2017: Year of the Grail (Epi-Blogue)

The following is an excerpt (#20 of 20) from:

"Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians"
copyright 2017 Charles N. Pope


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16 December 2015
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I’ve not read all of these posts of yours, Charles. From what little I have read, however, it seems that at least part of your thesis is the holy grail is a reference to some manner of royal or dynastic line of succession. Specifically a line of Jewish royalty, and that Jesus was in that line. Is this correct?

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23 October 2009
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Yes, it is difficult today for us to appreciate just how totalitarian royal culture once had been. And, it turns out that it was far more totalitarian than even imagined. They directly controlled Judaism as well as other major religious cults. They were also the custodians of knowledge, at least what little still remained of our "care package" from the gods.