A New Age

Hello, Earth still spinning for it's Earthlings, let us be grateful ! For the Mayans an New Age has begun and they were right pinpointing the start of our current situation. Those who started it 3100 BC would be bewildered now here but there would be recognizable structures for them in our society as they once started to organize themselves thus. This might be a clue to what is to come, people organizing themselves in very different ways. In fact this is already underway with the giant global penetration of mobile phones, the internet..giving rise to self empowerment. Obviously the old structures desperately try to control communications but that is a battle they will loose, as our New Age has started.


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I agree with that. Social networks and modern telecommunications are a game-changer. Perhaps in a couple hundred years we will discard the antiquated model of 'State.'

I also want to think that what happened in Colorado & Washington --legalization of marijuana-- is the signal of a slow but steady shift in our appraisal of the substances, which will allow a faster research into the benefits of entheogens in our modern society.

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