Vibrations, beyond Demons and Satan


I sometimes think about how everything has its own signature - this can be read through vibrations of sorts - of all kinds. What if there is a common vibration form that binds and connects us all? Even the so called inanimate objects. That these signal or ????? are out there and waving about - like a radio ( this scenario has been used before ) - but humans and other entities can communicate via these transmissions - precognition can be the ability to log on to the wave before it is to "happen" in its own time in way of the swirling vibrations around it. Like a person can cue in on it, receive it - that objects transmit their own signals and communicate or events in "time" and they too have some sense of knowingness in their own way.

When I speak of removing myself while working on a client (from other post) with my hands for massage or what ever - I mean, that I remove my thoughts - what I think about the situation and make room in the circuitry to allow the other vibration form or signal to come through as if there are two processes of energy, me being one, the healing force being the other and I need to get out of the way to allow it to reveal itself and have the room to maneuver around and transmit to the other person. I find that when I think I am not as able to just be free and allow the "other" (whatever it is) to come through. Clients can feel the energy - even at times there is an electric feeling, a spark (but not like static when you rub on a carpet and such and than touch some one and whammy , a lightning bolt) .....The body is electrical and also filled with soundwaves - there are many wave forms meshing within our bodies and also going straight through our bodies like radio waves, television, cell phones and such. I think these outside artificial waves are very harmful to our natural lives and abilities.

There is an epidemic of fibromyalgia now in the USA - I do not know about the rest of the world. I was diagnosed with it in 97 - after many summers in the fields of England under hi power lines - also I was exposed to lots of pesticides and such. Fibro was rare back then, and I had read about it and brought it up to the other doctors that I may have it due to my symptoms (it is hard to diagnose) ----Now, it seems like lots of people have it - there is actually no pharmaceutical to cure it, there is a med out there they are advertising for use for treatment of the symptoms, but it is really a seizure medicine - researchers do not understand the mechanism in which it works , except for it blocks this and that and (I forget the names) - I manage with herbs and pain management. But, what is causing this epidemic? The nuero signals are not shutting off that screaming pain. Light can cause pain , sound, slight vibrations and what not. There are vibrations all around us interfering with us - some, the natural ones are good - those are the ones that I think we tap into when we have Deja Vu type things or paranormal type events (beyond Demons and Satan - I am not talking about that sort of thing) ....poltergiest stuff does not have to be evil - in most cases it has been very positive.

I feel that they Universe is filled with various signals and transmissions. Between all of them there MUST be a common link that connects us; if there was not, how could it be that we can read or recognize some signals or information that arrives in our brains and is able to interpret it? Whales and dolphins, various animals are known to be able to use their brains to project wave forms of sorts to bounce back to them and create images in their minds - sound waves what ever - these animals/ entities are able to transcend the 3 dimensional world and comprehend other vibrations. They are dependent on this ability and this is how they communicate too on some level and find their other ways - we have all heard about the Whales beaching and seals, groups of animals that just go nuts or get ill for no apparent physical reason. There is the Bee Hive mentality too -

A matrix of vibrations would create form, in this form there can be what we understand as information (all kinds of different info). The particular intersection of waves in phase or out create a mesh, the mesh at its knots/intersection can be maybe the pockets of events and what we know as specific time events or group thoughts - lots of info in a "pocket" depending on what the pocket is comprised of. Time was once measured by length, the amount of length traveled and measured in units. This has all changed now too. I had written a paper on plotting three dimensional wave / particle forms and geometry that shown how the Speed of Light could not possibly be fixed - I remember about a year later or so, scientists came out with a statement that they did not think that the speed of light was fixed - ----- Think about it, it can't be, as it is traveling through various fields of vibrations (the particles and frequency of waves) - some being denser than others. It is in the denser fields that light would travel slower and in less dense fields be able to speed up as there is less friction and mass to travel through....I mean, come on, it is pretty simple if you think about, all I want to express is that I think that there could be a common vibration that occurs that carries information - now where the vibration originates from is another thought as in maybe that is where the concept of God comes into or the Big Bang Theory et al......

I got some shots today of the stone outside, tomorrow in the light of my room down here, I would like to photograph the picture on the wall. But, I do not know how to post pics here with out having to post on my magazine and then posting a link. Is there any way to post a pic on these posts?

The bit on the "Speed of Light" I brought up to show that what scientists use to think is not really true all of the time and if a little girl like me can figure it out - hey I am no Einstein here - then why for so long was it held as a set and common physics theory as a constant???------ a rule that is not broken????......I think "they" knew it was variable long before they announced it. I still have the paper with the illustrations, I did it with pencil and pen one night while doodleling with numbers and ratios/geometry......


Standing stones poltergeists or?


Last time I posted I mentioned that my dear friend passed on - that was John Michell - we worked on numbers, geometry and standing stones together (crop circles too were fun in the hey day because of the geometry, pints of cider and radical conversations).

Now, I have been posting on the Grail for a long time now, some posters are gone, there are new ones now, but I see there are still some of my buddies still hanging out - that is good as they will remember some of my posts about paranormal events that have happened in my life.

So, I do not know what to think about this - first I would like to hear what others think about as in - Do physical objects other than what we call live as in blood, guts, cells, all of that vs. rocks ( which do have life really ) glass, plastic and so forth - do you think it is possible for other entities other than "live" matter have consciousness? Some form of being and thought process - knowingness - a life of their own? It has been shown that plants understand and many organisms......(Peter Tompkins and Christopher Byrd)

My story is as follows and I think about it as I am still grieving over John.

The evening before Solstice Day while playing in my garden - I was at my standing stone and praying about John. I was planning on Solstice day to use my compass, rod and marker and measure the Sun's shadow like I normally do on seasonal and celestial events and do my thing .....Solstice Day I went out and my large standing stone that is my Solstice stone, well it was still standing but the stones that were behind it that hold it up were toppled over. This freaked me out. I thought of John and Gerald Hawkins ( Gerald my adopted father, he wrote the book Stonehenge Decoded - he was an astronomer and friends with John Michell) I was very close to these men - (Gerald passed in 2003 and I was having poltergeist type experiences in my home & other places ( weird sh8t - in 2005 things got stronger and flying books and all - later these flying books were witnessed at a book signing at Malaprops here in Asheville). Anyway - I am in the grieving period still - I have been writing and looking at pictures of us - just reflecting and dealing with my feelings and loss. I had talked to the fellow who picks up my garbage in the woods here to the recycle bin about droppings I had found that were near my drive way - they have large berry seeds in them, more like wild cherries and he said they were bear droppings. I have had bear here before in my drive way (I really live the woods). I began to think it was a bear that toppled my stones (these are huge large stones though) Owen my garbage man told me it could have been a bear - they like to stand on stones. Well, OK, I accepted that and then told myself there are some mysteries that can be explained. However, I will never get those stones back up like they were. ( maybe I will take pics of what happened because too, there is a hand inscribed on the large stone from the claw that picked it up off the original ground for transport to my field that looks like the "Hand of God"; a symbol that Oliver Lodge used in his writings about reincarnation. (Gerald educated me on methodology about many things - we studied paranormal events together and documented many things - he was more than an astronomer; he was even into doing the geometry with me while I surveyed the crop circles in the late 80s early 90s) Anyway again.............this standing stone and surrounding stones are very very special to me. Well the other day after writing about John, I noticed that my picture of my Solstice stone that hangs here on the wall near my computer downstairs here has fallen off the wall and the frame is broken, but the glass is not, and the picture is hanging on end on an old antique Bible set up against the wall with a few other books- (it opened the Bible up my means of my computer speaker getting bumped and jamming into it and opening up the book to a page) I do not know what page yet (to read and see what it is about) as I have not moved the picture yet - I want to take a photograph of it first before I put it all back together. But what I find so weird is that my standing stone has broken apart the night before the Solstice ( because it was there the night before - so it was during the night) and the picture I have of it is now broken and such.....a few pictures of me on the wall are tilted at the same angles as each other as well (one of me on top of Silbury Hill - back in 1993, and the other one I am underwater with my hands floating up like an Angel towards the sky with my snorkel mask on) ----the other photographs and certificates on my wall are still straight, only the pictures of me are highly tilted and my standing stone pic broken and off the wall. Now, that has freaked me out as that happen after I wrote that little journal on me and John and sent out an email about him to another fellow.....

I ask now, do stones and pictures have some form of brains, consciousness ???? And did my mind interact with them to create these events? Are they just coincidental? Is John reaching out to me? What? I have many thoughts about this. If I did not have a history of paranormal events in my life I would not recognize the connection maybe - but things have moved around my home before throughout my life, crystal moves, art pieces move, books fly off book cases, at other places too when I am around but they are usually related to a person on my mind or close to me. So, any thoughts about this?

I came here to write about this as I can't stop thinking about it at times as I see it when I am down here working and have not fixed it yet, and very day I am outside in my garden I see my standing stone and what happened and then I think of John - Gerald too - Both John and Gerald gave much of their life studying and researching standing stones, Nazca Lines and other anomalies. Gerald and John are really the later pioneers of archaeo-astronomy in the 20th century along with Alexander Thoms whom are the predecessors of Petrie and Norman Lockyear; who researched along the lines of astronomy and archaeology as well (besides the true ancient people who built such structures). Few have followed truthfully their findings to understand the ancients and their vast knowledge without sensationalism or just to sell books. Most authors writing about ancient sites now do not even know of these magnanimous men.

So, any one with some thoughts out there? I want to photograph these things and maybe pop them up on Circular Times --- If I can get it together to do it I will and eventually post the links at another time to them and you can see what I am talking about....but for now, I would appreciate to just hear some thoughts about this. I am open minded - however I am a healthy skeptic so I do not get too weird (yeah right - weird things just happen to me;) ;) ;). Remember I research this stuff because it happens to me, so I am looking for truths; not sci - fi ramblings. I would appreciate comments that are thoughtful and in perspective please.

Thanks bunches,
Colette Dowell XXX

Red Pill Matrix and Tumuli

Red Pill Matrix and Tumuli


I now understand the bit with the Red Pill here.......My friend brought over the movie the Matrix. Wow - I have since bought it. Yeah, for sure, I see how Artificial Intelligence could do something like that, take over and breed humans, make us slaves for our energy - but, isn't that what is happening in real life anyway? But humans are doing it to humans ( or are they?) .....weird. I now understand Red's name and Greg's Red Pill ---- as opposed to Alice in Wonderland......I Loved that movie......I also liked it when that Wizard guy ('Agent' type dude) said that he figured Humans were not mammals as they destroy their surroundings and are not like other mammals as such.....I use to speak about how animals were conscious and humans were the unconscious ones as animals did not mess with their boundaries and negatively interact with nature - well, long time ago already when I use to lecture, but the theme was the same in a sense about how we humans alter and destroy in an artificial is getting worse. China's water - OMG - from all of the computers and monitors getting torn apart for recycle - ouch......saw a program on 60 minutes about that.

I feel bad about what is happening globally. I have been planting my garden, there has been much climate freakiness and lots of work watching the weather. At least we are not in drought this year (yet) but we are having tremendous rains - flash floods and tornadoes - lots of devastation here in the Carolinas. My upper pastures flood down to my front yard and there is a big wash happening- erosion and all.....fighting Mother Nature to keep my crops and I am trying to be nice to the Deer, but I am fighting with them now to keep away from my crops as well.......It seems there is so much chaos in nature right now. There is no equilibrium. There is no equilibrium in our reality of consumer and economy, world crap and bad faith.

Iran, that is good though the "new generation" as they call it is rebelling - but I question if the US of A is going to war with Iran? What if we bomb them when they are trying to get their act together - would that not be weird too? Wow things are screwed up.

Anyway - good news -

There is a new ancient site that was found in England, I do not know if it has been posted here, but 15 miles near Stonehenge, via looking like Crop Circles, ( but are not) aerial photographs showed up tumuli and such......One thousand years older than Stonehenge they are thought to be.

I forget how to do the clean link bit, but here is the link I was sent to - It is on National Geographic. Also, interesting article about the lake and shoreline on Mars on NG.

I have been laying low - still mending - in ways doing much better.........I have been having strange dreams again, and they have been precognitive. Small things, but, Deja Vu ish if you understand what I mean. I feel that I am getting back in touch with the real me. I would like to say I am sorry for not keeping in touch like I use to, but I am withdrawn.

Oh, my dear friend John Michell passed away - don't know if any one posted that...Hope some one did....I updated on the front page of Circular Times -- or -- and placed his pic of there too.....and his "Confessions of a Radical Traditionalist." He was a very eccentric and intelligent man - sweet and endearing, he made a positive difference in my life and for the world of archaeo-astronomy.

Kat - sorry, I have not been writing to any one - please do not take it personally that I have been out of touch. No one please, I have just been picking up the pieces to my life and re-sculpturing it to make it appropriate for who I am at this phase of my life. I miss the times when I would just bounce on the computer and post my thoughts on the Grail - the Grail helped me very much......I hope I have contributed to it in the past as much as it has contributed to my life. I am glad that when I come here, it is still up.



Man died from heart attack and came back after 25 minutes

Hi, this happened a while ago, a few months ago in December, I thought of Greg. The man works at WBTV news station in Charlotte, North Carolina. He had a heart attack, died for 25 minutes, they then froze him, (hypothermia) did some medical procedures on him and brougth him back from the dead - from what I understand he is still alive. I wanted to contact the station, but, he worked there and I thought it would be too intrusive at the time, but, some one, maybe Greg would like to email them and ask about it. is the url and it is a tv news station - it happened in December ( have not stopped thinking about it as it is so wild)....the man worked in a high position at the station, so I am sure that some one there would remember his name and also enough time has passed now that it would not be rude to ask about his condition and possible interview if he were to agree.

Off Topic from dead man - but kid of related- One time , a few years ago I wrote about seeing lights, like fire flies, the ones that the Aborigines ( spelling?) in Austrailia made with their fire when Apollo 13 flew over.....the sparks were supposedly seen flirting about the space craft. The event I had was amazing as they seem to come from within as if I saw them (no they were not floaters in my eyes) and then they came out of me and were swirling all about and then faded. I had never had this happen before that first time. It did happen again the other night. I wonder what those things are? I have never heard of them. I want to find my blog I worte about it on here, so I just go backwards or something? Then post the url of what? Maybe if people can read it, there is more info on it and better explained about what happened to me. I would like to know if any one has any ideas. I guess I will try to find the posting here.


This is where I talk about the weird lights that came from inside of me through my eyes and then went outside of my body and swirled around - this happened again a bit ago......

(Came back on an edit to post the above)

OK, been a long time since I have posted, but, that has been due to transferring data from computers, updating this and that and we had one bloody cold winter here. Froze my butt off and the climate has been breaking records for lows and then highs and then higest lows and so forth. We were below zero wth wind factor last week and then we went into the high 70s to low 80s in one day. The highs lasted for four days and now we are back to cold but, it is to come back up.

But, life as normal I suppose.
Hope all are well and miss the yak.
I hope to find the post on the fire flies .
Peace and Joy,

Circular Times and Silvia Browne

Circular Times and Silvia Browne

I just wanted to post notice that Circular Times has been down for 5 days due to my server crashing - the back system failed too and they are trying to correct this, but as of now have no time that they will get the sites back up. So, yes, this is frustrating, but, out of my control and wanted to let people know that I am still publishing, and all Circular Times sites are down until further notice from my web service provider. I have just been notified that I would be able to at least ftp a new index with text on it to post notice. Sorry about this, thanks, Colette

Silvia Browne:
Also, I wanted to post on Silvia Browne. I saw her on the Montel program a few weeks ago. She is to be a psychic lady and has shows I guess. I do not know much about her. However, parents stood up to ask her how their young daughter died and she with out pause, said their daughter was shot in the chest with a gun. Both parents looked shocked and faced each other with an expression on their face like, WTF? Both parents started speaking at Silvia saying their daughter was in her bedroom and just fell down and died, there was no gun shot. Silvia said then with no pause, but with stutter, uh, uh, she got shot in the chest , like hit, a hit to the chest and had heart failure. Again, both parents looked at each other and were in shock. Mean time Montel steps in to this mess and says, young students die after they have been hit in the heart playing sports at school and she must have been hit by a basketball or something like that. Then Silvia starts up with, yes, yes, she was playing sports and got hit in the chest........both parents said no to this, but, Silvia did not back down and was very arrogant and said their daughter died by getting a hard blow to her chest and she had heart failure - or something like that. But, no autopsy revealed any heart complications evidently because the parents were not told about any heart condition - and kept saying no to Silvia and were not too happy looking with what they were experiencing. I thought this was very bad and I wondered who this person was. I looked her up on the internet to read about her fraudulent cases of , hey, I know what happened to your dead loved ones. Also, I read about her high dollar counseling sessions of telling people what they were in their past life and who their angels are- which of course , none of that can be tested. I then remembered about the million dollar challenge and Randi - that he was out to stop cons like this. I then understood what he was talking about, as what I witnessed on TV was very wrong and it was obvious to me that this woman was blatant in her unknowingness and shrewd in her ways to cover up her faults.

It gets me upset to think of her, and to think of how people like her create airs that encourage skeptics to exploit all of the wrong about clairvoyance. I have had clairvoyance since I was a small child. I have helped people with missing persons, I have helped people with their healing, I have many things that I have been able to help people with that have been proven to be truthful. Only one time was I given 60 dollars for my efforts. I never opened up a practice of charging people for me doing what ever it is that happens. I was known about through word of mouth and most of the time things would just happen and be spontaneous. If I knew some one wanted me to spend time with them, I would relax and try to get calm and remove any of my expectations or thoughts on my mind and just let what ever feelings or impressions come in. I would always tell the person that what ever I am saying I do not know if it is correct or not and to just figure it out on their own after they have spent time with me and I have said what I had to say.

I understand more about what Randi is trying to stop, I may not agree with his methodology, but, I also do not agree with people like Silvia Browne and others who post websites offering services as such to vulnerable people and charging so much money. I know it takes time, but, I feel if a person truly has the gift of clairvoyance, then it should be given freely to help others and never be exploited or a person to feel better than another or to be used in any bad ways at all. People like Silvia Browne who go on television and exploit themselves in ways that are shameful, shame all of those who do have gifts and create the skeptic mentality. I personally think that it is best to just give freely and lay low and just let what ever happens - happen, and not try to promote one's self in any manner for attention or gainful employment. But, then that is the way I feel- as I always say on weird matters such as this, I may be wrong though.

Happy Holidays


I wish for every one to have a great time with their family and friends. This time of year is special in many ways. I wish the love and feelings people express now , they did all of the time. What a more perfect World it might be.

Maybe the new year ahead will bring positive changes in the American way. Maybe................well, I wish things to change so badly for many and wish America to quit all of the bad.

I hope for all a good time this season.\

I have been looking into the building of the Great Pyramid and things of interest. I have been working on my beads too, and finally got them photographed and up. I made more since then too. Feel very happy about that. I too named my necklaces Sabu Designs and what is so cute about that besides---( Sabu is the nick name of Karen Blixen the female author who lived in Africa that the movie " Out of Africa" was written about) is that I was watching the old movie "The Thief of Baghdad" from 1940 and saw the Indian boy playing the theif and I remembered I loved him as a child - a great character face and smile.....I looked up to see who that child actor was and his name is Sabu. This is great because I chose a Nubian sculpture for my icon and it is wearing a turban and so is Sabu in his old movie star picture for , so that is all very keen for me. I have Sabu up on the front page and is very cute. But he was Indian, not Nubian, just look the same in ways. Sabu holds the jewels up as if, "Behold the jewels I bring to thee!" haha well, kind of goofy........I did not write that though.

I never did have any organization bins made and I am sprawled out now on 2 stories of my home with the beads, but, makes it better that way as one area is different than the other and makes for good mood change and design, that is what I have been doing and asking questions about Atlantis and how the pyramid was built and just letting my mind drift about what really happened back in the old days.

I have been keeping busy. I have been reading the Grail and keeping up a bit, just not posting, been on another board with the pyramid stuff. Don't want to have you folks think I forgot you, I have missed you and am thinking of you.

Please every one have a great holiday season.

I finally figured it out

and it was not hard at all. I was waiting and waiting for when I felt real smart until I thought I would attempt to do a Youtube video on the site. Well, I found this one old song I had been looking for and the movie that went with it, The music is really what I wanted. SO, I just thought, I am going to figure this out. Well, it was so simple and it was staring me in the face every time I was on Youtube, I just never noticed it because it is small and no one ever told me about it.

Anyway, I have my first videos on the site now and I am very very happy. I have always wanted to do them when they were first beign done, but, I was afraid of the coding and embedding and this and that, I was unaware it was so simple. Please listen to the new music one I have up. it is titled "Eternally" and is the original music Charlie Chaplin wrote for his movie Limelight in 1952. It is a dear dear movie and a must to see. I did find the trailer to it, so that is up with the song. I am very happy now.

It is on my home page right on top. Oh, and an article about permaculture if you are into the grid communities...I will have more up on those soon. Free energy and off the grid tools you need to live.
Just go to the index which is simply this url

Thanks, I am happy and feel like I am beginning to do things I have wanted to do for sharing for a long time.


Hey, I just noticed that ad looking thing, is that a real poster ad for Hillary for President to vote for her? Is she in Oz too making speeches or is this a google ad or what? I am confused here. I thought I was away from America here on the Grail with the Grailians (ryme with aliens).

There is e-e-e-E-EE-EEE Evil Lurking

I can be a witch when I want. I can transform by meditation and I then am able to use my evil is proof....



Capabilities of mad - insane - mentally ill humans

This makes me afraid of any one who has mental illness and what they may be capable of doing it left unmonitored. It scares me, especially when I had a friend who kept wanting me to die with them. I got scared and wondered if they would grab the steering wheel of the car when I was driving. Mental illness, it is terrible what it does to others. Some how there needs to be a better way to keep people under control though. Mental illness may be the initial cause for something like this, but, to ask to pardon this because of it is not right. There needs to be something in our system in place for preventive measures some how.

I woke up today with this on my computer front-page from an overnight ???? This is the gist of the story and I am in shock, I can't imagine this in a court room. In the old days she would have just been lynched. I do not know about our justice system. Anyway, here you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent, not the other way around. But, how could this woman expect anything to help her with saving her from any repercussions from killing an expectant mother and cutting her baby from her womb ----kidnapping and killing ---the next day showing off the newborn as her own...she wiped her eyes and her attorney placed his hand on her shoulder when the jury announced the death penalty.. The attorney asks for mercy and to spare her life on behalf of her family that loves her yet uses this as her defense : that emotional and sexual abuse from her family caused mental illness and that is why she killed ....What all kind of twisted love is that and why would any one think her life should be spared after her doing what she did? It is very dumb....I was so shocked to read this , that a defense would play on that and anyone would try to save this woman for what? Make car tags or something in an assembly line? wow...

What Do You Think About the Dogon & UFOs?

What Do You Think About the Dogon & UFOs?


This text was sent to me and I was told I could reprint it. Also there are some links to it for some video to watch on YouTube - it is a documentary about some UFO sightings and the Dogon tribe.
There are pictures to be seen of the supposed alien that was photographed with a Polaroid camera by the fellow who encountered it 2 different times, the last time being in 1993.
SO, after going to the site with the text and looking also at the photos and then the videos - part one and part two - What do you think? Real of Not?

I have inserted the proper links below too in his paper - they are the same as the ones listed below, just in context.

Hope you enjoy this.


Text Story

Pictures to See

Dogon Part One Video

Dogon Part Two Video

Occupants Listings

Well, I see the link was yellow and may not work, here it is just plain - maybe it will work that way........I did this on an edit.

Dear Dr. Dowell

I was intrigued by the possible parallels between the "alien" beings described in the Caponi Italy 1993 / Varginha Brazil 1996 cases and the amphibian beings described in various mythologies, e.g.

1/ the "Nommos" of African tribe Dogon in Mali. The word Nommos is derived from a Dogon word meaning, "to make one drink," The Nommos are usually described as amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures. Folk art depictions of the Nommos show creatures with humanoid upper torsos, legs/feet, and a fish-like lower torso and tail.

2/ the pre-Sharun cultures of modern day Iraq contacts with amphibious being known as Oannes (ref: works of Berossus, a priest who was the first person known to have collected those fertile crescent encounter stories in his Babyloniaka, a history of Babylon).

A few days ago, I stumbled upon Youtube's clip of a (spanish production?) documentary on greek TV about the Dogons, which unfortunately was broadcast translated, rather than subtitled (which tends to cause further distortion). In that documentary, there is info about the Nommos, which e.g. describe the Nommos having red eyes, three fingers and breathe through a place in (our) stomach area.

Dogon Part One Video

Dogon Part Two Video

Look at the Caponi story & pictures at
Text Story

Pictures to See

Notice the place the "tubes" go in is in the stomach area.

Notice things which suggest the Caponi-being desires water, as Caponi's testimony suggests:

"The being had always appeared with gauze around the legs, and something similar to leather on its back, but this time it did not wear its covering anymore, but appeared with two tubes on the thorax that seemed to slightly move under its skin, like from air or liquid pressure, or some fluid, I don't know, maybe for its respiration. The small tubes both moved rhythmically. And an other important thing: I was convinced that the body was wet, it drained water, it dripped. But not much. From its head, water passed beside the eyes like some sweat. I want to emphasize that that evening my sister had also heard the noises, on the small terrace of our house, where my father had two drums in which he put water for watering the flowers. We have thought that perhaps it had gone to bathe itself. The drums were supposed to be full, but instead one was half empty. Maybe during the night, it had "undressed", dipped in a drum, washed, and jumped from the terrace, producing the noise of a jump in water that my sister heard."

Also, apparently the Caponi being is wearing a jumpsuit and "helmet" in all but the last photo. The only time when it's seen without its "coveralls/jumpsuit" was on 20-Sep-1993 which was a rainy night.

The Varginha case witnesses talk about "oily (wet/glistering?) brown skin", "very small hands with three fingers", "huge veins running down its neck" (perhaps the tubes seen in Caponi's photos?). There is a different in the description of length of arms and legs, but the being seen by the 3 girls at Varginha was seen in "kneeling" position (which incidentally is also how Caponi's sketch depicts it).

American medical doctor Dr. Roger Leir traveled to Brazil in 2003 and interviewed a Varginha doctor who said he examined one of the aliens. The physician observed "reticulated skin," which though smooth, showed the outlines of scales, as well as a "claw-like appendage," Leir recounted (src: C2C interviews on 29-Aug-2004 and 22-May-2005). My Question: would this "claw-like appendage" be at the lower limb / "thigh" area? (see pic)

There are many Web pages on the Caponi and Varginha cases, I list several sources in my UFO-occupants page at
Occupants Listings

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