Fine Young Criminals

By the kind of rationale in this story, I wonder how great the percentage is of Government employees that could be classified as mass murderers? I mean, if the intention is for Government to reduce violent crime, perhaps they should stop being so good at it first, by ending their part in Iraq, and thus lead the fight against violent crime through a good example.


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I almost choked on my inner walrus the other day when I heard Donald Rumsfeld speak about how the United States and the Bush administration were trying to bring "peace" and "democracy" to Iraq and her people. So what does one make of the following demonstrative snapshots of the road to peace according to Bush and his cabal: (1) cupid?, (2) Love, American Style and (3) unnecessary casualties of an unjust war.

As for the next few years, there are hints and alligators about which Middle East or Communist country is next on the agenda. Strange world. :(

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My intention to be non-political fades into the distance when I witness such atrocities as these,and from a supposedly democratic country.
Why are the people not storming the WhiteHouse in anger at what their government is doing in their name.
Is it because in their hearts they too believe that any Muslim is bad;or is it because Americans are brain-washed to think that they alone shall inherit the earth.
It behoves all of us, whatever nationality to stand up and be counted on this, in every forum, in every manner.
We are poor examples of human beings if we allow these thugs to continue the massacre of innocents.
Stop the killing and maiming in my name, because I am not a murderer, although my government wants me to be one.