are considered to be "yowie groupies". By adding more alcohol these yowies can become violent and arguementative. This increased alcohol consumption can lead to large ammounts of singing and hugging, and in serious cases leads to a permanent hosting role on the national "footy show" where these yowies attempt to interview other yowies newly out of the aussie bush that are chasing their leather toy on a weekly basis. In the most serious of cases, these celebrity yowies wear womens clothing each week on the yowie footy show to get extra laughs and more leather toys.

Occasionly these yowies discover and expose a human being that is impersonating a yowie impersonating a human playing football, and banish him to play rugby union with the other humans!! This vetting process has some faults and some yowies that really are yowies impersonating a human are really humans impersonating a yowie impersonating a human.

Unfortunately rugby union has to accept Wendall Sailor. At least he shaves his whole head.


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24 June 2004
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I gotta keep this post for Jake, he will love it.

Geez I needed that laugh!

love shadows

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He he he - hilarious!